My sister’s Best Friend

My sister’s Best FriendFunny how as you browse various website stories and posts, you seem to find a story or two that mirror what happened in your life. As I was reading one story about a guy’s experience with his sister’s friend it got me recalling about my own adventure with my sister’s best friend. I have a younger brother and a younger sister. My sister and I are a year apart in age and my brother is much younger than we are. As we were growing up, we had common friends around our house all the time. My sister Annie’s best friend Karen though, always seemed to be around our place. Karen was just a little older than Annie and over the years I actually got to be good friends with her as well. Fast forward to my college days. I went to college a long way from where I lived and only got home during the holiday’s and summer vacation. The summer vacation after my freshman year would turn out to be the most interesting and in effect life changing.I had just got home from school for the summer and as I was waiting to start my summer job. Since I had some time on my hands, I was doing some building repairs on an old shed we had behind our house. I was home alone, my parents were both working, my little brother had gone camping with his best friend and their family, and Annie was off doing god knows what for the day. I was working away when I heard a car pull in the driveway and someone one get out. I stuck my head out of the shed door only to see Karen standing in the driveway. Karen had become a full grown woman with a very pretty face and a gorgeous body. It was a hot day and she was wearing a halter top, tight shorts that looked like they were painted on and flip flops. To this day, that image is still burned into my brain. She saw me in the shed doorway, waved and headed over to where I was. After exchanging a couple big hugs, she told me that she was suppose to meet Annie here. Apparently they had plans to give each other a makeover. Since Annie wasn’t home yet, Karen sat down next to me on a snowmobile that we kept in the shed. I couldn’t help but notice how hot she had become. We sat there making small talk about my schooling and her work when she went to get up. As she did, she caught her right flip flop in the track of the snowmobile and banged her foot. It must have really hurt because she let out a big ouch. She sat there rubbing it in an attempt to make it feel better. I was trying to lighten the moment a little, so I made a smart ass comment. I said ” To bad your mom isn’t here to kiss it and make it better like she used to do when you were little.” She swung her foot around and said ” since mom isn’t here, I want you to do it.” I just stared at her. The look on her face told me that she thought I wouldn’t dare do it. Oh, but I did just that. I laughingly put my lips on the spot that was hurt and gave it a big long kiss. I heard her moan and as I put her leg back down. She looked at me and said “the other foot feels left out now, it needs attention too”. “Put it up here” I said and I kissed that one also, only this time, I added some tongue to the mix. As I took my lips off this time, instead of letting her foot go, I kept rubbing it for her. “That feels so wonderful” she kept saying “please don’t stop.” I remember being lost in that moment. Never before had I really looked at Karen in that way. Right then and there she no longer was just my sister’s best friend, she was someone I had to have and I wanted it right then and there. But as luck would have it, right then my sister pulled into the driveway. Karen pulled her foot back, put on her flip flops and went out to meet her. I was left in the shed all by myself with a half hard cock. I finished what I was working on, headed to the house bursa escort showered and got ready for dinner. Just as I thought all was lost, I did have a pleasant surprise when I saw that Karen was staying to have dinner with us. After dinner, Annie, Karen and myself were out on the deck enjoying some wine, listening to some music and talking. We were well into our second bottle of wine when Annie decided to head into the house and make some popcorn for a snack. After she headed into the house, Karen and I sat there alone. I had one of my hands resting on the table and suddenly Karen reached over and put her hand on top of my hand. “Annie told me that you and Melissa broke up a couple of month’s ago.” ” I was sorry to hear that” she said. “Don’t be” I said. “We had grown apart and it was for the best, it was time.” As we sat there, before I realized what I had done, I rolled her hand over and I took her hand in mine and held it. As I was holding it, I was waiting for her to pull it back, but she didn’t. She actually squeezed my hand in hers and I knew in that very moment that I had to have her somehow, some way. Karen was looking at me when she blurted out “You know, Annie thinks you and I would be a good match.” “Really” I said. “Why’s that”? “Not important” I followed. “The only thing that’s important is what do you think?” “Truthfully” she said, “Yes, truthfully” I said. Karen started to talk, “I’ve always had a bit of a crush on you, and don’t mean just recently, but as long as I can remember.” At that moment, I felt pure elation race through my body. She barely got the words out of her mouth and I couldn’t resist any longer. I leaned in and put my lips on hers. Almost instinctively, our tongues met and I was lost in a deep passionate french kiss. I knew I had to have her.It was not unusual for Karen to sleep over at our house. Over the years, Annie and Karen had many sleepovers, and on at least one occasion, the sounds coming from Annie’s room made the activities going on in there unmistakeable. Karen wasn’t about to drive back to her place given the wine she drank. She and I knew that there was another reason for staying, we needed to give ourselves to each other. My room was down the hall from Annie’s. It wasn’t long after everyone was in bed that Karen found her way to my room. “Is Annie sleeping already” I asked? “No, I owned up to her about how things happened between us today and how I wanted to come to your room.” “She told me to go for it. She thinks we should be together”. Karen mused. “You know that I knew your sister would really understand.” “Your sister craves the same things as I do” Karen said. “She really wants us to have sex with each other.” As I lay on my bed, I threw back the blanket that I had covering me up. I always sleep nude so my naked body was now exposed. The thought of what was about to happen had my cock half hard again already. Karen stood next to the bed in my dark dimly lit room. She let her top fall to the floor. She unclasped her bra and let that fall also. I found myself staring at her nice perky tits. I remember how nice they looked in that light. As I was admiring her taught nipples, she kicked off her flip flops and unbuttoned her shorts. Slowly she slid both her shorts and panties down to the floor. I rolled up on my side facing her. She was standing there completely naked as if she was showing me all that I was welcome to enjoy. “Come lay next to me” I said. She laid down facing me and I wrapped my arms around her and placed my lips on hers. Her lips felt so nice and soft on mine as our tongues were lost in each other’s mouths. My 61/2 inch thick cock was rock hard as her pussy was rubbing up against it. I remember I couldn’t stop kissing her bursa escort bayan as she was grinding her pussy into my cock. I worked my lips over to her neck and she moaned really loudly as I kissed and sucked on it. I worked my way up to her ear. “Your body feels so great tangled up with mine” I whispered to her. “I know” she said, “I feel that too.” “You know I want it all” I said. “I’m sure you do” she said. I kissed my way down until I found her gorgeous tits. I sucked on each of her nipples for what seemed like hours. She begged me over and over to stop. “It gets too intense” she moaned. “You’ll have to get used to it” I told her. “I love it and I plan on doing it a lot” I said. After a while, I kissed all the way down her stomach, tongue fucking her naval until I found her pussy. It was already shiny and wet from her oozing cum. I knew she was really turned on. I licked her pussy for a few moments and kept working my way down her legs kissing and caressing. I got to her feet and I said “remember earlier when I kissed them for you”? “Yes” she said. “It felt wonderful” she said. “Do you want it some more” I asked? “Oh please do, I love it” she begged. I kissed and sucked her toes until she begged me to stop. “That’s too intense too” she said. I rolled her over on her stomach and kissed and caressed the back of her legs all the way up to her hot tight ass. I kissed all around her ass cheeks and up her back until I was laying on top of her kissing her neck. My cock was firmly wedged into the crack of her ass. I found her ear again and I whispered into it, “how did it feel to have your ass licked and played with”. “It felt like heaven, I’ve never felt that before” she whispered. “I’m going to have so much fun fucking your hot tight ass” I said. “I’ve never done that either before” she said. “I’m a little scared, I’ve heard it’s painful” she said. It was obvious that Karen was a little nervous about taking my cock up there. “I wouldn’t lie to you. it’s going to hurt until you get used to it” I said. “I’m going to let you if that’s what you really want.” “I want you to enjoy everything I can give you” she said. “We can work into it over time” I remember saying. “We don’t have to do it tonight.” “So you do believe this will be more than just a one night fling” Karen said. “I definitely want it to be more than just one night” I said. “Me too” she said. “Sit on my face so I can eat your pussy.” I said. Karen rolled over and strattled my head. I could see her cum oozing out as my tongue plunged deep inside her hot pussy. I was fucking her pussy with my tongue thrusting in and out and I was swallowing every drop of cum. I found her clit and started to lick and tease it. I remember telling her to suck my cock while I licked her pussy. Soon, I was working her body into a massive orgasm. She pulled off my cock as she started to convulse and spasm uncontrollably. She was holding her breath and biting my pillow just to keep from screaming. When her orgasm subsided, she swallowed my cock again. I cleaned her pussy with my tongue, eating every last drop of her juice. My cock had completely disappeared inside her mouth. She was taking it as deep as any women ever had and it felt amazing. She was bobbing her head up and down on the entire shaft. It was obvious that my cock wasn’t the first she’d ever sucked, she was well practiced. “Don’t make me cum yet” I said. “Soon I’m going to cum deep in your throat, but for now, I want to feel your pussy wrapped around my cock.” She stopped sucking my dick and quickly changed position. She strattled my cock placing her pussy right over it. Slowly she lowered her gorgeous body down on me until my complete shaft was buried deep inside her. I was still in disbelief görükle escort that I had that precious sexy body driving me crazy. She leaned forward and our lips locked as she started to ride up and down on my cock. It was obvious that she wasn’t new to this either. Her pussy was so hot, wet and tight. It was the best feeling I’d ever felt inside any pussy. She was moving faster and faster driving her pussy down on my rock hard cock. Despite the fact that I was doing everything I could think of to prolong it, I knew it wasn’t going to be long before I was going to pop, and it would be intense at that. I just didn’t want this feeling to stop, but I couldn’t prolong it anymore. “You’re going to make cum soon” I whispered in her ear. “Shhhh, just enjoy it” she whispered back. “You could get knocked up tonight” I remember saying. There was no response, just her driving her pussy as deep on my cock as she could get.”Oh god, I’m cumming, I’m cumming” I said as I felt my orgasm build from toes to my head and down to my cock. I remember the intensity was overwhelming as those sensations shot through my body. I spasmed and shook uncontrollably as my cock throbbed deep in Karen’s hot pussy. I had filled her pussy with a huge load of my hot sticky cum. Karen just laid on my chest with my cock still inside her for the longest time while it softened up enough to fall out. Neither of us spoke for a few moments and finally I whispered in her ear. I shot a huge load, I may well have gotten you pregnant. “You may have to marry me” I joked. “Ok, how about tomorrow” she said laughingly. “Aren’t you worried” I asked? “Not at all” she said. “Annie and I went on the pill together last year. We both found that we love having sex so much with different guys that we both thought it was the right thing to do.” “That’s Wise, but for now the only guy getting this pussy is me.” I laughed. “I have a question for you though, and it’s just between you and I and be honest.” “Did you and my sister ever have sex with each other?” I asked. “Why are you asking” Karen asked. “I remember one night you were sleeping over and I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. As I approached Annie’s room on the way to the bathroom, I heard sounds coming from the room that sounded distinctly sexual.” Karen laughed, “Just one time is all you heard. I thought we we’re getting too loud a few times.” “So you’re bisexual then?” I mussed. “Yes, is that a problem for you?” Karen asked. “Not as long as sex with me takes priority” I said. “Well, as much as your sister talks about sex, I should be asking you if you’ve had sex with her too. She does love it” Karen said. “So the rumors go, but no we’ve never done anything sexual.” I answered. Karen kissed my lips and looked me straight in the eye. “You’ll always take priority as long as you want it” “I’ve always wanted you and hoped this moment would happen that you’d want to be with me.” she said “You’re a different a person to me than you were a few hours ago.” I said. “I always thought of you as my sister’s best friend whom I enjoyed being around.” “I never thought of you as a someone who could be my girlfriend and lover, but that’s what you’ve become in just a short time. I’m so happy it all happened that way.” “You’re hard again” Karen said as she played with cock.”Look what you have to capability of doing to me.” I said. “Fuck me again” she said. And so I did, 3 more times that night until I was so sore I couldn’t do it again.Well, Karen got her wish. Although our relationship was on again, off again for a couple of years, I couldn’t pull away from her. I always recalled how she looked in the drive way that day. I knew then that I had to have her. Eventually, we got married and have been together ever since. We enjoy an open sexual relationship. Yes, I admitted to her that I was bi also. In time, we joined two different swingers clubs and have had some of the greatest most intense sexual encounters that anyone can imagine.

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