My Sins


My theory classes were just over, I was a bit tired but at the same time very excited as my practical classes were just about to begin in the afternoon. After grabbing a quick bite from the cafeteria, I quickly made my way to the laboratory. You see, my lab teacher was very hot, her hot juicy boobs, her sizzling ass, her smooth and sexy lips had always in some way attracted me towards her. I put on my lab coat and entered into the lab. She quickly asked us to take our places and complete the work assigned to us. The only thought I had on my mind that day was to fill her holes in every possible way….if you know what I mean.

Like the last week, I was again the first to complete my experiment. After getting my record corrected, I quietly went back and sat at my place. You see, I always like to be the teachers pet, as not only do you get more marks but also you have the perfect opportunity to explore the lovely assets of your teacher.

I went to her chamber and told her that I had some doubts to clarify; she agreed and told me to come to her chamber after the lab got over. I was really excited as I knew that today was the day that I would profess my love for her. Finally the lab got over, I waited for my fellow classmates to leave the room and fethiye escort then I quietly darted towards her chamber. As she was the lab in charge, I had no qualms of being caught by some other teacher.

I entered her chamber and she politely asked me of what help she could be off to me. I told her that my doubts were about some other subject and I wanted to ask for her suggestions. She told me to sit beside her and talk freely about my problems to her. I told her that I was really feeling lonely since the past few days and needed someone to talk to. She put her hand on my lap……..ahh I could feel my dick bloating up. I told her that I was attracted to her persona and wished to know more about her. You see, many of my friends had told me that her husband was abusive and used to treat her very badly. I asked her if she was being treated properly by her husband. At this, she turned away as if in shame.

I could see tears rolling down her eyes. She told me that she hated her husband and wanted him to die. I put my hand on her lap and told her why she didn’t get divorced. She told me that for the sake of her children she wanted to continue her marriage. She had now broken down into tears. She told me to lock the door of her chamber. I did, without escort fethiye any reservations. I told her that she was extremely beautiful and many a men would sacrifice for the sake of her. She then asked me if I would marry her if given an opportunity. I said yes. At this she started to laugh. Her laughter filled my heart with joy and even made me a bit bolder. Suddenly she came near me and kissed my hand. I didn’t know what to do, so I kept quiet. She quietly said that if I wanted to marry her I would have to show her that I really meant it. Wow….lucky me, I never thought seducing a teacher would be so easy. She slowly started to unzip my pants. I must admit it, I was feeling a bit nervous at that moment. I tried to put my pants back on, but she stopped me from doing so and told me to think of her as my wife. She got hold of my hot bloated up penis and began to lick it. It was the most wonderful thing I had felt in my entire life. She then told me to undress her slowly. I slowly unzipped her bra, wow those boobs were damn hot and juicy. I could not wait and I began kissing her nipples. Ahhhh she said quietly and told me to wait. I very slowly removed her pants, but I could feel that she wanted me.

And there was standing completely naked in front fethiye escort bayan of my very own eyes. I approached her like a man and kissed her passionately. I remember our lip-lock was so enticing that that neither of us refused to let go. I pushed against the wall and pressed her boobs hard. She moaned quietly and told me to go on. I began sucking her juicy boobs, waiting for the milk to enter my mouth, I pushed her onto the floor and got on top of her. I could now feel her body heat. I went down and kissed her vagina. She moaned a bit louder this time. I began to finger her vagina with not 2 but 3 fingers. I slowly increased my speed and just when she was about to orgasm. I pulled my fingers out and got up. She pulled me back down and spread her legs apart for me. She said that she did not care about the consequences and just wanted me to fuck her tonight. I slowly inserted my rock solid dick into her vagina and began stroking it gently. I put a chocolate bar on her nipples and began to suck them. Ahhhhh ….oooooo she said. She then got on top of me and quickly thrusted my cock into her vagina. I could not believe my eyes. My teacher was actually riding me. Ooooooooo…ahhhhhh I said. She looked back at me and gave me a cunning smile. I then got on top of her and thrusted my penis back and forth into her vagina. She caught my buttocks hard and told me to go deeper and deeper

………………..getting excited eh…..wait for the second part to follow………………..

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