My Stepdaughter and I p3


My Stepdaughter and I p3When I wrote p2 to this story I forgot to put p2 in the title but if you read the first part you will see that it takes up where the first part of this tory left off and sorry for the mess up, I will try to do better in the future. You may want to go back read the second part of this story if you haven’t all ready read it. I do thank every one for their comments, and I do hope you injoy the story. Now for part 3.When my cock finally went soft and fell out of Joanne’s pussy I sat up next to her to finish catching our breath, “That was the best sex I’ve ever had Sammy.””It was hot that is for sure but later we can have even better sex than what this was.””How can it be any better Sammy love?””When we can just take it slow and take time to make love to each other and not just hot wild sex like we just did.””I didn’t know there was such a thing as slow making love, I all ways thought making love was the way we just did it, hot and wild and fast.””That is cause you only wanted boys to have sex with and not a man till now.””So, is that why I’ve had so many bad relationships you think?””I would say it is part of it but maybe not all of it.””What would you say is another part of it?””You wanting love so bad and to have a man so bad to love you, that you wanted those things right now and not later, which then you would just jump into a relationship right now, instead of waiting to make sure you had the right man to begin with.”Joanne sat up next to me and put her arms around me, “I think you are so right, now that I think about it. I think too, that I was wanting what you and mom have so bad, is what made me do just what you said, and wanting you to love me like you do mom and have you for myself, is why I just jumped into relationships so fast, plus, I was so horny for you too.””You do know that I will not up and just leave your mom for you or any one else, for that matter, don’t you?””Yes, and I’m glad that will not up and leave her for me or anyone else. I do not want to break you and mom up, I just want what you and mom have as well as have it with you. As long as I can have you when mom is not around or when you and I go have a dad daughter day, I think I can deal with it, to have the sex with you at those times.””Good, I sure hope so. I’m going to have a hard time not being truthful with your mom about this for sure, because she thinks it’s grose to sleep with a family member like you did with your stepcousin all that time the two of you lived together, and this will split us up if she finds out about us sleeping together and all now.””Yea, I know and it will be hard for me too, but I can deal with it some how if you can.””Only time will tell.””Yes, I know.” Joanne then looked up at me and kissed me on the mouth then said, “I need a drink. How about you Sammy?””How about we have a beer?””That sounds good. I’ll get us both one.” as Joanne stood up and went to the kitchen.I couldn’t help but watch Joanne’s butt as she walked to the kitchen as it had that little jiggle, that Brenda’s butt had when she walked, that just had this way of making me horny and dick hard.When Joanne returned with two cans of beers, I watched her tits as she walked toward me and just loved the way, they just had such a slight jiggle to them, with them being so firm and perky türbanlı antalya escort while she walked and her nipples, being the size of an eraser but sticking out, pointing the way like they were leading the way for her, in the middle of those big areolas, that all most covered the whole end of her tits.”Here you go darlen.” as Joanne handed me a beer.”Thank you sexy dear.” as I took the beer from her hand.As Joanne sat down next to me, “I just love being able to walk around the house from one room to another with no clothes on like this, in front of you.””I know what you mean and how you feel, I like it too. Your mom and I have said in the past, that it is no problem if you wanted to go around with just your under clothes on, like I do of an evenings.””Yes I know, but I realy wander if mom is okay with me doing that, since most of my pantys are thongs or strings and the pantys that are like most of mom’s are, are holy and stained real bad, from a monthly coming out of sequence during some years back, before a doctor put me on birth control to get them to come at a regular time each month.””Only one way to find out or two, is to just come out wearing one or the other of them or just ask her about it, before you wear them out here.””True. I’ll just have to try it and see some time after she get’s back.”Joanne and I sat and talked while rubbing on each others legs and some times she would rub my dick and I would rub her bald pussy lips from time to time while we drank our beers the when we finished our first beer, “Do you want another beer when I get back from the bathroom?””Yes, I believe I will thank you.” she got up and went to the bathroom and I decided I might better go and pee as well, so I got up and followed her to the bathroom and I reached down and got a hand full of her ass cheeks and gave them a squeeze, just before getting to the bathroom door.”EEEECH!” she screamed and jumped forward and half turned, “You scared me when you did that!””Oh fuck!” as she ran the rest of the way to the toilet had it been further away than it was. Joanne barely made it to the toilet and got sat down and peed, just as she was sitting down on the toilet, “You just about made pee in my pants that I don’t have on Sammy.””I’d like to see that happen. I’ve never seen a pair of pants get peed on when they are not on a person or even close by them to be peed in.””Okay Sammy, you know what I mean. The floor just about got flooded with pee when you did that to me.””I have to pee too when you get done there.””As soon as I wipe myself here.” taking a little paper and wiping herself, then Joanne dropped the paper in the bowl then flushed as she stood up and stepped away from the toilet.As soon as Joanne stepped away from the toilet I stepped up to it and started peeing as she went to the sink and washed her hands.When we were done with peeing and washing our hands, Joanne being done before I was, left the bathroom while I finished up and when I got out to the living room, Joanne was walking back from the kitchen with two beers in her hands.Sitting back down but in my recliner chair Joanne handed me my can of beer then sat down in my lap with her ass next to my dick and wiggled around till my dick was between her ass cheeks, “Mmmm, türbanlı antalya escort bayan that is where I like to have that till it get’s hard enough to go where I really want it to be at.”While we sat and made small talk and drank our beers and Joanne wiggling her ass around on me the whole time, making my dick to get hard again, she raised up some and slipped my now rock hard cock back into her wet bald pussy and sat there, while we finished our beers.”Let’s go to bed and take care of this wet hole you have and you can tend to the hard thing that is stuffed up in this wet hot hole.””Mmmm sounds good to me.” as Joanne stood up, “Oh, we need to hurry I miss you nice hard cock all ready.” Joanne took the empty beer cans to the trash while I locked doors and turned out the living room light.With the kitchen light being turned off when Joanne finished throwing the cans away, she met me at the master bedroom door and lead the way to the bed and climbed up in it and laid down in the middle of it, on her back with knees up and legs spread with her feet flat on the bed, “I need your rock hard cock back in my hot wet pussy now Sammy.””I have to do something first sexy.” as I climbed up at the foot of the bed.”And what may that be?”I then put my head between her legs and stuck my tongue in her bald pussy as far as it would go then licked up toward her clit.”Oooohhhhh fuckkkkk, that feels good mmmmmm. Yes lick my bald pussy!”After licking her clit, I licked back down to her tant and then returned back up to her clit and back down to her pussy hole and stuck my tongue in her wet hot tight hole as far as I could a few times, then licked down to her tant againg and back up to her clit and sucked on her clit while flicking my tongue on her clit at the samr time a few times, before licking down and tongue fucking her pussy hole a few times, then returned to her clit and sucked and licked it.The whole time I sucked and licked and tongue fucked Joanne’s pussy she moaned and squirmed the whole time and crying out, “Ooohhhh yessss fuckkkk meeee! Yessss lick my pussyyyyyy!”With a few more licks and sucking on her clit and pussy, I felt Joanne start to cum and shortly after, her cum came running out of her wet, hot, tight pussy, into my mouth and around on my face and start dripping off of my chin.”OoooooohhhhhhhhhhI’mmmmmmm cummmmmmmmminnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggg.”I kept trying to lick and suck all of her cum up into my mouth while licking her clit at the same time as she rode out her orgasm till she clamped her legs together around my head and raising her hips up and crying, “Stopppppp, stop it, I can’t take it, any more, I need youuuuuu, ahhhhh.”I gave her clit a few more licks then stopped and let her calm down and when she spread her legs apart again, I kissed and licked my way up to her belly button and gave it a few real light flicks of my tongue, then kissed and licked my way on up to her tits and sucked and licked and nibbled on her nipples, on one tit then moved to the other tit and did the same thing, while getting my rock hard cock head at her bald pussy, where she took a hand hold and guided it to her pussy hole.”I need you in my pussy now. I need to feel you in me now!”I kissed my way up her chest and neck to her türbanlı escort antalya mouth and French kissed her while I slid my rock hard cock into her soking wet pussy slowly, till I was all the way in to the hilt with my balls resting next to her ass crack and then just held it there, while we kissed.While Joanne and I French kissed, she started raising her hips and trying to get me in her bald pussy even further than I was, till we brock the kiss, then I slowly started pumping my rock hard cock in and out of her bald pussy, while she tryed to pump my hard cock faster than I was doing.”Slow down sexy we got time and it’s time to show you what real love is.” as I kept the slow pumping of my rock hard cock in and out of her pussy.”Oh yes, yes, yes, it feels so good tooooo.” between her heavy breathing.After a few minutes of slow pumping my rock hard cock in and out of Joanne’s wet bald pussy, I went to pulling out slow and then slamming in as fast and hard as I could and held it there a moment, then slowly pulled outward again, then slamming back in as fast and hard as I could.”Ooooohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk I’m cummmmmmmmmmminnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggg.”I felt her pussy squeeze down around my rock hard cock while my hard cock was in as far as I could get it, then I felt her cum squirting out around my cock and getting my pubic hair wet, along with my balls and then felt her cum dripping off of my balls.When Joanne came down some from her orgasm, “Oh fuck Sammy, I can’t stop cumming when you do that.”I then slowly pulled out and slowly pushed back in and held it there a moment, then I slowly pulled outward again, then slammed in as fast and hard as I could, causing Joanne to cum again. I repeated these moves again, after each time she would cum and while she would ride out these small orgasms, I would just hold my rock hard cock in to the hilt, till she would relax.After Joanne had several small orgasms, I then slowly started speeding up with a steady pumping with my rock hard cock in and out of her pussy, till I was pumping in and out as fast as I could with my rock hard cock in her bald, wet, tight, hot pussy.After a few minutes of pumping in and out of Joanne’s pussy with my rock hard cock, her body went to jerking and her pussy cunvulsing around my hard cock, “Ooohhh fuck Sammmmmyyyyyyyyyy cummmmmmmmmmm with meeeeeeeee.”Joanne wrapped her legs around me to keep me in her pussy while she tryed to keep me from pulling out of her pussy and matching my pumping and pulling me in as far as she could, to get me in as deep as she could into her pussy.I felt my cum start to make it way up my rock hard cock to shoot out into her pussy just as I felt her pussy squeeze down hard around my hard cock, “I’mmmmmmm cummmmmmmmminnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggg.”I felt my cum shoot out right then to start pumping Joanne’s pussy full of my cum, while I held my hard cock in as far as it would go into her pussy.I felt cum squeeze out from around my hard cock and make my pubic hair wetter than it was from Joanne’s cum, when she had all the orgasms she has had during our love making.When we came down out of the clouds, I collapsed down over her with my waight on my elbows and Joanne let her legs drop down to my sides while still keeping her arms around me, then we French kissed each other with passion, with my hard cock still in her pussy.When we broke the kiss, “Sammy, I love you so much. I have never felt anything like that ever, in my life. That was more intens, than our first time in the living room, in there.””I love you too Joanne. I told you there was more to just hot wild sex.””You were right too. I’ve never had loving sex like that in my whole life.”

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