My secret fantasy.


My secret fantasy.Okay so after I tell this short story my fantasy will no longer be a secret, but it’s all good, it’s exciting knowing that other peeps know my deepest darkest secrets. So this is a fantasy in progress, it hasn’t happened yet, but the plan has be well thought out and I plan on making it happen next week.I’ve always enjoyed guys gazing at my body, my boobs, ass, and legs get lots of attention, and when 1xbet yeni giriş other girls are irritated when guys ogle their body, I’m pleased and turned on by it. Getting right to the fantasy that will occur next week, it involves my next door neighbor, he’s a young boy barely starting puberty and it’s my fantasy to give him an eyeful of my body, enough to make him pop a boner for sure. I’m not a c***d m*****er 1xbet giriş and I have no intention of having sex with him, I just want to enjoy his reaction as I prance around in a skimpy outfit that leaves nothing to the imagination. I’ve known him and his family for ten years since they moved in next door, and I’ve been his regular baby sitter since he was 4 years of age, we’re tight like brother and sister, 1xbet güvenilirmi but he obviously has lustful thoughts about me, since he’s entered puberty I’ve caught his wide eye’d look as he sneaks peeks at my body and I enjoy giving him a little boner, but I never call attention to his thoughts or looks, it’ll be the same when I put on a show for him, I’ll play dumb and enjoy his reaction as he enjoys seeing more of my sexy body. He comes over a few times a week and we enjoy playing wii games together, so the plan is set, my outfit has been chosen and I’m going to make it happen next week, so stay tuned my horny friends, it’s gonna be great!Love Leena…

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