Subject: My Sexy Scoutmaster Dad 4 All the usual disclaimers apply. Support Nifty. Donation before masturbation. Send constructive feedback to akman2001@yahoo My Sexy Scoutmaster Dad 4 The atmosphere was tense when Chief threw his gym bag in the cab of the truck. In a quivering voice I said I was sorry I spied. Chief cut me off and told me he was not mad at me but I needed to know that what I saw was him doing was him helping an airman out. He said my buddy Bud gives killer blow jobs that he learned on his family farm in Iowa. He got good at cocksucking with lots of practice on uncut Mexican farm workers. And he told me about Guy Code and confidentiality. He said snitches are little bitches who get stitches. Chief smiled and said he would never hurt me but I needed to keep my mouth shut about guys blowing off steam. He asked if I could do that. I told him that yes I could. I was relieved. He then told me I needed to spend more time in Scouts to get my Eagle and to join 7th grade basketball team at my middle school. Said he would take over as Scoutmaster. I knew the kids went home to shower after practices and games. Oh well. I guess there would be no more shower time with the airmen. He told me he and mom were inviting three airmen over for Thanksgiving at our place in base housing. I asked who and he told me Lionel and Rodney and Bud, of course. I was so happy ! At the big dinner Mom seemed to flirt with the fit and handsome mixed race and black guy. The tight shirts and slacks they wore showed off their muscles and ample packages. Their oversized cocks made an almost obscene display in their slacks. Bud looked great to me. During the meal I knew Chief could tell Bud was rubbing my thigh and crotch. But he could not see Lionel playing footsie with me. Rodney chatted up my brother Jeff about skateboarding but nothing sexual. Later Chief told me I might not remember my early crew parties when I was 3 to 5 years old but I used to strip off my green fatigues and run around naked. I would bring guys cans of beer and the airmen would let me rub my bare hole and hard little dick on the thighs and crotches of these drunk and horny guys. I was the crew party entertainment. After the meal, I overheard Bud ask Chief if he thought I was ready for a Crew Party and Beer Bust. Chief said yes he is and Bud lit up like a lightbulb. They set the date for Saturday night at the field house and Bud would order the keg and ice escort izmit and invite the team. About 8 pm on Saturday night Chief and I drove to the base field House. The gym lights were off but my dad guided me to the gang shower where there was a big circle of folding chairs. Bud greeted us in nothing but his old white jockstrap as he set up the keg and ice and red plastic cups. Bud said the team would be here soon. Chief turned to me with a serious tone and look on his handsome face. “Joh Jr. tonight you get to taste your first beer. I want you to get frisky but not drunk. Understand ? Your mom would be all over me and neither of us want that !” Then Chief said itt was time to strip off our basketball cloths and be in just our jockstraps to greet the team when they arrive. My strap is white and Chiefs is black. We leaned back to put our bodies on display. I am so proud of my dad’s sexy and fit body lightly dusted w dark hair. Bud stared at us with an almost animal like and hungry stare. That’s when a big bunch of young airmen showed up. Louis the hairy New Yorker shouted, “So it’s that kind of Crew Party. Fuck, yeah !” The guys quickly stripped down to jockstraps or boxers and wow. Lionel and Rodney had been going commando. Now they were showing big semi erections. As the guys greeted each other with friendly fist bumps and high fives, Chief told me to start filling beer cups and take them around to the hot guys. I was happy and excited to help out and got lots of friendly attention and even some pats and rubs on my high and tight butt. Bud turned on a little boom box and Chief told the team I was the entertainment for the crew party. There were cheers and hoots of approval. That made me feel great. He said I was having my first beer. More hoots. Then he told them have fun but no penile penetration ! As the guys got drunker I sipped my beer and started to feel looser and frisky. Did told me to strip off my strap to the music as the guys cheered. Bud was now naked and his 6 inch cock was hard as a rock. He motioned me over. Chief squirted baby oil on Bud and Me in our chest and crotch areas. Bud and I stroked each other and then he turned me around and he rubbed his big cock up and down my crack and virgin hole. I pushed back hard. Bud rubbed my taint and tapped his index finger on my hole. Then he went in to the first knuckle. Wow. Then Bud put his hand in my shoulder and pushed me down so my face was looking up izmit escort at him jacking his rock hard cock. Everyone knew what was about to happen. Then three big ropes of Bud’s cum hit me in my thirteen year old face and a bit dropped down ito my mouth. Tart and weird but tasty. The team clapped and cheered. Next up was Louie who was super excited and said, “John Jr, you sexy little stud. Let’s make this the best fucking lap dance in crew history. Usually Chief hires a stripper but you have us all hot and boned tonight. Chief came over and squirted the baby oil on us. I danced and Louie rubbed and moaned with me in sexual ecstasy. When he stood up jacking his cock fast, with his left hand he pushed my mouth open. I opened up and stuck out my tongue to catch Loui’s big load when he shot four big spurts. It was tough but I kept up and swallowed Loui’s cum. The team cheered and stomped their bare feet on the shower floor. This process went on arouund the room as I gyrated and rubbed and swallowed multiple cum loads of Air Fore airman cum. These buddies approved of My Sexy performance and I loved them for it. Next up we’re Rodney and Lionel who wanted the three of us to dance and do it together. They stood up and danced on me. Chief had to squirt almost all the baby oil on our hot bodies. One hot guy slapped his big cock on my asshole as the other guy slapped my face with his Pre cum leaking dick. After the sexy dancing and double teaming they pushed me to my knees as they jacked off furiously. I could see the rest of the team was was beating off to our hot performance. After slapping my young face with their big black cocks, Lionel and Rodney unleashed a huge and amazing amount of creamy cum all over my face and into my open mouth. Shot after creamy shot of delicious cum. Louie yelled, ” eat that nut and drain those big black cocks. Biggest fuckers on the team ! It will give you more pubes and a bigger dick. ” Bud spoke up and said I had one more lap dance. The Crew Chief. My sexy Scoutmaster Dad ! Bud handed me another beer and I took several big gulps and it washed down the spunk of Lionel and hot Rodney. I approached Chief and stood between his outstretched and hairy legs. We smiled at each other and our rock hard boners hard for each other. There was anticipation in the air. Bud squirted the last of the baby oil on our hot bodies and said, “Go for it guys. Put on a hot fuckin’ daddy son show for izmit kendi evi olan escort the crew. We could see every guy strokin their dicks and staring in our direction. Dad and I rubbed and stroked and I danced to the music. Chief turned me around and reached between my legs and stroked my cock and rubbed my balls and rubbed my taint. Then he licked his index finger and put it in my hiney hole and finger fucked me aggressively. I loved it and the team jacked faster. Dad turned me around and guided me to the floor. I was lying down with my mouth open and tongue out. Chief straddled my chest and crouched down. He pointed his cock down and shot off five huge spurts into his son’s mouth. I happily swallowed down his big dad load. So hot. Chief pulled me up off the shower floor to the cheers of the team. I stood in front of Chief as he rubbed my balls and rubbed my dick. A few times he rubbed my nipples and kissed my chest. We both expected me to get the tingles and get a dry orgasm like every other time before. But Chief was very determined and aggressive with this 13, nearly 14 year old. As dad went on wanking me, I got the familiar tingles in my balls and told Chief I needed to pee really bad ! Chief told me no I do not need to piss. I just needed to ride the feelings and see what happens. As Chief stroked my cock and put his index finger back in my hole. Chief went deeper and touched something inside my butt hole that made me see stars. And that’s when it hit me hard When sperm started shooting out of my young dick and blasting my dad’s face. The team was whooping and hollering in giddy approval of me painting Chief’s handsome face with my first cum load. I heard Louie or maybe another guy shout out, “We need a clean up on aisle 14 !” All they guys laughed including Chief and me. Bud, The cocksucker and cum lover came over and told dad he was our clean up crew. Bud got down and licked all my semen off Chief’s face but he left a glob on my dad’s cheek. “I saved some for you, John Jr. you need to taste your sweet load.” I ate it and I liked it. At that point the team sat around in the sexy afterglow and drank more beer. I kept those red cups full of cold beer until the keg was drained. I got a butt pat or a cock grab every time I delivered a beer. Eventually we removed the chairs and showered off the baby oil and cum in a hot and steamy gang shower full of young and sexy guys As we left in a great mood, the airmen called it a great Crew Party and John Junior was the star of the show ! Constructive feedback can be sent to hoo. Thx. I was on top of the world. I hugged and thanked Chief and Bud for making it happen. Best and hottest night of my young life.

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