My sexy wife with male strippers on stage


My sexy wife with male strippers on stageMy sexy wife had heard about a brand new male strip club, just a few miles from town. Her slut girlfriend Helena had told her about the place and then Anita felt anxious to go there. She was always complaining that is unfair for women; because they never have the opportunity of enjoying to see naked macho men on stage…Then Anita told me if we could go there and I said it was fine for me. She had seen many huge dicks before; including black ones…On next Saturday we drove up to the strip club. Ana was very excited as we got out of the car. She had heard from her girlfriend Helena that the dancers were hunks who sported huge dicks and that if you tipped them they would let you touch it. She had come ready with a wad of five dollar bills.As we approached the front door we could hear the beat of music. Anita leaned over to me and whispered in my ear she was already wet down there…I knew that if I paid the manager some dollars; Anita would be invited up onto the stage with the male dancers for an up close and personal session. It would be funny to watch that…There inside, couples were already dancing on the dance floor; there were also many women surrounding the large stage and dancing with each other in pairs.Ana grabbed my hand and dragged me to the dance floor.She was wearing a worn a loose skirt and blouse, a light material. This made it easier for her to dance with abandon. She was moving and grooving the loud music. I knew she was really excited.When her skirt was lifted a bit, I could see that she was wearing a tiny red thong. My sensual wife often liked to go without underwear when we went at dance clubs; she liked the feel of the air against her exposed bare pussy.The lights dimmed briefly before the show started and everyone moved forward to stand around the stage. Five dancers entered from one end of the stage dressed in various costumes. There were three white guys and two black ones. All those hunks danced and acted as if they were going to remove a piece of clothing; demanding the women to give them an audible reaction. Some women like Anita were really getting into it.Those bitches were all jumping up and down and screaming…Some women illegal bahis were even flashing their boobs and some others were pitching her panties in the direction of the dancers.Then several of the dancers, by now dressed only in thin nylon thong, came down from the stage and began to move among the wild female audience. They grabbed some women and held them close. They kissed those desperate bitches hard on the mouth. And they played with other ones by grabbing their breasts and buttocks…A dark haired Latin looking dancer approached Anita and he grabbed her around her shoulders and her knees. He lifted my sexy wife from the floor.My wife screamed as he lifted her and looked back at me. I gave her a big smile and thumbs up.Once this Latin dancer, Pedro, passed Anita to the other dancers on the stage; all of them returned there to give my wife their full and sole attention. So now she had five almost naked muscular men dressed in tiny thongs dancing around her and putting their hands all over her curvy body. One of the bigger guys held her arms up in the air while another guy quickly unsnapped Anita’s skirt and it tumbled to the floor. She screamed loudly but quickly realized that her skirt was gone…Now her loose fitting blouse and the red thong were all that were covering her bottom side. Suddenly she tried to get off the stage but the dancers were too fast for her.Then one of the strippers lifted Ana up off the stage and began dry humping her in his arms. She instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his shoulders to keep from falling.The other dancers continued to touch her all over and one even leaned in to kiss her on her red lips. Another one reached between her legs and played with her pussy through her red thong.Anita then screamed loudly to cheers from the crowd.The guy holding my wife at his waist suddenly threw her to his mates and two of them caught my sweet wife in the air. Her arms and legs were held fast by the dancers.One of them suddenly ripped her blouse off and Ana screamed when she realized she was almost naked now; her shaven pussy lips were just barely covered by that tiny red thong.Held aloft in the air and completely helpless, the guys illegal bahis siteleri stripped her panties off to her loud screams of shock. She began kicking, but the guys raised her high up in the air again and opened her legs up to reveal her lovely pink pussy lips. I could see my sexy wife was very wet now; her little tight entrance was glistening in the middle of the lights and shadows…One of the black dancers showed his fingers to the female audience and after getting approval, he proceeded to vibrate Anita’s clitoris. When his fingers pulled away, it was clear from the bright lights on the stage that my wife was fully excited. Her pussy was lathered and shiny with her own pussy juices and her labia were engorged and folded open revealing her sweet cunt.Now the black guy took his two fingers and again getting the approval of the audience, he inserted them up Ana’s cunt and began to finger fuck her. She screamed and struggled at first but everyone could soon see by the spasms her butt and hips made that she was getting sexually aroused by his fingering.The guy soon pulled his fingers out and held them up to the crowd so we could see how creamy his fingers had become inside of her. I could guess Ana was close; she was still involuntarily having some spasms on her naked body. But then she felt two wet fingers slide back up inside of her hot cunt and she almost passed out as she came, screaming like crazy…Then a sexy brunette came up the stage and proceeded to suck Anita’s pussy juices off the black dancer`s coated fingers.Now the guys flipped Ana over face down but still suspended in the air. They turned her around so that everybody could see her wet and fully engorged pussy. Then Ana watched as his two fingers slid back up inside of her and she felt him massaging her g-spot very quickly inside of her vagina. Within seconds she lost it in another body shaking orgasm and the crowd cheered its approval. Again the dancer held his dripping fingers aloft and began to offer them to those who were at the edge of the stage; but at the last minute he put his fingers in his own mouth and licked Anita’s juices clean from his fingers.The other guys brought a red velvet platform upon canlı bahis siteleri which they laid my wife’s sweet naked body; now face up. The Latin dancer Pedro had removed his tiny string and everyone including Ana knew what was about to happen. Barbara started screaming and she struggled back and forth. But as the other four held her down, each dancer fucked my sensual slut wife right on that stage.Ana felt each huge cock deep inside her hungry cunt and had at least five wild orgasms in front of all the female audience.Pedro, who had been the first enjoying her wet cunt; turned Ana face down with her round buttocks in the air and after a few strokes in her cunt to lubricate his hard cock, he fucked my wife in the ass. Again Anita had a loud orgasm, literally grinding her ass into that Latin groin as he sodomized her like crazy. My wife’s screams were lost and muffled by the cheers and shouts of the other wild women watching the show.But I knew she was enjoying that huge dick in her asshole…After Pedro filled my sweet Ana’s anus with his semen; the guys stood her up and they dragged her off the stage. She was wearing just her stiletto heels and I saw that she looked weak on her knees, after so many orgasms she had experienced there on stage in front of all at the club. The manager then called me up and I followed him to the back stage dressers.I found there Ana, still naked in the middle of those five hunks.She ran up to me; laid a big hug and kisses on me and thanked me intensely for what had just happened to her. Her wildest fantasy had been fulfilled tonight with these five men fucking her in such a wild way.She said her ass was aching too much; because Pedro had a real huge piece of cock and he had hurt her as he sodomized her…Ana got her blouse back and her tight skirt; but she could not find her tiny red thong. As we were heading to the parking lot, the Latin guy, Pedro, came to say goodbye; telling my wife he had spent a hot time with her…Anita kissed him and then he dragged him to our car.During the drive home I looked on the rear mirror as my sensual slut wife straddled that Latin hunk and fucked him back and forth.She screamed like crazy in another wild orgasm, just few seconds before we reached home.I parked at our garage and asked Ana if her new friend would spend the night with us.But my sexy little wife looked really spent and done. Ana smiled to me and told Pedro that she would be on stage the next Saturday…

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