My Revenge

My RevengedeleteddeletedI got married to a soft ware engineer Naresh, while I was pursuing Company secretary course. I am keenly interested in human psychology and I study people around me as a hobby.Life went on well for one year…I and Naresh were partying around with his office colleagues…met his boss Mr Arora and his wife Anita…he is hunk of a man and I did not like him because of his shabby eating habits and lusty stares at my assets…oh…I forgot to let you know about them…I am a wheat complexioned woman of 5 feet three inch height…a taut figure with measurements 32D-22- 34, enjoying our sex life to the hilt…we carelessly got into various financial commitments while I pursued my C.S course…all the while, I had been deeply straight forward and loyal wife till depression shuttered our lives…One day, my husband Naresh returned home in a depressed mood…after goading him for some time he blurted it out… “…darling…I have to figure out a way to save my job… my boss Mr Arora has clearly explained that I have to be sacked…and darling… he has given hints that if I have to stay on the job, I must make sacrifice…”…he stopped…”…what sacrifice?…’ I asked… “…well…MrArora is coming to our home tonight… you please see to it that he is satisfied…. If he is not happy, I have no job from tomorrow…” Naresh stopped…I did not understand what Naresh meant “…all a man needs is good food and drink that’s all” I thought. So I smiled at my husband,…“Don’t worry, I will please your boss. He will be a happy man when her leaves and you will have your job. I know how to please Mr Arora!”…“But you must obey all his commands, fulfill all his desires… tonight will be your test and I want you to pass this test, come what may, darling!” my husband said…I said ok……Mr Arora was to come at 9 pm and at 8 I had all food ready…weather was murky and sultry…I decided to relax for some time and just wore Naresh’s shirt and nothing else… I took off my bra and panties and moved about in the house in his shirt, feeling excited as wind lifted my shirt and warm wind brushed my freshly shaven pussy…. I felt a strange excitement. I promised myself to make my husband fuck me like a slut after I had pleased Mr Arora… It began to rain heavily and I sat in the veranda of my house, letting rain drops fall on my face and my naked legs and thighs…Suddenly, the door opened and my husband ushered his boss into the house. I stood there like a dumb woman in a male shirt alone…I stammered,…“Naresh, are you not early? You were to come at 9. I am sorry, let me dress properly. Namaste Mr Arora, I will be with you soon.”I said and tried to leave…… Mr Arora laughed loudly and caught my wrist and said, “My Nagini darling, I was telling Naresh how sexy his wife looks and how lucky he is! You sure do look sexy in just your husband’s shirt. I can see that you have nothing else underneath it. I definitely approve; be nice to me and maybe we can save your husband’s job… Ah I can see rain drops on your sexy thighs. Naresh your wife has cock raising legs, I must say… Have you ever licked rain drops off her golden thighs?”I was stunned by his words. So, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri this was kind of pleasure Naresh was talking about. I was sacred now. Was Naresh offering me as a bribe to save his job?. .though, I wanted to put more clothes on, I decided against it as it may displease my husband’s boss.Both men sat on the sofa and waived for the drinks. I brought beer and snacks and served them. I could not but help stare at Mr Arora’s enormous dick which was creating a bulge in his pants… I looked away, my heart pounding and my nipples became very taut…Boss caught me looking at him…grabbed my arm and said; “Don’t you think I have a lovely tool, Nagini? I bet you would go crazy when I shove it into your pussy; I think that you would like to watch, Naresh, wouldn’t you?”“I…I…don’t know! It sounds embarrassing, Sir. She is my wife you know we have never done anything like this before, sir, you are the first person to take liberty with my wife.” Naresh stammered and Mr Arora laughed… “But such a situation has never arises often…, Naresh… I like my women to be brazen sluts and expect Nagini to be my slut for tonight and you to be her pimp. Why Nagini, are you ready to submit to Mr Arora. I am going to do everything with you in front of your husband… You may like or not but I am going to own you tonight…Come Nagini, sit on my lap, feel the hot bulge in my pants on your lovely ass.” I hesitated a moment till boss said…“Naresh I am not going to force your wife to anything. She will experience the joy of her life from my large dick. Give her your permission and we can all have a good time and your job will be secure!” said Mr Arora and forced my husband to oblige……when I saw the pathetic expression on my husband’s face, I recalled my elder sister’s advise… “…Nagu dear…when **** is inevitable…it is better to lie down…cooperate… even take initiative…and enjoy…there is no point in struggling…”… “…Ok…” I told myself, sat on his boss’s lap, and got ready to be ravished….…I felt embarrassed and turned on too… when he placed his large hands on my tits and cupped them. Naresh watched helplessly…as Boss plucked and twisted my nipples…crushed my boobs…while he kept sipping beer. He made me drink too and soon I began getting tipsy. Mr Arora held me tightly and kissed my lips. Under the effect of beer I kissed him back. His cock was rubbing its fat head on my ass.His huge hands cupped my shapely buttocks and he squeezed my buns. He unbuttoned my shirt as he continued manipulating my ass cheeks. “Naresh, unzip my pants and make your wife hold my cock, come on Naresh, do it, make your wife hold my cock. That is an order!”…he thundered…Naresh meekly stood up and obeyed his boss. His huge cock sprang out of his pants. He wore nothing underneath. His cock was a black cobra…my husband placed my hand on his boss’s cock. Nervously I took it… and it throbbed in my hand…I shivered since it was much…much bigger and thicker than Naresh’s…noticing the appreciation and lust in my face, my husband turned back and moved towards sofa…Just as Naresh was turning back to his seat, Mr güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Arora ordered, “You are not going back, Naresh, touch my ball… I am going to fuck her but not before you have played with my balls while she has sucked my cock. Play with my balls, Naresh…”…he ordered…… that angered me “…no doubt, Arora got a huge cock that frightened and elated me… and I am sufficiently turned on for the new experience…but, there is no need to embarrass…already subjugated Naresh…for this offence, I should ruin this bastard Arora both financially and psychologically…” I made up my mind and waited for the opportunity……I could not get my hand around his monster cock as it was so thick. I grew weak when I felt the thick veins pulsating in my hand. I uttered a cry of lust when his fingers entered my wet pussy. My hand kept on stroking and squeezing his big cock as he fingered my pussy.Boss had removed my shirt and was mauling my breasts. He kissed my boobs passionately. “Nagini, now suck my cock. Show your husband what a cock sucking whore you are! Let him feel my balls while you suck my shaft. Darling, I want to see him watch his wife lick my cock,”…he said…I was past caring and lovingly kissed the mushroom head of the big cock and licked up the pre-cum. I sucked his balls into her mouth as Naresh continued caressing his balls close to my mouth. Then I wrapped my lips around the big piece of meat and sucked as much of it into my mouth as I could. He fucked my mouth hard and I gagged as his cock hit the back of my throat. I stroked the shaft with my hand while I sucked on his cock for some more time, pulled it out…and sat in his lap with my thighs spread wide apart…expecting him to ravage me…. That won’t do Nagini…Tell me you love my cock! Tell me you love my big cock. Beg me to fuck your hungry pussy”…he ordered… “…please do that Nagini…” my husband said in a weak voice…I was desperate for a fuck anyway…and I begged Arora to thrash my cunt……elated he flung me over the sofa so I was on my fours and from the rear, he plowed into my soaking wet pussy. I squealed and screamed as his huge cock entered my small pussy, “Oh my God, it’s so big, oh, oh, uh, mmmmnn, aagggg, oh Naresh…your boss is killing me…!!! Yessss, fuck me, fuck me Boss!!… with your big fat cock, your big cock feels so good, oh yes!!! That’s it fill me up, don’t stop Boss. I love your big dick; I’m going to cummmm, Yessss!! Oh, oh, my goddddd!!” He went on ramming his cock into me as I kept screaming…“I love you Mr Arora, I feel like a whore, but I can’t live without your master cock, your awesome cock! I never knew a cock could be that big! You can use me whenever you choose.”I felt him begin to cum. I felt his cock stiffen even more. My cunt was overflowing its juices as he began to fill my pussy. He kept fucking my cunt long time after I had cummed. I opened my eyes after a long time. Both men were waiting with drinks in hand…for me to get revived… “Come on Nagini…Time for the second session. You will love it this time even more because we both are going to fill you. We will fill güvenilir bahis şirketleri you the way you have never been filled and drilled.”“Naresh have you ever buggered your wife? She has a cute ass!” The boss asked and he said “…never…” Mr Arora said, OK let’s do it now. While I’m pounding her pussy, I want you to slip your dick up her ass and see how she likes to have two cocks inside her cunt and ass at the same time. I want her to be sandwiched, to be double fucked… When I saw your lovely ass, I loved it so much that I wanted to fuck it but as you can see my cock is so big, I want Naresh to fuck your ass and prepare it for me!”“Sir, my wife has not done anything like that. You have fucked me all right. But doing what you suggest will hurt her!” My husband pleaded.“Trust me, the first time, it does hurt a little, but we will lubricate her ass well and moreover your cock is not very big, how much is it, 5 inches? Once she has tasted a cock with her ass, she will absolutely love it. You will see, you will know that I am right when your sweet wife begs me to fuck her ass! A woman’s surrender is not complete till she gives her ass to man and I don’t know about you, I am a man”“I felt disgusted…actually I was ready for another fuck…but…not in this dirty way…it turned me off… “…I have to take control now…” I thought… and said “…boss…I don’t know; if I can take two cocks inside me….Your one cock fills me to the limit…..It has stretched my pussy… I am dying for it again…” I said and added…“…But Boss…I read somewhere…anal sex leads to AIDS…why risk! Let us enjoy normal sex…let me show you a new stroke…” I said…I could see boss in second thoughts……without waiting, my hand went to Mr Arora cock and squeezed it like a slut! My husband couldn’t believe his own eyes as he saw me fist his boss’s cock again. I had always been so shy and here I was grabbing his boss’s cock like a wanton slut!…I made Arora sit in a chair…and sat on his upturned dick…with my boobs facing him…as I lowered myself on to his lap, his dick tore me apart…I moved up and down…rubbing my perky tits to his face… hairy chest…and thrust my long nipples into his mouth…he got very excited with my style…grabbed my shapely buttocks with his large palms…and started to toss me up effortlessly…“Ohhhhh…Bossss… gentle, boss….it hurts….ohhhhh fuck……fuck…ohhhhh Godddddd!”I kept moaning as he grabbed my lush buttocks…lifted me off his lap and dropped me down mercilessly…my solid boobs kept brushing to his face…my sharp nipples piercing his eyes…This went on and on…how long…I didn’t care…and I lost consciousness…I was on bed when I opened my eyes I was in my husband’s embrace and Mr Arora was not to be seen… “…Mr. Arora left fully satisfied Nagini darling… and promised me a promotion too” said my husband happily…“…so…the cocksure bastard has left…”…I said to myself…and asked my hubby… “…darling…does he need a company secretary!!…”… “…Yes…he actually offered before leaving…”my husband said nervously…and added… “…but he is such a pig…you have seen yourself…don’t join our company…” he blurted… “…the salary will be good…anyway, he ravished me in front of your eyes…does it matter if he repeats it few more times!!…” I said…and pretended to sleep in his arms…and kept planning for the next two hours……early in the morning, I felt my hubby’s erection against my belly… fiddled his cock…and got fucked …to my surprise…he was very…very…vigorous…like never before

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