Subject: My Step-Brother Jacob – Chapter 44 DISCLAIMER: The following story is FICTIONAL. It contains descriptions of sexual activities between teenage boys. If you are not over 18 years of age, or if you find this type of story offensive, or viewing this material is illegal where you are, then please DO NOT READ IT! If you choose to read it, then – I hope you enjoy it! My Step-Brother Jacob Chapter 44 ——————————————————————————- Andy stared at me, waiting for an answer. “I really don’t know what just happened!” I said. “But you do know something, don’t you?” he pressed me. “If I do, it’s meant to be private. I’d treat any private information about you the same way.” I said. Andy looked at me a minute, then sighed and said, “OK.” “Good. So let’s ignore what just happened.” I said. “Fine,” Andy said. “Tell me though. ‘Lord Justice’ – that means he’s some kind of a judge?” I asked. “Ordinarily yes, but not in this case. He’s an Earl. But because of some laws he sponsored, the media spoofed his given name, which is ‘Justin’, calling him Lord ‘Justice’ Pemberly. It went on until the real Law Lords got upset!” Andy said, chuckling. * * * The twins wanted to get going then, so we continued on our tour, turning down the hallway that Lord Pemberly had disappeared down. There was a men’s room around the corner. Jacob asked us to stop, as he had to use the loo. We looked over the tour map as we waited. Three or four minutes went by, and he still hadn’t come out. “Do you think he’s alright?” Elizabeth asked. John volunteered to go check, as he thought maybe he’d better ‘go’ quickly himself. With that, he disappeared into the men’s room, with Scott on his heels. Harry flashed us a grin and followed them. Grandma chuckled and said she might as well visit the ladies room too. Jacob still hadn’t reappeared, when the twins came back out and said that he and Harry were talking with a man they’d met. “Who is it?” Elizabeth asked. “Lord Pember- something or other,” Scott said. Andy and I looked at each other, as Elizabeth’s face drained of its color, and she swayed slightly for a moment. “Are you alright Elizabeth?” I asked, grabbing her elbow. “Yes, fine,” she replied, looking wanly at me. Just then we heard footsteps echoing out the men’s room doorway. Jacob and Harry emerged, followed by Lord Pemberly, who looked extremely nervous. “Mum! Guys!” Jacob cried, beaming, “Look who we’ve met! Mum, this is Lord Pemberly. Lord Pemberly, this is my mum Elizabeth Wilder.” Elizabeth’s and Pemberly’s eyes locked onto one another’s. There was a pause, then, Elizabeth smiled faintly and said, “It’s good to see you Jus- Lord Pemberly.” “Likewise,” the Earl said quickly, bowing slightly. Andy raised his eyebrows at me. “And these are my brothers John and Andy,” Jacob continued. Lord Pemberly looked toward Andy and I. I extended my hand toward him. We shook hands. “John Wilder,” I said, “Pleased to meet you Lord Pemberly.” “Ah yes, the American. Brilliant.” Lord Pemberly said, looking intently at me. He shook hands with Andy as well, looking curiously at him a moment, before looking back at Jacob. He smiled affectionately at Jacob and shook hands with him, and said “It was quite nice meeting you Jacob. I must be off though.” He shook hands with Harry too. Both boys said good-bye. Lord Pemberly nodded at them, then looked at Elizabeth again. They looked at each other a moment, before he nodded to her as well. Then he turned and walked down the corridor, as Elizabeth stared after him. Andy looked at me, and behind Elizabeth’s back mouthed “What the Fuck?” at me. I just looked back at him. “I can’t believe we met Lord ‘Justice’! My Dad’s gonna be so excited!” Harry burst out, after Lord Pemberly had turned a corner. “I know!” Jacob said, “he was peeing when I walked in. I had to stand next to him. As we peed, he said ‘Good Afternoon’! I looked at him and realized it was him. I was so shocked, I almost turned and peed on him!” Harry and the twins laughed as Jacob grinned and continued, “I didn’t though. I said ‘Good Afternoon Lord Pemberly’. He smiled at me and asked if I was enjoying seeing Parliament. I told him I was. I asked if the Lords were meeting, but he said they weren’t as it was Good Friday. He was just here for a special meeting. Then we were both shaking off and putting our willies- um sorry mum. Well, we put them away. Then while we were washing up, Lord Pemberly asked me what school I attend, what year I’m in, and how I’m doing.” “What else did he ask?” Elizabeth asked quickly, as Andy and I both watched her. “Not much, mostly he wondered what I want to do when I finish school, If I’m planning on attending University. He thinks I should go to Oxford, and said I should apply for a special scholarship that his office awards. He said to tell you about it, and you could look into it for me!” Jacob said, grinning. Elizabeth smiled faintly and said “that’s nice dear.” Just then Grandma reappeared from the Ladies Room. “What’d I miss?” she asked. Instantly the boys all began talking at once about how we’d met the Earl. Elizabeth looked on, quietly, as Andy studied her intently, glancing occasionally at me. Eventually, Elizabeth said, “Boys, I think we’ve all heard enough about Jus- Lord Pemberly. We’d best move along if we want to finish our tour before we go to the Bell & Crown.” With that, everyone’s attention returned to our sight seeing expedition. “She knows him!” Andy whispered to me. I didn’t say anything. We toured the rest of Parliament without further incident. At 3:30, we left and drove to the Bell & Crown. * * * The Bell & Crown was crowded. Our friends were all there. They’d heard Grandma and the twins were coming and wanted to meet them. They’d saved a couple tables for us. Grandma sat right in the middle between all of the kids and thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone, as they did her. The twins were a bit more shy, but seemed to especially like Evan, who they’d heard more about. He enjoyed talking with them as well, and taught them to play darts. Andy tried to order some ‘doughed bangers’, but Sophie said they weren’t serving them as it was Good Friday. She said the special of the day was fish and chips. Everyone thought that sounded good for supper, so we all had Fish and Chips during my break. My sets went well, and everyone enjoyed the music and joined in on the sing-a-longs. Before we knew it, it was 7:00. My show was over, so we went home. * * * The next day, we all went off in different directions. Andy had to work. Elizabeth had just gotten in from work and needed to sleep. I was taking Jacob to visit Duke and his mother. Laney came to pick Harry up, as he’d slept over. She had Jane and Betsey with her and said they were going shopping after they dropped Harry at home. Grandma perked up, and quickly asked the girls to recommend a store where should could look for gifts to take home for her friends. They asked if she’d like to join them for some shopping. The twins groaned. Harry snickered and said they could come over to his house if they wanted, and play video games. Their eyes lit up at that. I suggested that Laney, Jane, and Betsey take Grandma with them, while Jacob and I dropped Harry and the twins off. Everyone agreed. Grandma freshened up quickly, and she and the girls took off. Then, Jacob and I drove Harry and the twins to Harry’s house, before heading for the nursing home. At the home, we spent a while visiting with Duke and his mother. Duke’s mother smiled at us a lot and nodded, but we weren’t sure she even knew who we were. It was sad, and the doctors had said they didn’t think she was going to get any better anymore. şişli travesti Duke took us to lunch afterward. After lunch, it was time for us to get back to the house, as Harry and his family were coming for dinner. I had to get cooking. We said good-bye to Duke and went home. On our way home, we stopped to pick up the twins. They were having such a good time at Harry’s that they begged to stay. Jacob asked to stay too. Harry’s dad overheard and hollered from the livingroom that they’d bring the boys home when they came for dinner later. I thanked him and left them all there. I stopped in Fletchers’ on my way home, as I needed a few things. Andy was just getting off work, so after I shopped, we left together and went home to start dinner. * * * Grandma was still out with the girls, and Elizabeth was running some errands. Andy and I began getting ready for the party. As we were setting the table, Evan dropped by. He looked depressed. He said Betsey and her family were going to visit her grandparents in Wales for a few days, and they were leaving later that afternoon. He was upset because he’d stopped at her house to say good-bye, but she was out. Her father hadn’t asked him to stay and wait for her. I grinned and told him that he might get to see Betsey yet, as Grandma was out shopping with her and the girls, and they’d be stopping by to drop Grandma off soon. Evan smiled, and asked if he could help us do anything while he waited. I told him he could, but only if he agreed to stay for dinner. Evan blushed and said he wasn’t looking for a dinner invitation. I said I knew that, but we’d like him to stay. He smiled and said he’d like to. So we set the table for 12. Next, we started cooking. For an appetizer I was serving individual crocks of French Onion Soup Gratinee. This would be followed by tossed salad with Cranberry Walnut Vinagarette dressing with crumbled Roquefort cheese. Dinner would be roast beef, garlic mashed potatoes, broccoli with cheese sauce, and rolls. Dessert was Amaretto cheesecake, and finally, after-dinner cordials. Of course there would be wine, with cocktails and snacks beforehand. “Damn! You throw fancy parties!” Evan said, when he heard the menu. “Actually, this is an easy meal to prepare,” I said. Evan just blinked at me, as I snickered. * * * I asked Evan to wash, peel and cut up the potatoes, and Andy to cut up the onions for the soup. I started getting the roasts ready for the oven. Shortly, Evan and I were laughing at poor Andy, who was crying over the onions. As we were working, Elizabeth came home, and volunteered to make the tossed salad. Not long afterward, Laney pulled in the driveway. Before we even realized it, Evan had dropped his knife and bounded out the door. I was happy for him when I saw Betsey getting out of the car. No sooner was she out before Evan had her in his arms and they were kissing. “Aw, that’s so cute!” Andy said through his ‘onion’ tears. Elizabeth and I laughed. Grandma and Laney burst through the door, loaded down with bags. “What’d ya buy out Harrod’s?” I asked, wondering how she planned to carry everything home. Laughing, she said, “not quite. Damn! Sorry we’re late!” “It’s OK, we’re set for now. You can help cook later.” I said. “Well then, maybe I’d best take this stuff upstairs!” she said. Grandma and Laney disappeared upstairs. Laney came back down a couple minutes later and said “She’s absolutely Brilliant! I love her! I only hope we didn’t tire her out too much!” Then she said she’d best get going, and she’d see us later. We said Good-bye, and she left. Evan was still out at the car with Betsey. As we watched out the window, Laney opened her boot and Evan and Betsey took a few bags out and transferred them to Evan’s car. Laney got back in her car, and she and Jane took off, leaving Betsey with Evan. The two of them came inside. “John, do you mind if I take off for a bit after I finish the potatoes?” Evan asked. “Go now! I’ll finish the spuds!” I said, chuckling. Evan grinned and thanked me. We said good-bye to Betsey and they left. Evan said he’d be back in an hour or so. We finished up in the kitchen, then Andy smiled at me, and said “I should shower I suppose. Care to join me?” I grinned and waggled my eyebrows at him. He leaned toward me and we shared a kiss. Then he grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the stairs. We took them two at a time, and went directly into the bathroom. * * * Andy began undressing with a sense of urgency. His heightened state of arrousal caused me to go from semi-hard to having a full fledged hardon in mere seconds. I began hurriedly undressing as well. Before I was completely undressed, Andy was on his knees in front of me. No sooner was my penis exposed, than he sucked almost the whole thing into his mouth and began sucking up and down on it. “Whoa! Slow down boy, or I’m gonna cum right away!” I said, chuckling. Andy slowed down and sucked on me a little longer, but then abruptly stopped and stood up. “I want you to fuck me!” he said. Then he turned around and leaned over the sink. I was a little surprised, but he said “hurry up before my spit dries!” Then he reached behind him and parted his cheeks, exposing his anus to me. I chuckled, but then walked up behind him, and holding my hard penis in my right hand, I directed the head of it toward his hole. It was still wet with his saliva. As I pressed up against Andy’s anus, he spread his feet apart a little, giving me easier access. “Push it in!” he hissed. Gently I pressed forward. I could feel Andy pressing back against me. Suddenly, the head of my cock pressed through his sphincter and, Andy let out a gasp. I waited a couple seconds, then began to press forward slowly. Andy moaned as my rigid shaft filled his rectum. Once I was completely inside Andy, I stopped and waited a few seconds. Then I began slowly fucking in and out of him. “Mmmmmmm!” Andy moaned. I began to move a bit faster. Andy moaned more. “Faster!” he said. I started to fuck him faster. He moaned more. I was feeling really good myself, and knew it wouldn’t take long until my own orgasm began. “Harder!” Andy gasped, as he began stroking his penis. I began to pound in and out of him. Andy was groaning now with my every thrust. I felt my orgasm beginning to build. It sounded like Andy’s was too. I continued ramrodding in and out of him. I was moaning with each stroke now too. A few more strokes and I was there! With a gasp, I began spewing my cum deep inside Andy. As I groaned with another spasm, I heard Andy whimper, then gasp, as his sphincter tightened suddenly around my cock. I saw a string of cum spew from Andy’s cock, landing all over the sink. As I continued depositing my jism deep inside Andy, he ejaculated over and over, coating the sink with streaks of cum. We must’ve both shot at least 8 or 9 loads, before our orgasms ended. When I’d finished, I laid over Andy’s back and wrapped my arms around him, hugging him, with my dick still stuck up his ass. We remained that way a minute, both breathing deeply. Finally, I stood up and stepped back. My cock slid out of Andy’s asshole. As he remained standing, bent over the sink, his hole gaped open at me. After a minute, some of my cum oozed back out of him and ran down the backside of his scrotum. Andy straightened up then. “Damn you cum alot boy!” I said, snickering, as I looking at all the cum he’d sprayed all over the sink. Andy grinned and said, “You make me do that!” I grinned and leaned toward him and we kissed for a minute. Eventually we parted and Andy reached for some Kleenex and began wiping up his mess. It took five wads of Kleenex to clean it up thoroughly. When he was done he said, “C’mon, let’s beylikdüzü travesti shower now.” We showered together, then once we were dried and dressed, we went back downstairs to check on dinner. * * * We fixed ourselves drinks and went to the kitchen and worked some more on the dinner. Evan returned soon afterward. He was wearing a fresh shirt, and had showered. “You and Betsey have a good time?” I asked, grinning. “‘Bout as good a time as you and Andy did, it appears,” he said, snickering. We laughed. I made Evan a drink, and we sat around the kitchen talking and monitoring the meal. Elizabeth and Grandma joined us after a while. They each just had a club soda with a squeeze of lime in it. Harry’s parents’ car pulled into the driveway soon. I chuckled as I watched all four boys clambor out of the backseat. It was a good thing they were all skinny. * * * “Sleeping over Harry?” I asked, as he walked in with his overnight bag. “Mum said I could if I came home after breakfast!” Harry said smiling. “Harry!” his mother admonished, blushing, “You should wait until you’re invited!” Laughing I said, “no need. He has a standing invitation.” Harry grinned at me, and headed off to drop his bag upstairs. “I’m so sorry,” Harry’s mother said. “Don’t be!” I said, “Seriously, he has an open invitation. He’s like one of the family!” “Well, thank you. He certainly is fond of all of you. Honestly, sometimes I think he’d rather live here!” she said. “Well, we all care a lot about him, and he’s welcome anytime,” I said, smiling. Harry’s mom smiled then, and she said, “We feel the same way about Jacob. He’s always welcome in our home as well. Still, I think both boys prefer to be here with you. I know Harry thinks of you as an older brother. He’s always wished he had one, so we’re happy he has you.” “Well, Harry’s just like a brother to us, and it’s our pleasure having him around,” I said, smiling. Harry’s father smiled and said, “You certainly are a fine young man John. Harry tells us how well you take care of him and Jacob, and how you’ve generously taken Andy in, especially considering his ‘situation’.” Andy was on the phone in the hall. From my vantage point I saw him look up at me. “‘Situation’?” I said. “Well, we know his parents threw him out because he’s a queer. Quite frankly, I’m surprised you are even friends with the boy John, let alone that you let him live with you! It shows what a wonderfully benevolent person you are,” Harry’s father said. “I don’t know what I’d have done if one of my children had turned out gay! I think I’d just as soon they left, as I would find it awfully hard relate to them. Thank God neither of them is a homosexual!” I saw Harry standing in the hall with Andy now. He looked stricken, and tears began to roll down his cheeks. Jacob saw this too, and crept toward the hallway. Andy hung up the phone and I saw him wiping his eyes, and staring at me with a horrified look on his face. Everyone looked extremely uncomfortable and upset. “Harrison!” Harry’s mother said looking embarrassed. There was an awkward pause, during which I felt my blood boiling. It took every ounce of willpower not to smash the bastard in the face. I so wanted to tell him off. I wanted to scream at him, “Well I’ve slept with both of your children! One of them is gay, and he’s damn good at it!” I knew I had to keep quiet though to protect Harry. So, practically snarling, but as calmly as I could, I said “No offense sir, but anyone who isn’t able to love their children unconditionally, regardless of who or what they are, doesn’t deserve to have them! Because of the fine people your children are, I know that you must be a good man who would NEVER turn your back on or abuse your children no matter what, not even if such a ‘SITUATION’ arose. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have something to attend to!” I turned on my heel, and stalked out of the kitchen, as Harry’s father stared after me, looking somewhat stunned and embarrassed. Harry had run back upstairs, with Jacob on his heels. Andy was about to follow them. He was practically sobbing. I felt Evan’s hand on my shoulder. He was visibly upset as well. We all went upstairs, as I heard Harry’s mother berating her husband. We found the boys in our room. Harry was curled into a ball on our bed, sobbing hysterically. Jacob was holding him, attempting to soothe him. He looked at us through tears of his own, and backed away from Harry to make room for us. We sat on either side of Harry, and I took him in my arms. He wrapped his arms around me, buried his face against my chest and sobbed. I held Harry tightly and rubbed his back and kept saying, “it’s OK, everything’s going to be OK!” as Jacob, Andy, and Evan looked on. They all had tears in their eyes. Andy was weeping openly, as I imagine it brought back memories of what had happened to him. Eventually, Harry calmed down. He looked up at me miserably and said “What am I gonna do?” Smiling faintly, I said, “No matter what, you will always have us! We ALL love you!” Harry squeezed me and buried his face against me and cried some more. After a while he calmed down again. We all told him we loved him. Then Andy told him that he thought he should just ignore his father’s comments, and do his best to stay ‘in the closet’ as long as he could. If he could do that, Andy told him, he’d be OK for a long time yet. I told Harry that Andy was probably right, at least for the time being. Harry smiled grimly at us and said he’d do it. We all shared a group hug then, with Harry in the middle. When we broke, I suggested we get back downstairs, before everyone wondered where we were. We all went to the bathroom and washed our faces off, then headed downstairs. * * * We joined the others in the livingroom. They were having cocktails and crackers & stilton. Grandma and Elizabeth looked at us nervously. I smiled faintly at them, then got us drinks. Harry and Jacob joined the twins by the fire, where they had a board game going. Andy, Evan, and I soon disappeared to the kitchen to monitor the cooking. When dinner was ready, I called everyone to the table. Harry’s father pulled me aside. He looked embarrassed. He said, “I want to apologize for what I said earlier. You were right. I’m not saying it would be easy, if it happened to us, but I could never treat my children the way Andy’s father did.” “I’m glad,” I said, “but if you ever did, I’d be there for them!” “I know that, and I’m glad,” he said, looking sincerely at me. Then he sat down. I quickly whispered to Harry what his father had said. He gave me a small smile, then went and sat down. Everyone enjoyed the meal. After dinner, we returned to the livingroom for cordials by the fire. We visited for another hour or so, then Harry’s mother said they had to be going. Before they left, they thanked us for dinner, and Grandma for having Harry as a guest in America, and invited all of us to come to supper one night before Grandma and the twins returned to the US. Grandma looked at me, and I smiled. Then she accepted on our behalf, and also extended an invitation for Harry’s family to visit them in the US. Harry’s father chuckled and said, that might just happen, as it appeared he was going to be traveling to the US for work now, as his company now had a branch in New York. Grandma made him promise to visit during his next trip. He smiled and said he would. Harry’s parents and Laney left then. Jacob, Harry, and the twins dashed upstairs as soon as they were gone. “Is Harry alright?” Elizabeth asked. “Yeah, he’ll be OK, we’ll see to it,” I said. “Alright then, let me know if I can help though. I’d better get ready for work now though I guess. I’m sorry to leave you with all the clean-up” she istanbul travesti said. “Don’t worry about it,” I said smiling. Elizabeth headed upstairs then. We sent Grandma upstairs too as she looked tired. Evan looked at me and asked if he could help clean up. I asked him if he’d like to sleep over. He looked hesitant, then said he’d like to, since he hardly ever saw us much outside school anymore. “That’s because you’re so busy with Betsey!” Andy said grinning at him. Evan blushed and smiled at us. * * * We poured ourselves some more brandy and set about cleaning up. As we worked, we discussed Harry and his father. I told them what Harry’s father said before we sat down to dinner. We agreed it sounded a little better, but still not great. Once we’d finished, Andy said “Ah! Now we can relax!” “Not so fast!” I said. Andy and Evan looked at me, as I headed for the basement. “Follow me Gentlemen,” I called. Andy and Evan looked at each other, but followed me. In the basement, I gave them each two bags to carry upstairs. I picked up a couple more and followed them. “What’s all this?” Andy asked, setting his bags down. “We have ‘Easter Bunny Duty’!” I said. They both looked at me blankly. I’d bought baskets, grass and goodies to make up Easter baskets for the twins, Jacob, and Harry. They both watched me as I filled a basket with grass and goodies, and chuckling followed my example. In a few minutes we had four Easter baskets ready. “So, what’s with all the eggs and candy?” Evan asked, looking in the remaining bags. “They’re for the Easter Egg Hunt of course!” I said. “Um, how many eggs are there?” Andy asked, looking dubiously into the bag. “360,” I said. “Oh shit,” he groaned, as I snickered, and Evan sat looking at me, blinking. “Just start putting some candy in each egg,” I said. About 45 minutes later, they were all loaded. “Now we just have to hide them,” I said. “Jaysus Christ!” Andy groaned, as Evan and I snickered. I made them each take a bag of eggs and hide them. It only took 10 minutes to hide all the eggs. “Are we done yet?” Andy asked, as both he and Evan yawned and looked at me. It was quarter to midnight. “Well, I want to set up for breakfast, then we’re done.” I said. They both groaned. I chuckled and said, “Just sit down, it’ll only take a couple minutes.” They sat and watched as I set the table for our breakfast. Then we locked up and went upstairs. We knocked on the door to the den. There was no answer, so we opened it and peered in. Harry was snuggled up to Jacob, who had an arm around him. Both were sleeping peacefully. Smiling we closed the door, and went to our room. * * * As we undressed, I noticed Andy was sporting serious wood. Evan must’ve noticed too, as he pulled at his crotch a couple times, as he stared at Andy’s hard dick. “Um, it’s been a while. I was wondering if…” Andy said, looking hopefully at Evan. Evan blushed, but then smiled and pulled his pants off, releasing his hardon. I grinned and pulled my pants off, releasing my own hardon. Andy stepped over to us and dropped to his knees. He pulled us together side by side, then he started to suck on Evan’s dick, while he played with mine. Evan drew in his breath sharply, as Andy sucked his entire cock into his mouth. After a minute, Andy spit it out and sucked mine into his mouth. He sucked on me a minute then, as he fondled Evan. Soon, Andy pulled the two of us as close together as possible, and tried to stick both our dicks into his mouth at once. We leaned together a little more, and he managed to get about 2-3″ of both of them in his mouth at the same time. Evan looked at me. We both grinned and wrapped an arm around each other to steady ourselves. It was strange, but sensual, standing smushed together, having both our dicks in Andy’s mouth together. Andy sucked on both our cock heads at once and began masturbating us as well. Both of us started breathing heavily and moaning a little as Andy kept on sucking and pumping on our dicks. I could see Evan was enjoying it as much as I was. Andy kept on sucking and jerking away on us. Shortly, I could feel my orgasm starting to build up. From the look on Evan’s face, I figured his was too. Andy was sucking us and jacking us both. Evan was beginning to shake a little and was groaning softly. “Oh God Andy, I’m gonna cum soon!” he said. Andy started sucking and jerking us a little faster. I felt Evan’s hips begin moving back and forth a little. I started moving mine along with his. Andy sped up a little. Then after a few seconds, I looked at Evan. He smiled slightly at me, and I could see the passion in his eyes. Suddenly, he jerked and grunted and I felt some of his cum squirt across the head of my cock. That sent me over the top. With a groan, I too, blasted my first load of cum into Andy’s mouth. Andy kept sucking on us and jerking us both off, as together we pumped load after load of cum into his mouth. He swallowed as fast as he could, but he couldn’t handle the flood of jism the two of us were ejaculating simultaneously into his mouth, and it began to leak out of his mouth and run down his chin and throat. By the time we’d both finished cumming, Andy’s chin and throat were coated with our spunk, and it had begun to run down onto his chest. Finally, Andy licked us both clean, then released us. We grinned at each other, then Evan picked up a T-shirt and began to wipe our cum off Andy. I picked up another shirt and helped, as Andy smiled at us. When he was clean, I grasped his elbow and pulled him up, then pushed him down on the bed. I looked at Evan. We grinned at each other, then both of us knelt on either side of him. I sucked one of his nipples into my mouth and started nibbling it. Evan attacked the other. Andy gasped, as both of us nibbled on his nipples. After a minute or so, I began licking down his body. Evan followed me, and waited as I sucked Andy’s cock into my mouth and began fellating him. I sucked on Andy for a minute, then felt Evan pulling me off him, so he could take a turn. I reached up and began fondling Andy’s nipple as Evan sucked his dick and fondled his balls. Then I reached between Andy’s legs and shoved a finger between his ass cheeks, feeling for his asshole. As Evan pulled off Andy’s cock, and I went back down on him, my finger found his hole, and I began massaging it. I sucked on Andy’s cock, and played with his nipple and asshole, while Evan continued fondling his balls, and started playing with his other nipple. Andy was moaning and writhing on the bed. Eventually, I pulled off his dick and Evan went down on him again. As he sucked up and down on Andy again, I continued massaging Andy’s hole and tweaking his nipple. I could see Andy was getting close. Suddenly he cried out and I felt his sphincter tighten. Evan got a mouthful of Andy’s cum. “Let me have some” I said, huskily. Evan quickly pulled off Andy’s cock, and I shoved my mouth over it, just in time to receive Andy’s second load. I sucked it in and pulled off, as Evan slammed his mouth back down over Andy’s cock to swallow his next load. We swapped back and forth like that, until we’d each swallowed four or five loads of Andy’s cum. Finally, his orgasm began to ebb, and eventually it stopped. Both of us were sucking up and down Andy’s dick together as he oozed one final load of cream. Our tongues met on the underside of Andy’s cock and together we shared the last gob of his cum. “Holy Shit!” Andy exclaimed, as we finally crawled up and laid next to him on the bed. “That was awesome!” he said, smiling at us. I kissed him on one cheek, and Evan kissed him on the other. “Glad you liked it,” I said. “Yeah,” Evan said, smiling. We rested together for a few minutes, then got up and went to the bathroom. We all peed and got cleaned up. Then we went back to our room and crawled into bed together, with Evan in the middle. We were all asleep within a few minutes… ——————————————————————————- The next chapter in this series will be published shortly.

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