My Sissy Fantasy of My Wife With A BBC


My Sissy Fantasy of My Wife With A BBCBefore she met me my Wife had, had two black boyfriends both from what she tells me were very, very well hung. One was so big, she would only let him fuck her if she was on top, to control how deep he could go.Over the years I have felt myself become less manly, more wanting to be dominated and dressed up like a sissy.This is my ultimate fantasy (this week!). My wife has met a black guy at work and was telling me about him, she seemed to find him very sexy and I was teasing her that if he was like her past black boyfriends his cock would be much bigger than mine and more likely to give her the pleasure I could only dream of giving her.Anyway, come the company Christmas party I met him, let’s call him John, he was a good 15 yrs younger than me and had a solid body, unlike my flabby self.In the last few years I had also started to struggle to reach and keep an erection. Plus I was a chronic masturbator. Over the years I have moved through various types of favorite porn. I never really found interracial that interesting and then suddenly a switch flicked and bam, I was watching more interracial porn than anything else.For the last few years while fucking her my Wife would make me cum much quicker if she started telling me about how her black boyfriends used to fuck her with their huge cocks, how much bigger than my little cock they were and how I could not reach the depths they could reach. Suddenly, I was fantasizing about being underneath my wife licking her cunt as a huge black cocked man was fucking her.So, at the Christmas party I found myself in the bathroom at the same time as John and I could not resist having a look. I am sure I almost gasped. His cock may have been soft but it was still thicker and longer than my cock at it’s biggest and hardest. I don’t know what made me do it, but I said “wow, my wife would like to get her hands on that”. He looked at me and said, “well she would be welcome to”. “How big is it I asked?” Why don’t you find out he said and turned himself to face me. I’m, sorry I meant when it’s erect. He put his cock away and told me to follow him. I dumbly followed. We went out to the car park, he led me behind a small wall and told me to get on my knees and get his cock out. I hesitated, and he said, look dude, I want to fuck your wife, but you need to prove to me that you would like me to do it. So, take it out and get it hard so you can tell her how big it is. I hesitated again and then slowly reached for his fly, I undid his trousers and his cock fell out semi erect. I was aware that at this stage my own cock was hard in my pants. I started to stroke his cock slowly. It was so hot and so thick, it felt completely different to my cock, it had a weight to it. It was amazing and it just kept expanding in my hand.I was slowly pulling the foreskin back and looking at his big fat purple cock head.Well, do you think she will like it? He asked. I think she would love it. And then I said, I love it! He smiled and said well, it’s up to you to arrange for me to meet up with your wife to fuck her, we both know she wants me to.I said I am sure she does. I went to get up. Whoa what are you doing? He bakırköy escort said. I’m going back inside I said. Oh no you are not, not yet, you cannot leave me with my cock like this. Get on your knees and make me cum. I didn’t know what to do. He said, do it, I can see the bulge in your trousers, you love this black cock and you want to feel the power when I cum. I reached for his cock, it was true. My cock was near to bursting.I started to stroke his cock again. As I did he started talking to me.I will fuck your wife for you, but only if you do as I require.I carried on stroking him. Well, I think you are a sissy, you got so hard when you saw my cock. So, I want you to dress like a sissy on the day I come to fuck your wife. I will tell your wife to dress you and do your make up ok? I didn’t know what to say, this was going too far. I was still stroking his cock it was solid and I could feel the power of it. He told me to get my cock out and shamefacedly I did. I may often have trouble getting erect nowadays, but here I was with a very hard cock, just waiting to explode.He pulled my head forward and pushed his cock to my mouth,I tried to turn away, but he just pulled my head onto his cock and forced it into my mouth. It was so big, I could hardly open my mouth enough, use your tongue he said as he grabbed my head and fucked my face.So, there I was on my knees in a car park with a massive black cock in my mouth and my little white cock bouncing on it’s own, I want you to invite me around to your place next friday night you understand. I nodded.He held my face and slowly pushed his massive cock stretching my mouth, I felt his cock throb and he gripped my head tighter and pushed his cock further into my mouth and pumped his cum into me in big spurts and I had no choice but to swallow it. As this was happening my own cock spurted cum helplessly onto the floor in front of me.Lick my cock clean, get all the cum off he said and I did as told. Then laughing, he walked away, leaving me on my knees with cum around my mouth and dripping from my cock,When I got back to my wife she asked where I had been and I told her I had bumped into her work college John and we had been chatting and shared a drink at the bar. That seemed to please her. I also said that I had seen his cock in the bathroom and it was massive. She was fascinated and kept asking me to describe it.That night in bed she was hot for fucking, but I could not raise a hard on. So, I told her that as I was unable to fulfill her needs, she should have the pleasure of Johns cock. This turned her on and she asked me to describe it again.I did as she asked and also told her I had invited him around next Friday to fuck her as I was telling her this, she was rubbing her cunt with her fingers as I sucked her nipples. After she heard me say he was coming around she asked me more about his cock and what he was going to do to her, she then told me how great it would be to see his massive black cock and feel it inside her. As she was saying this my cock got harder and harder which she noticed. Lick my cunt please she said and I did. She held my head and ground her cunt against beşiktaş escort me as she had a powerful orgasm saying oh yes lick Johns cum from me, at these words my cock just shot it’s load, something that did not go unnoticed.After we had finished she said my story about John coming over really turned her on and she could see that it had turned me on.I said it wasn’t a story, that he really was coming around. She still didn’t believe me.After her first day back at work she came home all hot and flustered and told me that John had confirmed he was coming to see her Friday. She practically dragged me upstairs and told me to lick her cunt as she rode my face, again she was telling me to imagine her cunt was full of John’s creampie, she soon came in a powerful orgasm and then just got up and headed for the shower leaving me with cock was hard and untouched.As the week progressed she told me that John had told her he wanted me dressed as a sissy or he wasn’t coming over. I reluctantly agreed. She also told me that I was to watch them, but I could not join them. She, said If I did all they asked, then John had a surprise for me.The friday arrived and my wife came home and laid out the clothes I was too wear. I was to wear stockings, suspenders, a basque and a little tartan skirt with high heels, that I could hardly stand up in, let alone walk. She also made me wear a blindfold. Then my wife prepared, but of course I couldn’t see what she put on.Later the doorbell went and wife went to the door leaving me alone on a chair in the bedroom. My cock was once again solidly upright, causing a tent in my little skirt.I was alone in the bedroom for quite a while, but my cock refused to soften.Eventually, I heard footsteps and the door opened. I heard John laugh as he saw me. What a cute little sissy. If he behaves, I have a treat for him.My wife led me to the bed and made me lie down and within minutes she was grinding her naked cunt on my face.My cock still hard. John said oh look at that little hard cock, even as he said it my cock was bouncing.Then I felt him get on the bed and he positioned himself to slide his huge cock into my wife, I felt it go past my tongue. She let out a groan of sheer pleasure like I had never heard before. He started to slowly thrust into her and I reached down to free my hard cock so I could give it a stroke. Somebody slapped my hand away and John told me no. I was not to touch my cock or I wouldn’t get my treat. What the hell was this dam treat?For about the next 20 minutes my wife was well and truly fucked and I was licking her cunt the whole time. Except when John pulled out and pushed his cock in my mouth, I didn’t know what to do, so I sucked. You see John said, I told you your husband was a cock sucking sissy, he then slid it back into my wife taking her to multiple orgasms before finally unloading his spunk inside her. I could feel his cock pulse as the spunk poured into her cunt as he withdrew he pushed his cock in my mouth and made me lick it clean and as he withdrew my wife pushed her cunt onto my mouth and shuddered in orgasm as I cleaned her out. My cock was throbbing, desperate for beylikdüzü escort release.Just then the doorbell went again. John got off the bed and said it looks like your treat has arrived.I was not sure what was happening.John soon returned to the room and told me to get on my hands and knees on the bed. I did as instructed and he had my wife do the same.So, sissy I know you like to suck cock and swallow cum, but I think you want much more than that don’t you? I said nothing.I felt John get on the bed and my wife was soon moaning again as he once again slid his huge cock in her.Then I felt a hand on my ass and my cock bounced. Soon, next to me my wife was screaming in orgasm. Suddenly, I felt a wetness around my asshole and a hand on my cock. A weight moved behind me on the bed. Meet my friend Stacey said John. Stacey was stroking my cock she’s one of your treats, cool I was going to get a fuck as well.Just then I felt Stacey grab me by the hips and something push against my asshole. I tensed up but it kept pushing, I could not fight it and it soon slipped inside me. It was painful but also pleasurable. Oh, I forgot to mention said John, Stacey has a big black cock as well, just then a husky voice said yes I do and I love fucking sissy white boys. Stacey started a slow fucking of my ass and the pleasure soon overtook the pain but I also knew I was going to cum any second. I was not even touching my cock but I could feel the pleasure building as Stacey fucked me.My wife asked me through her groans if I was enjoying myself. I grunted. And then it happened, my cock just started spunking. Stacey said oh looks like this sissy just cum.I fell face forward onto the huge wet patch I had made as Stacey continued to fuck me until, with a sigh, she pushed hard into me and her cock spurted it’s cum deep inside of me.I lay there confused and with a rapidly softening cock. But again stacey grabbed my hips and pulled me up. And then she started to push her still hard cock into me. But wait this wasn’t stacey. Oh I forgot to mention my other friend. This is Todd. He has a bigger cock than dear stacey so enjoy it.I wasn’t enjoying it, i had cum and all the urge for sex had left me along with my cum. I felt somebody on the bed in front of me and my mouth was pulled onto a cock. The husky voiced stacey again, lick stacey clean lover she said, and she removed my blindfold, I looked up into the eyes of a very well hung but very beautiful black ladyboy. Todd behind me was no ladyboy, he was very obviously a man and continued to fuck me as John continued to fuck my wife.Despite itself, my cock was getting hard again as I took a black cock in both ends.Well, well, well, looks like we got a real sissy here. Well, that’s good because I intend to fuck your wife as often as she wants and you won’t be getting to fuck her at all. So, I suggest you play nice with Stacey and Todd and hope they can fulfil your needs. Also, whenever I come over your house you are to be dressed in your sissy clothes.“But”, I stuttered, “but nothing” my wife said, you started this.That was six months ago now, When ever I am at home my wife makes me dress as a sissy in case John or one of his friends comes over. 3 of them come over to see her now, all well hung black men, all friends of John, sometimes they all come over, other times they come alone. If I am lucky I get to lick my wife as they fuck her and clean everybody up afterwards. Or, if I am really lucky Stacey or Todd will come over and fuck me.

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