My Secret Foot Fantasy


Author’s note:

The story below is a fantasy that is a combination of a few fetishes that I discovered that I had after reading several different types of stories on Literotica. I have always been fascinated with the shape and curves of the female foot. I love the summer time due to the number of women walking around with sandals on showing off their pedicures and tan feet. I might not have a foot fetish to the extreme of some of the stories I have read and some clips I have watched. Since I have yet been able to find a woman willing to do even one of them without thinking that I am a freak. I decided to put it into writing. This is my first attempt at a submission. Any comments are welcome that will improve my writing.


The evening began at a popular club. I was with a few male friends having a good time when my eye caught this girl walking across the bar area heading towards the dance floor. She was blonde about 25 years old, 5′ 7″ and wearing the sexiest high heel sandals I had seen in some time. The shoes accentuated the muscular curves of her calves that could only come from wearing high heels regularly. I was completely turned on by the striations in her calves as she walked. My eyes wandered up her thighs to her bottom barely contained by her skirt. She wore no stockings, choosing instead to tease every guy in the place with the sight of her tanned, shining legs that were obviously freshly waxed.

I moved to the edge of the dance floor to watch her dance with some girl friends. I apparently must have been staring, because one of her friends tapped her on the shoulder bahçelievler escort and pointed in my direction. I turned away slightly embarrassed. I moved back to the bar where my friends were doing shots. I stood there for a few minutes when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and there she was. I felt my face grow flush for a moment, waiting for her comment about my staring to come out. She said hi and introduced herself as Vanessa. I told her my name and she asked me if I wanted to dance with her and her friends. I said yes and followed her out to the floor. While out on the floor, she told me that she saw me staring at her and asked me if I liked what I saw. Girls these days are so brash at times. Playing her game, I told her I did like what I saw very much and she flashed me a brilliant smile that started in her crystal blue eyes. This girl was slightly out of my league and I knew it and I think she did too.

The night went on and I completely forgot about my friends and apparently they did too because they left me there. Vanessa offered to drive me home since I lived the next town over from her. We started home when she asked me if I would like to go to her house first for a few drinks and I agreed.

We sat on the couch having a drink and talking when she asked if I would rub her feet because they were slightly sore from dancing and standing in her heels all night. I quickly said yes and she lay back on the couch with her feet in my lap. She had a deep tan on her legs and feet with that tiny white line just above her soles. I started to rub her one foot and was mesmerized balgat escort by her incredibly soft, smooth feet and the French Manicure that she must have recently had done on her toes. The contrast of the white on her tan toes made start feeling a twitch in my groin and I started to grow hard. She must have felt it because she started to move her other foot into my cock.

She started to massage my cock through my pants with her foot, as I continued to rub her foot and massage her calf with my hands. She whispered to me to take out my cock. I quickly undid my pants and pulled them down until I was naked from the waist down. She started to hold my cock between her toes with one foot and rub my cock from the base up with the sole and toes of her other foot. The silky feeling of her soles on my cock was too much for me to handle and I started to leak precum all over her feet and toes.

What she did next, will remain embedded in my memory forever.

She raised her one leg so that her precum covered toes were inches from my mouth. She started to smear my lips with my precum and whispered for me to open my mouth. Entranced, I did as I was told. She inserted all of her toes into my mouth at once and slowly moved them in and out whispering for me to clean them off. Again, I did as I was told without even thinking about the fact that I tasted my own juices for the first time.

The sight of this must have turned her on because she started to moan and took her pink lace boy short panties off her one leg careful not wipe the precum from her other foot. She took her foot from my mouth and replaced batıkent escort it with the other and removed her panties.

After I cleaned her other foot she went to work on my cock with both her feet and I no time I felt that familiar boiling in my balls. I was getting ready to come when she gripped the base of my cock with her hand to prevent me from cumming. She started to knead my cock in an upward motion while maintaining her grip on the base. I started to cum. I closed my eyes and I felt my cock spasm several times but felt nothing shoot out. I looked down when I opened my eyes and saw my thick white cum oozing out onto the toes of her one foot. The contrast of my white cum on her tan toes made me shake harder. She whispered to me to lie on the floor right in front of the couch. I quickly did as I was told again without questioning why.

I didn’t know what to expect nor did I really care at this point. She swung her feet around as if to sit normal on the couch and held her feet up in the air. She told me to open my mouth. She took her foot and dangled it an inch or so above my waiting mouth. My cum, then started to drip from her foot into my mouth. I watched as the first drop dangled precariously for a moment then dropped onto my tongue.

I was in disbelief that this woman had somehow convinced me to not only taste my precum but was now feeding me my own cum right from her foot much like Salma Hayek fed Quentin Tarantino a shot of whiskey off her foot in the movie from Dusk Til Dawn.

My cum tasted very creamy and a bit salty. She put her toes all the way into my mouth after the last remaining big drops had fallen into my mouth. I licked slowly between her toes and cleaned the rest of my juices from her foot. I looked up and she had a smile on her face and was playing with her pussy. She called me up to the couch and whispered what she wanted to do next. That is for another story.

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