My Sexy Niece


My Sexy NieceQuick Fuck just last night went over to my brother in laws for a little get together, alot of people were there drinking and having a good time, now my b*o in laws daughter is a beautiful 18 year old peice of ass, who i was lucky enought to nail befor and tonight was no diff, just we had to be quick about it with people in the house.erin came over to me kiss me on the cheek with her big smile as always, we caught up and she said i will talk to you later, so i eat,talked it up,drank had a great time, i get a text from erin saying come to my room, so i excaused myself and went to her room unseen. she was there saying uncle tommy i need your hard fat cock now güvenilir bahis its been too long. erin had on a nice blouse and a tight demin mini skirt, and her boots christ she looked not wearing panties uncle tommy look, her pussy was fucking hot and getting wet, please uncle tommy i need that big cock, i told her to bend over her bed i was going to fuck her tight pussy and teach her a leason, she hiked up her skirtand got on all fours, my pants were off cock was hard and ready, i slipped my cock into her pussy, it was fucking tight as a vice grip, i started to slowly fuck her back and forth she moaned quietly i picked up the pace and really started to pound her,oh canlı bahis god uncle tommy dont stop fuck me harder fuck me harder please. i kept on pounding that pussy showing no mercy.i put her on her back and went back to fucking her twat, she was starting to shake i could feel her tighten up more she came like a river, all over her bed, my cock it felt great, oh my god im good uncle tommy thank you, yeah well im not done bitch uncle tommy is still pounding i told her, i fucked her even harder now she was moaning oh my god i cant take it, but it feels so good, im like take it bitch,take it you little whore!! i pulled out and flipped back on her knees, grabbed some bahis siteleri lotion on her nightstand, and rubbed it all over my cock and in and all around her ass, i never had anal uncle tommy, ill take it easy honey dont worry, i slid my head in and moaned a little bit and then pushed the rest of my hard cock into her tight virgin ass.oh my god uncle tommy its so tight in there oh oh yes fuck me fuck my ass!!i was going to town on that cute little ass, slappy her ass pulling her hairmy balls bouning of her pussy lips, i started to rub her clit, while tapping that sweet shithole of hers. she was cumming on my fingers. oh my god erin im going to cum, i pulled out turned her around and put my dick in her mouth and shot my white creamy load right down her throat. she didnt spill a drop. oh god erin that was hot, you rock uncle tommy, i told her clean up and lets go back.what a fucking night

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