My Trip With Lauren, Part 7

My Trip With Lauren, Part 7Sometime during the night I remember taking a shower and cleaning the sweat and combined cum off of me, Lauren of course joined me and we fucked in there again. I think we made love 4 times, maybe only three, I don’t really remember. No, it was definitely 4 times if we count the second shower. Anyway, it was morning. The daylight was coming in through the open window and I felt a warm wet mouth on my cock and Lauren’s head resting on my shoulder, her hair slightly over her face and across my chest.Wait! I felt a warm wet mouth on my cock? I looked down and forgot all about one of the best reasons I stay at this hotel…Madee! I stay on this floor and in this hotel because this is where Madee works as a maid, and Madee loves to suck cock and currently Madee was hard at work sucking mine.Now, Madee is not a casino şirketleri great looking women. She’s in her 50s and is 5′ tall, and weighs about 200 lbs, but her mouth is magical. For the last 8 years whenever I’m in Thailand I have had a wake up call from Madee just like this, and obviously Lauren being there didn’t make any difference to Madee. My deep sigh of pleasure must have woken Lauren because she moved her head slightly. Then she raised her hand and moved her hair away from her face to watch Madee.Lauren and Madee both looked up at me and the smile on my face must have been ear-to-ear. Lauren moved her head up and away from me and sat up to get a better view of Madee sucking on my cock. Madee just smiled back at me and continued her work. Lauren started rubbing my chest and teasing my nipples as she continued casino firmalari to watch. My hand slowly made circles over her back as we both watched.Madee was a champion cock teaser and edger. She licked, kissed, and sucked every inch of my hard cock and paid special attention to each of my balls. I don’t know how long she had been there but after about 15 minutes of being awake and knowing she was there I began to feel that familiar building up of cum in my balls. Madee also instinctively knew I was about to cum and looked up at us. Her tongue making slow circles on the underside of my cock head. As my cock began to swell up Madee squeezed a bit harder. My cock began to ooze out cum rather than erupt out. Slowly Madee let the cum flow out of me as she licked. When my orgasm subsided Madee licked every bit of cum up güvenilir casino off of me, still licking and kissing my still hard cock as she did so. Her tongue would lap up a small pool of cum and she would swallow it, she would then lick and kiss my shaft before going for another pool of cum.Lauren looked over at me and said, “That was so fucking hot!””Lauren, this is Madee.” I said as an introduction. “She has been waking me up like this for years.””I want to try that,” Lauren replied. “How did she just make you ooze out like that rather that shoot all over the place?””She squeezes me just right to allow me to cum without ruining the orgasm.””Will she be doing this every morning we are here?””Unless I tell her not to. Do you want her to stop?””No! Hell no! I want to watch her do it again, and maybe have her teach me how.”Madee, had finished cleaning me and was watching us and our conversation. “I will show you how make him feel good,” Madee said with a smile as she got up to do her other job of cleaning up the room. “Now go to shower so Madee can clean room!”***Continued in Part 8***

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