Subject: My Son Loves Glory Holes. Chapter 9. This is a complete work of fiction/fantasy. Please do not read this story if it is illegal in your area. If you would like to contact me and give me any suggestions please do so Please remember to donate to. fty/donate.html they’ve kept us all satisfied for years so it’s only fair that we return the favour. (Gay, incest) A father discovers that his young son is gay. My Son Loves Glory Holes. Chapter 9 (M+, b12+, incest) Written by Jack Queen. As soon as they arrived home. Mal and Jackson took Gerald and Travis inside the house. Jackson asked, “Dad, can Travis and I have an orange juice and biscuit?” “Yes, you can,” replied Mal then turned to Gerald and asked, “Gerald would you like a coffee?” “Yes, please,” replied Gerald. They all moved into the kitchen, where Jackson poured Travis an orange juice and opened a pack of biscuits and Mal made a coffee for Gerald and himself. As they sat at the kitchen table drinking and eating a biscuit, Mal asked, “Jackson, how long has there been a glory hole in the school teacher’s toilets?” “It’s been there for ages, I was only recently told about it being there by Mr Thomas,” said Jackson. “What about you Travis, did you enjoy using the glory hole?” asked Mal. “Yes, I loved sucking the two cocks. Dad, is it okay for me to keep going there with Jackson?” asked Travis. “You both sucked two cocks through the glory hole?” asked Gerald in shock. “Four different cocks?” chuckled Mal. “Yes, four of our teachers,” giggled Jackson. “Dad, can we go to the bedroom and play games on my new PlayStation? asked Jackson. “Yes you can and while your there change out of your school uniform,” said Mal. As soon as their sons had left the kitchen, Mal chuckled, “What do you say, Gerald. Are you going to let Travis work at the sex shop glory hole booth?” “I don’t mind, as long as he is happy and wants too,” said Gerald. “Let’s go and see what he says,” said Mal. Both men stood up from the table and headed to the bedroom, when they arrived outside the open bedroom door, the sight of Travis laying naked on the bed, with Jackson lying naked on top of him, pumping his small cock in and out of Travis’s ass excited both men. “What should we do?” asked Gerald as he watched Jackson shooting his young fresh cum into his son’s ass. “Join them on the bed,” chuckled Mal as he began to undress. By the time that their sons had noticed that their fathers standing there watching them, both fathers were naked and stroking their hard cocks, grinning from ear to ear. Mal was the first to enter the bedroom and went straight over to Travis and lifted him up into his arms and gave him an open mouth kiss. He then istanbul travesti sat the boy down on the end of the bed and offered him his hard throbbing cock. Travis eagerly took Mal’s cock into his mouth and proceeded to suck on his school friend’s father’s cock. Once his cock was nice and wet, Mal removed his cock from Travis mouth and turned the boy around and lifted him onto his hands and knees. With his son’s cum dripping out of Travis’s asshole that made for a great lube, Mal drove his cock easily into Travis’s asshole. Mal then pulled his cock partly out, then slammed his cock all the way back inside until the base of his cock was against Travis’s ass-cheeks. He then proceeded to fuck the young boy’s ass with a passion and desire that every pedophile has. Jackson held out his arms for Gerald to join him. When Gerald stepped closer, he lifted Jackson to his feet and wrapped his arms around the young boy and gave him a wet passionate kiss, pushing his tongue into the boy’s mouth. He then placed Jackson down onto his knees on the bed. Jackson reached back and spread the cheeks of his ass apart, giving Gerald a clear view of his puckering asshole. Gerald then leaned down and gave Jackson’s brown hole a wet passionate kiss. With Jackson’s brown hole nice and wet, Gerald pushed his finger into the boy’s asshole and proceeded to finger fuck his boy pussy. After a few minutes he removed his finger and moved behind Jackson and pushed his hard pulsating cock into Jackson’s asshole. Both fathers stood beside each other fucking each other’s sons, matching each other stroke for stroke. Mal’s cock was the first to explode and blast several loads of his hot sticky cum into Travis ass. Gerald increased the pace of his thrusts and his cock exploded in Jackson’s ass a few seconds later adding his hot cum to the boy’s ass. After both men had removed their spent cocks from the boy’s assholes, both boys collapsed face down on the bed and laid there with cum dripping out of their assholes. “Gerald, let me show you where you can take a shower to freshen up and recover,” said Mal. “Thanks for doing this, your boy was an incredible fuck,” said Gerald. “So was yours, I can’t wait to fuck him again,” chuckled Mal. As Gerald took a shower in the spare bathroom, Mal showered in the main bathroom, both men finished at the same time and wrapped a towel around their waist and returned to outside the bedroom where they had undressed. After they had finished drying and getting dressed, Mal asked, “Would you like a coffee, Gerald?” “Yes please, Gerald replied. Mal poked his head into the bed room and said, “Jackson, show Travis where he can take a shower with you and when your finished join kadıköy travesti us in the kitchen.” “Okay, Dad,” replied Jackson climbing off the bed and helping Travis to his feet. In the kitchen after making a fresh cup of coffee for them, they sat at the kitchen table talking about the sex shop glory hole and the teacher’s glory hole at the school. When their sons came walking into the kitchen still naked after having taken a shower. Travis squealed, “Dad, you should see all the cool stuff that Jackson has bought with the money he has made sucking cocks and being fucked.” “Jackson, Gerald and I saw a blonde haired young boy coming out of school holding a man’s hand at the same time as you, what can you tell us about them?” asked Mal. “That’s Mr Dawson one of our teachers and his son Cody,” said Jackson. “How old is Cody?” asked Mal. “He’s nine,” replied Jackson. “Does Cody ever play? Has his father fucked him?” chucked Mal. “I don’t know I can ask him? He was one of the teachers that I sucked today,” said Jackson. “That’s good to know. Now you boys go and get dressed and I will show you the location of the sex shop. Then we can all go out for dinner,” said Mal. As the boys went to get dressed and Mal and Gerald finished drinking their coffee, Gerald chuckled, “I hope Cody plays, I would love to fuck him.” “Seeing that Jackson has already sucked Cody’s father’s cock, I’m sure we can convince him to let us fuck his young son,” chuckled Mal. “There is nothing like fucking a nine-year-old boy’s ass,” chuckled Gerald. “Unless he’s a younger boy,” laughed Mal. “Fuck yeah,” laughed Gerald. “What are you two laughing at?” asked Jackson walking into the kitchen with Travis both of them dressed. “We were talking about boys Cody’s age,” replied Mal. “Dad it’s a all boy’s school, there are plenty of boy’s Cody’s age that suck cock, there are even a few younger ones that suck cock,” said Jackson. Gerald and Mal, looked at each other and grinned at each other knowing that they were looking forward to meeting a few of the younger boys. After deciding to only use his car, it didn’t take long before Mal was pulling up behind the sex shop. After climbing out of the car, Mal rang the back door bell. The door was opened by Jerry who invited them all inside. “Jerry, I’d like to introduce you to Gerald and his son Travis. Gerald this is Jerry the owner of the sex shop,” said Mal. “It’s nice to meet you Gerald, Mal tells me that your looking for work and that your son is interested in working in the glory hole booth,”said Jerry. “Yes we are,” replied Gerald looking at the two builders, surprised to see that they were working in just their underpants. “Hey, Cliff bakırköy travesti and Leo, this is Jackson and Travis, they’re the boys that your building the glory hole booths for,” chuckled Jerry. “Hello boys would you like to try out the glory?” chuckled Cliff giving his cock a squeeze in his underpants. “Hell yes, we would,” giggled Jackson and Travis as they began to undress. Cliff and Leo went and entered the glory hole booths from the front of the shop and Jackson and Travis entered from their side, leaving their doors opened for their fathers and Jerry to watch them. Jackson and Travis sat down in front of their glory hole and as soon as the builders pushed their hard throbbing cocks through their respective glory holes. Jackson and Travis leaned forward and immediately took the builder’s cock into their mouths and sat there massaging and sucking the builder’s cock as they fondled the builder’s large balls in their small hands. As the two young boys sucked the men’s cocks. Jerry showed Mal and Gerald the modifications that had already been built and the plans for a bedroom with a double bed and new shower attached to the bathroom. The three men turned and looked into the booths as they heard the two builder’s grunting and moaning as they shot their cum into the boys mouths. After they had swallowed each man’s load of cum, Jackson and Travis, released the men’s spent cocks from their mouths and sat back with a grin on their faces. The builders returned to the back of the shop, to say goodbye. “Thanks for sucking out cocks, you boys were incredible,” said Cliff. After the builders had left. Jerry showed everyone the plans for where the large bed would be and the location of the shower and new toilet. When Jerry told Gerald how much he would be paid, he started planning what to do with all the money he would be paid. “Before you get dressed Travis, how about sucking my cock?” asked Jerry. Travis dropped to his knees and opened Jerry’s pants and pulled out his large hard cock and took it into his mouth, deep throating Jerry’s cock. When Gerald reached out at placed his hand on Jackson’s head, Jackson also dropped to his knees taking his school friends father’s cock deep into his young mouth. Both young boy’s furiously bobbed their heads up and down the men’s cocks in a frenzy, competing with each other in a race to see which of them would get a mouthful of cum first. Mal stood there watching the boys knowing how popular they were going to become. Jerry was the first to cum and squirt his hot cum into Travis’s mouth and down his throat. When he had finished swallowing Jerry’s cum, Travis removed his mouth from around Jerry’s cock and watched Jackson massaging his father’s cock with his tongue. Once Gerald had finished coming and Jackson had removed his mouth from Gerald’s cock, Mal said, “Hurry up and get dressed and let’s go out to dinner. Jerry, do you want to come out for dinner with us?” “I would love to,” replied Jerry.

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