Subject: My Son Jimmy 5 My Son Jimmy 5 It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how the weekend at the naturist camp went after that. Turns out that Mark and Keith were having just as much fun with Josh and Will as Dan and I had been having with our boys. After giving each other introductory blowjobs right there at the swimming hole by the creek, we watched as the four boys played in the water, then started slowly taking an interest in one another. Will, the oldest at 15, almost 16, had been fully blessed by the Puberty God with a thick bush and jet-black tufts of hair under each arm, plus a nice happy trail from his navel downward and even a nice, furry butt crack. He also had an awesome cock, but more on that later! Josh, 13, was starting to develop and had a fair amount of pubic hair, a scant bit under each arm and a little, wispy mustache that gave me the uncontrollable urge to put m cock in his mouth. Both boys loved anal play, especially with younger, smoother boys, I came to learn from Keith, their father. “Caught him in the bedroom with his cock up the neighbor boy when he was just 11,” Keith said, half bragging. That explained why Will couldn’t keep his hands off of Brice’s smooth ass, and Josh was equally obsessed with my son Jimmy’s little hole. As the afternoon wore on, we popped up a little half dome-shaped beach shelter, so we could watch Will and Brice go at it but keep them safe from viewing anyone hiking in from the nearby woods. It was the perfect set up, like the two were putting on a little show on a stage for us four, horny Daddies. Plus, Jimmy and Josh, who sat transfixed on a towel by our chairs. First, Will ate Brice’s ass while the younger boy struggled to get his sizable teen cockhead in his little mouth. The boy was only about six inches, but his cock had a huge, bulbous head, bigger than mine or Dan’s. Will was leaking pre-cum and it was hot watching Brice lap it up like a little puppy, and lick the teen’s nice, big egg-shaped balls. I sat there slowly jacking off, occasionally looking over at Keith, who seemed to be kind of proud about his son’s sexual prowess on open display. Dan had shot off a huge load during our suck session, but he was springing back to life as we watched Brice and Will. When they switched so Brice was trying to sit on Will’s big cock, he was beating off like a fiend. “Fuck my son’a hole!” he growled. “Fuck yeah!” Will’s big-headed dick stretched little Brice’s hole, but we had all urged plenty of lube and to go slow. Brice took it like a champ. Soon he was riding his new teen stud lover’s meat and even milking him a little with his sweet little ass. I looked down to see Jimmy playing with Josh’s cock. The boy was almost fully erect and was playing with the back of Jimmy’s head, coaxing him toward a blowjob. Eventually, Jimmy took the hint and put the older boy’s dick in his mouth. That made Mark about to come unglued. He loved watching my boy’s sweet little mouth work his step son’s swollen cock. Hell, we all did. Teen boys don’t last long and predictably, Will was ready to blow his load in no time. He arched his back and held Brice’s tiny waist, pulling the boy into him to fuck him deeper. Then he squinted his eyes and threw his head back and buried his bone as deep as he could, no doubt blasting Brice’s guts with his cum. The hot scenes before us got all four of us Daddy’s ready to blow at the same time. Then Dan got an idea. “Brice, you hungry for some cum?” He had told me time and time again how his little boy couldn’t get enough man sauce. Before they started fucking, Brice was his little suck and swallow cocksucker, every night before bed. Sometimes he’d wake up in the middle of the night to nurse another load out of Dan’s cock. “Sure, Daddy!” Just fucked Brice then made his way over to his dad, and I was pretty sure I saw Will’s load oozing out of the boy as he stood up. He knelt beside Dan’s chair, grabbed his cock and sucked the head. Dan let go and busted his nuts right in his son’s mouth, holding the back of his head izmit escort bayan to make sure he delivered his full payload. Little Brice swallowed several times, then cleaned the head of his Dad’s cock with his tongue. “Who’s next?” Dan asked with a smile. “Fuck, boy, get over here,” Mark said lustfully. “He grabbed little Brice and put him between his legs on his lounge chair. Brice’s sweet little butt was up in the air, and as I leaned over to look at his pink hole, I saw it was full of thick, white cum. I couldn’t resist. I put my finger in it as the boy bore down on Mark’s big dick. It felt so slimy and hot, and Brice wiggled as he felt me touch him. “Full of cum?” Dan asked. “Yeah, like a little whore,” I said. “Fuck that’s hot,” Keith said, stroking his meat. Mark blasted Brice with his second mouthful of Daddy cum. Just like Dan had done, he held the boy down to make sure he got every drop. Brice didn’t mind. He was like a fucking Dyson, sucking the cum right out of two adult dicks in a row. This whole time, Jimmy was blowing Josh. The teenager was loving every second of it as my son’s expert little mouth and tongue worked his cock and balls. He lovingly stroked his head, arms and shoulders, stopping occasionally to pull Jimmy up for a sweet, slow kiss. I could tell it wouldn’t be long before he had his hot teen cock up my son’s ass. That left me and Keith who were left to feed Brice our cum. Getting braver and braver because no one had come upon our pervy little family fuck scene all afternoon, I stood up and started jacking my cock as pulled Brice off of Mark’s chair and had him kneel down before me in a submissive cocksucker position. Brice opened his mouth like a little bird. Keith had apparently seen some of the same porn clips, so he moved over opposite me and started beating off, getting ready to shoot into the mouth of the little boy knelt before us like we were gods. Everyone looked up and watched as I edged closer and closer to blowing my load. “Here it comes, boy!” I grabbed little Brice’s blonde head and put the tip of my cock right over his open mouth. I blasted hot cum into him as he looked up at me with his precious eyes and a half smile. He looked so grateful and trusting. I filled up the little hot mouth, cum. If I had shot off one more blast it would have leaked out. “Swallow that Daddy load,” I told him finally, and Brice immediately obeyed, gulping down his third load of the day. “Fuck, your dad is right, you love cum, don’t you boy?” “Yes, Daddy,” Brice answered with a big smile. That set old Keith off. He repeated my stance and unloaded into Brice’s open mouth, missing it only once, sending a nice shot of hot, white daddy cream across the boy’s forehead. Brice held his mouth open like a dog, waiting for the command to swallow. “You gotta tell him to swallow your load, man.” I quietly said to Keith. “Oh, right.” “Swallow my cum, boy!” And gulp, Brice did just that. I leaned over and licked Keith’s errant cum off Brice’s forehead and gave him a sweet, long kiss. His mouth tasted so good, so musky and cummy, the cream of four hot daddies having just filled him up. “Come up here, Boy!” Dan said. He gave his son a congratulatory head rub and kissed him, too. “I am proud of you, you little cocksucker.” “Thank you, Daddy.” — Later, back at our cabin, we whipped up a steak dinner cooked entirely in the nude. The beer flowed. We took pisses off the deck whenever we felt like it. And in general, hung out like the wild sons of bitches we are. The four boys ended up in the hot tub while we men sat on the deck with our cocks, beer and some fat cigars that Mark had brought. We sat like kings in our deck chairs and swapped stories about our sex lives. Keith and Mark used to be co-workers in an insurance business, we learned. They were both married back in those days and would wait until everyone else went home to fuck in the conference room. “One morning I looked down in a meeting to see Mark’s bottle of poppers under the table,” Keith told us. “I about shit izmit eve gelen escort my pants.” It got quiet, and I slammed my beer, working up the nerve to ask some pretty delicate questions. “So, uh, when did you two discover your interest in boys?” “After my wife died, Me and Mark kind of cooled it for a while,” Keith explained. “Then he started coming over to help out with stuff around the house, you know, as a friend. He was so good with laundry and cleaning and the stuff I didn’t do very well.” “You were just overwhelmed, honey,” Mark said tenderly. “Well, I fell in love with him. Before, in the conference room, it was just sex. This time, he would stay the night sometimes and I could finally sleep again. I loved having him in my bed. We made love, and it healed me somehow.” “That’s beautiful,” Dan said. “Yeah, it really is,” added, looking over at my big bear, wishing I could find a way to tell him sweet and tender things like that. Maybe I will, I thought. From there, the story went that Mark moved in with Keith. They came out to their family and friends. One night, showering together, Keith noticed how Mark loved looking at Will’s developing body. “He is pretty hot, isn’t he?” I told him. “Well, we got to talking and we decided we wished we had had a loving Dad or someone older, to help us with our puberty journey. I did some reading on the subject, a lot of gay men like boys. It’s called `taboo’ and all now, but fuck, the Greeks and Romans were fucking their sons eons ago.” “Keith brought me Will one night. He was just out of the shower and had a huge hard on. He stood beside my bed stroking it.” “Daddy Mark, will you suck little Willie’s Willy for him?” he said. The boy climbed in our bed and we both had a lot of fun with him that night. “Where was Josh?” I asked. “He was at a sleepover at a friend’s. We let Mark tell him about it in his own time. Turns out Will had been fucking Josh’s butt and the two boys had been blowing each other for months,” Mark explained. “I’ll never forget our first time together in bed as a family. Both boys wanted to get fucked. They sat on our cocks. Josh rode Mark and Will rode me, then they’d switch just when we were on the edge. We fucked for over an hour like that until we filled them both up with our loads. Then we were so hot, we sucked the boys off and did it all over again!” Keith said, reaching down and tugging his hardening dick. “So, all four of our boys will bottom and seem to like it,” Dan said. “What’s your point, you horny old bear?” I said, smiling at my lover. “Maybe we need to do some round robin fucking of our own.” “Fuck yeah!” Keith said. His cock seemed to grow three times at the mere suggestion of it. We re-arranged the deck chairs and some small tables in a circle. Then we got some lube from the house and Mark and Keith’s backpack and put it all around within easy reach. “What’s going on?” Jimmy said as he walked out on the deck drying his hair with a towel. “Oh, we’re getting ready for a Daddy-son game,” I explained. “You like that idea?” “Oh, yes, Daddy! I hope it involves playing with all of these big cocks!” my slutty little son said, reaching down and massaging his little member. Jimmy got the other boys who were getting out of the hot tub. Mark explained that each would spin a beer bottle and whomever it pointed to would be their first Daddy to play with. “Remember our first night as a family in bed?” Keith said to Josh and Will. They nodded excitedly. “It’ll be kinda like that, but there are four daddy cocks and four boy asses to fuck.” Josh excitedly rubbed his ass and cock. You could tell he liked the idea. Jimmy was all in, as well and told us he was just telling Will he wanted to get fucked tonight. Since he was the youngest, we let him spin the beer bottle first. It landed on Keith. Jimmy made his way over to the tall, lean, bearded man, who took him into his arms and gave him a big kiss. “We’re gonna have so much fun. I will make sure you feel really izmit otele gelen escort good,” he told him. Brice went next and as luck would have it, got Mark. Perfect. I ended up with Will and Dan got Josh. We each started slowly with our respective boys. We kissed them, fondled their hot little bodies and let them suck our cocks until we were all rock hard. I loved the fact that Will was more mature and manly than the other two. At one point, I found myself wondering what it’d be like if he fucked my hole, and decided that had to happen sometime this weekend, but for now, he was getting my Daddy dick up his. I loved licking his furry butt crack. He bent over right in front of my chair and rested his palms on his knees, moaning and groaning as I tongued him. After taking time to eat his ass, Dan had Josh up on his lap, kissing and fondling the little boy, and eventually slipping lubed fingers into his ass. I looked over and he gave me the biggest, sexiest smile. Mark couldn’t wait to get at Brice’s hole. He had watched the boy get fucked by his hot step son and shot a huge load in his willing mouth. Now he had the boy right where he wanted, bent over the deck chair with full access to his sweet ass. Brice attacked it with his whiskered mouth, sending the boy into ecstasy. But the hottest scene to me was Jimmy and Keith. The tall man held Jimmy up over his head and ate his ass. Jimmy was grinding his little whore but against the Daddy’s nose, mouth and tongue. They didn’t keep this up very long before Jimmy was begging Keith to let him sit on his big cock. Those two were the first to start fucking. We took it as our cue to start, too. I eased Will down on my dick in a reverse cowboy. I loved watching my big cock disappear up his hairy hole. He must have loved the sensation because he was riding me and groaning in no time. I reached up and anchored my thumbs in his hairy armpits and watched his muscled back as he worked my cock. It was amazing. Dan and Josh were going at it with Josh sitting on the old bear’s cock in the chair. Dan lifted the boy’s butt up and down to maximize his strokes into his tiny hole. Josh was in another world, eyes clothes, just enjoying the ride. Mark plowed Brice standing up. His big Daddy dick sank impossibly deep into the boy’s hole, but he was all smiles. I wondered if he was hoping to get some more cum from all of us before the evening was over. “Hey Mark, how’s that piece of boy pussy?” I asked. “Fuck man, it’s so good.” “Fuck yeah, plow my boy’s hole!” Dan said as he intensified his own fucking of little Josh. “Everybody should breed,” Keith said. “Fill their fucking little cunts with our Daddy cum!” “Oh, yes! Cum inside me!” Jimmy said. I didn’t last long after that. Will was expertly working my cock with his hot teen ass and the sight of my son Jimmy getting butt fucked by Keith sent me over the edge. I grabbed Will’s sexy hips and thrust upward to fill him with my cum. He sat fully down on me and moaned and groaned as he jacked his bulbous cock to a roaring orgasm of his own, blasting hot cum all over the deck. Keith pumped his cock into my son’s ass and blasted him with hot cum. Jimmy literally smiled as he watched his Daddy lover’s face in the throes of an orgasm. Then Dan held my boy up to his face and sucked him off until his little, white hairless body was quaking with an orgasm. Dan plowed Josh as hard as he could and filled his hole with cream. The boy sighed and moaned and then shot his own load on Dan’s furry chest. Mark and Brice then put on a little show for us. They stopped fucking long enough to move to “center stage” so we could all clearly see Mark’s big member sliding in and out of Brice’s hole. We all reached out and caressed their naked bodies, coaxing the cum out of both of them. Mark sunk as deep as he could into Brice, causing the boy to wince a little at first. “Take that cock, boy!” Dan reassured. Brice then started milking and pumping Mark’s buried bone, setting him off. He groaned and shot off deeply inside the little boy’s hole right in front of us. We all groaned and made noises of approval. Then we passed the boys around, inspecting their cum filled holes. We kissed our own sons, telling them each what a good job they had done and how proud of them we were. Father-son bonding at its best.

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