My surprise weekend away Part 5

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My surprise weekend away Part 5Part 5I knew Tom wasn’t going to last long before cumming inside me, his excitement aided by the circumstances we were in, sure enough within two minutes he cried out in ecstasy and pulled my hips tight to him as he squirted his sperm into me.We stood there a while with Tom inside me as he regained his breath, as we separated and the cum dribbled out of me onto the balcony floor we heard a sound from the lounge and looked around, we saw Mark stood there in the room with the porter stood next to him with a trolley full of nibbles and some very expensive looking Champagne!I coloured up and straightened my skirt as I realised they both must have been there when we were ‘Delicto flagrento’ on the balcony.Mark very calmly asked the porter to leave the trolley where it was and gave him a tip.Mark asked us if we liked the suite, to which Tom replied, ‘It’s very plush, it must cost a fortune for a night here”, Mark shrugged his shoulders walked over to me and put arm around my shoulders, kissed me gently on the neck and told not to worry about the expense, that’s all taken care of!”Come this way” he said as he led me through two large doors into a beautifully decorated bedroom with an enormous super kingside bed and satin sheets.Candles were already lit around the room and soft music was playing on the background sound system, I pulled him close and thanked him for the lovely setting and surprise, it was Toms idea he explained, he made the suggestions and I carried out the planning.”Well it’s lovely and thanks to both of you” as I squeezed Marks hand and kissed Tom on the cheek as he had joined us in the doorway.Tom commented that “You were right Mark, the beds big enough anyway!”, and I tingled down below as I knew what he had in mind.Mark looked at Tom and asked him if he would mind pouring some drinks while he and I got more ‘Comfortable’, Mark and I sat on the large sofa in the Main room and began stroking each other gently, all the while kissing and whispering how much we wanted each other!I was broken away from this erotic moment by Tom illegal bahis touching my shoulder to distract me before handing us both our drinks.The atmosphere cooled down a little while we chatted like old friends for a little while, then Mark suggested we get more comfortable, I knew what he meant and I started to unbutton my dress.He stopped me though and suggested that I undress him first, so, as he laughingly put it, “You can inspect the goods for suitability as required”, “we are here to pleasure you madam”Now this idea I did like, me in charge, and having them both do my bidding as I wanted (and the way I was feeling, I badly needed!’)I slowly peeled off his shirt, taking my time to admire his physique, kissing and teasing his nipples and chest as I did so, he obviously had more time to spend in the gym than either Tom or I, then I knelt in front of him sat on the sofa, a thought went through my head that it seemed I was the one being subservient, kneeling to undress my new lover, but even that felt refreshingly new and sexy.After rubbing his thighs and hardening groin area I worked my way down, and eventually slipped off his shoes and socks, then worked my way up again and slowly, very slowly undid the buckle on his belt and waistband with one hand, all the while stroking the ever-growing bulge in his groin.It was then I looked at Tom and said lustfully “This time I’m going to take my time and really savour this man and his lovely fat cock!”, he looked directly back at me and said, “Take your time, enjoy it, you’ve got all night!”Teasing Mark slightly I pulled his trouser zip down, again very slowly, allowing his now hard cock to strain against just his taut stretched briefs only.Not being able to resist any longer I leant forward, and kissed the head of his cock which already was showing above the waistband, while putting my hands under his buttocks, guiding him to raise up so I could slide his chinos and briefs down, I was by now getting desperate to feel my hand and more round his cock again!As I slid his trousers and briefs off I noticed how muscular illegal bahis siteleri his legs were and commented on the fact, he said he did quite a bit of running which helped with his stamina, all I could think of as he said that was ‘Good, he’ll be able to fuck me for ages!!’ While feeling the tingling in my groin.So, there he was naked, laid there bare for me to admire and enjoy, God I wanted him inside me there and then!!Tom looked at me and said, “I think Mark would like to do the same to you now” but Mark surprised me and said that I should strip Tom in the same way too.I must admit I was much quicker stripping Tom and didn’t get as excited as much as undressing Mark, I was looking forward to my pussy being stretched by Marks cock in a way that I hadn’t had for a long time! Tom noticed I kept glancing across to checkout out Marks tanned, hard body, and he asked what I was thinking? I told him I wanted to make sure his cock was still standing to attention, ready to use after I’d finished stripping him!, after all I had already had a nice taster of that thick cock, and it was going to be so much nicer to be able to savour it in a more leisurely manner with my husband watching! It sounds awful, but I can have Tom anytime, my new lover may well be a one off!!I did fell a little guilty and explained these thoughts to Tom later while we were recounting the nights activities, he fully understood my thoughts and lust for this new lover in that scenario and said I shouldn’t need to feel guilty as he was enjoying watching.So, there we were, both my men stripped and me still fully clothed, “Would you like my wife to do a little strip tease for you Mark?” Tom asked, Mark surprisingly declined the offer and said he would like to watch Tom strip and tease me ready for him if that was OK by me?I wasn’t sure, but Mark said he would like that, and it would show him that Tom was comfortable and approved of me having sex with another man while he was there.Again surprisingly, Tom stripped me much more slowly and sensuously than he had done for years, touching, licking, canlı bahis siteleri and kissing me in all the right places, making me even more horny and ready for a really good fucking!!!A few times he invited Mark to touch and kiss me in the same places, which was erotic, have them take turns with slightly different techniques on my erogenous areas, it even gave me an idea for later that evening!Once I was stripped naked Tom led me across to the sofa where Mark was lounging, and he turned me round and ushered me backwards towards Mark, gently resting his hands on my shoulders he guided me down slowly, as I felt the tip of Marks upright cock on my thighs I tingled below and stopped, letting out a long sigh and said, “That feels gorgeous”, Tom said “Don’t move, hold it just there” and Tom knelt in front of me.He gently teased all around my clitoris with his thumbs without actually touching it, sometimes stroking my inner thighs, this went on for two or three minutes, it was frustrating not to just drop onto that thick cock of Marks, but at the same time I was at heavens gates feeling so frustrated and ready to be filled.Then it came, Toms took both hands away from my thighs and clitoris, which was disappointing at that time as I was enjoying that so much.However, I did wonder what he would do next, I didn’t have to wait long, he placed his right hand on my shoulder, and the other hand round Marks cock, then Tom applied a little pressure with his right hand making me go a little lower as he guided marks cock against my clitoris, teasing it and making me moan out loud “For fucks sake Tom, stop teasing me and let me fuck him!”, with which he eased the cock head into my tingling pussy, and applied a little more pressure to my shoulder, once in an inch or two he placed his left hand on my other shoulders and whispered in my ear, “Now you know how much I want you to be satisfied, I love you, enjoy it, take it, take it all my love”As if I needed any encouragement! any nagging doubts had disappeared with Tom guiding Marks cock into me!Mark sat perfectly still allowing me to slowly ease his whole length inside me, then I felt his hands come around and he started gently caressing my breasts, I nearly came there and then, but resisted, wanting to make this second time last longer than the first time he’d made me cum!

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