My sister In Law 01


My sister In Law 01My sister In Law 01It had been a hard day working in the wood clearing fallen rotted trees, chainsawing them into manageable sections and carting them up to the house to be stacked really for the wood burner in the lounge.The shower was most welcome the pulsating hot water eased the stiff back muscles and the rough towelling down acted as a Swedish massage, putting on a bath-sheet tucked tightly around my waist I brushed my hair then padded down to the kitchen.Although it’s an old farmhouse, it has not been a working farm since the 1950s, the biggest job we did was to replace the single panes with sealed units which as well as keeping the heat in greatly reduced the condensation, the windows would stream water when cold outside, so there’s no discomfort in walking around just wearing a bath-sheet. tuzla eve gelen escort Enjoying my meal of mutton stew in the kitchen sitting with my back to the Rayburn stove, it’s gentle heat further relaxing me and my wife fussing around the kitchen as wife’s do, it did not surprise me when I felt her hands caress my shoulders then to feel her lips kiss the nape of my neck as she slid her hands around to tweak my nipples between her thumb and forefinger sending jolts of pleasure through to my manhood.The evening ahead in the lounge with the wood burner glowing promised to be, never the less, uneventful, I had just finished my glass of wine, relaxed I placed it on the side table then closed my eyes and stretched back against the padded back of the couch, my hands were now clasped tight tuzla otele gelen escort behind me supporting my head.I heard my ‘sister in law’ entered the lounge through the door from the hall, as quiet as she tried to be I still head the sound of her skirt rustle against her legs, she had not shaved them this week.I thought that she would cross the lounge to sit in the chair on the other side of the wood burner, but instead she walked directly to where I was sitting and placed warm heavy hands on my thighs just above my knees so restrained firmly she spread my legs apart to cause the bath-sheet to gape where it had overlapped.Opening my eyes I first saw her sparkling deep green eyes, looking down I could see her smooth white cleavage and the beginnings of her full breasts starting tuzla sınırsız escort to escape from her bra, looking further down I saw how my cock was stirring into life.The next thing I saw was a mop of auburn hair bouncing, the next thing I felt was my cock engorged and being drawn into a warm moist cavan of a mouth and an overactive tongue applying it’s practiced massage to the base of my cock.In no time I lent forward releasing my clasped hands and had my fingers gripping deep through her hair to pump like my life depended on it, I knew that I could not go deeper when I spewed my load deep into the back of her throat,Releasing my cock without even a hint of cum leaking from the corners of her mouth she turned around and walked to the chair the other side of the wood burner and curled up in it picking up a book off the floor and started reading as if nothing intimate had happened.I was stunned, I got up and wrapped the bath-sheet around me hiding my now damp cock which was quickly chilling even in the warmth of the lounge, and hurried out thinking what payment will my ‘sister in law’ extract from me anytime in the future.

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