Subject: My Uncle’s Trailer, Part 1 (gay, incest, friends) Hey Guys. This story was written by me on a different site under the name of “Trailer Living” in 2004. I reread it the other day and thought, I could do better, so here it is. It was one of those I forgot about and moved onto another story. New name and edited a bit to make it more colorful in content. Also, in the original, I went a bit overboard in descriptions of the characters and action. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the reincarnation of the story. I’m not your father. You know the laws in your states. You know the chances of diseases. But live your life how you want to on your terms. Life is short. Love. Please support Nifty!! Donate: *http://donate./donate.html * On to the story… My Uncle’s Trailer, Part One: Being a recent high school graduate, with no ambition other than trying to figure out where the next party, was to say the least, getting on my parents nerves. In high school I concentrated on sports and partying without giving a care of my future goals other than making sure I passed enough classes to get the certificate of parole from public school. GPA: painfully average. My name is Cole. I’m 18, 5’9″. Have brown hair, buzzed with a number two, brown eyes and, if I do say so myself, a bitching bubble butt. My torso is smooth but I have a hairy pits and crotch. Broad shoulders and large biceps with a nice flat stomach. My crack and rosebud are hairless. I look like the all American high school athlete. While attending high school in a suburb of Miami I participated in every sport I could with my specialty being in wrestling. I got off not only on the physical one on one challenges but also the scents of my opponents. It was the only way I could be that close to another dude and be able to sniff every part of him without being outed. Oh yeah, I guess I’ll let that cat out of the bag, I’m queer. But at the moment no one suspects and I ain’t advertising it. It works out in my benefit if I just keep it to myself. So anyway, since school ended about two months ago, I’ve been hanging out and partying with my friends and working part time at a grocery distributor. My friends are mostly all leaving soon for college or the military. I, on the other hand, have no such plans. Which, as I said, is driving my parents, especially my dad, a little crazy. My dad is a lawyer and my mom works for the state counseling ‘teens in distress’. So it’s not like my parents aren’t educated. What happened to me I don’t know. But I was starting to feel the stress in the air when both my parents were home when I was there. This Friday night that put an end to it all was when I was about to go down to the beach to a party my buddy Matt was gonna throw. I was about out the door when my father called me into the study. “Yeah pop?” I said feeling especially under dressed in my board shorts and flip flops (rarely did I wear a shirt outside of school or work) while my dad still had on his suit. I was a born exhibitionist and the shorts rode low on me. A bit of pubes and ass crack was showing. But my ample butt was keeping everything legal. “Sit down Cole. We have to talk.” Here it comes. I knew the “What are you going to do with the rest of your life?” speech was coming again. I was trying, and hoping, I could be absent enough that it would wait until after my friends had all left to pursue their goals. So I sat down on the leather chair across from the desk he was seated at. The leather felt cold against my bare back and I shivered a bit. I shivered not only from the cold leather but I also suspected that the free ride was over. Although my parents were well off I knew the day would come that I was to find my own way. “It’s obvious to your mother and I that you are undecided as to what to do with your life. I realize that a lot of your energy when into the sports you played and we are proud of what you achieved in that area. (Wow, not as bad as I thought). But, as much as we support your waiting to assure that you choose the path that’s right for you, we feel that you still need to mature and be somewhat on your own. Any questions so far Cole?” Dad wasn’t angry but he wasn’t exactly warm either. Yeah, a million of them, I’m just not sure what to ask. So I just said, “No sir.” “Good, so here’s the deal. I called your Uncle Jake last week. As you know he has a small plastering and painting company in Jacksonville. He has agreed to let you live with him in Jacksonville and work at his company for one year. We will be paying him a small room and board as we know you could not afford to do it yourself. All the money you earn will be sent to us to put in an account for you for later and we will send you back 25% for living expenses; this way you will get some good solid work experience, a savings account of your own, and most of all, a bit of growing up. You know we have enough money to support your mother and I as well as you well into old age but we feel you need to make it on your own a bit until you appreciate what you might otherwise have handed to you. Do you understand Cole?” With no beating around the bush Dad has laid down the law. That last question said it all. I had no choice but to understand. “Yes Dad.” Was all I could say. My heart was sinking. I hadn’t seen my Uncle since I was 7 or 8. He was barely out of high school by a few years at the time himself. And now I was going to have to live with him for a year–in Jacksonville no less. I had never been there nor had I ever thought of visiting. “You will be able to take your truck with you Cole and we will continue to pay the insurance as long as your driving record stays clean. Any problems with your driving record and you will become responsible for the insurance. Is that understood?” “Yes dad,” it was getting worse by the minute. “You may bring your clothes and a few personal items, but your Uncle lives in a two bedroom mobile home with limited storage. So your recreational equipment has to remain here.” That means no surf boards, no mountain bike, no four wheeler; my life is over. What the hell am I going to do in a trailer in Jacksonville all day with my Uncle. Shit. “I told Jake to expect you at the beginning of next week. So enjoy your weekend. But Sunday morning you and I will be going over your travel route and your mother will help you pack. Any questions Cole?” He was being hardcore and very black and white about the whole thing. Nothing I could say would change his mind. When my dad made a decision it was pretty much written in stone. I resigned myself to my fate and weakly replied that I had no questions. “Good. Well go out and enjoy your time with your friends. I won’t bother you with anything else until Sunday. And Cole, we do love you very much, it’s just time for Cole to find his way in life.” Dad’s stern face gave way to a slight smile. He really did love me and was proud of me, until lately, I just had to make him proud again. “I understand Dad” Sunday came way too fast. I had attended a party both Friday and Saturday nights but I really wasn’t into it. It was like I was experiencing death row or something insane like that. I couldn’t believe in a couple of days I was going to be miles north of here living and working with my Uncle Jake. Uncle Jake was in his late twenties. He wasn’t a scholar, like my father (his brother), by any means. In fact, if I resembled anyone in our family, at least by ambition, it was my Uncle Jake. He was laid back and happy just to get by and live life to the fullest; at least that’s what I hear about him. Actually the more I thought about it throughout the weekend I figured this was my dad’s way of shocking me into seeing what life can be like without an education. Not that Jake isn’t successful; he owns his own business and employees a couple guys here and there. So he’s not exactly a failure. He just never rose to my father’s level. But then again, from what I hear, he’s not as stuffy and arrogant as my dad is either. So Sunday, as I said, came way too quick. I was sitting on my bed, for the last time for a while, watching my mom go through my closet helping me decide what to bring with me. It came down to all my cloths and not much else. I did pack my computer and my games. I figured I could always come up with room for that. By 11 am I was in my father’s study again going over the route to Jacksonville. It was about 325 miles to Uncle Jake’s. My dad made sure my cell phone was fully charged himself and made sure my Colorado had all its systems checked. He figured I should be at Uncle Jake’s by 6 pm if I left no later than 12:30 pm. He detailed the route for me down to the driveway that ran along Uncle Jake’s trailer. He even Googled all the rest stops on the way and gave me the ratings of certain restaurants on the way. All I wanted was out of there by this point. 12:30 was all at once upon me. My truck was loaded with my stuff in the extended cab behind the seats; just clothes and computer. I had board shorts and a tee shirt on with my flips. I stood on the driveway saying goodbye, first to my mom. She held back tears as she hugged me. My dad gave me a very fatherly hug and pushed me towards the cab of the truck. Ok, fine, I get it. He wanted me to move on with my life. Like I said before, black and white, no grey in this man’s decisions. It was just one of those things. I got into the truck and pulled out of the drive. I looked back one last time and drove on. I had a feeling that I wasn’t going back anytime soon. As much as I enjoyed the finer things my folks had to offer I knew it was never for me. I turned the corner and pulled over. I stripped off my shirt, put the windows down, and turned up the tunes. I was off. ————————————————– It was 6:23 pm when I pulled into my Uncle’s trailer park. It was a run down type of place that was about 10 blocks from the ocean. I found the cul-de-sac two blocks into the park and turned down it. At the very end was my Uncle’s place. It was like a twenty year old trailer with a deck built on the side. There was a sting of party lights strung on the top of the deck that were lit up even though it was still light outside. As I pulled up closer I saw two figures up on the deck. I turned into the drive and got out of the truck. I was still just in my board shorts and barefoot. “Cole? Is that you buddy?” I heard from the deck as I saw one of the dudes on the deck getting up. Both guys were just in shorts like me but the one getting up was a fucking hunk. His board shorts were riding along his pubes, like mine, and his tan was awesome. He had a tat on his left bicep of barb wire and some sort of other object. His brown hair was medium length, growing over his ears but longer in the back. His face had a couple of day’s growth on it. He was probably 5′ 10″ or so. I couldn’t see the other dude in the shadows yet. As I climbed the steps Jake met me, “Dude, look at you man. You’re all grown up.” he said as he took me in a bear hug. The man was fucking hot. And his scent, totally natural and clean. No fucking perfumes or nothing–just him. His muscles too, damn they felt hot against my skin, and I hugged back like crazy. I was totally drawn to this man. Jake pulled away and said, “Cole, this is my buddy Sal. Sal, my nephew, Cole.” I then was able to take in the friend. He seemed to be a mixture of Puerto Rican or Cuban and Caucasian maybe. He was about 5′ 8″ and built really well. He stood to shake my hand and I noticed he only had on silky gym shorts hanging down low with abs to fucking die for. He was smooth and dark and built. The outline of his package in his shorts was so well displayed it looked almost planned. “Cole, we were just having a few brews before Sal had to get back home, you care to join us or you too wiped out from the ride man?” Jake asked. “Nah man, I could use some suds man. I would like to join you.” And I could sit here all night and sniff both of you and be perfectly happy….We ended up having a few too many beers that night. Jake’s buddy Sal was still on the deck as I entered the trailer for the first time at around midnight. Sal said he would leave after he had a glass or two of water to “sober” up. I hadn’t been in the trailer yet as we had been pissing off the deck the whole time. The trailer was a strange design. Obviously it had been chopped up at some point with the walls being moved around. The entry off the deck went into the hallway of the bedrooms. To the left was the kitchen which then continued into the Living Room. To the right were three doorways without doors. The first doorway went into the bathroom. The second went into a small, very small, bedroom. The third went into the master bedroom with seemed like it took up about a third of the trailer. The master had it’s own bathroom which was really small itself with no door just like the rest of the place. The small bedroom had a twin bed and a desk and a chest of drawers and a small closet. At least I had room for my computer. Not much else though. “Cole, I know its small man but it’s all I got to offer you right now. Hope it isn’t too bad. You can use any part of the place anytime you want man. I never put the doors back on after I moved the walls around. If it bothers you man I can find a door tomorrow.” This was cool and scary at the same time. No doors. My Uncle is obviously comfortable with himself. The place is a bit of a sty. Not used to that in the whole house…just my room at home. There are beer bottles everywhere and clothes thrown everywhere. “I’m not much of a house keeper either bud. Hope it all doesn’t gross you out too much. I thought about cleaning up but then I figured it would just find its way to being a mess anyway. Can you cope dude?” “It’s cool Jake. I don’t need much man and as far as the mess I will feel like I’m in my room at home man. Actually this is cleaner.” I laughed. “Cool Cole. I’m gonna check on Sal then hit the hay man. I am bushed. You can watch the tube or go to bed man, it’s up to you. You won’t have to work for a few days so take it easy. I on the other hand have to meet a couple of my guys at about 7:30.” Jake then went out to the deck. I heard him say something to Sal, I couldn’t hear very well, and then he came back in and turned to the master bedroom and dropped his shorts as he walked towards his bed. His muscular globes glowed in the light of the outside street lamps. I couldn’t believe it. The dude was so casual and cool; my type of bud. He was so opposite from my dad I couldn’t believe it. I was exhausted as well. I turned to the twin bed and dropped my shorts and hit the sack. I didn’t even bother to use the covers. I just fell asleep. The next thing I knew there was a stream of light coming into the window over the bed. I looked up and let my hand go down to my piss hard on. I stretched with my other arm. As I came out of my stretch I opened my eyes and at the doorway was Jake. His painter shorts were wide open with the zipper all the way down just hanging off his hips and his arms were over his head on the door jamb. He had a smirk on his face that looked like he just swallowed the canary. “Good Morning little bro. How’d you sleep?” he said as his right hand caressed his chest then his stomach then went down into his pants and stayed there. He actually looked like a guy getting horned up. I then realized that I was stark naked with a massive morning wood. I thought about covering up real quick but then thought what the fuck. “It was good Jake. You on your way out man?” I tried to act casual. “Yeah I am. I left some spare keys to the place on the table and there’s plenty of food. The beach is ten blocks down the street man so I’m sure you’ll keep yourself occupied.” he said as he turned. I noticed he had on work boots also. He grabbed a shirt off the chair and turned back around. “I’m gonna make an early day of it bud. Be back around 1 o’clock. Try to be here then and we’ll fuck off together doing something, alright man?” “Sure Jake, sounds good.” I started getting out of bed. “You better take care of that wood first bud.” Jake grinned as he went out the door of the trailer. I was shocked. No one ever was that open with me. But who was I to argue. The dude was hot and standing in the doorway like that made me hotter than I have been in a while. That arm over his head with the tat on it and his sexy grin. Fuck he was hot. And his scent man, I could smell him across the room. Fucking hot! I started jacking right away. I was getting off on my own pit, sniffing and licking it, and jacking at the same time. All of a sudden I heard: “Sorry Cole, if I could interrupt…” I opened my eyes and Jake was back at the door. I didn’t know what to do. “Err…sorry dude. I just wanted you gaziantep escort to know that the window in your truck was still down. I didn’t know if you had anything valuable in there. Sorry again, carry on…” he grinned again as he turned. And I could swear I saw his cock sticking out of his zipper like it had gotten hard or something. My cock had deflated a bit but then I was even hornier by getting caught. I did carry on and it was one of the hottest jack off sessions I’ve ever had. I came in spasms thinking about that evil grin of Jake’s as he stood in my doorway and the possibilities it held. After Jake left and I relieved my throbbing cock; I wiped myself off and threw on some board shorts and headed to the beach. Not much for breakfast or coffee really I just needed a bottle of water `til lunch time. I spent the morning pretty much alone. It was Monday morning after all; not much happening at the beach except for a few old men walking about. I hit a drive-thru on the way back to the trailer and had a couple of burgers and a coke. It was about 12:45 by the time I pulled up to the trailer again. I went in, dropped my shorts and lay down a bit before Jake got home. I felt like I had only dozed off for about a minute before I heard the door to the trailer slam. “Cole?” I heard as I came out of my slumber. I stretched and replied, “In here Jake”. I was laying basically the same way I was when he left; naked on top of the covers with a piss hard on. “Damn boy, did you ever move after I left?” Jake said with a chuckle. He seemed to be eyeing my cock too but I figured I was imagining things. “Sure I did Jake. Went to the beach then hit Micky D’s on the way back. I just got back a few minutes ago…” I said as I looked at the clock which read 1:45, “er…well and hour ago. Damn I slept longer than I thought!” I looked up at Jake and noticed for the first time that he was basically dressed the same way he left; his painter shorts and his boots. I wondered if he ever put on his shirt. There was plaster or paint on his shoulders. “Well I’m gonna rinse off bud then we make a plan.” Jake said as he turned towards the bathroom and entered it. I heard his boots hit the floor and the shower turn on. He was in and out of there in less than 5 minutes. I barely had time to roll out of bed and put my shorts back on. Jake passed by bare-assed with wet hair on his way to his room. “I’ll grab a pair of shorts then we’ll head to the beach or something.” I got up and went out to the deck. I sat down and starred off into space. Jake came out of the trailer with his same board shorts he had on the night before. They hung off his hard bubble ass real nice and his pubes were sticking out the top. It was all he bothered to put on, the same as me. “What you feel like doing bud?” Jake asked as he sat down. “Hell Jake, I don’t care. We could just hang if you like; I’ve been to the beach already today. If you want to go that’s cool but I could really just hang.” I stretched my arms over my head and caught a nice ripe scent. I hadn’t showered since I left home. Wonder if it bothers Jake… “Sounds good to me buddy. We got beer and we got steaks. How about the plan is that that’s the plan? Steaks and beer…?” Jake grinned from ear to ear. It seems he wasn’t too keen on going anywhere either. “We could just hang out and get to know each other. Sal may stop by again also. He’s like my best friend so you’ll see a lot of him.” “Does he work with you Jake?” I asked. “No bud. Sal’s a mechanic; owns his own shop out by the beach down south a little ways. He has a couple guys working for him like I do in my business, but it’s a small garage; mostly a neighborhood type place. He actually lives in the apartment above; he inherited the place from his old man. He has no brothers or sisters so he got the whole business. He comes over after he shuts the place up around 4 pm most nights. Sometimes he showers here too. Hope you don’t mind.” “Hey Jake, I’m the guest, this is your place. I don’t mind anything man. I’m fine.” I wanted to ensure him that I knew I was the extra person on board and I would behave as such. Jake got up and brought back a couple of beers and handed me one. “Well Cole, it’s our place now. I appreciate what you’re saying, but I would like you to enjoy living here as well. But thank you for saying it. While we’re on the subject about living arrangements I should tell you that not only do I live like a pig but I may act like one too; I’m not shy or modest. If you have a thing about nudity or anything, voice it now and I will try to act appropriately. But otherwise I don’t have many clothes nor do I need many clothes. Some work clothes and then the necessities and that’s about it. I’m used to living alone and am bare-assed most of my home time. But I’ll try to clean that up.” I took a strong pull of the beer and took in what he was saying. I must have looked upset or something because then he said, “I didn’t mean to freak you out or nothing Cole..” “No Jake you didn’t freak me out. I was just thinking about how different you are from Dad and how much you and I are alike.” I grinned. Jake lifted his eye brows and smiled also. “Yeah, I kinda figured you got more my DNA than you did your old man’s. I don’t know how that happened but hell. We’ll just go with it. So nudity or nothing bothers you bud?” “Not really Jake. First of all I’m an ex-jock; spent more time in locker rooms than anywhere else so you ain’t got nothing I haven’t seen before. As for the living like a pig, you ain’t got nothing on me. I’m sure Dad has had my room fumigated by now. He always did wonder if I was conducting some sort of scientific experiment in there. You know, how long will stink stay in clothes while they sit on the floor, or maybe how long it will take a half eaten pizza to grow legs and walk itself to the trash. And Dad wasn’t real keen on my personal hygiene either. I refuse to wear deodorants because I know they must fuck up your body somehow. Besides I kinda like my stink.” “Shit Cole. We do think alike; calls for another brew!” Jake got up and his shorts were riding so low his ass crack was half shown and the only thing holding up those shorts was his cock. He brought back two more beers and sat back down. While he was getting the beers I looked around and noticed that you could see the driveway from the deck, but you really couldn’t see out into the street. There was some sort of hedge like bush growing in the front of the trailer and along the side. It was actually pretty private. The neighbor was also more at an angle to Jake’s trailer since it was a cul de sac, which afforded even more privacy. I wondered why I never noticed that before. “So this is pretty private for a trailer park ain’t it Jake?” I asked. “Yeah Cole, I picked this spot as soon as I saw it. I couldn’t believe how private it was. I lucked out. The way I live I didn’t really want to be right up next to anyone. I’m still real close to the neighbor on this side of the trailer, but they can’t see over here unless they were really trying to see.” As Jake finished talking a truck pulled into the drive behind Jake’s truck, which was behind my truck. The driveway was full. The door opened and Sal jumped out. He was wearing a mechanic’s coverall, but it was zipped open all the way down to his pubes. His sleeves were cut off at the shoulder. Damn the dude looked fucking hot. He had just a bit of grease on his face and a little more on his arms. “Hey Sal, what you doing here so early bud?” Jake yelled out. “Fuck man, Jerry pissed me off. I told him to close up I needed a beer. I was hoping you guys were here otherwise I would have had to go to a fucking bar. Excuse my language Cole.” he said as he headed up the deck. “No harm man…” I replied. “Thanks. I’m just wound up man. Jake you got some shorts dude. I took off without anything….” Sal said as Jake handed him a brew. “Funny, we were just discussing dress codes just before you came…but I’ll get you some shorts anyway.” Jake chuckled. “Huh? What’d I miss?” Sal asked. “I’ll explain it later bud. Come and get the shorts man.” Jake lead Sal into the trailer and they both came back a few minutes later. Sal had on the same silky type shorts he had on last night. Funny, I thought he left with those on…strange. His package looked as good as it did last night as well. There was a meal in those shorts. I felt my cock get some blood in it, but I tried to think of something else. “So why don’t you guys fill me in on what I missed…” Sal said. Jake just sort of smiled and me and shrugged his shoulders…”Do you mind Cole?” I didn’t mind what he told him as long as the chances were that he might get naked here too! “I got nothing to hide Jake…” Well, Jake never did repeat our conversation to Sal. He went on to actually find out why Sal was so pissed off at Jerry, one of Sal’s long time employees, and Sal responded; “The stupid ass took old man Smither’s Mercedes for a joy ride. He said he was just going to go around the block to test the brakes. He didn’t come back for a half an hour. I didn’t know what to think. He actually just had gone two blocks over to show the car to his brother in law, which would have been fine, if he just told me! He knows I’m pissed and tried to apologize. He thought it was all pretty innocent, which it probably was, but I don’t like the guys fucking around with customer’s cars.” Sal was red faced by the time he finished. “I don’t blame you buddy. What you gonna do?” Jake asked. “Well, right now, I am going to cool off and enjoy my evening with my buddy and his family. After that…I’ll decide in the morning.” Sal took a long pull at his long neck and settled back into his lawn chair. We all drank and talked then about 7 pm Jake put steaks on the grill. There was a bag of chips passed around for starch and that was about it. It was great. We all pissed off the deck and were all very much at ease with each other. But by about 9 pm I couldn’t stay awake any longer. I told Jake I had to hit it man. I was gone. He said that he would probably be right behind me after he makes sure Sal is alright. I bid my good night to Sal and Sal stood up and gave me a big old bear hug. I was taken a back a bit, but just put it up to the big old lug being a bit shit faced. I entered my room, dropped my shorts and was out before I even hit the pillow. I awoke to a strange noise coming from the screen door off the deck. I looked at the clock by my bed and saw it was about 10:30. My head was a bit fuzzy from all the beer but I could swear I heard some sort of moaning. I thought maybe a dog or something was outside but I was surprised that Jake didn’t close the door before he went to bed. I figured I’d check it out then get a glass of water and head back to bed. I headed towards the door quietly because if it was an animal I wanted to see what it was before I scared it off. I got to the door and peeked out. I saw Sal, with his hands behind his head, still on the lawn chair he was on when I went to bed with about a half a dozen more beer bottles around him and Jake on his knees in front of him. Jake seemed to be licking Sal’s pit and massaging his groin. They both still had their shorts on, but both of them had massive erections. “Oh fuck yeah Jake buddy…oh man…clean me good fucker…I need this, you…” Sal was moaning; so much for the animal theory. “Just remember Cole is in there buddy. Try to keep the noise down,” Jake said as he lifted himself off Sal for a moment. Then he went right back to the pit man. He licked and sucked on Sal’s left pit then dragged his tongue down Sal’s chest and stomach and then back up to his pit again. “Shit bro, I don’t think you have to worry about your nephew man. I caught him checking us both out more times than not…hmmmmmm…yeah right there dude…fuccccck…” “Yeah I know man. And he’s a hot little fucker himself. But it’s under his terms dude. Let him find his own way. Now…get on the deck fucker…I want to clean that fuckin’ ass for you dude.” Jake backed off and dropped his shorts while Sal did the same and then got on the deck. Sal was on all fours with his head resting on the deck and Jake dove in. “Yeah, fuck…ohhh. That’s it buddy, eat my shit hole man. My fucking ripe…shit…hole…ah fuck. It’s fucking nasty for you man. Jerry fucked me before he took the joy ride man…he came in my ass…I held it for you fucker…” As soon as he said that Jake became an animal he was trying to stick his whole head up Sal’s ass. He was trying to reach his tongue all the way up Sal’s chute and clamping on his lips and sucking away. I was standing there, not moving, my cock leaking like it never had before. I looked down and saw a small puddle of precum on the threshold of the door. “Oh fuck yeah buddy, get Jerry’s cum man…you want that black fucker’s batter don’t ya. Makes you hot knowing I took that fuckin’ foot long stick man…hmmmmmm…fucking don’t it….budd….ddy. Oh fuck yeah… You…gonna stick…it in tooooo, ahhhhh fuck…” With that Jake sat up and thrust his cock into his buddy’s ass. He went in all at once not waiting to ensure that Sal was comfortable. In fact it seemed that that’s what Sal wanted. “OHHHH FUCKKK! God Damn Jake you fucker, fuck yeah man…drive it fucking up there….don’t hesitate man….fuck me…fuck me man…hard!” Jake didn’t really need the encouragement. By this time my hand had found my cock and I was jerking off not caring if I got caught watching or not. Jake was raping the hell out of Sal and it was hot. It didn’t take long before they both came together. It was obvious they had done this before, they seemed so in tune, knowing what the other one wanted. Jake grabbed Sal’s hips for one final thrust and yelled out, forgetting his warnings to Sal earlier, and collapsed onto Sal’s back. As Jake yelled out Sal’s own cock erupted all over the deck. I was so caught up I didn’t realize that I had cum all over the inside moulding of the door. “You fucker man…that was fucking hot!” Sal said finally. “You fucking went nuts!” “Telling me Jerry had a piece of you kinda worked didn’t it?” Jake said with a chuckle. “Yeah, and he did cum up my ass. But he can’t fuck ass good as you man. Even with an extra four inches. Think we were too noisy man. Hmmm…?” Sal said as Jake slipped out of his ass and feel on his back to the deck. “Well yeah, we were noisy, but the kid had quite a few beers; probably slept right through it. But it kinda added to it thinking we could get caught by him, didn’t it?” Jake said as he tried to catch his breath. “Fuck yeah it did. Hey let’s get to sleep so I can get out of here early enough so he doesn’t know I stayed the night again man.” “Alright dude, but hold that fucking cum in your ass till we get into bed. I’m gonna want a midnight snack. Let’s pick up our shorts and hit it man.” Jake said. “You’re a fucking pig man. I guess that’s what keeps me coming back.” Sal laughed. “You better keep coming back buddy.” I high tailed it into my bed before they reached the door without making a sound. I heard them each take a piss, then get into Jake’s bed. I was so horned up still I was wide awake. Within a few minutes I heard slurping noises. Jake was true to his word and taking care of Sal’s ass again. Sal was moaning. Then after a few minutes I heard some light snoring. That’s when I beat off again; fucking hot man. If that’s the scene I’m going to wake up to around here I fucking love it man. I only hope it doesn’t take too long for me to get caught watching…that was my last thought before I shot my load all over my stomach, then fell asleep with my cum still warm and wet dripping on to my sheets… Once again I awoke to the sun coming in the window over my bed. My first thought was that I needed to get a shade, curtain or something for it. My head was foggy and I had a bit of a headache. As I came to I started to remember the scene last night on the deck. I laid there trying to decide whether it was a hot dream or if it was for real. I looked at the clock. 6:15 am. Jake should be leaving soon. Funny I didn’t hear anything. Then, just as I was thinking that Jake may have left already, I heard muffled voices coming from the next room. “Oh fuck man, that’s how you wake me up, by sticking your cock in me? Fuuuuuck man…” It was Sal. Fuck, they were at it again. I guess that lies to rest the question of whether it was a dream or not. “Hmmmm, of man, Jakeee! That feels good bro. Ah man”. Sal was getting louder. “Don’t wake up Cole man. Let’s not throw everything in his face the first few days he’s here man.” Jake whispered. If only he knew I knew and liked what was going on. “Then don’t fuck me so,…fuckin deep suriyeli escort man….oh fuck.” “Sorry man. Your ass is so fucking hot dude. You know I like to go deep.” Jake replied softly. “Yea, well you know you may get a surprise if you go too deep man….hmmmm, augh, oh….” “Yea, like that’s gonna stop me. Damn you’re turning me on more. Fucking love your ass man.” The bed started squeaking as Jake got more into it. I heard the headboard hit against the wall a couple of times. “I’m gonna breed your ass bud, you fucking ready?” “Fucking do it man…fuck….oh fuck…..” “Here it comes buddy, ohhhh fuck oh….man!…aahhhhh ahhhhh oh yea, fuck! man.” Jake was obviously finished. Soon after you could tell Sal spilled his nut too. Then it was obvious that they were kissing real sloppy like. The whole time I was jacking, smelling my pit and playing with my hole. I was stinky an I loved it. I was on top of the sheets and after about 3 minutes I finally came, but quietly. I didn’t want them to know quite yet that I was on to them. “Fuck Jake. I gotta get to the garage by 7 dude; the only thing they can open is the garage doors.” “Then grab a quick shower and get going dude.” Jake said as he got up. “Nah man, it’s too late. I’m gonna just put my coveralls back on and get going. I’ll shit you out later…” Sal chuckled. “Aborting my baby again man…that sucks. Hold it in for as long as you can man.” “Shit you know it baby. I’ll try to get it to soak in. That is unless you got my bowels going…Then I have no choice.” Sal said as he went out the door and a few seconds later I heard his truck start and then he was gone. I heard Jake fumbling around in his room, probably getting ready to go. I didn’t hear the shower or nothing. I had whipped my cum off on a tee shirt by the bed and was ready to nod off again when I heard a throat clear at my door. “Hey Cole, dude wake up.” It was Jake of course. I opened my eyes and he was standing there naked with his cock still half hard. I felt stirring in my cock as well. “There you are. Bright eyed and bushy tailed,” Jake chuckled. “So far I wouldn’t go man…what’s up?” I asked. “I’m gonna hit the road man. Get an early start. This way I’ll probably be home about the same time I was yesterday man. If you clean up a bit around here today we can fuck off again when I get home. Otherwise I’ll have to do it and we won’t be able to do much man.” “No Jake, I’ll do it man. Shit, it’s my mess too now. I got nothing else going on anyway.” “Cool bud. I’m gonna go then. Anything you need man? You got my cell number on the fridge so don’t hesitate Cole.” He had his shorts and tee in his hand and I just then noticed he already had his boots on. He saw me look down and then said, “I know bud, your uncle ain’t too house broke. I’ll put my shorts on in the truck. For some reason my crotch is way sweaty this morning…” Yea, we all know why that is. “And unless you’re going to leave Cole I wouldn’t bother putting anything on yourself. You might as well get used to it. No one can see up on the deck unless they’re in the driveway so don’t even worry about the going out there.” “Alright Jake, I’ll try to remember that…” I laughed. “Later bud….” and Jake was off. I got up and got some water to drink and looked around. The place was a sty. I put on the tube and listen to the morning shows while I worked. I found trash bags and filled three of them. I found an old vacuum and did every room. I dusted, vacuumed, cleaned and put away dishes. It was a single wide trailer so it wasn’t too hard. By the time noon came around the place looked about as clean as mom’s house. Just older and more used. The bathroom was really gross but I remember mom saying that bleach kills anything. So I poured a lot of bleach in that bathroom. By 1:00 pm I was starving. I took a look in the fridge; some beer and not much else. I threw on some shorts and headed for a drive-thru. I pulled back in the drive way about two and saw that Jake was already back. He was on the deck still in his boots and shorts. “Hey Jake, what you doing?” “Well I’ll tell you Cole. I was sitting here deciding if this was really my house or not. What the fuck got into you. I said clean up some not raise my standard of living!” Jake was chuckling away. “Did you hire a team of maids or something?” “So I gather it’s acceptable?” I was grinning. “Boy, it’s beyond acceptable. Now let’s mess it up some so I feel at home; just kidding. Come here.” Jake took me in his arms and gave me a big old bear hug just like the first night I pulled up here. I felt stirring again and if he didn’t let me go soon he was going to feel it too. But damn he smelt good–all man. Jake backed up a little but didn’t let me go. “Cole, you like being here?” He had a serious look on his face. “Well, it’s only been a couple days but, yeah, I like being here. Why, you want to get rid of me already?” “Hell no boy; I didn’t know you could clean like that. Besides, I like having family around. Especially family that’s not grossed out by me.” “What could you do that could gross me out Jake? I haven’t seen it yet.” Knowing that he didn’t know how much I have seen. “Well stick around Cole. It could all go down hill from here.” Our eyes were still fixed on each other and our midsections were still touching. His arms were still around me. It all felt surreal. He started rubbing my back then pulled me close again. “Yeah, we get along just fine. I love having you here Cole. I hope you enjoy your stay here as much as I enjoy having you.” Then he let go and I was rock hard. I knew he must have felt it. I quickly sat in a chair on the deck and tried to compose myself. Jake was turning in the house. “It’s beer time bud. You ready?” Hell yes I was ready, ready for anything but I guess beer would have to do. I heard a car pull up and looked out to the driveway and saw Sal’s truck. He hoped out and looked up. “Hey Cole, where’s you dip shit Uncle?” Just then Jake came out with a couple of beers, “Who you calling dip shit, dip shit?” “Hey bud, just you is all,” Sal laughed. “Well dip shit, give me the keys to your truck. I’ll trade you this beer for them. We only have three beers left and that ain’t gonna do for this crowd.” “Sure man. Want company?” Sal said as he gave Jake his keys and accepted the beer. “Nah, keep Cole company. I won’t be but 20 minutes.” And like that Jake was off. Sal sat down across from me still in his coveralls looking fucking hot. He took a couple of pulls from his beer then looked at me real serious. “You know don’t you?” he asked very bluntly. “I know what…?” I was nervous. I didn’t know if he was mad or what. “Come on Cole. I saw you out of the corner of my eye last night when Jake and I were still on the deck. You were at the screen door jacking off. It was hot. But Jake doesn’t know you were there.” Sal was smiling. So he wasn’t pissed, that was good. “Well…er…” I didn’t know what to say. “You liked it too didn’t you? I knew you were like us man.” Sal said as he then licked his bottom lip waiting for my response. He sat there looking so sure of himself. His brown skin covered in sweat and a little grease here and there. The masculine scent coming off him was a wet dream in itself. He just kept staring into me with his dark brown eyes waiting for a response, not backing down, with a sense of urgency. I stammered for a minute. I was nervous as hell yet I didn’t know why. What difference did it make if Sal knew that I was into guys, after all, I witnessed some fucking hot stuff between him and my Uncle and I had only been here three days. I looked down for a moment to cut his gaze. But I found my eyes went to his zipper on his coveralls and followed it down to the top of his trimmed pubes. The fucker seemed never to zip up those damn things. You never quite saw his cock but it was like he was daring you to try to see it. “Sal, err, I didn’t….I mean, I didn’t know you saw me man…?” I gave in. “Oh yea dude, I saw you, and it got me hotter knowing that my buddies stud nephew was catching us in the act. But I never told your Uncle. I’m leaving it up to you to let him know, when you’re ready, understand?” Sal’s face was still determined; for what I didn’t know. “I appreciate that Sal. I don’t know if I’m ready yet.” “Well little buddy it’s not a problem but, I’ll tell you what, whatever you want me to do to help you prepare for your coming out with your Uncle you let me know man. You’re a cool kid and hot as hell. I sure you got about the same equipment as your Uncle does too. So whatever it is buddy you tell me and Sal will make it happen.” Now with a devilish grin Sal’s mood lightened and he was almost flirting with me. That last comment got me thinking though. What would I like more than anything right now without having to out myself just yet. A light bulb went off in my head. I just didn’t know if Sal would go for it. “Okay Sal, there is one thing that you could do for me right now with out me having to out myself to Jake.” My confidence slowly was rising out of nowhere. “What is it man?” Sal asked, licking his lips, those big pouty lips, again. “If you take his load again tonight make believe you fell asleep so he won’t eat you out. Then after he falls asleep come to my room and squat on my face.” I said with my voice cracking and shaky. A big old grin came over Sal’s face. He almost chuckled. “Boy, I knew you were queer like us but I had no idea you were as piggy as us. Fuck man. You got me hard now.” And I looked down and sure enough that uncut slab of meat was sticking out of his zipper. “Care to take a quick taste before Jake gets home man?” I was on my knees faster than he had time to finish the question. Just as I got my mouth around his knob we heard Sal’s truck coming towards the driveway. I was in my chair again before he was parked and crossing my legs to hide my erection. Sal was adjusting himself back into his zipper and even pulled the zipper up about two inches to hide what he could. “Beers here!” yelled Jake from the driveway. He was still just in his painter’s shorts and boots. I don’t remember seeing him in a shirt yet. And damn did he look sexy bedding over the bed of the truck to get the beer out of it. He also had two bags of ice with him. “Hey Cole, get that cooler from under the deck. I figured we’ll just ice them down tonight so we won’t have to go inside too much. Lazy I know but what the fuck.” Jake laughed. “Sure Jake.” I went down the steps and reached under to get an old but still very usable ice chest and brought it up to the deck. I hosed it off real fast to clean it up some. “Thanks Cole. After I dump the beer and ice in there put a little water in there too so it gets the beer nice and cold quick.” After doing the choir we both sat down and all three of us opened up cold ones. The subjects ranged from work to play and the time passed quickly. We had foregone any food and just drank the evening away. Every now and then when Jake was looking I would get “knowing” glances from Sal. It was as if he was saying, ‘I haven’t forgotten what you wanted’. At about nine I was pretty buzzed. I told them I was going to bed. By this time Sal was all the way unzipped and he had taken his arms out of his coveralls and they were hanging around his hips. Jake had taken off his boots and socks and had the top of his shorts unbuttoned and unzipped. I was still just in my board shorts but let them fall off me as I went into the trailer and headed towards my room giving Sal full view. Jake had his back to the door. I, of course, wasn’t ready for sleep nor was I drunk. I was buzzed but it seemed that no matter how much beer I downed I could not get drunk because of the anticipation of what was going to happen. Jake and Sal were still chit chatting for about twenty minutes. Then I heard Sal say, “Damn, thank goodness, my balls were sweating.” “You could have dropped those a long time ago man. Cole knows that we go bare-ass around here. Well he knows I do anyway.” Jake said. “Exactly man, he knows you do, not your friends. Besides, it’s only been a few days, let the kid settle in. I like him. He’s a good kid. In fact the days you don’t need him he could work at the garage too. I go things around there to do, especially in the office. None of the guys like the office work.” Sal replied. “I don’t know if I should let my nephew into that den of delinquents. God knows what sort of shape he’ll come home in.” “Like you haven’t fucked all your guys man. How much work do you guys get done anyway with those dudes wanting your cock up there ass all the time man?” Sal was laughing. “It’s not all the time man. It’s only at lunch. The guys know that with hard work comes hard play when deserved. And besides, with Cole around, I already told the guys to keep it on the down low if you get my drift. So those activities came to a halt last week.” “No wonder you’ve been going so deep on me man. You’re not getting your lunch time nut.” Sal’s voice went deeper and sexier. “Yeah, and I need a encore of last night man. You willing?” I heard Jake getting up and heard his shorts hit the deck. “Fuck yea bro, but eat my ass first dude, get me lubed up….” “You got it fucker, get down on the deck…” I heard their movements and then the obvious sound of Jake eating out Sal, “Fuck man, you taste fucking good and rank man, sweaty and you recently took a dump man, fucking hot…” “Yeah man, pinched one off just before I left the garage, you like that man, I won’t wipe next time. Aughhhh….fuck yeah that’s nice man. Now fucking stick it in. I didn’t have a lunch time fuck either dude. I need it bad….Ohhhh fuckk…yeah that’s it man, oh, okay….just plow it in….ohhhhhh fuck man oh fuck…wait…okay, okay….no now…..ohhhhhhh yeah man….no fuck me man …like you did last night man…..oh ouch….fuck….fuck…..oh fuck….” Sal was getting loader and loader. I was wondering if the neighbors heard. Jake was grunting too, but he was not as loud tonight, seems more intense, like he had a job to do. Sal was moaning now. It was not long before it was over. I heard them both come then Jake pulled out. “Fuck bro, I gotta get some sleep… Come on man.” I heard Sal say. “Yeah I bushed too. Maybe a quickie in the morning before you leave…” “You got it man.” I heard them both go to bed and then I heard nothing else for a while. Then I heard snoring. All of a sudden Sal was at my door naked. He put his finger to his lips then stood up on my bed with his back facing my face. He lowered his ass down on my face and moved it around till he felt my tongue go in. He was ripe and tasted of sex. As I became familiar with his hole he found my cock and started sucking on it quietly. We still heard Jake snoring in the next room. I sucked and tongued his ass till I felt the tiny droplets of cum start to pop out. Then before I knew it I was eating my Uncle warm cum out of his ass. The excitement made me go over the edge and I exploded into Sal’s mouth and he hungrily swallowed all of it. He then got off my face and brought his face up to mine and kissed me deep then whispered into my ear, “I love tasting my ass on a stud’s mouth. Do you gotta piss man?” I shook my head yes. “When I put my mouth on it let it go man. I’ll fucking be your urinal tonight.” I was shocked, but so turned on. Sal positioned his mouth on my half hard cock again and started sucking. In no time my full bladder released and he drank it all without spilling a drop. After I was done and he cleaned my cock he came back up and whispered again, “One of the benefits of working at my garage, you can use the boss as a urinal and cum dump. All my guys do. You can work with me anytime. Good night stud.” And with that he was off my bed and joining my still snoring Uncle in his bed. I heard my Uncle stir for a moment, but only a moment, then his snoring went back to normal. I was hard as a rock again and I jacked off again before I fell asleep. I was out as my cock unloaded and I left my cum to dry on my stomach. There was that sun again in the window above my head. I had to remember to get some shades man. I was still half asleep thinking this when I heard Jake at my door again. I woke up with a bit of a start then groaned, “What’s up Jake” He was standing there bare ass again in his work boots. Half hard and all just like every other morning. And he had a grin from ear to ear. “Damn boy, you sure jack off a lot. You got dried cum all over you.” he was chuckling away. “Yeah, damn teenagers, got nothing better to do with their time, right?” I laughed too. I was becoming real comfortable with myself and my nudity in such a short time. “Yeah well, what cha gonna do?” as rus escort Jake rubbed his stomach I saw some growth in his cock. It was like it was turning him on looking at me the way I was on the bed. “Anyway bud, I got to ask you something. I’m not going to need you till we start a bigger job in about a week or two. Sal said he needs some help around the garage though if you’re interested. If not I’ll find something for you to do but it would help me out and Sal out at the same time. He said something about office work but I don’t know if they really do office work there.” Jake was laughing. “Hmm, well actually Jake I took Vo-tech in High School for four years; all automotive repair. I was going to use it to fall back on when I decided that I probably didn’t want to go to college. But that was not going to happen till I got the nerve up to tell Dad.” I told him as I watched his cock. “Really? So you are basically a mechanic?” Jake asked surprised. “No, I’m not certified or nothing but I could be given some time. I always been more interested in turning a wrench then reading a book.” “Well shit. I bet Sal would like to hear that. He really likes you. And I know what you mean about your Dad. He still gives me shit about not finishing college. But we’re not all built like him. I’ll tell you what. I’ll call Sal on the way to work and tell him to call your cell phone, ok?” Jake actually seemed relieved. He probably didn’t have enough work to really employ me. “Sounds good to me Jake, I can still live here if I work for Sal though right?” “Hell yeah bud, I wouldn’t want you to leave for anything; I like having your stinky self around.” He made a crunched nose face and made sniffing sounds. “And it’s getting kinda ripe in here. This room was always so clean smelling before…” He was laughing. “Go on get to work man…I’ll wait for Sal to call. Then maybe we can celebrate tonight if it all works out.” I was grinning. I knew what kind of celebrating I wanted to do. “Shit man. I never drink this much beer before you came. Okay, that’s a lie,” he laughed, “But really, we will need to lighten up some so I can get back to the gym once in a while. But for tonight and this weekend we will do ourselves a fine time by drinking up a storm. See ya bud.” Jake turned and was leaving out the door. I got up real quick to watch and see if he actually gets into his truck bare-ass. I got to the window in time to see those perfect mounds of flesh on his ass climb into the cab of the truck still naked. I wondered how long he stayed that way. I walked over to the kitchen and drank about a gallon of water. By the time I was done with that my cell phone was going off. “Hello?” I answered. “You didn’t tell me you were a fucking wrench head fucker!” It was Sal. “You didn’t ask cock breath” I laughed. “You got a point. But I was too fucking distracted by the fact that you are a fucking young hunk and trying to keep my cock down in front of you all the time. Anyway man, fuck the office work. It’s just Jerry, Rick and I now. I’ve been wanting to hire another dude here. I just had to find one that could put up with sexual harassment. You game man?” “Sexual harassment huh? Is that from the boss or the other employees?” “Both, but No means No around here. So don’t be too scared. But we rarely get any no’s” Sal was laughing. “Jake told you I’m not certified right? I mean they really teach the basics the first couple years and then it’s all over the place after that. I’m not really specialized in anything.” I wanted Sal to know what he was in for. “Fuck man, you got more instruction than I ever got. My old man taught me everything. I got certified on my own man and we can get you there too. So don’t worry about it. Besides we have enough oil changes and tire rotations to keep you busy for a year. What do you say man? I pay better than Jake does! Not that I’m trying to steal you away from your Uncle but this would be perfect man. And I already know what a pig you are, come on man, what do you say?” “Well shit, you don’t have to beg man.” I was cracking up on him, “Yes already. When you want me to start?” “Get that hot ass down here now. You can meet the guys and I’ll show you around then you can start officially Monday. That gives you another four days off then your sweet ass is mine. Deal?” I was laughing again and playing with my cock too. For some reason it had become hard during the conversation. “Deal bud. Do I need to dress up like it’s an interview or can I dress like normal?” “Normal meaning your board shorts and flips? Yeah that will do. We only wear shirts when OSHA shows up. But wear a shirt if you’re shy. Let’s see, it’s 8:00 am now, can you get here by like 10:30 dude?” “Yeah I can do that. How do I get there man?” I asked. Sal finished up the call by giving me directions to the garage and I thanked him for the job. He said there was no thanks necessary. It actually helped him out. And I guess it helps Jake out too since he didn’t really need me after all. I guess he was doing Dad more of a favor. I took a quick rinse in the shower and put on a clean pair of board shorts and a wife beater. The shirt was tight and rode up on my stomach a bit so I still had some flesh showing. My board shorts rode down my ass a bit so a little crack was showing. After the sex last night I felt fucking sexy and I wanted to show it. At about 9:30 I started towards the garage. I wanted to find it first then get a bite to eat. I rolled past the garage 15 minutes later than drove on down to a Sonic down the street. I got some food in me then headed back to the garage. I got there at 10:15. It was small. It looked like an old style gas station that no longer sold gas. There were three bays and an office off to the left. The windows in the office were painted over so you couldn’t see in. There were a lot of cars in the lot and all three bays were filled. As I got out of my truck and started walking towards the garage I saw a big black man working under a sedan. He had on grey work pants and a tan work shirt open to the belt. His sleeves were rolled up tight against his pits. He was a walking wet dream. All muscle and smooth. He had a shaved head and a short goatee. His pants were very well filled out. I didn’t see anyone else around so I started walking towards him. He looked out and said, “Can I help you?” “Yeah, err, I’m Cole, Sal said to meet him here about 10:30″ I stammered while I took this dude in. He must have been 6’4”. “Oh Cole, Jake’s nephew, right? Sal said you were a looker, but he didn’t do you justice boy. I’m Jerry” He held out his hand after wiping it with a rag. I took his hand and shook it; firm grip, rough hands, and a hell of a smile. I felt electricity run through me from him. “Thanks Jerry, but Sal must be a little blind, I ain’t all that.” “Take it from me boy, you are a stud, and I don’t give that compliment lightly. Now let me go find Sal.” Jerry gave me an evil grin and a wink before he set off. He walked off to the entrance to the office. He was back with Sal in a couple minutes. Sal was wearing his usual uniform. Coveralls, no sleeves and zipped down all the way. “You ever zip those up Sal?” I asked. “Only when a customer pulls in bud; the bell goes off and I pull up the zipper, otherwise, NO!” He laughed as he gave me a big old bear hug. “So I guess you already met Jerry. Don’t worry about him, he’s harmless. Let’s go to the office. Rick is in there.” Sal turned and I followed him in. The man sitting down next to the desk seemed to be of mixed ethnicity, Cuban or something with possibly Caucasian. He stood up as we walked in. He was about 5’8″ or so and very muscular. He wore a tank top that was very tight and then grey work pants like Jerry. I couldn’t help notice that his bubble butt was almost twice the size of mine. And his arms were enormous. His skin was very light tan. Sal looked dark next to him. His skin was also smooth without a blemish anywhere. He had a very masculine yet beautiful face; perfect smile also. His hair was dark and medium length parted in the middle, and dark brown eyes. And then there was his scent; clean, masculine, a bit of the day’s musk in the air. I was so taken by him that I barely heard Sal introduce us. “Earth to Cole, Earth to Cole. Where did you go man?” Sal was laughing. “Oh sorry, err, I don’t know, I mean, What?” I tried to recover. “This is Rick, Cole. He is our junior mechanic. Well he was. You get that spot now. I guess Rick moves up a spot.” Sal said. “Cool, Hi Rick.” I shook his hand and he smiled at me like he could see right though me. “Okay boys, now that the introductions are over. Cole, hello; this way.” I let go of Rick’s hand and tried to turn my attention to Sal. “Fill out the stuff in the folder on the desk and I’ll drop it off at my accountants on the way to your place tonight. After that come out to the garage and we’ll all break for lunch. Get to know each other. Okay?” “Yeah, sure Sal, thanks.” I started looking at the forms but then looked up to watch Sal then Rick walk out of the office. The dude was perfect. I shook myself out of my trance with Rick and went back to the paperwork. It took about twenty minutes to fill out everything. Sal was even providing health insurance. I couldn’t believe it. I put everything back in the folder and left it on the desk. I looked up and saw a door behind the desk I hadn’t noticed before. I wondered if it was a bathroom or something. I walked out to the garage and each of the guys was working on a separate vehicle. Jerry was still under the sedan. Sal was changing the breaks on a late model Silverado and Rick, hunk fucking Rick, was doing something to some car, but who cares. Look how he’s doing it. He had taken off his tank top and was getting grease and sweat all over him. I just wanted to lick him up. “Hey Cole, you finished bud” Sal saw me. “Yeah all done Sal. That it or is there anything else you wanted me to do?” “Why don’t you stick around and have lunch with us man. We’ll go get something down the street eventually. We usually sit around a bull shit first. We close from 11:00 till 1:00 every day. It’s basically eleven now, cool?” “Sure, I got nothing else to do till Jake gets home anyway.” “Good. We have a recreation room behind the office. Go ahead and watch TV or something. We’ll be right in.” So that’s where that door went. “Okay,” I went back in the office and opened the door to the Rec room. I was shocked. It was carpeted and there were two leather sofas and a LCD TV up on the wall. In the back of the room was a sliding glass door that went out onto a deck. The deck had what had to be 8 foot fence around it. There were two benches and some plants and stuff there and a circular staircase to the second floor. Inside the rec room there was also a refrigerator, microwave and sink. I open the fridge and saw sodas, water and beer. I then walked to the couch and grabbed the remote. They had cable! I channel surfed for a while. All of a sudden I heard the three garage doors come down and the office door open up. All three guys walked in and went to the fridge. “I’m gonna give the guys the afternoon off so you want a beer Cole?” “Sure Sal, that’d be great. This happen often?” “Well, not too often; only when we can get away with it. But it’s rare we get to celebrate a new hire around here. Rick was the last one and he’s been with us for 3 years. Speaking of Rick, I looked up; he still had no shirt on, but had wiped the grease off his face. Jerry’s shirt was all the way open now and he was sitting on the couch opposite me. Sal sat beside him after handing me a beer then Rick sat down next to me. Then Sal said, “Besides Cole, we wanted to be up front with you from the beginning. Things are very relaxed around here and we are all very close. I was only sort of joking about sexual harassment, but I still mean NO means NO. So if you’re ever in a situation that you don’t want to be in, let us know. We all respect each other, but on the other hand, we all do each other; I don’t know how you feel about that but, like I said, we want to be up front with you.” As Sal was talking he was settling in next to Jerry. Jerry had put his arm around Sal’s back and was playing with Sal’s hair. I then saw Rick sort of playing with his nipple with one hand and his other hand was behind his head. I looked at his crotch and I could tell his dick had blood in it. I took another pull of beer and thought about what was happening. Suddenly the air was sexually charged and I got so nervous, but so turned on at the same time. I got the nerve and took off my shirt. “That’s my boy Cole.” Sal said. I looked over at him and smiled and stood up. Sal nodded at me. I thought, what the fuck, and let my shorts drop to the ground. I stepped out of them and my flips and sat back down and was shaking as I took another drink. I looked over at Jerry and with his free hand he was opening his pants. Sal turned around and helped Jerry out of his shirt. Then Sal got on his knees and started taking off Jerry’s boots and then pants. Rick hadn’t made a move yet, but he was watching me watch Jerry and Sal. I looked back at them and Sal had his mouth around Jerry’s huge cock. I couldn’t believe how big it was. Sal had at some point pulled of his coveralls and they were exposing his ass as he knelt down on Jerry’s cock. My cock was leaking out of control. I couldn’t believe this. Then I noticed Rick get up. He had already taken off his boots and was walking towards the other two letting his pants drop as he went. That’s when I realized they were giving me space and letting me decide if I wanted to be involved or not. I just sat there and watched. Wanting to see what happened next. Rick got behind Sal and lay down on his back. He put his head between Sal’s feet and then directed his ass to his face. Rick buried his nose in Sal’s ass crack while Sal sucked down that huge cock of Jerry’s. Jerry looked over at me and smiled. He’s been there before, having the other two at his feet, you could tell. Jerry then stood up and pulled Sal off Rick’s face. He turned Sal around and had him kneel on the couch. Jerry grab some lube from under the couch and put it on his cock then guided it into Sal’s ass. As he was filling Sal up Rick was on his knees eating Jerry’s ass. The dude was a total ass eater. Jerry got balls deep and then started fucking Sal hard. Rick couldn’t keep his face in the crack of Jerry’s ass so he moved to Sal’s cock. After he found that difficult as well he went and started making out with Sal. Sal was licking all over Rick’s face trying to get the taste of himself and Jerry off of him. Jerry pulled out of Sal and pulled Rick up. He put some more lube on his cock and I saw Rick grab a small brown bottle and start sniffing it. Rick’s face turned red as he bent over and started to take Jerry’s cock. It was so fucking hot. I got up and headed for Sal. He was still bent over on the couch watching the other two go at it. I got some lube and started fucking a startled Sal. He looked back and said, “I’m happy you decided to join the party. Now fuck me good.” And that I did. I was so horned up I blew in his ass in no time. I couldn’t believe it. As I did I saw Rick cum without even touching himself. Jerry then pulled out of Rick, not having cum himself yet, and headed back over to Sal. He stuck his cock in Sal’s hole without a warning and started fucking Sal’s cum filled ass harder than he had fucked yet. The two of them were really getting into it and it was turning me on again. I went over to Rick and sat on the floor with him as we watched. I roamed my hands all over him then we started kissing. We each had each other’s tongues all the way in our mouths and we were getting sloppy. I started licking him, down his neck, lifting his arms, eating his pits, sucking his tits. I worshiped the boy. I couldn’t get enough of him. We finally heard both Jerry and Sal cum at the same time. I got up and sat with Rick. Our arms wrapped around each other. Jerry and Sal both had a satisfied look on their face. Then Jerry looked at Rick and I, “Looks like those two are in love,” he said. I looked at Rick and he looked at me and we both laughed. We knew it was true, but we didn’t say it. We wouldn’t say it for a while. For right now I had to fit in with my new co-workers and work out my life with my Uncle. Relationships can come later. Part 2? This is as far as I got in 2004. Let me know. *I will revisit other stories and add to them when I figure out where they need to go. Thanks for reading!! Some other stories of mine: http://www.//gay/incest/searching-for-my-identity/ http://www.//gay/incest/when-dad-got-out-of-prison/ http://www.//gay/incest/wildcat/ http://www.//gay/celebrity/lust-in-space/ https://www.//gay/incest/runaway/ *Please support Nifty*, donations are needed to keep this service going. There is nothing like this out there and it would be a loss to let it go. Anything helps. Go to the Nifty main page to find out fty/donate.html *

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