My Student Teacher


I love having student teachers. In a high school near a private college, I got a lot of them and most of them were women…no…girls. Most of them far from home and lonely, which was perfect. My current student teacher was Carly, a bright 19 year old sophomore from southern Indiana. That was all fine, but I was interested in Carly because she was chubby…a size 14 or 16 if I were to guess, had large tits, pretty green eyes and a nice round face. Her dark, reddish brown hair came to her shoulders, she had a round, wide ass, and that softness that was inherent in plump girls. She was always quiet and always came dressed professionally in skirts or dresses, and couldn’t help but let her cleavage show just enough – I couldn’t imagine that there was much she could wear that wouldn’t highlight those large, heavy tits. Carly showed up on that spring Friday with black heels, a curve hugging black skirt, cute glasses, and white button up top with the buttons straining to hold back her tits. She was teaching my senior history class and I could tell that all my boys were having a hard time not staring at her generous tits…and even a few of my girls. We were all observing the sway of her ass and the the way her curves moved as she reached across the board. Finally the bell rang, and out ran all of my students while Carly gathered her things.

“Carly?” She stood and turned to face me and I couldn’t help but stare right down her shirt. I caught myself and looked into her pretty green eyes.

“Yes, Mr. Green?” She was blushing a little as she looked up at me – I towered over her in my 6ft 1, 200 lb frame. She stood, even in her heels, at only about 5 feet, 2 inches.

“You did really great today. And Carly,” I said as she moved her shoulder length hair behind her ear, “I told you to call me Todd when the students aren’t here. I’m only, what, 10 years older than you,” she smiled at me and moved a bit closer to me; I could smell her perfume and her breasts were almost touching me.

“Mr. Green…I mean Todd,” she looked behind me at the still open classroom door and then back at me, she put a hand on my chest “Did I ever tell you that I know you’re always looking down my shirts?” My heart jumped to my throat because she was touching me, because she had caught my not subtle staring and that she marmaris escort was suddenly so…bold.

“Well no, Carly, you haven’t mentioned that,” I breathed evenly and looked down at her and then looked again at the open door.

“I’ve seen you looking…Mr. Green,” she emphasized calling me Mr. Green. She was walking around me with her back to me as she walked over to the door and closed it, “I see you looking at my big, bouncy, 48 double d tits, and I keep thinking to myself if you’re the kind of guy who breaks the rules about teachers and students…or rather student teachers dating their supervisors,” she pulled the curtain down and locked the door. She sat on my desk, facing me.

“Depends on why you’re asking, Carly,” I walked towards her, my cock now getting erect in my pants. I stood next to her as she sat on the end of my desk, her thick legs pushed together by her skirt as she was toying with the top button of her white top and looking coyly at me from behind her glasses.

“I’m not good at this…” she said, suddenly out of all the boldness she’d had for those few moments. I could see her start to blush, so I reached out put my right hand on the inside of her thighs and started rubbing the inside of her legs.

“Carly, tell me…did you ever have a crush on a teacher?” It was a dumb question, all of the girl student teachers I’d ever had, and fucked, always said yes. I knew that my cock was going to get some fresh pussy soon.

“Yes…” she whispered.

“Carly. Take off your shirt,” she looked me in the eye and I could see she was unbuttoning her shirt and soon her chubby tummy and massive tits, held back only by a lacy bra, were in view. Without saying anything else I leaned in and kissed her while I used my hands to feel her curves, with them stopping at her thick waist. I pulled back and looked into those green eyes that were smiling at me “Now, Carly, I think you should earn that A for your evaluation,” that always got them, the male teacher of authority telling them they had to earn their grade, their childhood fantasy come to life.

She slid off the desk and looked back at the closed door and, though the windows were open, we were on the third floor and nowhere near them. She quickly undid my pants and she moved my boxers and pants to my ankles, as I leaned marmaris escort bayan against my desk I heard her gasp as her eyes focused in on my 10 inch, thick, black cock. She gently stroked it and with her other fat hand, she started to caress my heavy balls.

“Suck it Carly, suck it if you want that A,” she put her full lips over the head and started to suck my cock, her tongue making circles and finding it’s way into my cock slit. I put my hands on the back of her head as she sucked – occasionally she would put one of my balls into her mouth for a few moments and suck so gently on them. Fat girls give the best head. After a few minutes of this, I grabbed her hair and gently pulled her off my cock – I wanted to fuck this plump bitch.

I pulled my shirt up over my head and looked at my student teacher; she was still wearing her glasses, black heels and the curve hugging black skirt. As she looked at me she slowly and seductively unzipped the back of her skirt and slowly moved it down to he feet and stepped out of it, all that remained were her glasses and lacy black panties that were the boy short cut. I could see through the thin material that she had little or no pubic hair. Her hands we now covering a breast each as she started to speak “Mr. Green…I really need that A,” she smiled at me.

I grabbed her hand and led her to my empty desk and she laid down on “Oh!” she let out as her fat, pantied ass and bare back laid against the cold surface. Her legs hung over the side, still wearing the heels. I got on my knees and put her heavy legs on either side of my head as I began to kiss her thighs, rub her outer thighs with my hands and wrap around her fat legs…I moved her panties to the side of her naked pussy and began licking up her slit, which was already wet. “Ohhhhhhh…yes…yes…please….” Finally I found her swollen clit with my tongue, it was the largest I had ever put in my mouth – it cleared its hood and was erect like a small penis so I sucked and licked it like she did for me. She began thrashing and moaning very loudly, but I kept going. As I was licking her pussy, I maneuvered one of my hands so that I had two fingers in her pussy pressing down and away from her clit as I was sucking it – she moaned louder “Yes…that feels so good…more…ohhh….ohhh…OHHHHH…OHHHHHH…TODD…I’M escort marmaris CUMMING!!!!”

I was taken back by the intensity of the orgasm. Her legs clamped down on my head, her inch long clit seemingly even larger and she began shaking on the desk. I stopped licking and fingering her as she was on the desk. I pushed her still spasming legs off of me and stood; I didn’t wait, I pulled her lacy panties down her legs and thrust my entire cock into her tight pussy. She screamed loud and then laid on the desk, legs spread and arms wide. I grabbed her large tits while I started ploughing her deep and hard.

She just laid there, looking off into the distance for a few more strokes and then she looked up at me; hair a matted mess, makeup running from sweat and…tears?…tits bouncing in rhythm with my strokes, chubby arms coming up to my chest and finally she spoke.

“Harder…harder…please…” she whimpered. I was happy to oblige and leaned into her and fucked her as hard as I could. She started picking up vocally as I grunted and push my whole cock into her vice grip pussy and my balls slapped her fat ass. “More…more! So big…so good…FUCK ME…FUCK ME!” I could feel my balls getting tight. I grabbed her fat legs, moved them so they were pressing against her big fat tits and I knew I was about to cum.

“I’m going to cum Carly, I’m going to cum!”

She looked at me and said, “Don’t Cum inside me, cum on my tits…” In that moment I decided I’d cum later, so I was going to cum in her fat pussy.

I grunted “FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!” and started unloading wad after wad into her tight pussy; as she felt my cum in her she started her own orgasm causing me to go just a few spurts longer. I collapsed on top of her still orgasming form…my cock buried deep in her young, 19 year old fat pussy. I kissed her on her full lips and then stood up to survey my work: a fat bitch was on my desk, sweaty and reeking of sex, her shaved pussy leaking her cum and mine, and she was rubbing her clit and pinching one of her tits.

“Carly,” I said out of breath from the furious fucking, “I think you got your A.”

She half smiled at me, eyes glazed over, “Thanks Mr. Green.”

I pulled a chair up next to my desk as she laid there, staring at the ceiling and rubbing her clit touching her tits, I was next to her head and I started to stroke my hardening cock as I looked into her pretty face. She smiled at me, “Are you ready to go again already?”

It was going to be a great weekend.

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