My Step Daughters Pt. 03


Well, I had now fucked both of my stepdaughters, not on my instigation either, without my wife finding out, as all hell would be let loose if she did. Five months after our Spanish holiday Sally had her twenty-first birthday, she was getting more like her mum every day in looks and ways. Jane had been promoted at work, which would mean that sometimes she had to attend meetings in other offices, which involved her stopping away from home for at least one night.

One week she told me that she would be away for two days later that week due to a meeting in Scotland that would mean her travelling up the day before and then coming back the next day. She would have to leave on Thursday and would be back by Saturday afternoon.

After Jane left, I did some jobs in the garden, then as I was feeling tired, I got into bed to have a few hours sleep, I dropped off straight away into the land of nod. I awoke later on to the feeling of my hardening cock being stroked very gently.

I thought that Jane had returned for some reason. I then felt a second hand on my cock and a mouth on the tip. I was awake fully now and I looked down towards my crotch to see two bodies fully under the covers, one on either side of me. I realised that it could only be Sally and Mary, who I had fucked previously on their own. Now it looked like they were taking advantage of their mother being away to get me to fuck them both together this time.

“Right you two stop that, this instant,” I told them.

“No, we won’t,” said Mary, “mums not here so we are both going to be fucked by you again.”

“Both of you together at the same time,” I was panicking slightly as I never have had a threesome.

“Yes that’s right daddy both of us, an incest threesome…nice and dirty,” moaned Sally.

“What yalova escort makes you think I can last long enough to be able to fuck both of you and that I can cum twice in a short time.”

“Who said about a short time, we have two nights alone.” As it was Mary talking I knew it was Sally who was taking my cock into the back of her throat and humming, where she learnt to do that I don’t know. I knew that there was no use in fighting them both, if they wanted it, they were going to get it, if I wanted it or not.

“Ok, it looks like I haven’t got a choice, get up here Mary.”

Mary threw the covers off of me and I saw that they were both naked except for Black stockings and suspenders. Mary crawled up to me and I took her head in my hands and gave her a wet kiss on her lips, she opened her mouth and put her tongue into my mouth and wiggled it playing with my tongue.

“Mmnnnn that’s nice daddy I love you.” Due to Sally’s administration of my cock it was now hard. I now had hold of Mary’s breasts one in each hand jiggling them about and catching the nipples in between my fingers making her moan and squirm about.

“Ok swap over girls.” Mary went down and sucked my cock while she held her ass high in the air by my shoulder so I put two of my fingers into her and finger fucked her as Sally came and started kissing me all over my mouth.

“I love you too daddy and have wanted another fuck for ages.”

“I don’t know darling. I still don’t know if this is right, doing it behind your mum’s back, she will kill all of us when she finds out,” I said.

“I doubt it, ‘cos I think she knows,” said Sally

“Why do you think that?”

“When she left she said to have fun and don’t wear daddy out, leave some of him for me for when I get back.” yalova escort bayan Mary was having a great time with my cock it was as hard as it has been for ages and wet with Mary’s spit and her pussy was dripping all over the bed.

“Ok, girls, kneel up on the edge of the bed, it is time I tasted some pussy.” Once they had assumed the position I got behind them and started to suck Sally’s pussy and I put two fingers onto her tight opening and used my other hand to put two fingers into Mary’s.

So here I was sucking one pussy while finger fucking two. Both girls were now moaning and mewing in pleasure. I then moved over and sucked Mary’s pussy as I sucked on her clit. She let out a scream as she had an orgasm.

I thought how was I going to fuck them both at the same time, I could take them in this position or try another. I could get them into a 69 but that would mean I would have to move from one pussy to the next, then I thought I had it. A way I could fuck each of them without moving about too much.

“Right girls it is fuck time, Mary you are the heaviest so lay on the edge of the bed with your legs up, Sally you lay on top of Mary pussy to pussy and lock Mary’s legs up. Right, that displays both of your pussy’s or Asses to me to fuck.”

“Like this Daddy, is this what you mean,” said Sally.

“Yes, just what I want.” I thought about which one was first top or bottom. I then pushed my cock which was rock hard into Sally’s tight wet hole as she was the top one and fucked her as hard as I could. I looked at the bedside clock and started timing. After five minutes I pulled out and dropped my cock down and pushed it into Mary’s cunt for five minutes of hard fucking. As I pulled out I heard Sally moan that it was too soon.

“Do not worry, escort yalova it will be back in a while,” I told her. After five minutes I changed cunts again, this time it was Mary that complained. Even though both of their cunts were soaking, they were very tight as this was only the second time they had a cock in their cunts. I carried on like this as I started to feel like I was going to cum I changed cunts, which slowed me down. Both girls were now screaming and moaning about wanting to cum.

“I will not cum in the cunt of the first one to cum,” I told them. I was trying my hardest to make one of them to cum without going over the top myself. I was in Mary’s cunt fucking her hard when she screamed out.

“Fuck I’m coming and I wanted your spunk in me, shit I’m cummmmmming Arrrrr,” As Mary came hard. I pulled out and slammed my cock into Sally’s cunt and fucked her, I felt her cunt get tighter and ripple along my cock and I came and came deep in her cunt.

“Arrr I could feel you come, your cock got very hard all of a sudden then I felt you cum, all warm when it hit my womb. That is the first time you have filled me up and I want more, it was great. Thank you Daddy I love you,” Sally cried out.

“Well, that means that three of us love you daddy, Sally, mummy and me,” cried Mary from the bottom.

I let them get up and Mary pushed Sally back onto the bed and put her mouth on Sally’s pussy and sucked all my come out of her cunt she then moved up to Sally’s mouth and kissed her transferring all the cum she could get into Sally’s mouth. They swapped all of my available cum and then swallowed it all between them. I called them both to me and put my arms around them and pulled them to me and kissed them both on the lips and their necks giving them both a big love bite.

“Now mum will now know that you have both been well fucked by me,” I told them.

“Maybe she will join us in a foursome, now that would be fun,” said Mary.

“Ooo now that sounds nice,” said Sally.

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