My Second Cousin Molly


My name’s Ethan, I’m 20, and the important part of this fantasy story I am about to tell involves me and my cousin’s cousin (I guess you’d call her my second cousin). No blood relation whatsoever between the two of us, but I guess we still call each other cousins. To give you a quick rundown of myself, I’m 6’3″, have straight dark brown hair, I workout at the gym five days a week, and am a college junior.

I was visiting my blood related cousins out in Seattle this past summer of ’04. I was gonna be staying at my cousins’ place with my aunt and uncle who I hadn’t seen in a while. I was really close with my uncle, who was my dad’s brother, and my aunt, whose bloodline I was not a part of, was always really cool to me. She said she always considered me to be an older brother to her boys Bobby and Brandon. Bobby had just turned 18, and Brandon was 16, going on 17.

The age gap between my cousins and me wasn’t too large, so we had a lot of stuff to do together. Being from Chicago, I didn’t have any car out in Seattle, but since Bobby had recently gotten his driver’s license, all was not lost. We’d be going out to eat, hitting the mall, the gym, and movies in no time. I’d also get to see some of Seattle while we were at it. Since I wasn’t a local, getting around and seeing the city would be pretty fun. My cousins live in a suburban setting much like I do back home, just outside of Chicago, so it was a setting I was used to and enjoyed for the most part.

When I arrived in Seattle in the early afternoon, Bobby and Brandon picked me up at the airport. On the way back to their house, we chatted about school, video games, music, and all that junk. Finally we got to the subject of girls, and after teasing Brandon about this girl he liked in his class, Bobby chimed in with “Oh, we’re picking up Molly later tonight. She’s gonna be visiting for about as long as you are, so we can all hang out and go out together and stuff.”

“Geez, I haven’t seen her in like 3 years. How’s she been?” I asked.

“She’s good, man,” Bobby returned. “She’s a junior just like you. I think she wants to go into teaching when she finishes up school, but yeah, she’s doing well. We saw her last summer when we visited her in LA, but you guys can do some catching up when we pick her up tonight.”

The rest of the ride home was fairly silent except for some story telling and Audioslave in the CD changer. Last time me and Molly saw each other we were 17, both in our senior year of high school. I remember back then having sort of a crush on her. She was about 5’7″ if memory served, had light brown hair that was slightly curled. She was also ridiculously athletic and had a body to die for. Killer tits, shapely ass, and slim everything else. She was Brandon’s and Bobby’s first cousin on their mom’s side, so the relation she and I shared was only through our mutual aunt and uncle.

She was pretty full figured back then, and we got along great. I know we probably shouldn’t have been doing it, but I remember one time watching a movie with her late at night and we had our bodies pressed against each other in almost a “spoon” position. We never did much back then for whatever reason, but now, I found myself wondering if she was still interested in me. Bobby mentioned in passing that Molly didn’t enjoy dating guys at her school for some reason, so naturally that caught my attention. Maybe something could happen.


Later that night around 9 pm, we headed back to the airport. Bobby didn’t feel like paying for parking, so he said he’d circle the airport drop-off area while me and Brandon went inside to receive Molly. We went around to the baggage claim to where she said she’d meet us, but Brandon and I didn’t see her. I saw a girl in the distance on a cell phone, dialing in a number. All I noticed was an extremely hot body, and then I heard Brandon’s cell phone ring. “No way…” I thought. That couldn’t have been her I saw no more than 100 feet away.

But it was. Brandon was waving her over as he tucked his cell phone into his pocket, and she came over to us in a jog, rolling her bag behind her.

“Hey guys!” she shouted on her way over, with a pep in her beautiful voice. My second cousin really watched her figure and took care of her body; şişli rus escort she was absolutely stunning. Her figure was just as I remembered it, only now she seemed more tan and had a tiny hint of makeup on her face. She was 20, but could have easily passed for 25. “Brandon, you’re so tall! And who’s your frie— Wait. Ethan?! Oh my God,” she said looking me up and down and then throwing her arms around me, “how the hell have you been?”

“I’ve been doing well, it’s good to see you again. Been a while, huh.” I said coolly, but equally excited as her.

“You got that right. God, this vacation’s gonna kick ass!” she giggled, winking at me.

“Bobby’s circling the airport outside in the Jeep. I’ll tell him we’ve extracted the subject,” Brandon said with a geeky chuckle. Soon Bobby finally drove up near the sidewalk and parked the car. He stepped out and opened the trunk for Molly’s suitcase. As Bobby ran over and hugged Molly, I placed her bag in the trunk.

“All right guys, let’s break out. I don’t wanna get a damn parking ticket,” Bobby mentioned while walking to the driver door.

Molly yelled out ‘shotgun’ as the rest of us were walking to the car, nudging me out of the way with her ass. Before opening the passenger door and while Bobby and Brandon had just gotten into the car, she looked up at me and said, “You look really good, Ethan. I really like seeing Uncle Jay, Aunt Meg, and the boys, but I’m glad you’re here, too,” she finished with a smile before poking me and stepping into the car. I quickly got in the backseat with Brandon so as to not draw any attention.


We all finished our unpacking, had a nice dinner, and watched a movie in the basement. At about 1 am, my 2-hour jet lag was starting to catch up to me, so I figured it was time for me to turn in for the evening. Brandon and Bobby fell asleep during the movie, so right after we finished watching “Pulp Fiction,” they hit the sack with a vengeance. I went to go brush my teeth and bumped into Molly on my way to the bathroom. She opened the bathroom door and popped out just as I reached for the doorknob. She seemed too fully of energy this late at night, “You softy. Stay up for a little while longer. We can talk about our college lives and catch up and stuff,” she said with a smile. “Meet me downstairs in 10 minutes,” she said sliding her hands onto my waist.

I had an idea why she wanted me to stay up. She didn’t want to just talk about college life, though it was a very reasonable excuse. “All right, I’ll see you in 10.”


I walked downstairs to the TV room where she said she’d be waiting. As I walked down the stairs, I couldn’t help but notice my dick getting harder at the very thought of her. Her long, slightly curly brown hair. Her full lips. Her large, firm tits. And that deliciously tight ass… I couldn’t wait.

I reached the living room and there she was – waiting on the couch, wearing tight shorts and a black tank top. All she said was “You’re late,” with a devilish smile.

“Sorry, I’ll try and make up for it,” was my comeback, returning the smile.

I moved to where Molly was on the couch, and immediately she yanked me down and hopped onto my lap. She put her hands on my chest and planted a long kiss on my lips. My hands went immediately to her firm, round ass. After a few minutes of tongue action and chest groping, she removed her shirt, and for the first time, I got a glimpse of her epic tits. I cursed the fact that it was dark in the room, for it somewhat hindered my vision, but being up close and personal with a set of gorgeous 36C tits, I wasn’t going to even humor the thought of complaining.

I looked into her eyes for a moment, and then I started going to work on her breasts. I massaged them from the sides, kneading them together and pinching her nipples ever so slightly. Hearing her moans urged me to kiss and suck on her nipples. Apparently I was doing a good job, her hard nipples seemed to like the attention they were getting.

After a minute or two Molly got off of me, much to my dismay. Keeping eye contact with the huge bulge in my boxers, she said, as if in a trance “Take those off.” Not wanting to keep a lady waiting, I took off my shorts şişli türbanlı escort and watched my cousin kneel in front my lap on the couch. She grabbed the base of my 7 inches, looked me in the eyes, and said, “Just relax. You’re mine right now.” Just then she engulfed my cock with her mouth, locking her lips around my shaft. As she worked her mouth up and down on my dick, she slowly but firmly pumped the base of my cock with her left hand. Damn did Molly know how to give head.

“Mmm… God,” was all I could whisper as my eyes went down to my gorgeous vixen of a cousin, who was now fully entranced with servicing my cock. Not wanting to pull my eyes away from her, I had to rest my head on the headrest of the couch to try and prolong my energy for as long as possible. She was going up and down on my saliva-drenched cock at a bullet-like pace now, and I involuntarily rested my hand on the back of her head.

“I’m gonna cum,” I warned as she quickened her pace. I finally released jet after jet of cum into her hardworking mouth. To my surprise, she swallowed, I guess to not leave a mess. We were in my aunt and uncle’s living room, after all. After she licked my shaft clean, I got up on my now weak knees and instructed her to sit down on the couch. “My turn,” I whispered.

Though topless, she was still wearing her shorts. “Juicy” was imprinted along the ass of her shorts. I slowly slid them down and lifted her legs up as I slid them down to her ankles. “No panties,” I thought to myself, smiling ever so slightly. I ran my hands along her inner thighs, rubbing them inside and out, sending goose bumps up her spine. Molly let out a soft moan of anticipation; she had to be ready. It took every ounce of my energy not to jump on her and take her right then, but I realized how long both of us had been waiting for privacy like this. After those 3 years, she still was very much into me. This needed to last as long as possible, and we needed to experience and savor as much of each other’s bodies as possible. I got on my knees for comfort, hunched over and began to taste her.

As she spread her legs even wider for me, I ran my index finger along her slit. I wet my fingers with my tongue and ran two of them along her opening before inserting them gently inside her. I excavated up and down the crevice of her pussy with my fingers, and then I resumed my oral assault. I stuck my tongue in place of my fingers and slid it up and down her tight opening. I wrapped my arms under her athletic thighs and continued to tongue her now dripping pussy. I must’ve hit her sensitive spot because before I knew it, she was grinding her pussy against my face and struggling to keep quiet.

“Mmm…mmmm!! Yesssss… Uhhhhmm. Oooooooooh,” was the extent of her vocabulary at this point. Her hips were moving from side to side in a nearly circular motion. Her hands were possessed, alternating between pushing my face harder onto her pussy to kneading her own tits and pinching her nipples in ecstasy. “Ooooh yes, Ethan…. Keep going… unnh… almost there…” she urged me with a commanding whisper. I continued my tonguing escapade with reckless abandon. I didn’t know how much more I could keep this up, my damn jaw was starting to go numb. But her pussy juices were so intoxicating, I couldn’t think of stopping.

Finally after another minute her bucking hips seemed to calm down and her breathing relaxed a bit. She removed her hands from my head and pulled me up to her face, which was now slightly coated with perspiration. “God damn you’re good,” she complimented, pulling me in for another lustful kiss.

We sat there for a minute making out and regaining our energy. Both of us were now quite nude, and ready to commence the finale. This was the true moment we’d both been waiting for. My dick was now harder than ever, and I could tell by the way she was fondling it during our kissing that she wanted it to be in prime condition for fucking. During our kissing session, we somehow shifted to her straddling my lap, my hands resting on her luscious ass and her hands traveling from my broad chest to my rigid cock.

She got up off my lap for a bit and I knew what she was thinking. Thanking the Lord that the couch was rather wide and şişli ucuz escort long, I lay down on my back, and she straddled me. Her legs on either side of me, she leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Mmm… I’ve been waiting so long to do this,” she cooed.

“God, so have I.” Just then Molly sat back up, and I saw her in her full beauty. The moonlight seemed to shine into the window just right and it illuminated her body in a heavenly way. Her sweat-covered body shimmered ever so faintly in the light, but it was just perfect enough for me to take in her entire glory. My young, hot cousin was kneeling over my body, naked. Her large tits stood firmly on her chest, with just a slight sag that only seemed to make them bounce even more with each breath she took. Her intense regiment of swimming conditioned her so that the rest of her whole body – stomach, legs, and ass—were enviably taut and toned. She took care of her body, as did I. We were a perfect match.

After a 10 second pause of taking each other’s bodies in, we each took a deep breath, confirming that it was time to begin. She took my steel rod in her hand and positioned herself so that her pussy was hovering just over it. Gripping my dick firmly she looked into my eyes again, and then began to slide down my shaft slowly. When I was about halfway inside her, I placed my hands on her hips and began to force her down onto my entire length. So she wasn’t a virgin, no big deal. Both of us having experience meant more fun.

Molly moaned almost too loud for comfort once I was fully inside her. I placed a finger on her lips to hush her, which she then took in her mouth to keep her mind a bit more occupied. She sucked on my finger and began to rock back and forth on my cock, her tits heaving in rhythm with her movements. Her pussy was so unbelievably tight and fit around my cock like a vice; it was going to be a challenge holding off my own orgasm. My left hand still on her ass, I took my finger out of her mouth and placed my right hand back on her ass as well. My hands roamed her ass, her hips, to her enormous orbs, kneading the soft and firm flesh as she continued to bounce on top of my cock. She started moving her hips uncontrollably from side to side and front to back, I knew her orgasm was close because of her erratic breaths and increasingly loud moans. “Ahh… ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh, ohhhh… uhn! Ahh….” Her grunts finally became softer as she settled down from her climax. “Fucking amazing.”

My cock now slick with her juices, and having almost cum myself, I sat up and laid her on her back. I withdrew my cock from her cunt and told her to turn over on her hands and knees. I got back on the couch directly behind her and positioned myself at her tight entrance once again. Placing one hand on her ass, I took my cock and ran it down her slit before pushing myself inside her all the way.

This time it was me who was being a little too loud for comfort. I began pushing my cock like a piston in and out of her tight pussy, grunting with each thrust. She met my thrusts with her own as she pushed her body backwards each time I pushed fully into her. Her head down, and with one arm resting against the couch’s armrest for support, she reached back with her other hand, rubbing her clit with fury and fondling my balls simultaneously.

I was getting very close, and I leaned over and reached my hands around to grab those fleshy tits. I tried holding off for as long I could while slamming in and out of her. Still on my knees, I placed my hands back on her ass and resuming pumping her with my cock. I was grunting furiously but tried to remain as quiet as possible. Her backward gyrations were too much for me at this point and pushed me over the edge. I quickly pulled out of her and shot my load all over her ass and her lower back.

Still unloading my last bit of cum from my dick, I fell backward on the opposite end of the wide couch, lying on my back. She got up from her position and snuggled up against me.

“We should probably clean up and go back to bed,” I told her.

“In a little bit. Let’s sit here for a few minutes.”

So we sat there for a few moments and cleaned ourselves off as best we could with some tissues, which we made sure to dump away and conceal. We wiped down the couch with some more tissues and laid a blanket over it for good measure. After all seemed well to our eyes we gathered our clothes, went back upstairs, and snuck off to our separate bedrooms. After such an amazing night, I’m sure we’d be doing more of the same in the near future.

To be continued?

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