Subject: My Son Jimmy 10 – Incest Section MySonJimmy10 The pool fuck party ended with a whimper. We all came so much we were spent, especially the boys. Jimmy’s little hole was beet red and sore from riding Desmond’s big, black cock all night. But, he was full of the hot stud’s cum and proud of himself at the same time. Brice’s sexy teen belly was full of Daddy cum. Dan and I were satisfied and ready to cuddle up with each other. It had been a good night. Dave had to get going, since he was driving a company truck and didn’t think it was a good idea to keep it out all night. Of course, Randall was married and had to get home to his wife. (I still had a hard time picturing that, since he seemed to love cock and ass so much.) And that left Desmond and his big dick. Of all of us, he came the closest to looking like he could go another round. After fucking my 12-year-old son within an inch of his life, Desmond’s monster cock was still about three quarters hard! He sat in a deck chair next to the keg, drinking more beer and playing with himself as we all said our goodbyes to Dave and Randall. I sent Jimmy and Brice in to get a bath and ready for bed. Dan and I sat with Desmond, and I know we were both hoping we could somehow get him to stay the night. Then, I devised a plan. “You like whiskey?” I asked. “Yeah, man. Love it,” Desmond shot back, grabbing his cock by the base and squeezing as if he was trying to get it hard again. Dan looked at me, smiled and silently went into the house to get a huge bottle of Kentucky’s finest that he had brought from his hometown, plus three shot glasses. We traded shots with Desmond, but I noticed Dan made Desmond’s as full as possible and barely gave us a quarter glass full each time. Desmond threw back six or eight in a row. I had a nice buzz, and I suspect so did Dan, but Desmond was obviously plastered. The whisky had a nice effect on his cock, too. As he got drunk, his big dick was standing straight up and started oozing pre-cum. My plan had worked. Some guys get hard and stay hard when their drunk, some go soft. I was betting Desmond was the former and I was right. I threw a cushion on the deck between his long legs and eased myself into cocksucking position. I grabbed the big black dick at the base and gave it a squeeze. A huge dribble of pre-cum oozed out and I chased it with my tongue. “Man, you ain’t got to do this. I probably should be going anyway. It’s getting late,” the black stallion said in mock protest. “You shouldn’t drive tonight, Desmond,” Dan said almost tenderly. “I mean if you really wanna go, I’ll take you, but you really should just stay with us tonight.” I looked up into his big, brown eyes. He smiled down at me and rubbed my head. “Finish me, then. I want to shoot some cum in your mouth and maybe your ass and then crash for the night. Believe it or not, I am getting tired.” “You could have fooled me. Seems like your cock wants to keep on going,” Dan said, throwing another chair cushion down next to me and joining me on his knees. I shared he big cock with him and let him taste Desmond’s pre-cum. Then we kissed and started sucking the huge shaft together. “Fuck this is hot!” Desmond said. I lapped at his musky balls. After all that fucking, his bush and sack were ripe and deliciously salty. Dan attacked his big head and growled as he got more and more pre-cum out of the juicy cock. Desmond laid his head back and just enjoyed the double blow job. Brice and Jimmy came out on the deck naked and put their arms around each other. Brice’s cock started getting hard and he started jacking it as he watched his dads blow the black stud who had fucked his little brother earlier. “Mmmm…you Daddy’s like that big, black cock?” Jimmy said. His little pecker stayed soft, but he was definitely interested in the show we were putting on. “Hey little fuckers,” Desmond said with a slur. “I’d fuck you both but I hear your little holes are all worn out and already full of cum.” “Yeah, Jimmy said. “You fucked me good, Black Daddy.” Desmond laughed at Jimmy calling him that. Dan let me have my turn sucking the big black cock’s head. I swallowed about every four or five seconds because my mouth was filling up with pre-cum. I honestly don’t remember a more leaky cock! Dan growled as he sniffed deeply and took in Desmond’s ripe ball scent. “Bet your asshole is about ready for my cock,” Desmond said with a slur. “Whose asshole?” I asked, because I wasn’t sure if he meant me or Dan. Truth is, either one of us wouldn’t hesitate to bottom for the big izmit escort bayan stud. “Yours,” he said to me. “Well, maybe but I was just hoping to suck you off,” I answered. “You can try, but that’s the long way home,” Desmond said with a chuckle. “You’ll be at it all night.” “I don’t care,” I said. “I love sucking your cock and if I get tired, Dan and even our sons can take over.” “A family full of cock suckers and ass fuckers. I love it,” Desmond slurred. We sucked and sucked on the black man’s dick. Brice finally got close and let me know and I had him shoot it on Desmond’s cock, then jacked him a while with the boy’s cum hoping that would at least get him closer to orgasm. The black stud loved it, but his dick was rock hard and seemingly nowhere closer to coming that when we started blowing him almost an hour ago. It wasn’t that we didn’t enjoy giving him head. It was fun, loved every second of it. But as a cock sucker, you reach a point where you are desperate for your partner’s load. The longer it takes the hornier you are for it. We were both getting so ready to swallow some thick, white cream out of that big, black dick. We sent the boys off to bed, since it was well past midnight. Desmond gave them sloppy, wet drunk kisses and fondled their asses. I kissed my boys with a mouth that had to taste like Desmond’s big dick. Jimmy in particular noticed it and loved it, lingering a little longer to pick up the taste. Dan’s beard probably reeked of Desmond’s musk, too, and he purposefully kissed Jimmy and Brice long enough for them to taste it. Horny old bear! Then, we went back to sucking Desmond off. We licked, sucked and jacked him, but everything we did seemed to make his dick harder. It was all the alcohol, to be sure. He was rock hard and nowhere near shooting his hot load. Dan finally got the idea of getting the black stud to stand up. It took some effort because he was as drunk as a skunk. He wobbled as he stood there letting us suck him. This opened up his ass for me to sniff and lick. I knew he wasn’t a bottom and probably didn’t clean it, but I was so horny I really didn’t care. I found out a lot of the delicious, ripe musky odor in his balls and bush was emanating from his hot ass. As he fucked our son and shot load after load, his prostate was lubing up his butt, plus here was all the sweat from the day’s work. And there was not a trace of shit. I peeled open his big, muscled ass and found his pink man pucker. It was juicy alright. I stuck my tongue deep inside him and heard him groan. “Fuck yeah! Eat my hole you fucker!” He said in a drunken slur. He bent over and almost fell flat on his face. Dan scooted the patio table over and Desmond extended his arms to brace himself. I lapped and lapped at the big man’s ass crack. I pointed my tongue and fucked his pucker with it. He moaned with pleasure. His crack was lined with thick, coarse black hair and I loved the way it felt under my tongue. My cock was rock hard as I ate him. Dan worked his cock and started throating Desmond, which was no small feat. I could hear him gulp and gag on the big cock, burying his big bushy face in his crotch. If Desmond was no where near cumming, both Dan and I were on the edge. After another half hour of this, both Dan and I were desperate for Desmond’s load. “I think he needs to fuck or he’s not going to cum,” I said. “You got that right,” Desmond said. His words were so slurred they were almost unintelligible. We led the hot stud back to our bedroom. It took both of us to steady him on his feet, he was that drunk, yet his cock was as hard as steel. He reeked of beer, and his arm pits were as ripe as his crotch and ass. As he put his arm around me to get his balance, the ammonia stinch of his right pit engulfed me. It was like breathing in poppers. My cock stiffened, and my ass tingled. We laid him on the bed. Flat on his back, Desmond’s cock looked even more enormous. It was still dripping with pre-cum. He closed his eyes and actually nodded off for a moment. Dan and I smiled at each other. “Have you ever seen anyone passed out drunk with a raging boner?” he asked me. “No, can’t say that I have.” “It’s kind of hot!” he added with a sly grin. As much of his cock as we had already enjoyed with our mouths, seeing him there lying like that made us want to suck and lick him even more. So, we started in all over again. I lapped up more of that delicious pre-cum and then remembered his smelly pits. I crawled up Desmond’s body and put his arms above his head. The intense aroma was intoxicating. izmit eve gelen escort I started with the left one, which for some reason was the least odorous of the two. The deep, dark curly African hair was saturated with sweat. I sniffed it and it all most made me cum. I lapped at the mound of hair and then sucked on it to taste some of the sweat. It was like sipping a fine liquor. I took my time and enjoyed it. Then, I finally attacked the ripe right pit. It was wet with sweat and arm pit secretions. I could taste his musky scent and it coated my mouth and tongue. I felt pre-cum oozing from my cock tip. I wiped some off and smeared it on Desmond’s mouth. He instinctively licked his lips. Dan had grabbed a bottle of lube and started lubing up his ass. He passed the bottle to me. I guess he figured we’d both take turns riding the BBC just as Jimmy had. Knowing I was about to get fucked by the same cock that had ravaged my son made me even harder and more turned on. Dan was first, he squatted over Desmond and guided the monster cock into his hole. He winced as he eased himself down on it, backed out and applied more lube. He shook his head at me. “Fucking monster cock. He might tear me open,” Dan said. “But you want it, you little slut!” I said with a grin. “Fuck yeah!” Then Dan went at it again, this time managing to get about half the black cock in his hole. Desmond opened his eyes and smiled. “You two are determined to make me cum again, aren’t you?” he slurred. “We’ll stop at nothing. We want that cream!” I said. “Whores!” Desmond growled. He grabbed Dan’s hips and pushed him lower onto his cock. As the big meat cleared Dan’s inner sphincter, I watched my lover’s face. He was in heaven. Desmond’s big dick was stretching him wide open, but it was also feeling pretty damn good, probably hitting his prostate. I reached over and massaged Desmond’s massive balls. He was fully awake now and started humping my man’s ass. Dan was getting into it, meeting his thrusts and squeezing the big black cock with his ass muscles. For a second, I wondered if Dan would make the black stud cum. But they fucked for several minutes and all Desmond did was smile and enjoy it. “My turn,” I said. “I’m gonna get that nut, too.” “I’ll let you know when I am close, so you can pull off and you two can both get it with your mouths. I fucking love ass to mouth,” Desmond said. He was more awake now. His speech was not slurred. I did not love the idea of taking his cock into my mouth after it had been up both of our assholes, but I also was so horny and desperate for that nut, I didn’t really care. I eased myself onto Desmond’s cock just like Dan did, but reverse, facing away from him. Dan came around and kissed me passionately. “Ride that big dick, Baby!” he said, stroking his big bear meat. The ass to mouth moves might as well start now, I thought. So, I got Dan to pull the sofa in the corner of our bedroom closer, so he could stand on it, then, while impaled on the BBC, I took my lover’s cock into my mouth. It tasted sweet and musky. I loved it when my face was buried in his bush. I worked my ass muscles up and down as Desmond leaned forward and started humping me from underneath. I could feel his big, black dick stretching my hole wide open. It hurt at little at first, but as I got used to it, moving his cock in and out felt so good. I squeezed the cock as hard as I could every time he pulled back from a thrust. Desmond groaned with pleasure. Fuck, now we’re finally getting somewhere! I pictured little Jimmy taking this same big, black dick up his sweet little white ass. I almost started to cum, then Desmond groand a gain and cried out. “Fuck, I am close.” I eased off of him and turned around. His dick was shiny with lube, pre-cum and our own ass juices. I plunged it into my mouth and cleaned it off. It was funky, but I wanted that nut. “Share and share alike, lover,” Dan said, scooting me over so he could have some too. We swapped the head back and forth a couple of times and Desmond groaned loudly. Then he jacked the shaft while it was still in Dan’s mouth and raised his head off the bed. We knew the moment had arrived. Dan got the first blast of hot molten man cream. Then he pulled off and I got the second and third. Then I pulled off and let Dan have three and four. Desmond had amazing control. It was like he was pissing the cum into our willing mouths. He waited until his cockhead and piss slit were covered by our lips before he shot again. Back and izmit otele gelen escort forth it went about eight times until he was finally finished. Dan and I held the cum like chipmunks, imitating what Dan had taught Brice to do. We looked at Desmond who had a big, toothy grin. “Swallow it, bitches!” We did that and then kissed each other passionately. “Now I want yours,” Desmond said. It surprised us because he didn’t seem interested in sucking our cocks or anything, so we were a little confused when he asked for us to jack off in his mouth. We positioned ourselves on either side of his handsome face and beat our meat feverishly. I blasted about six ropes of cum into his mouth and across his face. Dan turned his head and did about the same. Desmond looked at us both, swallowed and used our cocks to wipe as much cum into his mouth as possible. Then he sucked our dicks passionately and squeezed them for any residual cum. I kissed him, then I kissed Dan. What an experience. The three of us climbed up in the bed and passed out. We were exhausted. In the early morning, I woke up in the pre-dawn darkness and noticed that Desmond wasn’t in bed with us anymore. Sometime during the night, he retreated to the couch. His legs hung off of it, but he was sound asleep slightly snoring. I grabbed an extra blanket and threw it over him, pissed and went back to bed to cuddle my bear. Dan’s furry ass was so warm and welcoming, I drifted back to sleep in no time. Later, when it was daylight, I woke up again to hear the sound of a huge cock taking a massive piss in our bathroom. I looked up to see Desmond holding his big tool, rubbing his flat, muscled stomach and chest. His sexy ass looked so hot in the profile view. I rubbed my eyes and started to get up. He was still pissing when I walked over to him. He grabbed and kissed me, then pushed down on my head. I knelt by the toilet and opened my mouth and let him fill it with his golden stream. I swallowed and let some of it run out of my mouth into the toilet. “I had to do that to prove I am dominant over you, bitch!” he said softly with a smirk. I smiled and looked up at him. I sucked his cock a little and he rubbed my head. “Fucking great time last night. You two got pretty horned up. You know I could of cum anytime I wanted, I just wanted to make you work for it.” I smiled again and started to feel his cock growing between my lips. “Can’t get enough of that big, black cock, can you?” I shook my head from side to side “no.” Just then Jimmy walked into the doorway of the bathroom to see his Daddy on his knees with a big cock in his mouth. Desmond reached out and pulled Jimmy to his side. He turned slightly to make room for him to kneel on the bathroom floor. There we were, father and son cocksuckers, practicing our craft. I have always felt that black men are, in many ways, superior to white men. Many of them have realized this and have started calling themselves princes and kings and like to let you know they are descended from ancient kings of the earth who ruled the world when all of civilization was born in and near Africa. As I sucked that big, black cock, I looked up at the powerful man I was servicing and watched as my little white son nursed his balls and his cockhead. It felt right, like white worshipping black, the way it supposed to be. I let Jimmy have most of the fun. He worked Desmond’s tool with his little hot mouth and I saw the black stud was close to an orgasm. He must have superior control of his cum muscles, because last night it literally took him hours to get off. Now, he looked like he could blow a load at any moment. Dan and Brice walked in and I stood up to watch Jimmy get Desmond’s nut. Dan hugged and kissed me, I caressed Brice. Jimmy sucked and even tried to throat the big black dick. Finally, with all the attention being lavished on him, Desmond arched his back and groaned, he contracted his powerful ass muscles and shot a big spurt of his cum right into my son’s mouth. Jimmy quickly swallowed and looked up as Desmond worshipfully fired several more blasts of cum into him. The big black stud pinched his left nipple and caressed the back of Jimmy’s head as he watched him swallow all of his man cream. When it was over, we all applauded the little blowjob scene. “That was fucking hot,” Brice said. I looked down to see his rock hard 6″ cock. It seemed like it had even more hair around it today. Our 13-year-old would soon be all hairy down there and have a hairy but crack, just like his dad. I couldn’t wait. Dan kissed me again. “Good morning, Baby. Want me to make us breakfast?” “Some of us have already had ours, huh?” I said looking at Jimmy, who was still on his knees with Desmond’s huge tool in his little, white hand. He giggled, and Desmond laughed. We had a new playmate to enjoy as a family.

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