Subject: My slutty childhood part 3 After my first two sexual encounters with my Tio Joaquin something inside me changed. Although I had been watching porn at the age of 9 years old, I started to notice things I hadn’t before. The men’s bodies and cocks were definitely more arousing than before. Although I had seen men fucking women in the ass I had no idea that was how men and boys could have sex. I began to look at my little chubby ass in the mirror and for the first time I spread my little ass cheeks and saw my boypussy for the first time. I started to get excited by my own little hole. I also started to wish I was the girls in the porn movies so I could get all the dick they did. The week after my Tio had fingered me I started to explore my own pussy. My 9 year old fingers did not feel the same as his rough man finger, but it brought me pleasure just the same. After my first attempt I realized two of my fingers felt better than one of my child digits. After a few days of me looking at my pussy and fingering myself with two fingers it was finally the weekend again. Every weekend my parents had a bunch of family members over and they would hang out and drink in our yard. When Saturday arrived I knew my tio Joaquin would eventually show up. When he finally did I was so turned on seeing him again. Although he was an old man in his 50’s their was a huge attraction I felt. He and his wife came into the house and right away I ran to them to say hello. Although I was very young I knew fiving her a hug and kiss first was the appropriate thing to do so no one would suspect anything strange. Once I said hello to her I made my way to him and gave him a hug, something I had done everytime before but this time I knew something had changed. My head was at the same height his crotch was so when we hugged I pressed my cheek right against his cock and balls. I felt him push me away quickly şişli travesti which made me sad . He was probably just trying to not get hard but I could see his cock already chubbing up. Once we had said our hellos he and his wife started to talking to my parents and the rest of the family which was there. Once they all started talking about adult stuff which I had no intrest in, I went back to my room. Hours passed and eventually I started to think about the couple of times he had molested me. I decided it was a good time to turn on my dads satellite and watch some hardcore porn in my room. I knew my father wouldn’t notice as long as he was busy getting drunk. After a few hours of me watching porn and touching myself I heard a soft knock on my door and someone began to open it. I quickly changed the channel. To much of my adolescent surprise it was my Tio Joaquin. He came into my room and softly closed the door and locked it. A huge smile appeared on his face and I could feel myself blush. He asked me what I was watching and I turned the tv back to the input which began playing hard-core porn. He sat next to me on the bed and placed his rough hand on my lap. I turned towards him and leaned towards him. Our lips met and right away his huge adult tounge entered my little mouth. For a few minutes we made out passionately. As we kissed he wrapped his hands around me. I found my way to sitting on his lap without ever stopping our french kissing. He began to grab my chubby little ass as my hands started to rub his now growing cock. After a few minutes he stopped our kiss and asked me “como esta mi putito?” .. hows my little faggot. I smiled at his new nickname for me and I told him I missed him. He told me that he would be back later and said next time he came into my room he wanted me naked waiting for him. He stood up and I could see his hard cock tenting his pants. beylikdüzü travesti I reached for my new toy and he brushed my hand away and told me to wait for later. He walked out and headed for the bathroom. As soon as he left I stripped myself of all my cloths got in bed under my sheets and continued watching porn feeling my little nub rub against my mattress. An hour must have passed until I heard my door open again. My Tio came in and I could tell he had been drinking. I stayed under my sheets as he again closed my bedroom door and locked it quietly. He made his way to the edge of my bed where my head was and unzipped his pants. My mouth watering knowing it was time to suck his big cock again. He released his cock and I started sucking it. He moaned quietly and placed his hand on the back of my bed. I gagged as I tried to deepthroat his cock again like I did the day at the park. He shushed me making sure I didn’t make any noise but didn’t stop trying to get his big cock deep into my throat. As I sucked his cock he took the sheet off me, exposing my little chubby 9 year old body. I felt his hands nove from the back of my head down my back until they were on my little chubby ass cheeks. He eventually began to make his way between my crack until he was right at my little boypussy. I pulled my mouth off his cock and being an innocet 9 year old I asked him why he never pulls out his balls. He laughed at the question and said ” quieres ver mis cojones puto?”…. you wanna see my balls faggot? I looked up at him and smiled. He smiled back and pulled his huge cuban balls out. The display of manhood excited me even more than I already was and right away I began to suck em. ” No tan duro” .. not to hard he said. I was already in love witg his beautiful cuban cock but now seeing the full package I was in a trance. I began to alternate between his balls and cock istanbul travesti as I felt him break back into my tiny boy pussy. I got on all fours and soon he was finger banging me as I slobbered on his cock. I felt him push me off my new favorite toy and then pulled me up as he leaned down. He planted a passionate kiss on me. Although I could not orgasim yet I felt fireworks going off at this point. He then did something he hadn’t done to me yet . He pinched my chubby little boy tit. It was a sensation I couldn’t understand but I knew I had found a new joy on my body just like I had my own boypussy. He noticed how much I enjoyed it and said ” Que tetas mas ricas”… what delicious tits. He then leaned down into my little check and started sucking on my boy tits as he continued to finger me. This was the moment I realized not only did I love my Tio but I loved being a faggot. After a while he stopped and told me he had to get back before anyone realized he was gone. I asked him if he would come back as soon as he could and he told me he would but if I was to fall asleep to make sure I was naked because he wanted to eat my boypussy before he left. A few hours later as I slept with the t.v still on I woke up to the sensation of him molesting me. Before I had time to react he buried his face deep into my chubby ass crack and ate my pussy out. I felt the bed shaking, not realizing why until he pulled his face out of my cheeks and I felt warm liquid spray on my ass and back. He had cum all over my little body. As soon as he was done he told me to make sure I cleaned myself off. He leaned down and stuck his tounge down my throat. He tasted funny, my first taste of beer and cigarettes coming from my adult lover’s mouth. He then said he would see me again tomorrow and left. I wiped some of his man milk off my ass with my hands and started to lick it. It tasted so good I wiped it all off and ate it. I then wiped the remainder off his a tshirt and then hid it under my matress. I slept wonderfully knowing my lover would be back tomorrow, and dreamed he was holding me that night. I hope you all are enjoying the stories. Alot more to come.

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