My sons friend


My sons friendMy name is Dawn, but for reasons that will become obvious i have changed other names and places.What i am about to tell you happened 4 years ago. At that time i was 40 years old, i’d been divorced nearly 2 years and my son was 19 and living away from home whilst at uni.I’d not really dated since my divorce but at that time i was feeling ready to start. I was never short on male attention and i’ve always had a high sex drive but just hadn’t felt ready.It was actually my son “nick” who told me i should get out there and start dating, little did he know how much he was going to play a part in that.As i said i’ve never been short of male attention and all my friends say, what i lack in hight i make up for in boobs! I’ll explain, i’m only 4ft 10 tall and around a dress size 8/10 but i have big F cup boobs, My grandparents are both Italian so i have the olive skin and long thick black hair and i’m told i’m pretty and don’t look my age.Nick was coming home for the summer holidays and i was very excited to see my boy! He had asked if his friend “Adam” could come and stop for the first week. They had course work to do and were both training for a marathon so this extra week together would really help, so of course i said yes.When Nick arrived home i was pleasently supprised when he introduced his friend Adam. Adam was 19, very tall, athletic and very handsome young black guy. He also turned out to be a great house guest, very helpfull and polite even if i did catch him staring at my breast.Every day the boys would work in the spare room (where Adam was also sleeping)they would go out running for about 2 hours every day and every day i would catch our house guest staring at my tits. I didn’t mind it was quite nice that a young man would still stare türbanlı bitlis escort at me.On the Saturday morning i was woken by Nick shouting to tell me they were off out running. This was great, i had the house for about 2 hours so i could get all my jobs done. It was a really hot day so after a quick shower i tied my hair back and put on just a pair of panties and a loose fitting cotton vest. No one else in the house so i didn’t need to dress properly.I thought i would clean the spare room first, i didn’t want Adam sleeping in a messy room. I walked in and got the shock of my life. Nick had gone running alone, Adam was still in bed!When i say in bed, he was ontop of the quilt totally naked. Thankfully he hadn’t woken when i walked in. He was fast asleep, laying there his body was perfect. Tall slender athletic and perfectly toned with a well defined 6 pack and below…. his massive black cock! He was clearly still soft but even like that he was bigger than my ex was fully erect!I couldn’t stop staring. Just over 2 years without sex was bubbling over there and then. Without noticing my hand had moved to my crutch and i was getting moist. I inched closer to the bed, what the hell was i doing i was old enough to be his mother , but before i knew it i was at the side of the bed. I looked up and he was still sleeping, then down at that beautiful blck cock, i reached out and gently stroked it, it was warm and soft. I checked again, still asleep. I loosly laid his dick in my hand and stroked it, straight away it strated to grow, within 30 seconds i needed both my hands, still gently i worked at this swelling cock, i couldn’t beleive how big it was getting. Then a small moan came from Adams mouth. I let türbanlı bitlis escort bayan go of him but straight away he said,”Don’t stop Mrs M, that was good!”He looked straight into my eyes and said, “Don’t worry i won’t tell if you won’t.”And he got hold of my wrist and guieded my hand back to his cock. I couldn’t help myself, i took hold of him a little more firmly and with both hands i started to wank him to full erection.I looked at him and said,”I could do with 3 hands for this!””I’m sure we can think of better places to put it than just your hands” he replied”We could, but there is no way that will all fit inside me” i said nervously.”Making it fit is part of the fun” he said, and with that he pulled me close and kissed me deeply. Nobody had kissed me like that for years and i just melted.We kissed passionately our hands all over each other, his hard young body felt amazing, and it didn’t take him long to get to my tits, my vest top was ripped open to expose my huge boobs, he kissed my tits then licked and nibbled on my nipples making them very hard. Then whilst still mouthing my breasts his hand went between my legs pushing my panties to one side, i was already soaking wet, but his long finger worked at my pussy, easily finding my g spot when they were inside me. He curled his fingers to massage my g spot while the heal of his hand ground on my clit, it was only a minute before he brought me to orgasm.I rolled him onto his back and kissed my way down that hard body until i reached that monster cock, i had only ever seen them that big in porn before, he was easily 10 or 11 inches. I must have looked a real whore as i licke dand sucked his cock, spitting on it then licking it up. I ran türbanlı escort bitlis the tip of my tongue down the shaft then sucked his massive slack balls before i moved down, i suprised him and myself when i parted his ass cheeks and rimmed his arse hole. I’d never done that before but i wanted to taste all off him, i moved back up and took his cock in my mouth, he grabbed my hair and made me gag and chock as he fucked my face shoving his cock right down my throat.”Are you ready for me to fuck you now?” he askedI pulled off my panties and lay on my back legs spread and rubbing my clit as i replied,”Yes please”What a whore i was.He teased my pussy open with the massive swollen bellend before slowly easing inside me, nobody hand been inside me for over 2 years and although i was as wet as i had ever been i was tight and i moaned loudly as he moved inside me. To start with he was quite gentle, kissing me and touching my nipples and clit making me moan more and more.”Your so big” i pantedHe smiled and told me he was only half way in,”O god, make it fit, fuck me like a whore” were words i was going to regret.His hand that was gently stroking my face moved to my throat which he gripped hard as he thrust inside me”FUUUUUUCK” I screamed he did as i asked fucked me harder and harder forcing more of his massive cock inside me with every thrust until i could feel his ball slapping on my ass.i could hardly breath it hurt so much he was so deep inside me but my god it felt amazing, a came over and over and over again flooding my pussy and showering his cock as he pounded away at me like the whore i wanted to be.I was screaming so loadly the whole street must have heard me. I felt his balls tighten and his pace grew i could hardley speak but i managed”Please don’t cum inside me!”He never answered but moments later he pulled out and his huge cock covered in my cum was slapped between my tits where it exploded, covering my tits and face with beautiful sticky cum, which of course i lapped up.For 3 days i could hardly walk, but Adam managed to fake an injury so every time my son went for a run, i got my fix of black cock.

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