My Time with Tracy Ch. 02


When I didn’t hear back from either Bill or Tracy, I assumed it was a one-time thing and that she had gotten is all out of their system. I thought that they were going to ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after. I thought wrong. It was about a week and a half later when I got home from work one morning at about 5a.m. and saw an email from Tracy.

It had no subject. It said:

“Hi, I know I didn’t email you back right away and I apologize. If you could give me a call I have something I would like to talk to you about. I know you work nights and get home in the early morning. I get up at 6 a.m. so any time after that works for me. Signed…Fuckslut.”

I figured a phone call wouldn’t hurt so I dug out the play phone that Dave gave me and I gave her a call. After exchanging quick hello’s we got to why she wanted me to call her.

She said “I wanted you to know how great a time I had when we fucked. It was exactly what I was looking for. In fact, it kind of opened my eyes to the fact that this is something I want, not as a one-time thing but ongoing. I want to be owned by someone and be their toy. Is this something you are interested in? Bill and I had a long talk a couple of days after you fucked me. Bill had said that it was tough for him to watch and he was glad that it was all over. I told him that every relationship is built on honesty and that I was going to be honest with him. I told him how much I loved it, how much I wanted to continue it and that I was going to continue doing it. I told him I loved him very much and this wasn’t about love. I told him our life together was great. He needed to decide if this was something he was ok with. I said if he could deal with it, it would strengthen our relationship. If he couldn’t and said it was this or him, that while it would break my heart, I would have to leave him. He told me that he loved me and that all he wanted for was me to be happy. We both know he can’t treat me like the slut and whore that I want to be treated like. Hell, when we were trading fantasies the best he could come up with watching porn while we did it. He said he loved me and that he would work through it. I am going to continue down this path whether you want to be involved or not but I want it to be you.”

She also said that she liked that I asked her and Bill again if we were still cool with it before taking over. She said it showed a Dom who takes care of his sub. She said she knew that there might be pain involved but it would never be pain just for pains sake. It would always be pain for pleasures sake. Whether that be her or my pleasure. I told her that I would think about it and call her back the next day.

She ended the phone call with “I don’t know if I enjoyed having you in my ass more or if I enjoyed tasting you’re cum mixed with wine more.”

As I had said before I am not a Dom by nature but I could play a good one. Deep down I did have a heart. I thought about it for two hours then decide to call Bill to hear his thoughts on the whole idea.

He picked up the phone and immediately said “So you talked to Tracy.”

‘Yeah. What did she call you and tell you we spoke this morning?”

Bill said “No, we were lying next to each other in my bed when you called her.”

“Oh? Sorry about that. Where do you stand on all this?”

He basically echoed what she told me. He told me he loved her and that all he wanted was for her to be happy. He said that he couldn’t do anything to stop her and if he did she would leave him. He didn’t want that so he was going to tough it out for the woman who would (and I quote) “one day be his wife.” He also said that he appreciated that I had asked if they were both ok and that “you may treated her badly but you don’t seem like the kind of guy who would let anything bad happen to her.”

I asked him how would feel when I called one day when he had a romantic dinner planned and I demanded she come see me.

“Whatever taksim escort makes her happy,” was his reply.

He sounded like a beaten man. I told him the same, that I would think about it and get back to her tomorrow.


“A Cuckold,” Dave said.

I had never heard the term before so I asked him to clarify.

Dave said “He’s a cuckold man. A husband whose wife fucks bulls…oh, those are guys that are aggressive in bed…and he either watches or hears about it or even cleans up.”

I decided I didn’t want to know what “clean up” meant and just asked “Really? And there are enough people into this that they came up with a term for it?”

He said “yeah man, it’s more common than you think. Part of what gets them off is the embarrassment and humiliation. They are embarrassed another man is pleasing their chick and they feel weak and shit. They get off on it.”

Dave was all chock full of knowledge on such subjects. I guess now is a good time to tell you a little about Dave. Dave is a regular guy. The guy you pass on the street, stand next to in a movie line and don’t remember anything about him. Pretty average looking also. But Dave is a good friend. I have worked with him for eight years at the plant and spending every day together we have gotten quite close. He was a good guy to tell what happened and get advice from since he didn’t know any of my regular friends or family. Not that me and Dave aren’t friends. We go out for beers or to catch a game. I have been to his house to help him fix his car or do some work in the house. It’s just we don’t get involved with each other’s real lives.

There was another reason why Dave was a good person to get advice from. About 2 years earlier Dave hit the girlfriend jackpot. He met Lisa, a hot brunette who was way out of his league. He accidentally won her over with his humor when he started cracking jokes one night about all the stereotypical jerkoffs who were trying to get into her panties that night at the bar. It got him punched in the teeth, but it also got him a date with her. They have been inseparable since that day. Oh did I forget to mention that she is openly bisexual and an active part of the swinger lifestyle? She told this to him during their third date. She told him she loved having sex with other women, and threesomes and all the other stuff she loved. He just shrugged it off, asked her if she did and would continue using protection and said they would worry about it when she decided to get serious about him.

She decided at that very second that she was serious about him when he didn’t judge her, look at her like a whore or try to weasel his way into any of her female fuck friends. After two months they were living together and she had sworn off other guys. Although she did still play with other women, both alone and with him. On a number of occasions he would tell me about how he got home after a long night at work to find his girl in bed with another chick. Sometimes asleep and sometimes waiting for him to play. They are no longer together now. It wasn’t a sex issue, it was a money issue. Dave had a bad gambling problem and the money fights they couldn’t work out. But I digress.

Dave’s ultimate advice was “Dude, she is going to get her fill of cock with or without you…might as well be with you.”

I decided Dave was right. I could use her whenever I wanted and never have to take her on a date or anything like that. I thought a few hours about what I wanted out of this. I called her while she was at work the next day.

As soon as she said hello I said:

“Shut up and listen. I have a few rules. If you agree to all of them you can be my fuckslut. Number 1 — You get yourself tested. If you get a clean bill of health you go on the pill. I want to be able to dump my load into you. You will use condoms with Bill. topkapı escort Number 2 — You don’t question and you don’t say no. You are my sub and I know what is best for you. First time you say no, I am gone. You have to be a pretty worthless cum dumpster if a Dom leaves you. Number 3 — Last but not least. You belong to me. You are Bill’s girlfriend. You can continue having sex with him. You can give him blowjobs, let him fuck you. Hell, he can even fuck you in the ass. But you belong to me. You don’t masturbate if I don’t give you permission. If I tell you to shave your pussy or let it grow you do it. Other than sex with Bill I have all control over your body. If I call, you come. If I call and say I am coming over, regardless of what time, you open the door. I don’t care if you are out on a date with Bill. I come first. Always. Do you have any questions before you decide yes or no?”

She said “I only have one question. Do I call you master?”

I said “No. You call me Sir. As in yes sir”.

And so it began.


With that all out of the way, it was time for her first three assignments. I knew she was at work so I told her to go to the bathroom and play with herself. I wanted pics of her wet pussy, her hard nipples and her licking her juice off her fingers and I wanted them within an hour. I also told her to clear out her Saturday schedule. I was going to pick her up early and drop her off late. Lastly I told her I would be by in the morning about 6am. I told her be awake, answer the door when I text and don’t tell Bill we spoke. Within the hour I got about 5 pics from her that I wanted for my personal collection…plus I though Dave should get a look for the advice.

He said “Not bad.”

The next morning I texted Tracy about 5:45am. She responded that she was awake and ready for whatever. I asked her if Bill was there. She said yes but he was heading into the shower shortly. I told her when he does to come open the door. I decided to test out Dave’s theory. When she opened the door I put my hand up in a “shhh” position against my lips and whispered in her ear “take me to your bedroom.”

I made her strip, get down on her knees; I unzipped my pants, took out my cock and laid it on her face. I told her she wasn’t allowed to suck it till Bill comes in here. I just laid it there, and rubbed it across her nose, lips, and forehead over and over. I could feel her breathing get intense and her hot breath tickled my balls and shaft. As soon as I heard the bathroom door open, I told her to open and stuck my cock in there.

I heard Bill say “We need to add shampoo to….Um…what’s going on here?”

I told him “I accepted her as my fuckslut. Don’t worry Bill, You can still stick that puny little cock of your in her. You just need to wrap that fucking thing before you do.”

He looked at her almost begging and said “I have to wear condoms?”

I shouted “Yes. Cause I am gonna cum in her and you are probably gonna jerk off most nights and I don’t know where your hands have been. So its condoms for you.”

Bill proceeded to get dressed while intently watching our every move. I made a show of it. I made her run her tongue up and down my shaft repeatedly. I made her lick her lips every time she took my cock out of her mouth. I made her push down till she got to the base and then stick out her tongue to tongue my balls. I could feel the tingle in my balls signaling that my orgasm was not far off.

Bill snapped out of his hypnotized state and said “I need to head out; I gotta get an early start today.”

I said “Give me one second I will walk out with you.”

I pulled my cock from her lips and gave it a few jerks to start the cum shooting out over her nose and onto her head and hair. I made her lick the last bit off the tip.

“Now give Bill a nice big kiss goodbye before tesettürlü escort he heads out to work”.

She walked over to him and gave him a nice long kiss goodbye. I knew she has gotten my cum on his face and into his mouth. I walked out with him to see his reaction and oddly enough there wasn’t one.

When we got outside he just said “what time are you picking Tracy up on Saturday?”

It threw me a bit. I answered “11?”

He said ok and just proceeded to walk away.

That Saturday I picked her up, gave her a collar that said “slut”, attached a leash, made her strip to bra and panties, gave her an overcoat and took her out for the day. We walked around the mall, stopped and got a bite to eat before I took her home and fucked her silly for a few hours. Most of our meetings were nothing to write home about. I tied her up, I wrote things on her like “Slut” “Cum Dupster” and “whore” and took pics (I would text them to Bill). I would show up randomly at her house or job for blowjobs or to fuck. One time while getting some road head, I pulled over and asked a homeless guy directions. I told him to excuse me one second, came in her mouth and then thanked him for all his help as she lifted her head and wiped her mouth. I am going to relay to you the three most important stories about my time with Tracy.

Story 1

It was a Saturday and I started drinking about noon. The college football games were on and I was at the bar for a double header. Having had nothing but Buffalo wings, the Jack Daniels was doing a number on me. About 7 that evening I decided it was time to go but I was horny and wanted to fuck something.

I texted Tracy and it said “I am on my way. Make sure your ass is ready for my dick because I am drunk and horny.”

I jumped in a cab and gave him the address and when I was about half way there my phone began to ring. It was Bill calling from Tracy’s phone.

He said “I have Tracy’s phone. She is in the bedroom getting ready for us to go out when you texted so she couldn’t answer. But you can’t come over.”

I said “Bill maybe she didn’t explain to you how..”

He cut me off and said “We have company over. They don’t know about her so you can’t come over.”

I said “Bill, I am gonna be there in about three minutes ringing your bell. You can either make up a story to your guests or I can tell them what I am doing there when I get there. Hey..are any of your guests hot chicks? Maybe I will make Tracy eat one out. You’d like to watch that wouldn’t you Bill?”

He said “I’ll come up with something” and I heard the click that I had been hung up on.

He opened the door with a nervous smile and let me in. At the same time Tracy had come out of the bedroom looking like she was dressed for a night on the town. She had a shocked look on her face.

Bill said “Hey guys, this is Steve. He works with Tracy. It was him I was talking to on the phone. There is an urgent work matter they need to discuss before we can head to dinner. Should only take a few minutes. Why don’t you two go into the kitchen.”

The three of us went into the kitchen.

I looked at him puzzled and said “The kitchen?”

He said “What was I supposed to say? Go the bedroom? They would have gotten suspicious. I am going to keep them occupied. Just hurry up.”

She never said a word, just bent over, pulled up her black going out dress to reveal she wasn’t wearing any panties. I bent over as well and started licking her ass for a little lubrication. I gently guided my head past her puckered asshole and she let out a soft moan.

“I better make this quick before Bill loses his shit out there.”

I started slamming into her as her moans got louder and louder. I grabbed a dish rag off her counter and shoved it into her mouth to quiet her down. It worked a little. I shot my cum deep inside her ass. I took the towel out her mouth and told her she could use that to clean herself up. She was sweaty, her lipstick was a mess and her mascara was runny.

I walked out and said “Hey Bill, she is going to need a few more minutes to get herself ready.”

I winked at the female half of the couple on the couch waiting for Bill and Tracy and walked out the door.

To be continued…

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