Subject: My Sons Friend Andersen PLEASE DONATE AND SUPPORT NIFTY SO THEY CAN CONTINUE TO ALLOW US TO ENJOY THIS WORK Hello my name is Michal and this is story took place a few years ago. I am a 48 year old divorced gay man and I have shared custody of two teenagers. Both my children are good kids and have a solid group of friends. Both of my kids know that I am gay and I have never asked them if they share the fact I am gay with their friends but I have noticed that two of my sons friends seem to smile at me and make eye contact with me more often than my sons other friends. My son is a senior in high school. One Saturday afternoon there was a knock on my front door. I was alone as both kids were with my ex-wife this weekend. I answered my door and one of my sons friends Andersen was at the door and seemed a bit nervous. He smiled as I greeted him and told him that my son wasn’t with me this weekend. He replied that, “I know.” I invited Andersen in. A brief description of myself: I am 6ft 1in tall 190 lbs. Tan and get waxed or trimmed everywhere so I am smooth and not a fan of hair. My cock is about 7 inches thick and cut and I am versatile. A brief description of Andersen he is 18 about 5 ft 8 in tall and about 140 lbs and he’s an Asian kid. Totally smooth and I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I haven’t jerked off thinking about him. I walked into the living room and Andersen followed and I asked him if he would like something to drink. He said water so I told him to take a seat and I’d be right back. Andersen was wearing shorts a teeshirt and flip flops. I returned with a glass of water for him and handed it to him and I told him that he could pull up a chair. I sat down in my chair and he went over and sat down. This is where it gets interesting. Andersen seems nervous as he sits down. I ask him “whats up?” Andersen looks down at the floor and swallows. He says “Daddy I am sorry but my grades have come in and I very sorry to disappoint you.” He looks me in the eyes and smiles and walks towards me, along the ways stepping out of his flip flops. I have to admit I am totally stunned at what is taking place and it takes me a few seconds for my brain to wrap around what is happening. Andersen walks towards me and his eyes haven’t left mine and he still başakşehir escort has a small smile. Andersen reaches me and looks down at his feet. I had never seen his bare feet but they are very nice. Cute toes with the nails trimmed short with half moons on his big toes. I am still stunned and start to allow my eyes to slowly check out his legs. Nearly hairless, lean, muscular and tan I notice that he seems to be getting a bit hard as his shorts are starting to show off his young cock. My eyes continue to travel up his body and he is still standing their right in front of me. I decide to play along and see where this goes. I say “Son this is very disappointing and I know that you work hard in school. But sometimes every boy needs to re-focus.” I tell him to strip naked. Andersen starts to undress and he pulls his shirt over his head and then I see what a beautiful body he has. Smooth, lean and defined. His underarms have a small patch of hair and there is a small trail of hair that forms a path that disappears into his shorts. Andersen stops and stands before me. I say with a stern voice. “Boy strip naked.” He seems nervous but starts to unbutton his shorts and they drop to the floor then he pull down his boxer briefs. He is rock hard and steps out from his shorts. He is now totally nude and I see his cock. A very nice tool about 6 inches cut, hard and smooth. I say “Andersen get in position over my knee.” As I moved to the end of my chair to give Andersen some knee to use. He looks me in the eye and says “I am sorry Daddy.” He positions himself over my knee and his smooth ass is perfect. A cute little bubble butt and he spread his legs a little so I can get a glimpse of his hole. I want a better look but fight the urge and slap his bare ass. He yelps a bit as his ass jiggles at the force of his spanking. I wait 10 seconds and spank his ass again and again and again. Not too hard but he yelps each time and his ass is a little pink. I tell him to spread his legs a bit. Andersen’s feet are on the ground and ass is straight up and his face is resting on the floor. I place my hand on his ass and spread it open. He has a pretty pink smooth hole. I put my hand up to my face and spit into my hand and then tell Andersen to spit into my halkalı escort hand as well. I rub the spit onto the smooth pink hole and he moans and his legs start to spread further exposing his hot pink smooth boy pussy even more. I reach down to grab his cock and its still hard as iron and I hear a little moan as I stroke his boi tool. I think that can come later, I just love his hole. I spit again into my hand and rub my spit into his pink hole. I tell Andersen to go to my room. He stands up and says “what are you going to do Daddy?” I respond ” all the way down the hall and get on Daddy’s bed on all fours ass up. He looks down at his feet and says “ok.” I walk down the hall behind him and keep watching that ASS. He gets onto my bed and gets on all fours ass up. I place a hand on each cheek and spread him wide open. I start to lick his hole and my tongue laps, licks, darts, flickers and twirls. He moans and says Daddy that feels so good. I look and his ass is arched up he is on his knees and his face is buried into my bed his hands are underneath him and they are between his legs, near his feet. I tell Andersen to place a hand on his Ass and spread it for Daddy. I stand up and pull my shirt off and then take off my shorts off. Andersen looks over his shoulder as I walk up to him and tell him that he needs to suck on Daddy’s cock. He opens his mouth and starts to bob up and down on my rigid tool. He only goes about half way down but I slowly push it all the way in and he gags. He says “Sorry Daddy but I have never sucked a cock.” I then say its ok boi and walk back to his ASS. I spread his feet and pull him to the edge of the bed. I rub the tip of my cock against his tight opening and he looks over his shoulder and says “Daddy you are my first.” I stop and go to my bathroom and get some lube. I slowly rub a little on his hole and slowly push a finger into his hole. It clamps down like a vice onto my finger and I think to myself damn this boy is tight. I tell Andersen to “relax boy.” and slowly start to push the head of my cock into his ass again. He says “Daddy it hurts.” I say “relax boy” and slowly continue to push inside his tight ass. He hisses that he can’t take my cock and I say flip over and he gets on his back and I tell him to pull şirinevler escort his legs up and he does and I reach for a pillow and prop his ass up and start to slowly push inside him. The position change and the fact that now lube is push inside his tight hole makes this attempt work and I slowly inch my way inside him. I look down at this beautiful young man and his eyes are glazed and the look on his face is pure bliss. I start to slowly fuck this tight hole and his ass is tight as a vice and burning. Andersen moans “Daddy please cum inside my pussy.” I keep fucking him and with every minute I am increasing the speed and finally at the 5 minute mark I am hammering the hell out of this boy. He is whimpering and I feel his hole has had enough and I start to cum but this is no regular orgasm. I feel my cock swell and I start to pump my seed into Andersens hungry pussy. I push balls deep and he moans. I feel my cock gush at least a full 5-7 shots of cum up his ass. I start to get a little dizzy and rest on top of Andersen. We are both sweating and breathing heavily. I look Andersen in the eyes and start to kiss him. He kisses me back and says “Daddy I am sorry about my grades and I am thankful that I could show you that I will try harder. I feel my cock going soft and it slides out of his hole. I smile and get up and take his feet and push them up exposing his hole. It is red, puffy and my cum is leaking from his hole. I say “Son is your pussy ok?” Andersen says I am sore but in a good way. I notice his cock is still hard and I lean down and wrap my mouth around his cock and slide down his length. He moans and purrs Daddy. I start to work on his cock and use my finger and slowly slide into his hole and move a finger inside his hole and I am working to get this boy to cum. He starts to swell and I feel his breathing getting faster and “Andersen says, “Daddy I am going to cum!” He explodes into my mouth and I am swallowing fast. He tastes wonderful. His cum is sweet and he places both hands on my head and pushes his cock into my mouth. I suck his cock dry and it starts to go limp in my mouth. I stand up and tell Andersen he is a good boy. He stands up and kisses me on the lips. He then says that his brother Matt (another one of my sons friends) got a bad report card as well and will be here tomorrow about the same time. I smile and hug Andersen grabbing his ass and kissing him. He says, “Thank you Daddy I’ll be back in two weeks. ( when my ki gds are back with their mom) I smile and feel my cock starting torow at the thought.

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