My Stepmom Sucks


My dad likes to spank my stepmom Kara and we’re not just talking with the hand either. Were talking about ping pong paddles, riding crops, and canes. I discovered this quite by accident one evening when I came home. I was suppose to be spending the night at my friend Rick’s house, but we got in a big argument and his parents sent me home.

It was around 9 pm so I walked home since I lived in the same neighborhood. I was also eighteen years old and man enough to take care of myself.

Even before I made it home I saw the bedroom light on so I decided to enter the house quietly because I knew my old man was most likely fucking the living shit out of my stepmom. Shit if given half the chance I’d fuck her too. She’s a hot little piece of ass for a forty two year old. She’s a blond blue eyed dream, with big tits, a thin waist and a nice wide derriere.

I sneaked into the backdoor and made my way to the kitchen to fix myself a sandwich. And I was about to do just that when I hear Kara gasping and crying, “NO! Stop Bill!” Bill is my dad’s name! Slap! Slap! Slap!

Holy shit! Was dad beating the hell out of Kara? I hurried from the kitchen and bounded up the staircase. I could see the bedroom door was partially open. I carefully made my way down the hall and then I hear Kara cry out, “Do it again, Bill!”

“Goddamn it, Kara! I think I threw out my shoulder!” Dad snapped.

I quickly stopped in my tracks. They were just fucking around. Thank goodness because I really didn’t want to confront my father.

“You’re just a pussy, Bill! Do it!” Kara shouts.

“Fuck you, Kara! Why does sex always have to be about pain with you! For once I’d just like to make love and…”

“Ah shut up and just fuck me and go to sleep then!”

Suddenly there was the sound of someone getting their ass spanked and hard too. I almost laughed. My crazy parents were into BDSM? Wow! I didn’t see that one coming. I listened on and pretty soon I hear Kara scream, “Jello! OH GOD! JELLO!”

The spanking or the paddling or whatever it was instantly stopped. I can hear dad breathing hard now and Kara softly whimpering. Then comes the sounds of their sweet love making. I love the sounds Kara makes when dad’s fucking the hell out of her.

I stare at the partially yalova escort opened bedroom door and it seems to beckon me now. I mean I’ve never watched my parents have sex before. I smile and reach down and push my hand down the front of my basketball short and touch myself. The thought of watching them was making me hard, so I walk over to the door and I look in.

The sight overwhelms my sexual senses. Dad is on top of Kara his hands planted to either side of her shoulders. Her legs are spread so wide I can see dad’s cock slamming in and out of her. Kara’s tits are bouncing with his every hard thrust. Her sweet facial expression of pleasure. Her soft moans. God how I wanted have my dick up inside her right now!

I push down my basketball shorts, close my eyes, and I take my now hard cock in my hand and start pumping. I imagine that I am between her legs and not dad and I’m fucking her pussy so goddamn hard! I’m the one making her whimper and groan. Oh fuck yes! I’m jerking faster now! I’m bigger than dad. I would certainly be making her cry out.

Yes! Yes! Oh Yes I’m close now, so I open my eyes just to see her face before I blow my load. Holy shit she’s got her eyes open and she’s staring right at me! Dad doesn’t see me because he’s too involved in the moment. She’s got her blue eyes right on me and her pouty lips pull into a warm smile.

I don’t know why but I quickly hauled my shorts up and I ran to my room. Once there I dropped onto my bed and pulled the covers up over my head, like some child who’d just had a nightmare. I was so fucking embarrassed. I was mortified!! If she tells dad, he’ll kill me! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!!!

I lay there for at least thirty minutes thinking the worst was gonna happen, but it didn’t. Apparently she didn’t tell dad. But why? I began to relax now and my nerves started to calm down. But still I lay there wide awake.

I suddenly hear the bedroom door close and now the soft patter of feet. It was Kara. Dad has heavy footsteps and I knew it wasn’t him. I hear the bathroom door open and then close and I smile. There was no doubt that she was going clean up her pussy. I bet my old man filled her up. Kara always uses the hall bathroom after she has sex with dad, for reasons unknown. Maybe she didn’t want wake, yalova escort bayan dad because he was heading out early in the morning on a run to Georgia. See my dad an over the road trucker and he stays gone for sometimes weeks at a time.

I waited a little while for her to come out and about fifteen minutes later she does just that. I hoped beyond hope that she was gonna come and check on me, but she didn’t, instead I hear her footsteps going back to the master bedroom. Back to dad.

I awoke around five thirty this morning to the sound of my dad’s truck cranking up. I knew he would be letting it warm up while he ate breakfast. At least I thought he was having breakfast until I step out into the hallway and hear the headboard banging the wall in the master bedroom. My old man was having a bit of horizontal dessert before he gets on the road. I also see the bedroom door is wide open.

I tell myself, “Don’t do it.” But I find myself being drawn toward the rhythmic banging of the headboard like a moth to a flame. I step to the side of the doorway and carefully lean in so I could see, but not be seen. And there’s Kara flat on her stomach her sweet wide ass up in the air and dad is pounding her from behind and using the headboard as support. Kara is gasping and crying in pleasure. I wanted to jerk off but dad came to quickly for that. I watched him pull his cock from Kara’s little porn star pussy and I could see his cum oozing out. Dad suddenly drew back his big beefy hand raised it high over his head and brought it down hard across her ass and she yelped and sat straight up. Kara looked over her shoulder at him, “You, asshole that hurt!”

Dad just laughed, “You weren’t complaining last night.” with that dad climbed off the bed and leaned down and grabbed a handful of Kara’s blond hair and kissed her hard on the lips and she kissed him back. When he pulled his lips away he slapped her bare ass again. “I hope that’ll tied you over until I next week.” he winked and walked to the master bathroom and shut the door behind him. Kara smiles and turns over on back and then stretches and yawns.

I hear the shower start and I know how dad likes his long showers. So I decided to chance it, I mean she didn’t tell on me about seeing me last night. I lean escort yalova my head out and I peek through the doorway at Kara. She sees me and smiles and gives me the come hither finger.

Oh shit. I step into the bedroom and I look toward the bathroom door, the shower is still going.

“We don’t have much time. Come on, honey.” she says reaching her hand out to me.

I hurry over to the bed and she quickly pulls my shorts down. My dick is already hard and plops forth in all it’s glory.

“Oh yes, that’s nice, Billy.” she giggles looking up at me. “Do you think you can cum before your dad’s done with his shower?”

I was about to open my mouth to answer, but she didn’t wait. She opened her mouth and engulfed my cock in one swift move.

“Fuck!” I gasped. The warmth of her mouth felt fantastic and so did her tight throat. Kara frantically bobbed her head back and forth taking me to the hilt. Her mouth felt so much like a warm, wet, pussy!

“Oh shit! OH FUCK!!” I moaned, my knees starting to tremble. Embarrassingly enough I was about to cum. “Kara I’m about to…” The words didn’t even come out before I shot my load deep into her throat. She made no effort to pull off away, instead she locked her hands on ass and pushed me even deeper into her throat to swallow every last drop.

We remained in this position for a few more seconds, with her looking up at me with those beautiful blue eyes of her. Then slowly I felt the grip of her hands release and she pulled her mouth from my cock. And with cum oozing from the corners of her mouth she winked up at me and smiled.

I was too exhausted to return the smile, instead I sank against the edge of the bed, my legs too weak to support me.

Kara giggled and looked over the edge at me, “Daddy’s coming.”

Oh crap! she was right. The shower had stopped. Fuck! I crawled under the bed to the sound of Kara giggling above me. The fucking cock whore. Her saliva was still wet on my dick when the bathroom door opened. My heart was beating out of my chest as I watched dad’s feet pace around in the bedroom.

“I love you, Bill.” she says and she starts bouncing up and down on the mattress.

“What the hell are you doing, girl?” dad laughs.

“What? You don’t like me shaking my tits for you anymore, Bill?”

“You can shake them for me when I get back, you little, slut.”

Kara giggles and climbs off the bed and together they walk out of the bedroom, pulling the door closed behind them.


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