My Time with Tracy


My time with Tracy. Thanks to Sexnovella for the editing.


“You need to fuck someone…and fuck them hard.”

My buddy Dave always had a way with words. I’m Steve by the way. My Fiancé left me about 3 months ago. This was Dave’s response when he asked me if I had gotten back on the horse yet and I told him no. It’s not that I am a bad looking guy, but I am no Adonis either. 28 years old standing a solid 6’1 weighing about 210lbs. Still have a full head of hair with a nice goatee and a few tattoos. I am no head turner but when you add in my charming personality I am quite the catch (if I do say so myself).

I said to Dave “I don’t even know where to look for women. I have been in a relationship for so long I forgot how to be single.”

“Dude, you don’t even have to leave your house nowadays. You can put up an ad on a site and just put down that you are looking for some casual no strings fun. I have a few sites I can give you.”

And that’s how it came to be that three days later (three straight days of Dave busting my balls…but more on him later) I posted an ad that would later change mine…and Tracy’s life.

My ad was simple enough. It basically read “Just out of a long relationship. Not looking for another one but looking for the physical aspect of it…to please and be pleased. I am straight and just looking for a fun erotic adventure.” It took three weeks to get a response. I had just come home from work at about 5am (I work the night shift) and I popped open my laptop to see an email from an address I did not recognize with the title “feeling adventurous huh?” I opened it and read the following.

“Feeling adventurous huh? Are you feeling adventurous enough to sleep with my girlfriend? She is a hot Latina woman, 22 years old about 5’4 150lbs 34B chest with a nice luscious ass and legs. There is a catch that is probably best discussed over the phone so I can explain it better. If this intrigues you then just email back your name and a number where I can reach you and a good time to call. Bill.”

He included a few pictures. Her face was kind of plain for a Latina. I guess I was just expecting something more exotic. Her 34b’s had big areolas which I am not a huge fan of but weren’t a deal breaker. Then I got to picture number 3. Holy crap. She had the kind of ass and legs that you see in a rap video. I could definitely picture doing her doggy. Watching her ass ripple and I pounded into her. I was a bit worried about the “catch” that Bill spoke of, but I was intrigued. I dug through all the junk on my desk and found the “play phone” that Dave had given me to use for responses to my ad. I found the number and shot Bill a quick email.

It said “Hi Bill, Not saying yes but I am definitely intrigued by your girlfriend’s ass. Call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx. I am free until about 11am and then again after 7pm. I am Steve by the way.”

My play phone rang about 7 am and when I picked it up a meek barely audible whisper of a voice asked “Is this Steve?”

“It is. You must be Bill. What’s up?”

I talked to Bill for about 15 minutes. He told me that he and Tracy have been dating for about seven months and that about a month ago, one night in bed, they decided to share fantasies. He told me he loved her with all his heart and that he wanted to make her number one fantasy come true. The only trouble was that he didn’t think he could pull it off.

“She has only had sex with 3 guys. All 3 guys were her boyfriends. She told me that she has been such a good girl her whole life that she wants to be the bad girl. She wants to be the sub, the slut, the whore. She wants to be called names and basically just be used for your pleasure. I just don’t think I have it in me to treat her that way. We both have led pretty vanilla sex lives so I don’t want to disappoint her if I am not sure what to do. I do want to be there. I want to be there for her safety and to share in the experience with her. I think it will make our relationship taksim escort stronger.”

I told him that I wanted to speak with her, just to make sure it’s what she wants and that she wasn’t doing it just for him. He said that was cool, and that she would call me later.

That night I got a phone call from Tracy. Tracy was nowhere near as shy as Bill was in describing what she wanted. What Bill said was true, she wanted a dominant man to treat her like a whore, degrade her and basically use her for his pleasure. I told her I was game and we made plans to meet Saturday night at her place. She and Bill did not live together and she lived closer to me than he did. He did not want to go to a hotel since he figured that the home field advantage would make her (and him) much more comfortable. Now, I am going to let you in on a little secret. I have never been a Dom before. Sure I have been dominant in bed but not to the extent she was looking for. I wasn’t going to tell her that since after thinking about it, I realized my friend Dave was right. I need to fuck someone… and hard. I figured I could just make it up as I went along.

I rang the bell not sure exactly what to expect. I realized about 3 seconds after I rang the bell that I never asked, not did I care what Bill looked like. The door opened and he looked absolutely nothing like I thought a guy who would share his girlfriend would look like. He was about 5’7 about 150lbs, wearing a dress shirt with a tie (yes…a tie!?!) and had glasses. He shook my hand, invited me in and told me that Tracy was in the kitchen. I pulled him aside before we stepped into the apartment any further

“Not to blow my chance here, but you sure you’re cool with this? The whole treat her like a whore thing? Not to mention sharing her?”

He reiterated that he loved her with all his heart and all he wanted was for her to be happy. He felt if she got her fantasy that it wouldn’t be the 800lb gorilla down the road in their relationship and what he hoped would be their married life. I said ok and told him to lead me to the kitchen.

Well she looked exactly like her pictures. When I walked into the kitchen she was bent over getting a corkscrew out of the drawer. Her ass looked phenomenal. She was wearing nice lace black panties with a matching bra and some high heels. Her hair was done up nice and made her plain face a bit more attractive as did the deep red lipstick she was wearing. We exchanged a quick no fun hug and hellos before Bill said:

“Why don’t I get the wine and you show him to the living room.”

Tracy said “right this way.”

I followed her voluptuous ass all the way to the living room. They had a nice couch set up across from the love seat so that they faced each other with a coffee table in the middle. Tracy and I sat on the couch together.

I leaned in and asked her “You sure you ok with this? I just want to make sure that no one changed their mind.”

She assured me that she was more than ready to do this. Bill walked in and handed us each a wine glass and we toasted.

Bill asked “so how do you think you should get started?”

Tracy said “well we should…”

I cut her off with “This cunt is going to suck my cock.”

I was out my seat with my zipper open and my cock out while she sat there I think both shocked and incredibly turned on by my choice of words. My dick isn’t the biggest. It tops out at about 6 inches but it has a prominent upward upward curve and a big mushroom head. I jammed it into her mouth causing her to choke a bit and she pulled her head back off it. I grabbed a handful of hair and told her “You don’t pull your mouth off my dick. You take it all the way down like the little fucking whore you are.”

Surprisingly she did. She immediately relaxed her throat and started bobbing her head up and down the length of my cock. Her saliva was overflowing out of her mouth and onto my balls which topkapı escort I told her “

“Lick it up and make sure my balls didn’t smell like her cock sucking mouth.”

I pulled my cock from her lips and told her “maybe you would like it better this way.”

I dipped my cock in her wine glass before shoving it back into her mouth. She was doing a good job playing with my balls with her left hand, scraping her long manicured nails along them while using her right hand to hold my cock straight while she slammed her mouth up and down on my dick. I pulled my cock out again and told her that I wanted to see how much of a slut she was. I pulled off my pants and then I led her off of the couch and made her sit on her ass with her back and the back of her head against the wall.

I spread my legs and crouched a little and told bill:

“Come get a good look at this.”

I proceeded to fuck her mouth like a pussy. With the back of her head against the wall she couldn’t pull back. There was spit and saliva flying from her mouth and tears streaming down her face. I pulled my cock out and told her she didn’t deserve my cum just yet and jerked off my first load into her wine glass.

Bill sat there stunned. He hadn’t said a word. I couldn’t tell if he was upset at how I was treating her or hoping that my treatment of her had gotten is out of her system. He just sat there. Without any input from him…I decided to keep going.

I laid on the couch and threw my feet up saying things like “that whore wore me out”, and “fucking pigs give the best head”. She had moved herself and was about to sit next to Bill when I said:

“Whoa whoa whoa…what are you doing? Dirt goes on the floor, not on the love seat. You want to sit, you will with your own kind. The dirt and the filth. In fact why don’t you sit on the floor over here by me?”

She sat on the floor right at my feet. She spent the next few minutes wiping off the saliva and the tears from when I gagged her with my dick. She sat there, not with a smile but just a content look on her face.

I told her “I hope you don’t think you are done. I will have my cock in your ass before I leave here tonight. Have you ever had a cock in your ass?”

She told me she had done it a handful of times on only the specialist of occasions. I heard a mumble from across the room.

I said “Speak the fuck up Bill. I don’t speak mumble.”

He said “I never had sex with her in the butt.”

“Well you aren’t going to tonight either. Unless you want to sword fight me in there.”

I waved my flaccid dick trying to lighten his mood. I failed miserably at that. He just continued to sit there very stoic and stone-faced.

I turned to Tracy and said “Why don’t we get this show on the road. You know what always makes my dick hard? When a chick sucks and tongues my balls. Why don’t you do that now so I can nice and hard? Hard enough to get it in your ass.”

Without a word she lowered herself down and starting massaging my balls with her tongue. It took a few minutes but I got rock hard again. She asked how I wanted her.

I told her “Let me start off in that pussy. Why don’t you sit on the couch with your feet on the floor?”

I pulled a condom from my pants and put it on while she got into position. When she had done that I put my hands under her knees and pulled her down so that her back was on the cushion where her ass should have been. I rested her legs on my forearms and I grabbed the tops of her thighs. She removed her bra while I moved her panties to the side. I rubbed my cock head up and down her soaked pussy lips. I slid the tip in and pulled it out just as quickly. I did that over and over again till she said:

“I want you to fuck me.”

I told her “Since when do I give a shit what a whore wants?”

She remembered her place and just bit her bottom lip while I teased her for a few minutes more. Without tesettürlü escort warning I slammed into her hard cause a loud slapping sound of our bodies hitting each other’s. I fucked her hard and fast. The room was filled with sounds of her moaning and screaming, the squishing noise every time I buried my cock deep into her and the slap slap slap of our bodies hitting each other. I could tell her orgasm was fast approaching. Just when I was about to send her over the edge I pulled out and yelled

“Don’t you dare fucking touch yourself?”

I sat there for a full two minutes while she whimpered and her body shook…just aching for a release. I told her to go ahead and she immediately buried three fingers from one hand into her pussy while the other hand rubbed her engorged clit. She came almost immediately and yelled loud enough for all her neighbors to hear.

After she came down I told her “It’s time for your ass. Let’s give Bill a nice view.”

I put her down on her knees and bent her body over the coffee table. I made her turn her face sideways and pressed her face against the table as well. My cock was still well lubed from her pussy but I used some spit to get her ass ready. It slid right in with almost no resistance. I grabbed her hips and started to pound her while she worked one hand underneath playing with her clit and occasionally rubbing her nails along my balls. I fucked her ass like that for about ten minutes when I heard those noises from her indicating an orgasm. Bill reached for his wine glass and she grabbed his hand with hers. Squeezing it tightly with every thrust I made. When I saw that I started in.

“You like having your ass filled don’t you little bitch. Bet you gave your ass to every dick with a letterman jacket in high school. You dirty little fuck slut. Oh you like that huh? Fuck slut? That’s your new name then. I am going to make you cream like the fucking pig you are you little fuck slut.”

I reached down and grabbed a handful of hair. Just before she came I pulled her head up and she was face to face with Bill screaming out her orgasm.


Again I waited for her to come down. I pulled my cock from her ass, pulled off the condom and told her to just lie there. I tossed the condom on the table and jerked my cock till I shot rope after rope of cum on her back and ass, landing as high as between her shoulder blades. I sat back on the couch with a “Whew.”

Tracy said “I think I might need a towel.”

“I’ll get it” Bill said.

When he came back with a warm wet washcloth Tracy said “Think you can give a girl a hand. I don’t think I can reach it all.” And Bill did it.

While he cleaned her up I started to get dressed.

She said “I could go for a drink right now.”

Bill said “I will get it honey.” before starting for the kitchen.

To this day I don’t know what made me do it. I said:

“No need. She has a drink right here.”

Bill said “But there is semen in there.”

I said “It’s no problem.”

I put the condom that was in her ass a few minutes ago on my fingers and used them to stir the drink. I handed it to her. It was at that moment that I realized that I didn’t care if she enjoyed herself or not. I realized that because I got to see the wicked smile that crept across her face as she grabbed the glass stared right at me and swallowed every last drop. Then she licked her lips. I turned to Bill and he was loosening his tie. It wasn’t a get comfortable loosening of the tie. It was an oh my god, I am so nauseous that I am going to puke kind of loosening of the tie. I felt it was time for me to leave.

I emailed them both separately the next day.

The first one said “Hey Bill. Hope last night wasn’t too rough for you. Thanks for sharing your hot little girlfriend with me. It was all in good fun and she was a great fuck. Hopefully for you she got it out of her system and you two can move on to bigger and better fantasies.”

To her I had written “hey fuck slut. You were good. Hope I can drop my cum on you again sometime.”

I checked my email for the next week and didn’t get a response from either one. I figured it was a one and done type of thing and that I wouldn’t ever back from either of them. God how wrong I was…

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