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My shortcutSo I live in bath and I’ve spent a long time looking for and spraying loads over another xham member who goes by the name of Nicola diamond, I’ve litreraly sprayed pints of cum over her profile and her fantastic stories…….. now for a story of my own……..the day I meet and facefucked Nicola diamond! It was my day off and I had decided to go for a stroll around town it’s was a nice hot day so I was expecting to see a lot of women showing a lot of skin, I spent a good hour wondering round admiring the legs tight asses and fantastic tits on display when I noticed a pair that I had jerked myself to time and time again,immediately my member began to throb as I knew it was her, I even checked on my phone…… It was……Nichola diamond! I had to approach and say something just to get close to those fuckable baloons she calls tits! I reached down and adjusted myself so my hardening throbbed was canlı bahis tucked into the waistband of my boxers Your Nicola Diamond I’d know that body anywhere” of course she tried to ply it off but now I was this close I was so sure I watched her lips take a drag on her cig lips I’ve imagined around my shaft.”I’m sorry you must have me mistaken for someone else” “No definately you, see look at my Phone Time to own up “”Yes that is me” she replied knowing there was no denying itIt was at that point my well hidden solid cock decided to make itself known and pushed itself out of my waitband to thrust against the inside of my trackys, she had obviously noticed so I pushed my luck” I am Ed by the way. God your so fucking horny I have cum pints over your profile, can’t believe your smoking as well” looking down at his boner he added”see what you do to me can I walk with you” I asked “well I am going to the river bahis siteleri to feed the ducks” she replied.No way was she feeding the ducks now I had found her, a plan was formulating I Kew she has a weekness for young men wanking over her so I’d give her a suprise”your going the wrong way, here follow me I know a short cut” surprisingly she fell for it and followed me down Beehive Yard to an alley this would be perfect.”would you let me wank over you live” I asked. She started to say something but I didn’t really catch it instead I was already pulling out my throbbing cock rubbing my hand along its shaft thinking how good it would be to get it inside this slut”thats very naughty, suppose someone walks by” She replied clearly enjoying the view.”Could you open your dress a little” I asked. I had to get closer to those fucktastic tits the fastenings were opened stood before me in some matching set I didn’t güvenilir bahis really care I needed to ram my cock into that slut mouth now it was pulsing beneath my hands “get your tits out” I demanded. I was going to take a few shots with my phone for later.Here it comes the big play “One last request, could you kneel, so I can get you looking up at me” I asked trying to sound as innocent as u can whilst massaging a throbber. She made some excuse about her tights but I just threw my jacket in the floor, I am a gentleman after all “There you go no worries” She kneeled.Oh if only she knew my plan “Can you open your mouth so I can see that tongue bar” she obliged and there it was perfect for choking with my member a mouth ready to be fucked, I rammed my length down her throat hearing a gurgle of suprise, I was going to make the most of this she could take a cock I can tell u that I fucked the throat hard that’s when I heard some footsteps aproatching “oh good an audience” I thought and to announce my presence I called her a filth here loudly to put on a show for whomever was aproatching and looked back to see the Police…

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