My very first hard on.

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My very first hard on.My dad passed away in a car accident several years back. My mon and my twin sister moved in a nice small little house in the country. one morning, i will remenber this day like it was yesterday, i got out of bed with my cock super hard, in a panic i ran to mom bedroom.Mom, mom, my wiennie is big and very hard,what should i do. mom woke up and took a look at me in my pyjamas top my 4 1/2 – 5 ” circoncised cock with the big red cockhead pointing to the ceiling and, my, does that happend often. Well i said yes but not like this, do I have to go to the doctor.Mom chuckle roll out and sit on the side of her bed and said, no no sweetie mom will take care of you come here.she grabbed my butt and pull me in front of her and start massaging my ball slowly, that felt very nice and she slip my big red cockhead in her mouth and start sucking slowly and going up and down on my hard rod.I can not describe the feeling but it was really incredible and i just start moaning and let her suck me nice and slow Mmmmm.That when my sister Erica walk in and said, what are you doing mom?She answer, your brother got up with his cock all hard and mommy is making it all better.She sat down beside her and watch her with my hard cock in her mouth making slurping tuzla escort sound going up and down my hard shaft.Can i do it she asked, mom looked at her and said, why not. she grab my butt and push me in front of my sister. There i will show you how.. she take her hand and put it on my ball and said massage his ball softly it is very sensitive and take her other and place it at the base of my cock. now take his cockhead in your mouth and suck it like it was a popsicle an tickle with your tongue this part of the cockhead it the most sensitive part of his cock.Mmmm, i squirm and moaned at the feeling and the view of my hard cock in my sister mouth sucking and licking that was just an incredible sensation.Mom something is happening i said just feeling my cock throbbing in Erica mouth. That normal mom said , keep sucking Erica you are doing very well.then it just happen, my cock kind of exploded in my sister mouth and shot a load of cum in her mouth and she kept at sucking and swallowing all that was comming out and i shot again an other load. my leg buckle i tough that i was going to black out, good thing that mom was holding my butt.Finally my cock got softer and slip out of my sister mouth, Mmmm she said you taste very good brother, thas was fun.MoM said O.K. guy’s time tuzla escort bayan for breakfast and start the day.One friday morning mom walk in the kitchen and said,, we have a small convention at work i will be back sunday morning, you guy’s will be ok here by yourself, sure i answer, there is lot of food in the freezer and lot’s of movie to watch we will be fine for a couple day,s. That friday night, it was a nice and warm summer day i was sitting on the couch watching a movie wearing only my short, Erica came in with a bowl of popcorn and sat beside me and watch the film with me. At the end she look at me and said.Eric, can I suck your wiennie again, i liked it and you tasted good, well i reply., it not hard like the other morning.Humm she said, let me see. so i slip my short to the ground and she look and said, it is cute small and start massaging my ball and I can tell you it did not take long to start to get a hard on. she got on her knee betwin my leg and slip my semi hard cock in her mouth and start to suck on it.I can fell it growing in my mouth she said, i like that and keep on sucking, Wow I said it feel so good don’t stop i just loved to feel my cock head in her mouth while she suck me and wrap her tongue around and lick that nice spot and again, escort tuzla i got that nice feeling and my cock got even bigger in her mouth and again it exploded in her mouth and shot 2 – 3 load of cum in her mouth and she kept swallowing and sucking, that was just an incredible feeling.Did you like that she said. Oh yes i reply, i just love it, it feel so nice, To bad I don’t have a wiennie she said i would love to know how it fell. i never saw Erica naked so i said show me., she stand up, took of her tee-shirt, short and panty off. she look nice like that, she have cute little aple size tit’s and a small crack at the bottom, i start rubbing her tit’s and see the small nipple popping out, i start sucking on them and she moan under my atttention.I sat her down on the couch and open her legs to see and slip a finger up and down that little crack then when i hit that little button on top she was just squirming in delight, yes she said that feel nice, humm i said hold on, i got my head betwin her leg and i slip my tongue up and down her crack again and when i thit that little button she was moaning in pleasure so i start to suck on it, she did taste very good she was holding my head in place and sceaming don’t stop and i beleive she did cum and squirt liquid in my mouth and it taste delicious.Wow she said, if it what it feel like that when you shoot in my mouth i know why it feel so nice.So we sat naked and watch an another movie and went to bed fully both happy of our evening..

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