Subject: My Step-Brother Jacob – Chapter 49 DISCLAIMER: The following story is FICTIONAL. It contains descriptions of sexual activities between teenage boys. If you are not over 18 years of age, or if you find this type of story offensive, or viewing this material is illegal where you are, then please DO NOT READ IT! If you choose to read it, then – I hope you enjoy it! My Step-Brother Jacob Chapter 49 ——————————————————————————- I received a package in the mail from zon one day, not too long after Grandma and the twins had gone home. In it were 3 books for ‘the father to be’! Grandma had sent them to me. Laughing, I called her and thanked her. “I know you’re Austin’s brother and not his father, but with your dad gone now, well… you’re going to be the only father the boy knows, so I want you to do the best job you can. I know you’re the best big brother around, but I thought maybe these books would help just a little, since it’s different being a dad!” Grandma said. I told her I loved her and thanked her for the books. I began reading them right away. Elizabeth had given me a couple books on pregnancy, and the first year of a baby’s life, both of which I’d already read. By the time I was finished reading all the books, I felt much more knowledgable, and ready to become a ‘surrogate father’ for Austin. * * * Elizabeth’s pregnancy was progressing just fine. She had a raft of tests, which I took her to, and the results were all good for both she and Austin. Jacob was enamored with Elizabeth’s growing belly, and made sure that each day he gently rubbed it, and talked to Austin for a minute or two. He was really getting into the idea of being a big brother and helping to raise the baby. One evening I went to look something up in one of my pregnancy and baby books, and found that a couple of them were missing from my desk. I asked Andy if he’d seen them. He sheepishly told me that he’d borrowed one and was reading it. I chuckled and told him that was great. Then he said he thought Jacob had another. I went to see Jacob and see if that was true, and sure enough, I found him with his nose buried in “How to be the Best Dad”. He looked embarrassed when he looked up and saw me. I grinned and told him I thought it was great he was reading my books, because it really showed how much he cared, and how mature he was. He smiled then and went back to his reading. Later on, Jacob accused me of using one or two of the tactics he’d read about in the books, on him. I looked at Jacob and said “and the problem with that is?” Jacob thought a minute, then finally he said, “uh, well, I guess there isn’t one really.” He smiled sheepishly then, as I chuckled at him. * * * Two days before Andy’s father’s trial was to begin, we met with the prosecuting barristers at the Crown Prosecution Services (CPS). They told us we’d both be testifying against Andy’s father and asked us to go over our stories once more. Then they gave us some tips on how to answer when Andy’s father’s defence counsel questioned us while we were in the witness box. After a couple hours they felt satisfied we’d do fine. I was OK. Andy was a basket case though. Hoping a few drinks and some friendly company would help, I phoned Evan, and asked him if he could meet us at the Bell & Crown. He thought that sounded great. A half hour later, we were at our favorite table, sucking down pints of ale, and noshing on ‘doughed bangers’. We’d just finished telling Evan about the upcoming trial, and our earlier meeting with the CPS, when Sophie came over with a second round of ale for us. She asked if any of us knew someone who was looking for work. She said the man who cleaned the pub each morning had left, and George needed to find a replacement. We told her we didn’t know of anyone, but said we’d keep it in mind. After Sophie left, I said “Hey Evan, how’s your dad doing? We haven’t heard you mention him much lately.” Evan said that he still went to see his father, but still hadn’t told him who he was. He said he’d been talking to him more though, trying to see if he could convince him to look for a job, and possibly get off the streets. Evan said that at first his father had laughed at him, but that now, he thought his father was actually thinking about the possibility. Although he didn’t understand why. I excused myself for a minute and went over to the bar to speak to George. While I was waiting for him to come out of the kitchen, a couple of the regulars who were at the bar told me they were disappointed I wasn’t playing and singing. I chuckled and apologized, telling them I was only there to unwind a bit. They agreed that everyone deserved some relaxation and said they’d see me Friday. When George appeared, I told him about Evan’s father, without mentioning that he was Evan’s father. I told him he was a homeless man we had met, and that he needed a job. I also let him know he was an alcoholic. I asked him if he’d be willing to give him a try as a replacement for the cleaner who’d left, if we could convince him to do it. George looked at me for a moment, and thought. Finally he said, “Yer guys are brilliant! Always wantin’ ter help a bloke out! It’s not the best prospect yer offerin’ me, but OK, I’ll try ‘im out, if yer can get him here! Bring ‘im in tomorrow afternoon. Here’s what I’ll offer ‘im. Instead ‘o payin’ ‘im, he can live in the wee room where Henry, the old cleaner lived. It’s got furniture. I’ll feed ‘im three meals. In exchange, ‘e has to clean the pub, AND, ‘e has to agree to join Alcoholic’s Anonymous! If ‘e’ll do it, ‘e’ll ‘ave a place to live, ‘e’ll be fed, and maybe, ‘e’ll quit drinkin’!” I thanked George and told him that it was most generous of him. He grinned at me, as I turned and headed back to our table. “So after school tomorrow, we’re going to go pick your dad up and bring him here to apply for that cleaning job George has open!” I said, as I slid back into the booth next to Andy. “WHAT?” Evan cried, staring at me with saucers for eyes. “It’s all set!” I said, “George is willing to try him out! And I didn’t tell him anything except he was a ‘homeless man we knew, who although he is an alcoholic, is nice and needs a job’.” Evan just stared at me incredulously, as I related George’s offer. “That’s Brilliant John!” Andy cried, leaning over and giving me a kiss on the cheek. “But…” Evan began, then stopped a minute. “I don’t know if I can convince him to come and try…” he said finally, trailing off toward the end. Andy smiled and said, “Well, I bet I can!” We both looked at him. Andy smiled and said, “Well, it is ME who’s lived with him most recently afterall. I think I can talk him into it!” “Great!” I said, as Evan just stared back and forth between the two of us blinking, “We’ll go fetch him after school, clean him up, and bring him to meet George!” Evan stared at both of us a few seconds, then drained his ale, smiled faintly at us and said dubiously “Well, I guess we don’t have anything to lose.” * * * The next afternoon after school, Evan, Andy, and I drove down to the spot under the bridge, along the Thames, where Evan’s father lived. On the way, we picked up bags of burgers and fries for the homeless people who lived there. When we got there, we parked, then we all walked across the field to where 20 or so homeless people were milling about. As I handed out the burgers and fries to everyone, Andy and Evan approached şişli travesti Evan’s father. He appeared to be just slightly tipsy. “Arthur! How are you doing? It’s me – Andy! Do you remember me from a few months ago?” Andy said. Evan’s father wavered a moment, looking at Andy, then a smile spread across his face, and he reached out and touched Andy’s golden blonde hair. “Sshhure! I remember you! Look’sh like ya made it outta here good! Ya doin’ OK?” Andy grinned and said he was fine, and had been ever since he left. Evan’s dad smiled and said he was glad. Andy gave him a cheeseburger and some fries, and Evan gave him a cup of coffee he’d picked up for him. The three sat down then, while Mr. Rothbard ate. By the time he’d eaten, he wasn’t slurring quite as much. I sidled over and joined them. Evan began talking then about how we’d found a job for him. Mr. Rothbard became agitated then, and he began protesting, saying how he couldn’t do a job. Evan looked at us helplessly. Andy nudged me and nodded toward Evan. “Hey Evan, let’s not worry about it, OK. Let’s just let Andy and Arthur visit a little,” I said, standing up, and motioning for him to join me. Evan looked upset, but got up and followed me. I walked over to the edge of the embankment by the river, with Evan trailing after me. “He isn’t going to do it!” Evan burst out, “I knew we wouldn’t be able to get him to do it!” “Relax. You’re too hyper. You hit him too bluntly about the job. Let’s see what Andy can do.” I said. “C’mon, let’s sit down a while.” We sat down and watched the river traffic a while. About 15 minutes later, Andy came over. He was all smiles. “OK, it’s a go!” he said. “What?” Evan asked, incredulously, “how’d you do it?” “I explained the situation and made it sound easy. He’s willing to try it. He’s even willing to join Alcoholics Anonymous!” Andy said, grinning. “I can’t believe it!” Evan said, “Damn! You’re a star Andy!” Andy grinned and motioned for us to follow him. We got up and followed Andy to a box under the bridge. Mr. Rothbard was waiting there with a paper bag with some clothes and a few things in it. “I tol’ your friend here, I’ll try it, but if I don’t like it, I’ll leave!” Mr. Rothbard said. “That’s great Arthur! Come on, we’ll take you to meet your new boss!” I said. Mr. Rothbard looked at us dubiously, but then he said goodbye to a couple of his friends, before following us across the field to the car. We took Evan’s dad home to our house and had him strip and get in the shower. We threw his clothes in the washer at the same time, along with the other clothes he’d brought in his paper bag. When Mr. Rothbard had showered, we helped him get the tangles out of his hair, and gave him a haircut. Then we had him shave and brush his teeth. Finally, Evan gave him some new clothes he’d bought for him. Mr. Rothbard looked like a new man! Jacob had found an old airline flight bag in the attic, which we dusted off and filled with various toiletries that Mr. Rothbard would need. Finally, we took his old clean clothes and the items he had in the paper bag, and packed them in an old back pack. Amongst the items, I noticed an envelope with a few pictures in it. I looked inside and saw some pictures of a boy. Evan noticed me looking at the contents of the envelope and came over behind me. His breath caught when he saw them, and he quickly walked away, and ran downstairs. I put the pictures away and stuffed the envelope in the back pack, before Mr. Rothbard saw me looking at them. It was going on 5:00, so it was time we headed down to the Bell & Crown. Andy and I got Mr. Rothbard and his things together and we went downstairs. Andy and Mr. Rothbard headed out to the car. I found Evan sitting on the couch in the livingroom, wiping his eyes. I went over and stood in front of him. Evan looked up at me and said, “the boy in those pictures was me!” “I kind of figured that.” I said, smiling. “C’mon, we gotta go.” Evan got up then. I reached over and pulled him toward me and hugged him. “I think it’s all gonna work out!” I said. Evan smiled and said “I sure hope so!” We went out to the car then. Andy and Mr. Rothbard were already in the back seat. We sat up front, and I drove us all to the Bell & Crown. * * * When we got to the pub, George came out from behind the bar, and took Mr. Rothbard to an empty table. They sat and talked for a few minutes, then came back over to the bar, where we were sitting drinking pints of ale. George was smiling, although Mr. Rothbard was still looking rather dubiously at everyone. “Everythin’s set!” George announced, beaming. “Sophie! Would yer show Arthur here to ‘is room please?” Sophie smiled, came over and told us to follow her. She led us up the back stairs to a room at the end of the hallway. “This is it!” she said, handing Mr. Rothbard the key, “and the loo is right next door.” Then she smiled, before bustling back down the stairs. Mr. Rothbard opened the door and we all went in. It was a small, but pleasant room, with a window looking out onto the street below. There was a twin bed, a free-standing wardrobe/dresser, and a table and chair. In the corner was a small sink. There was even an old television set on the table. Andy tried it, and it worked! “Looks like a nice place Arthur! Much better than down by the river!” Andy said. “Yes,” Mr. Rothbard said. “Do you need anything else?” I asked. “No thank you boys, you’ve done so much already! I don’t know how I can ever thank you!” Mr. Rothbard said. We all grinned at him. “I think I should take a nap fellas,” Mr. Rothbard said, “George is taking me to my first AA meeting later this evening. He’s going to be my sponsor!” “George is an alcoholic?” I said. “Seems that way,” Mr. Rothbard said, “leastways, he’s making sure I go to the meetings!” I smiled and told him he was in good hands then. We all said good-bye, and promised to stop by and check on him the next day. Then we left. * * * Downstairs, we stopped by the bar to thank George for everything. “So you’re sponsoring Arthur at AA?” I whispered surreptitiously to George. “uh yeah! Not somethin’ I like a lot o’ publicity about though.” George said. I smiled and told him not to worry, then thanked him again, and we left. * * * The next morning, Alistar MacDoogle’s “trial for the attempted murder of one John Alan Wilder, citizen of the United States of America” commenced in Crown Court at the Old Bailey. As Andy and I were to testify, we couldn’t attend the trial as spectators, until after we’d given our testimony. We waited around at the Old Bailey all day, waiting to be called to the witness box. The entire first day went by without our being called. * * * We stopped by the Bell & Crown afterward. George was behind the bar. We asked him how Mr. Rothbard was working out. He said he thought things were going well. They had gone to an AA meeting together the evening before. That actually had gone quite well. George said that Mr. Rothbard told the group that he was an alcoholic indigent, who’d been given a second chance, due to efforts of three fine young men. He said he meant to do everything he could to not disappoint them, especially since he’d spent most of his life disappointing one of the young men already! George said he’d had tears in his eyes when he said that. George looked at me and said “So I’m guessin’ Evan’s ‘is son then. Am I right?” I just grinned hugely at George, who grinned back. beylikdüzü travesti George continued then saying that Arthur had cleaned the bar in the morning, and had done a good job, and currently he was in his room. Evan arrived just as we were going to visit Mr. Rothbard, so we all went up together. We found him watching TV. He seemed happy to see us, but I noticed he was shaking a bit. We didn’t stay too long, as we were tired ourselves. We said we’d be back again the next day. * * * Day two of Mr. MacDoogle’s trial was nerve-wracking, as Andy and I paced up and down, waiting to be called to testify. It was really awful for Andy, when that morning, his mother and brother both swept past him without even looking at him, on their way into the courtroom. Andy was fairly shaking like a leaf, when they called me in. I was glad that Elizabeth and Evan had come along, and would be there for him while I was testifying. I almost burst out laughing as I entered the courtroom and saw the judge in his red robes and white wig, and the barristers in their black robes and wigs as well. The wigs looked hilarious! I was led to the witness box, and took the oath. Then the prosecuting barristers asked me a LOT of questions. Questioning went on for a good 40-45 minutes. After that, Mr. MacDoogle’s defence counsel asked me questions. They weren’t as nice and kept trying to trick me into giving bad answers, but I didn’t. It wasn’t a pleasant thing to have Mrs. MacDoogle staring at me from the visitor’s benches the whole time either. Ian was with her, and was trying to look tough, but got a scared look on his face a couple times when I glared at him. Finally they were through with me. I went and sat behind the prosecuting barristers, as Andy was the next witness called to the witness box. He was extremely pale, and I could see he was shaking as he was led into the room. A stricken look crossed his face when he saw his father, then his mother and Ian. Once he’d entered the witness box, and located where I was sitting, he never took his eyes off me. He seemed to calm down a bit then. He made it through the prosecuting barrister’s questions alright, but the defence counsel attacked him more harshly. Andy just kept looking my way, ignoring everyone else. Finally he was done, and ‘His Lordship’ excused him. Andy came and sat next to me then. As he sat down, I could see the tension visibly drain away from him. * * * That afternoon, after we left the Old Bailey, we went with Evan to the “Bell & Crown” again. We each had a shot of whisky and a pint of ale, and we split an order of ‘doughed bangers’ before we went upstairs to see Evan’s father. We ordered some more ‘doughed bangers’ and a bottle of pop, and took it up with us. We found Arthur sitting on his bed looking at his pictures of Evan. He was happy to see us, especially Evan. He shook Andy’s and my hands, but when Evan who was bringing up the rear, stepped in the door and saw the pictures, they both froze. Finally, Mr. Rothbard looked at him and said “Hello son, I know you’re the boy in my pictures – my Evan!” he said. Tears welled up in Evan’s eyes, and he began to tremble. Mr. Rothbard’s eyes filled with tears as well. The two of them stood staring at each other a minute, then finally, Mr. Rothbard said, “I’m so sorry Evan, for everything!” Evan burst into tears then and started sobbing, as his father took him in his arms and held him. I pulled Andy’s sleeve and dragged him from the room. He had tears running down his cheeks too. Quietly I closed the door behind us, leaving Evan and his father to get re-acquainted. In the hallway, Andy wrapped his arms around me and buried his face against my chest and wept quietly for a minute or two, as I held him. Finally, he pulled away from me, and wiped his eyes. “I’ll never have something beautiful like that happen with my father,” Andy said, looking at me miserably. Then he buried his face against me and wept a little more, as I rubbed his back, and tried to soothe him. Eventually, Andy pulled away from me, wiped his eyes, and said resignedly, “well, it’s his fault and his loss, not mine!” I smiled ruefully at Andy and told him that was true. Then I gave him a kiss on the cheek and suggested we go downstairs and have another pint. We went back down to the pub and had a couple more pints, along with a couple more shots of whisky, and played some snooker. Finally, we decided we’d best get home. Evan was still with his father when we left. Evan called later that evening to report that he’d spent a couple of hours with his dad, and his dad had promised he’d stick to AA and his job, and make Evan proud of him again. I could tell Evan was delirious at having his father back. I told him I thought it was great! * * * Andy’s father’s trial went on another two days before both sides finished presenting their sides. It was late in the afternoon on the fifth day of the trial when the decision was announced. Alistar MacDoogle was found guilty of trying to murder me. Oddly, I began shaking after the verdict was announced. Before the verdict, it was only Andy and I who said that he’d tried to kill me. Now he’d been found guilty in court as well! ‘His Lordship’ announced a short recess, during which he’d decide on Mr. MacDoogle’s punishment. The prosecuting barristers said a short recess was a good indicator that the judge had already decided in his mind what Andy’s father’s punishment should be. The recess was a half hour, so we took a quick walk and came back. A few minutes after we returned, the judge swept back into the courtroom, his red robes flowing behind him. He sat down, and had Andy’s father stand up. Then he read to him from a sheet of paper. He droned on for a couple of minutes about what a heinous crime murder is, especially when an adult murders a child. He reminded Mr. MacDoogle that I was still 17 at the time, which the law considered to be a child yet. Then he said that he felt attempted murder was just as bad as murder itself, as it was only by an accident that the victim didn’t die. The intent to take a life was the same, whether the life was taken or not in his mind. Finally, he said that he would like to hand Andy’s father a stiffer sentence, but he was bound by the law, and the most he could give him was 12-15 years in the Pentenville Prison as a guest of “Her Majesty”, to commence immediately! He then ordered him remanded into custody and sent to the prison immediately. Finally, as Andy’s mother broke down sobbing hysterically, he declared the case closed, rose and left. It was over. Andy’s father was guilty, and he was going to prison. He sat in the chair he’d slumped into glaring at Andy and I, as his wife sat behind him wailing into a handkerchief. She looked up for a moment, and stared across the room at us. “You’ve ruined everything!” she wailed, staring right at Andy. Ian looked over at us, his eyes were like daggers, until I glared at him. Then he turned away, looking a little frightened. “Let’s go,” I said, and got up. Elizabeth, Jacob, Harry, and Evan, who were all there with us, got up. I looked down at Andy and saw he had tears streaming down his cheeks. I pulled him up by the elbow and led him to the door. We left the courtroom and I pushed him toward the men’s room. The others waited outside, while Andy and I went in. Once inside, Andy looked at me and began shaking as sobs wracked his body. I took him in my arms and held him istanbul travesti tightly while he wept uncontrollably. I just held him and ran my hands up and down his back, letting him cry himself out. Eventually, he calmed down, and I released him. “I’m sorry,” he croaked, “it’s just my Mum! I feel so bad for her!” “I know,” I said, “but Andy, she didn’t have to stick by him, she could’ve chosen to stand by you – her son! She didn’t. So I’m sorry, but she’s going to have to suffer a bit too. She’ll get past it though.” Andy started weeping again. I held him some more. Finally, he stopped crying and pushed himself away from me. He went to the sink and splashed some water on his face. I gave him some papertowels to dry off with. When he was done, I gave him a hug and a quick kiss. I asked him if he was ready to go. He smiled wanly at me and nodded, then followed me out of the men’s room. The others were all standing around looking worried when we emerged. They looked relieved when they saw us. I suggested we go out to eat, since it was late. Everyone thought that sounded good. Elizabeth suggested an Italian restaurant she and my father used to like, so we went there and all ate Italian. By the time supper was over, and after a few glasses of wine, Andy was feeling a lot better. * * * That night in bed, Andy was an animal. It seemed he needed to expend a serious amount of energy. He wouldn’t let me go to sleep until we’d both had 4 orgasms each! The first was quick. He ripped my clothes off me, and pushed me down on my back onto the bed, then stripped himself and flung himself down on top of me, and began humping me. Within a couple minutes we were both squirting ropes of semen all over each other’s bellies and chests, as we humped our penises against each other’s lower abdomens. The second one was slower. We ’69’ed, sucking each other, and fingering each other’s assholes, until we filled each other’s mouths with our cum. The third, and I thought final time, Andy asked me to fuck him up the ass. Obligingly, I lubed up and entered him. It took a while for my orgasm to build, as I’d already cum a couple times in the preceding half hour. Eventually though, both of us climaxed again. Me inside Andy, he on the pillow that was under his pelvis. Finally, after we’d cleaned up and were laying together under the covers, I felt Andy’s hand groping my dick again. He kept fondling me as we talked, so I began fondling him as well. Finally, after a while, we were both hard again. Andy threw the covers down and produced a bottle of lotion. He lubed me up and started jacking me off, so I did the same for him. After a few minutes, we both were getting excited again, and eventually, we both had orgasms where what little cum we had left, just oozed out our piss slits, as we moaned and jerked about on the bed. When we were done, and had wiped ourselves clean with a dirty t-shirt off the floor, I asked Andy if we couldn’t PLEASE just go to sleep. He smiled and said “sure!” Within a couple minutes we were both snuggled up to one another under the covers, and had fallen asleep. * * * A couple days after the trial, I received a large envelope in the mail from the US. It had a law firm’s return address on it. When I opened it, I found documents giving me custody of the twins, if anything ever happened to Grandma. There were also documents giving me Power of Attorney, and Health Care Proxy for Grandma, in the event she couldn’t handle her own affairs anymore. There was also a living will, with details of the type of care she wanted to receive if she was unable to make her wishes known. Finally there was a copy of her will. In it she left everything to the twins, and I was the executor. I called Grandma and let her know I’d gotten the packet. We talked a while about it. Then, after we’d hung up, I stored the papers in a fireproof box I had, along with the papers Elizabeth had given me concerning herself, Jacob, and the baby. * * * On May 18, Harry turned 15. On the eve of his birthday, Harry’s parents and Laney threw him a dinner party, which we were all invited to. It was a great party. Harry thoroughly enjoyed himself, and he got a lot of great presents. We gave him a Game Cube and several games, which he was ecstatic over. When we left the party, we left Jacob at Harry’s. Laney reported the next day that they’d stayed up all night playing the games on Harry’s new Game Cube. The following night, Harry spent at our house. Jacob, Andy and I gave him a much more personal present that night. After Elizabeth left for work, we went upstairs and we all got naked and the three of us had Harry lay on our bed while we each molested him from a different angle. I spread Harry’s legs and pressed his knees up toward his chest and apart. Then I buried my face between his ass cheeks, and rimmed and tongue fucked him, as Andy suckled his nipples. Jacob was the lucky one to be sucking on Harry’s cock, when it exploded, gushing its hot river of semen. Harry was moaning and writhing all over as he ejaculated over and over, giving Jacob a big drink of cum. Afterward, we let Harry do whatever he wanted to each one of us. He sucked Andy off, while finger fucking his ass. When Andy came, he swallowed all of his cum. Then Harry ate my ass out, stopping just in time to suck me off, so he got to drink my cum as well. Then he fucked Jacob up the ass. As he was fucking Jacob, I got behind him and buried my face between his cheeks again, and started tongue fucking him again, while Andy fondled both boys’ balls. Finally, both boys began groaning and gasping, and I felt Harry’s hole tighten, as he pumped Jacob’s rectum full of sperm. When we’d rested a few minutes, we all went to the bathroom to clean up, then we sent the boys to their bed, and we returned to our’s. As he said good-night, Harry gave both of us a hug and kiss and thanked us for helping him have the best birthday ever. * * * Late May rolled around. With it came the last of Elizabeth’s and my lamaze classes. The teacher told us we’d do great! We had just about 3 months left to wait! In addition to this, Andy and I both had to sit for our ‘AS’ (Advanced Studies) exams. We reviewed during the last few days of school. Then classes were over. The following week we just went in whenever our exams were scheduled. Andy took the week before exams off from work, and the two of us did nothing for 2 weeks but study for exams and go take them. They were rough, but we both figured we’d passed everything when they were over. It was so strange that school was over, and there was no graduation ceremony or anything. The kids in the UK just take exams and that’s it. If they pass them they get a certificate in the mail in August. That’s it! Nothing more! I personally found it rather depressing. The school did give me a letter certifying that I’d sat for certain classes for the year, which I was to take home with me to my old High School back in Asbury Park. This would allow me to take final exams at home, and graduate formally with my class there. The plan was, that Andy, Jacob, Harry, and I would all fly to the US, and stay with Grandma and the twins, while I took final exams at my home school, and attended all the senior graduating activities. There would be a senior class trip, a senior ball, a senior picnic, and of course commencement ceremonies. Once exams were over, the boys’ attention turned right away to packing for our trip, and planning things they wanted to do while we were in the US. A couple days into June, we all packed our bags and flew to the US… ——————————————————————————- The next chapter in this series will be published shortly.

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