My Sexual Experiences


This goes back to sexual and deviated sexual practices (which in some cases) are considered normal. It may differ from couple to couple and depending on what and how it’s done and what enjoyment is derived thereof, it’s up to individuals to make up their minds.
Here are a few true to life experiences that my partner and myself have enjoyed over the years, starting from basic sex and transpiring into oral sex, further culminating in anal penetration. Thereafter sex toys and gadgets enhanced the experience and as time went on, swinging became a part of the fun. If this was not enough than more partners were brought into the equation and desires and fantasies culminated in introducing males with “Monster cocks” (for my partner). Finally, things like “orgy’s” “pissing” “incest” and other etc. was introduced and now sex has just about been everything what it’s about.
Let me start off by sharing one or two experiences and as I go along I will touch most of what we deem to find normal without fear of emotional hurt as in some cases the dangers associated with multiple partners.
When I met my partner (now my wife), according to the way I had perceived her to be was a virgin of no previous sexual encounters. This in itself made me believe that I was lucky to have a “pure” one. How wrong I was, that despite the kocaeli escort bayan fact she refused me sex before marriage, once we tied the knot, it was a different story. I had actually married a woman who had indulged in all type of sexual activity and kept a very low profile about it.
Someindividuals’s taboo associated with sexual practices were not openly discussed, but gradually it became, not a taboo, but an act. As the first few months we concentrated mostly in “normal sex”, most surprising to me was when she started discussing the question of “oral” sex. Half heartedly, and to the best of my knowledge oral sex meant “sucking a man off” or fucking a woman in her “mouth” Quite surprising and unknown to me was that it also meant that a man had to perform with his mouth ” stimulating” things on a women’s vagina. In the final analysis my wife admitted to me that she was a cock sucker and had many a times sucked off cocks of all kinds, hence she had an addiction to the taste of semen which she without a hang-up swallowed gracefully. As far as having her puss licked and fondled with a mouth, drove her to absolute ecstasy, hence at many a times she went panty less and offered to men (or woman) to have her pussy licked by merely lifting up her dress in some secluded place.
Her cock sucking episode was easier kocaeli sınırsız escort as this could be done at virtually any place and time, as in most cases, despite the fact she risked being caught, most man would ejaculate within 2 to 3 minutes and swallowing up their semen meant nothing to clean up afterwards. She also boasted to me that she must have during a 5 year period sucked off more than 300 men, and by the same token she still sucks off at least 5 or 6 men a week ! The only problem she had with some man was that because of non-circumcision the foreskin has to be manoeuvred a bit to exposed a fully erect cock and also to dampen the sometimes “unpleasant smell” encountered. The tastes of seminal fluid however drown this smell and once her mouth was filled with semen, all unpleasant tastes disappear.
On convincing me finally I obliged and gave her access to my now erect and protruding cock. The woman was truly a professional and firstly by licking me from the top of my cock head , onto my shaft and to my balls instantly saw drops of fluid form on my cock head opening. She licked it, came up to kiss me and the taste was one of nothing I had tasted before. Type of a sweet jelly and I loved it. She then proceeded to ring her lips over the head of my cock and sucked hard to extract izmit anal yapan escort more seminal fluid.All the time she was applying pressure to my shaft to increase seminal fluid flow. Coming up to kiss me it felt silky smooth and slippery and my cock was at a bulge. Slowly she then moved her mouth deeper onto my shaft until her nose touched by balls. I begged her to stop, as I was on the verge of an explosion, but she came back up and started to fuck me with her mouth. The movement was slow first, but gradually increased and in no time could I feel my sperm just about ready to explode. .She came up one more time, gripped my head with her mouth tightly and moved her head in a circling position. The pressure inside my cock could hold no longer and with a tremendous burst, my sperm shot into her mouth flooding her right into her throat. She released and started to suck and swallow and the thick wad of sperm started dripping out from the side of her mouth as the amount of sperm was plentiful and because of me laying on my back, she looked at me smiled and thank me for a wonderful load , promising me that the next time She will allow me to fuck her mouth from the top down and then ejaculation of semen will be swallowed fully and a cleanup process will not be necessary. If this was just the way I deemed to fuck my wife (or a woman) in her mouth, I am patiently waiting to experiment over the next few days and then it will be on for me to mouth fuck a puss and return the favour as cock sucking has driven me crazy. I am looking forward to it.

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