My village trip


My village tripMy village tripIt happened when i was 15. I went to my village after the board exams to visit my grandmother and aunt. My aunt is well built but dark in color. She was a typical south indian village women. She was 5.5’ tall and 44 38 44 in structure. I took the bus in the afternoon and reached the village around eleven in the night. I usually enter the house through the back door. As usual i entered the house through the back door. I was shocked to see my aunt was having sex with her husband in the hall. I was shivering looking at the scene. My aunt was jumping on top of my uncle vigorously and my uncle was fondling my aunt’s tits. She was huge. Later she started sucking my uncle’s cock like a lolli pop. Their sounds made me mad. I decided to enter the house from the main door. So i went the other side and knocked the door. There was no response. I again knocked the door and called my aunt. After few mins. She opened the door greeted me in. She was wearing a semitransparent yellow saree and a blue blouse. Her blouse was not buttoned. She had just worn it to greet me in. Since i came after a long time she hugged me kissed me in my cheeks and lips. When her lips touched me i was thinking about the way she sucked my uncle’s cock and now with the same mouth she is kissing me. When she hugged me i could feel her tits on my chest. She took me in and placed my luggage in the hall. There my uncle was sitting in a dhoti with bare chest. He greeted me and asked me to have food. I asked my aunt about my grandma. She said that my grandma was in the field to guard it which just a few meters away from the house. I asked my aunt for some warm water for bath after the journey. She said it was not the time now and advised me to take oil bath next morning. I just changed into shorts without any thing in the top. After having food i said that i will go to the field and be with grandma that night. They accepted. While i was moving in the field i felt like peeing. So i removed my shorts (it was the only dress i was wearing) and sat on the field. Suddenly a lady (must be in her late 40’s)caught me by my neck and scolded me for peeing in the farm. She grabbed me and was taking me towards my grandma’s tent. I didn’t bother to listen to what i was saying. I left my shorts somewhere in the dark. I was moving nude with the lady. I try to escape from her hands but made my self dirty with mud in the field. She knocked the door of my grandma’s tent. Another old woman who was in her later 60’s came out and asked what happened. I felt very shy. That woman asked her to tie me to a tree and put some red ants in the fore skin of my penis. Soon i was tied to a tree. She took my penis in her hand and peeled the fore skin. My penis started to grow in size very fast and it was standing erect. Now the old woman ordered to put some red ants in my penis. Obeying her other women collected lots of ant put them on the red head of my penis and closed the fore skin. The ants started biting and i was not able to bare the pain. I was moaning in pain. She then took more ants and them on my balls. Hearing my moaning my grandma came out of the tent. When she saw me first she was not able to identify. After few minutes i called and later she recognized me. She was shocked to see me in that situation. Later they untied the ropes and apologized to me. But it was of no use. My penis was swollen in the ant bite. The grandma asked the old lady to clean me. The old lady took me to the back side field. She took my penis in her hand and peeled my fore skin. She washed my penis red head with water. The ants were still holding tight to my red head. She was taking one by one with her hand. She then asked the other lady to fetch some water from the well. She brought the water in a small bucket and poured it on me. That lady was watching my hard penis all the time. I said there is still more ants biting inside, but the old lady was not able find them because of bad vision in the night. The other lady who was watching this came to me took my penis into her hand. She spotted all the ants and freed my red head from the ants. She then asked me to spread my legs so that she can remove the ants from my balls. While she was removing the old lady came in and held my erect penis downwards so that she can comfortably remove the ants. After some time they gave me a bath and took me to the tent. There was no cloth to wrap my self. My grandma was laughing when she saw my erect penis and she passed funny comments on it. She then came near me and took my penis in her hand. She peeled the fore skin and saw how bad my forehead was. She later said she will take me to the village nurse next morning. I found that the old lady name was pankajam and other lady was eswari. My grandma asked eswari to go to house and get my dress. After some time she came back and said that the door was locked as they that slept. So i have stay nude till the next morning. It was around four in the morning. I saw the pankajam moving out. I asked her where she was going. She said she wanted to pee. I also felt like peeing and said i will also come with her. She accepted and took to the backyard where all the women in the village used to peeing in the morning. She made me sit near a bush and she sat next to me. She lifted her saree up to her waist sat next to me. I was shocked to see her. I was able to see her hairy vagina in that merely visible light. I was watching the urine which flowing like a gushing river from her vagina. Few drops were hanging on to her pubic hairs. She asked me to clean it with a stone and later we can wash in the field. We finished the work and i was walking by holding her hands in the dark. Soon there was a folk of old women who were friends of the old lady blocked her and was having chatting. I felt shy to stand nude among those women. They were passing comments looking at my penis. They enquired about me and asked why i was nude. She started to narrate the entire story. She suddenly grabbed my penis and opened the foreskin and showed them how it looked. Soon they took my penis for granted and each of them started touching it and felt pity for it. We went back to the field and she asked me to fetch some water from the well as she wanted to take bath. She removed her saree and put it aside. I was able to see her heavy saggy boobs falling to the ground from her blouse. She removed two hooks. There was pin in her blouse which was not coming out. She asked me to remove it. I went near her pushed her boobs apart with my hand. I inserted my hand inside and as if i was searching for the pin i touched her areola. She didn’t tell anything. After some of play i removed the pin from the blouse. She thanked me for it. She removed her blouse in front of me and gave it to me to take it aside. Her boobs were hanging. I was enjoying the scene. She untied the petticoat knots and gave it to me. She was standing totally nude in front of me. Her nipples were very big. She washed her buttock and was pouring the water in her head. After the bath she took some water and was cleaning her vagina by inserting her finger. My penis became rock hard. She then took the old dresses from me and wore it. Pankajam went into the tent and woke up my grandma. She came out and asked me whether i finished peeing. I said i finished it. She then took me to the house by the back door. In the house, my uncle was setting his luggage and was ready to go out for business tour to surat. I was standing nude in the backyard fetching some water for bath. My grandma went in and gave send off to my uncle. Later my aunt priya and grandma came to the backyard. My aunt was laughing to see me nude and asked me what happened. Just like others she came near me and took my penis and opened it to see. She asked me to take bath and come, so after that she will apply some oil on it. But my grandma advised her to give me a oil bath. So she brought some oil applied all around my body. She was applying oil to penis like milking a cow. She was slowly rubbing in my balls and penis where the ant has shown its vengeance. My penis was standing in 90 degree and she was rubbing it like pet a****l. I told her that i was feeling different and my body started to shiver. She stopped it asked me to take bath after an hour. I was sitting in the backyard nude. My grandma came to take bath there. In villages there are generally no bathroom and we take bath near the well. She removed her saree and was standing in her blouse and petticoat. Her blouse was transparent such that i can see her shaggy boobs and hard big nipples clearly. She turned aside and removed her blouse. She untied the petticoat knots and lifted it upto chest, partially covering her boobs and long tighs. When she poured water over her body, her dressed was totally revealing her body. I was enjoying the scene. My heart was pounding fast. She called me and asked to get the soap from my aunt. I went into the house and asked soap from my aunt. Suddenly a little girl from the next house came inside calling my aunt. I was shocked. The little girl was staring at my big pole. My aunt didn’t bother to send her. After a minute she sent her. All the time that girl was looking at my penis. My aunt gave a funny look after staring at my erect penis and gave me the soap. When turned, she tapped me on my buttock and pinched it. I didn’t bother it, just laughed and went out. I gave the soap to my grandma. After bath she removed her petticoat in front of me revealed her entire back side. She then took the new petticoat and wore it. She then asked me to bath and she went in. After bath i went in took a shirt and shorts and wore it. When i wore my shorts, i was getting pain in my penis because the cloth was rubbing with my penis. Then my aunt asked me to remove it and just tie a towel. I did as they said. After finishing my break fast my grandma took me the village nurse’s house. She was a in her early 40’s. It was a small room in which she checked me and few others were waiting to see her. Since it was a small village there in no hospital facility and everyone comes to her house. There were few people waiting outside. She asked me to remove the towel and show her my penis. She took penis and said checked it. She pressed my balls and rolled and squeezed it. It was paining for me. My grandma was watching all this. She then asked me whether i masturbate. Immediately my grandma told that i don’t know that thing. The nurse told my grandma to make me masturbate for three day continuously after taking the herbal medicine which she gave. She also told to masturbate after taking every dose. She then whispered some thing to my grandma. They both gave a mysterious smile and then we left the room. Later i came to know that the medicine she gave is used to be given to horses for mating. That afternoon we reached home. We had our lunch and i took the medicine which the nurse gave and went to sleep. After an hour my grandma woke me up with some juice. I drank it. She then asked me to remove my towel. I told her i was already removed and it is under the bed sheet. She laughed at me and sked me to sit in the chair and asked to follow her instructions. She asked me to hold my penis point upwards and asked me to push the penis fore skin up and down. I did as she said but did it wrongly. She then came near me demonstrated it my pushing my penis fore skin up and down at a steady phase. Immediately my penis started to expand and became rock hard. She asked me to do it my self. Since it was the first time, i again did it wrongly. Then she said she will do it for now and after that i should do it for myself. I accepted it. She then started to stroke my penis faster. My heart was pounding and i told my grandma about the different feeling. She said it will make you feel good later and she continued to stroke it. Suddenly i spilled all my cum on my grandma’s blouse and hands. She then asked celtabet giriş me how i felt about that. I said it was new and different and i enjoyed it. She then said me to do the same every time after i take the medicine. That night i alone went to the field tent without my grandma after the dinner. There as usual pankajam and eswari were guarding the field. I went there. They asked me about the penis. I said, i took the medicine and but the pain is still there. Pankajam went out of the tent to guard the field. Eswari and i were alone in the tent. It was very hot and we both were sweating inside. I removed my shirt and said it very hot in there. Eswari aunty also nodded for it and said that she feel like removing her dresses in this heat so that she can stay cool for a while. I said, if you want you do it and i insisted her to do so. She then removed her saree and was in just red blouse and yellow petticoat. Her boobs were so big and were ready to jump out from her blouse. Her blouse was soaked with sweat. I told her that her blouse was so wet and asked her to remove them too. She nodded her head and removed her blouse and put it aside. Now she was just in her black bra and petticoat. Her cleavage was totally awesome. Now we both were lying together in the mat. Our bodies were touching and it made so hot. She turned close to me and was braiding my hairs and asked me about the medicine. I said i took it and i have to do the exercise which nurse said. She asked me what exercise. I told her about it. She laughed and told me ‘naughty boy’. After she was as sleep, i removed my towel and started to stroke my penis. Hearing the noise she woke and asked me what i was doing. I told her that i was doing the exercise. She then came near me and said that she help me in doing it. I told ok and said that grandma helped me in the noon and now she is helping me.she laughed at it. She took my penis in her hands and started to stroke. I was in hard pain as my penis was dry. I told her since it is dry it was paining more. Then she said she will do it the other way. She took my penis in her mouth and started to suck it like lollipop. She was sucking it very hard and i exploded loads of cum in her mouth. She didn’t waste a bit of it and drank it fully. She didn’t let me go after that. She was continuously sucking it. I never insisted her to stop. I cummed almost three times in her mouth yet she didn’t stopped. Then i started to pain for me. I pleaded her to leave my penis. After my cry she left it. She then asked it how it was. I told her it was very painful but i enjoyed it very much.i told her that she made very hot in this hot weather. She also said that she too feels like removing all her dresses in this hot weather. Telling this she started to remove the knots of her petticoat. She continued to remove her panties and exposed her bushy vagina to me. She was only wearing her black bra. Soon she removed that too and threw all her dresses in the corner of the tent. Her boobs were black and so big in size. Her nipples were very big and were covering major part of her boobs. She then came near me and lied down. I and told her that i felt like throwing away the towel in this hot weather. She grabbed the towel and threw it to the corner of the tent. We both were lying naked in the mat. Even though we ware naked i didn’t know what to do. We both were sleeping for while. Suddenly eswari aunty woke up and said that she was having some pain between her legs. I asked her to show it to me. She immediately spread her legs apart and showed me her hairy vagina. I could see some sweat drop sticking to her vaginal hairs. I then spread it apart and saw it inside. It was pink in color and it was very wet with her juices. She asked me check it inside as she had pain inside. I inserted my finger deep into her vagina. She was holding it very tightly. I wasn’t even able to move my hand any further. She was lifting her hips up in pleasure. She asked me to move my hands inside and out side fastly. Soon her juices started to flow out. I told her that urine was coming out from her vagina. She asked me not to stop. She was moaning aloud in pain. She reached the peak once again but still i was doing it. Hearing her loud moaning sound pankajam entered the house. Pankajam came angrily and kicked me in my buttock. We both got up and were shocked. Pankajam was not ready to even listen to me she started to slap on my face spitted her saliva on me. She went and took our cloths and started abusing both us. She came near me and grabbed my erect penis firmly and made me follow her outside the tent. She said that she is going to tell it to my grandma. Eswari pleaded and asked her not to do so and she will do anything in turn. Pankajam looked at me and asked, ’what about you?’ and i also accepted to do as she said. She was squeezing my penis with all her force and started to bend it like rubber. I was shouting in pain. All this time eswari and i was standing nude exposing our private part to the old lady. Pankajam went near eswari and started to beat her buttock very hard. Her black buttock almost turned reddish. I could see hand prints of pankajam on her buttock clearly. After this she came near me squeezed my balls and pulled it down hardly. It pained like hell and tears were flowing from my eyes. After few minutes she warned us and gave our dresses back. Next morning around four pankajam woke me up and asked me to come with her for peeing. I got up and went with her. She asked me to remove all my dresses and come nude with her. I refused at first but later after her blackmail i accepted to do so. We went to the same place and things happened as usual. We peed together. On our way she took me to our house which is just behind our field. There she asked me to wash her old dirty cloths and her vessels. She was treating me like a servant. While i was washing her cloths i felt some hot liquid pouring over my shoulders. When i turned to see it, i was soaked with her urine all over my head. She just lifted her saree and was urinating on me. She didn’t even bother to stop it even after my scream. I was in no position to scold her. After the work we both went to the tent. She asked me to fetch water from the well for her bath. She started to remove her in front of me. Just like yesterday she gave me her saree and blouse to me. I kept it in a dry place. Now she started to untie the knots of her petticoat. I thought she would tie it up to her chest. To my surprise she just removed it and came near me and gave her petticoat. She was very bold and exposed her hairy vagina to me. I was staring at her vagina for a long time when she was bathing. Suddenly she told me to stop staring at her vagina and get a towel. I was shocked. She asked me rub all over her body with the towel. I did it with my shivering hands. When i was cleaning her vagina she asked me to continue over there for a long time. Then she sat on the washing stone and spreaded her legs wide apart and said there is something running inside. She asked me check it out. I went near her said even eswari had the same problem and i was helping her for the same last night. She said sorry for it and said that she won’t tell it to anyone. I asked to ask apology to eswari too. She accepted it. She asked me to promise me not to tell anyone about the i am doing to her. I promised her the same. The i went near her and spread her hairy vagina and started to stroke it inside and out. She asked me to do very fastly and within few mintues her juices were flowing down. I told her even eswari was flowing some juices from her vagina, but only you discharge more juices than her. She took that compliment with a pride in her face. She asked me stroke continuously. After that she asked me to help her the same, whenever she wanted. I accepted it. We both dressed up and went to the tent. Pankajam apologized to eswari for her violent behavior last night. Eswari was puzzled at it. Later after pankajam left i told her about what happened. Hearing it she laughed and patted me in my buttock. She then asked me to come with her for the bath. I accepted to it. We went near the well and i removed all my dresses and was standing nude in front of her. Eswari was only wearing a petticoat which was upto her chest. She asked me to put soap to her back. I applied soap on her shoulder. I asked her to remove her petticoat so that i can apply it her back easily. She said that she can’t remove her dress and stand nude in the open place. She asked me to put my hand underneath her petticoat and apply the soap. I went under her petticoat and applied soap to her stomach, boobs and legs. I was scratching her nipples while applying the soap which she enjoying a lot. I face was directly infront of her vagina. It was hardly an inch or two away from her vagina. Suddenly i kissed her vagina. She responded strangely and said she liked it very much and asked me to continue licking and kissing it. I then started to lick her vagina like a dog. She sat on the washing stone and spread her legs apart and made it easy for me to lick her vagina. She started to flow her juices and i sucked it and drank all her juices. If was sweet and salty but i liked its taste. I told her it was tasty. She told, ‘if you like it, you can have it whenever you want’. I said ok for it. After the bath i went nude into the hut and she followed me in her petticoat. We went inside the tent. There she removed her petticoat gave me full look of her body once again. I asked her about the pain last night she had. She said it ok now. I told her she can ask my help any time for which she smiled and patted me on my head. After some time we both wore our dresses. She asked to put her bra hook in the back for which i helped her immediately. Then we both left the house headed to our houses. When i reached my home, breakfast was ready. My grandma was not wearing blouse at that time and she was showing a free show of her breast from the side. Her saree was moving away from her boobs letting me to have a clear view of her hanging nipples. She never bothered to cover it. After some time me grandma asked me to put my luggage in the loft. I took a chair and stood over it asked my grandma to handover me the luggage and other vessels. When grandma took my bag lifted it to give me, her left boob popped out of her saree. She didn’t bother to cover it but rather continued to handover the luggage to me. I told her that her boob was popping out of her saree. She said while working it will come out and it is not a problem and she didn’t cover it. I was enjoying the scene happily. Soon her other boob popped out making her saree go in between her breasts. Only after that she covered her boos with saree partially. It was no use during the work. Once again it popped out and this time she just let it hang free to air. Even after the work she didn’t cover her boobs. When she heard the foot step noise of my aunt she covered her one boob and let the other one to serve my hungry eyes. My aunt also saw her boobs popping out but didn’t tell anything. She then gave the medicine and she left to field for work. This time i and my aunt were alone in the house. An hour passed. I was helping my aunt cutting the vegetables. My aunt came out and asked me whether i did my exercise. I said no. She asked me to do it soon. So i went to the backyard and started to stroke my cock. 15 minutes passed and still i didn’t cum. Soon my aunt came in search of me and asked me whether i finished it. I told her i still didn’t complete it and its not coming. She then asked me to think about my girl friend and stroke the penis. Even then i wasn’t able to cum. Then she asked me to think about a nude woman and do it. I then asked her to help me. She then came near me stroked my stiff penis. I wasn’t able to cum. Then she asked to think about herself nude. I told her how i think about her when i haven’t celtabet yeni giriş seen her like that. She laughed at it. I was just keeping one of my hands on her boob. Suddenly my grandma entered the house. Hearing her sound i took the hand but my aunt was still stroking my cock. She came and asked whether i had cum. Then she took me to the backyard and gave my aunts used bra and panties and asked me to smell them when she was stroking it. I aunt was watching all this. She came and took my cock in her hand and started to stroke fast. She has dropped her saree pallu so that i have a clean view of her cleavage. Very soon i discharged loads of my cum on her blouse directly. She told me, ’naughty boy.. You have made my blouse dirty’. My grandma asked her to clean her dress. So my aunt removed her saree and gave it to my grandma and she took it inside. She was just standing in petticoat and blouse. She applied water on her blouse and cleavage to clean. My cum was very sticky and was not ready to leave her blouse. So she removed her blouse and gave it to me asked it was it for her. Now she was standing in black laced bra which was semi transparent. Her boobs were bouncing and were ready to explode in front of me i took it from her and started to clean. Soon something fell down on my head. I was surprised to see it. It was her bra. She was just covering her boobs with one hand and asked me to was her bra too. I was totally mad. Then she lifted her petticoat up to her thighs and came in front of me and helped me in cleaning. This time she didn’t cover her boobs. I could see her complete dark boobs which were hanging down. Her nipples were erect and firm as though it was ready to poke me. I was staring at her boobs. She asked to wash the cloths and after that i can look at it leisurely. I was surprised. Soon both of us went inside and changed our cloths. I finished my lunch and told them i will go to the field and run the motor so that crops will be watered. I was wearing a sleeveless vest and a towel. As i neared the motor room in the field i heard some moaning sound coming from inside. I went near it and peeped through the window. It was pankajam who was having sex with a old man who used to work in the field. I wanted to catch her red handed and so i waited for the right time. The old man was entering his cock in pankajam’s vagina and stroking it hard. I slowly entered the room without making any noise. They didn’t notice me. Pankajam was making heavy sound and was moving her hips vigorously. Suddenly i asked them what are you doing? They were shocked to see me. The old man left the room in few seconds just taking away his dress. I asked pankajam what she was doing. She told me that she had pain in her vagina just like last night. The old man was helping her to clear the pain just like i did yesterday to eswari. I asked her how the pain is. She said it is paining more now. I went near her and opened her vagina and saw inside. Her juices were flowing. I asked her whether she wanted me to help her. She said if i can really help her then i can carry on. I then took my fingers inside and started to stroke her hard. Her juices were flowing down and she was moaning. After some time i asked her did i help her like the old man? She said he did a different thing which i cannot do. I challenged her that i can do it as long as she helped me. She said i will help you. She spread her legs apart exposing me her hairy black vagina. She then asked me to remove my towel and take my penis out. I took my penis in my hand. She asked me to insert it into her vagina. I inserted it into her vagina. It was very tight. She was holding my penis tightly inside her. Then she asked me to lie on her and rub her boobs in circular motion. I did as she said. She then asked me to do it my moving my penis in and out at a fast phase. Soon i started doing exactly as she said. She was surprised to see me that i didn’t cum inside her even after 15 minutes of stroking. She then cummed and asked me to stop. I didn’t listen to her and i continued to stroke. She started crying in pain and had one more orgasm. Soon she asked me not to stop stroking. In next minute i discharged my cum inside her vagina. Now she didn’t let me go. She made me cum thrice in that place. After two hours of play we both came out naked and went into the tent. We wore our dresses. After some time eswari came into the tent. She was so sweaty because of the hot sun outside. Pankajam told she will go to her house and come in the night. I told eswari that i am going to switch on the motor to water the crops and will come back after fiishing my bath there. Immediately eswari told that even she will come with me and have bath because she felt stuffy because of the hot climate. Soon we both went near the motor room. I went inside the motor room and switched on the motor. Water started pouring from the pipe. When i came out, eswari has already started removing her cloths. She was standing in white bra and brown panties with some flower patterns in it. Soon her bra and panties disappeared from her body. She started fingering her vagina very hardly. I asked her if she had any problem. She told that something is itching inside her vagina. I immediately struck with the idea and told that i will help her like i helped pankajam. She was surprised and when i inserted my penis inside her vagina she understood what happened between me and pankajam. I suddenly cummed inside her vagina, just as i did with pankajam. She was shocked whether she will become pregnant. Soon she got over it and told that you will become a father very soon. I asked her how and she said very soon you will see it. She already had a daughter who was six years old. I was happy and thanked her. Then we heard some noise. She suddenly grabbed her petticoat and wore it up to her chest. There was a group of old women coming tired from the field work. Looking at the water flowing they asked us whether they can have a bath here. Eswari told ok. I was still nude. Soon that group of old women identified me and asked me how is my penis now after the ant bit. Hearing this every one started to laugh. I was just playing in the water without bothering their comment. They started to strip in front of me. They were five of them. Two old ladies stripped completely and was bathing. Others were in their petticoat. After the bath, the two nude old ladies came near me and took my penis in their hand. I took it away from them. But they said they just wanted to see how it is after the ant bite and they are also like their own grandma. I was not able to hold it away from them. They took it and saw the red bulge due to the ant bite. After that they left the place. When i got up to wear my towel i found it missing. I asked eswari what to do. She immediately removed the panties which she was wearing and gave it to me. I wore it happily. She was only in petticoat that time. I took her dresses and we went inside the tent. In the tent she removed her petticoat and and started drying her hairs with it. In the mean time i was playing with her white bra in my hands. Looking at this she asked me to try her bra on me. I hesitated. She was standing nude. She came near me and made me wear her bra on me. I was wearing her bra and panty. Looking at it she said i was very beautiful in it. Later she wore her wet petticoat. I then removed her bra and gave it to her. I helped her hooking it. The she wore the blouse and saree. I was just standing in her panties. I asked eswari to go to my home and me a towel and vest along with the dinner. She came back around seven p.m. she felt very tired. I asked whether she want my help. Soon we both removed our cloths and started having sex. Pankajam entered the house and was shocked to see me banging eswari. She was not able to scold her, rather she stood calm and watched us. Eswari noticed pankajam and didn’t bother to stop our play. Pankajam was rubbing her vagina over her saree. I asked her whether she is having pain there again. She said yes. I asked to come near me so that i can finger her vagina. Within minutes she removed her clothes and stood nude near me. I started fingering her vagina. Then we all had sex together and laid nude on the mat. Then we started having sex daily when ever we met together. My grandma and aunt was not aware of this. A month passed. Eswari told that she was pregnant as she had missed her period. I didn’t understand what she told but i was happy that i am going to become father. One day my aunt was having period and blood was flowing very badly from her vagina. My grandma asked me get the sanitary napkin from the shelf. I took and gave it to her. She then washed my aunts vagina with water in the back yard. I was watching all this. It was the second time i saw my aunt’s vagina, but it was the first time i am see it so closely. They didn’t bother to send me away and my eyes were having nice treat. Next day my grandma called me and asked me to take care of my aunt, as she was leaving to nearby town to buy some fertilizers. She told that she will return the next day. It was around 4 a.m. when she left in the morning. My aunt woke up just minutes after that. I asked her how her health is now. She told she feel weak, actually she was all right. I took her to the backyard to pee. First i removed my towel and sat for peeing. To my surprise she sat next to me holding my hands. Her saree was lifted well above her hips and was revealing all her precious parts. After finishing it we went home. I prepared hot water for her and fetched some water from the well for bathing. I asked her to wait in the backyard so that she can finish her bath with hot water. I brought the hot water and mixed it with cold water and made it ready for bath. Now i called her for bath. She came out. She removed the saree and gave them to me. She removed her blouse and was standing in yellow bra in front of me. Soon she removed her bra and just let her big black breast to feast my eyes. She was trying to untie her petticoat knots. It was too tight and didn’t come out. She called me to help her by covering her breasts with one hand. I went near and tried to unknot the petticoat. But it was too tight. I asked to catch the side of the petticoat so that i can easily remove the knots. This made both her hands to reach the petticoat making her breast to feast my eyes. My efforts to unknot didn’t work. So i took a blade and cut the petticoat knot. This made her petticoat to fall to ground. She was just in her brown panties. She told that because of me she was not able to wear her petticoat for bath and said she feels shy to bath like that in front of me. I said if that’s a problem then i will leave. Then she insisted me to stay. She was just standing in panties. Then i asked her to remove her panties and give them to me as it may get wet during bath. She said it doesn’t matter. But i compelled her to remove it. But she refused to do it. I just lost my hope to see her totally nude. Then i removed my towel and started to take bath with her. We both finished the bath and entered the house. I went in and took my towel and wrapped it around me. My aunt was just wearing her wet old panties. Suddenly she started shouting my grandma. I asked her what happened. She told that grandma has taken her wardrobe key along with her. She said she have to stay like this throughout the day. I was the happiest man. I immediately removed my towel and gave it to her so that she can dry herself. She took it from me and removed her panties and threw it aside. She dried her body with it. Now we both were standing totally nude. Looking at her vagina i asked her about the blood which came yesterday. She spread her vagina and looked at it and said it ok now, but she is having the pain. She then called me near her. She took my penis and started to stroke. I asked her what she is doing. She told she was doing celtabet güvenilirmi the exercise the doctor told me to do. She then asked me not to tell this to anyone. I promised her to it. She then asked me to tune her nipples and roll her breast. While i was doing it, she was hardly shaking her hips and was fingering her vagina. I asked her what she was doing. I told will help her doing it with my fingers. She said it doesn’t need finger and it need something else. I promised her that i will help her. She then took my penis and said it needs this. I said, if it needs it badly then she may take it. She took it and asked me to insert in her vagina and stroke it. Then i started to stroke her in and out. We were playing for more than a hour. She was not ready to leave me. I almost came four time in that. I didn’t have anymore energy to stroke her. I was crying and asked her to leave my penis. Finally we finished our play and i was lying nude on top of her with my penis inside her vagina. It was around 7.a.m. i went out and washed the cloths and made it dry it in the sun. Then we cooked the food and ate our breakfast and lunch. Around 11.30 our cloths were dry. I took them and gave it my aunt, so that she can wear them. She wore the cloths and asked me wear my towel. I said i don’t want it and i will be standing like this. Suddenly pankajam and another old lady entered the house. I immediately grabbed my towel and wore it. Pankajam asked my aunt to send me with her as she was having some work in her house. Soon we left to pankajam’s house.As soon as i entered pankajam’s house, she asked me to remove my dress. I removed my dress and gave it to her. She immediately tore it into pieces and threw them away. I asked her why did you like this? She said i will not be needing it anymore. She asked me to wash the cloths in backyard. I was washing their cloths. Suddenly a white bra and black blouse fell on my head. I turned to look what was happening. It was pankajam’s friend selvi, who was removing her cloths. Though she was 64 years, her body was shining. Her nipples were large and dark. She left her hair in the front to cover her boobs in one side. This made her look like a sex goddess cover one boob with hair and other to serve my hungry and lusty eyes. Soon pankajam too removed her dress threw them to me to wash it. They both were standing nude and were chatting. Soon i finished washing the cloths and dried it in the sun. They both asked me, who is more sexy among them. I told that selvi amma is more sexy because i like her gray-haired bushy vagina and dark nipples were very nice in her body. Hearing this selvi amma came near me and kissed me in the lips. We both started exchanging our saliva. Pankajam amma was squeezing my balls and penis. Soon she took in her mouth and started licking and sucking it. Then selvi amma asked me to lick her vagina. I was playing very hard with my tounge. Her vagina was very salty mixed with sweat, urine and her juices. I was drinking all her juices. He had two orgasm. In the second orgasm she spilled her urine along with her juices. She asked me to drink them. I drank them a little. She squirted her urine all over my head. I was soaked in urine. Looking at this pankajam amma came near me started pissing in my head directly. I was double drenched in urine of these sexy old village grandmas. Then i spread selvi’s vagina ans inserted my penis inside her vagina. Pankajam was lying next to her. So i was alternatively inserting my penis in their vagina. I came first inside selvi amma vagina. She lifted her hip upwards, so that my sperms will not come out. Then pankajam also asked me to cum inside her vagina. So cummed in her vagina. I was lying on paknajam with my penis inside her vagina. I was stinking in the soaked urine but i felt very different. They told female urine is good for health than male urine. They also told that it helps in growth of penis. So either pankajam amma or selvi amma daily feeds me with her urine. Then we all had a bath together in the backyard. Their cloths got dried and they took and wore it. I was standing nude. I asked them how will i go home. They didn’t bother and just pushed me out through the backyard and closed the door. It became dark soon. So i started walking out after checking no one was there in the streets. When i was walking near neighbours field, i heard some one calling me. When i turned it was my grandma who was coming from the town. She asked me why i was walking nude. I told that some took away my towel when i was peeing in the field. I noticed that my grandma was not wearing any blouse. Her boobs were freely hanging inside her saree. As we were walking along the field i could see glimpses of her nipples. Suddenly my grandma slipped and fell over the thorn plants. The thorns pierced almost all her body parts. I gave her hand and lifted her. Her saree was stuck with the plant. As it was dark i asked her to leave her saree and we may take it in the morning. So she removed her saree to my surprise she was not even wearing petticoat. Now we both were nude. I asked her to lean on me and walk. I said we will go to our field tent because we both cannot walk nude upto house. She accepted it. As we were walking her breast nipples were poking very hard against me. I was having the reaction. My penis became erect. My grandma’s hand was often falling on my erect penis. This made my penis even harder. We reached the tent. Soon i started removing all the thorn in her body. I made my fortune and started touching my grandma’s boobs and started pressing it to my wish. There was no stopping from my grandma. Though her boobs were shaggy i lobed it. While removing the thorn in her thighs i put a few thorns inside her vagina and acted as though i did it by mistake. Then i opened her vagina and inserted my hand and removed the thorns. I didn’t feel like stopping it. I started inserting my finger in different angles in and out, as though i was searching for the thorns. I faces was so close to her vagina. Suddenly she cummed when my fingers were inside her vagina. Her juices were flowing heavily and she was in no position to stop it. She then asked me whether i did the exercise which doctor said. I said no. So started shouting at and said she will give me punishment. During this my hands were inside her vagina. I was acting as though a thorn was poking me inside and i was trying to get it out. She was enjoying it totally. She then asked me to remove my hand ao that i should do the punishment. I told her i haven’t yet taken out the thorn. She took my penis and directed it towards her vagina. I asked her what she is doing. She told as a punishment i should insert my penis inside her vagina which is having thorn inside and it will puncture my penis. I accepted it and started to insert my penis in and out. I was giving fake sound like it was paining. My grandma added to it and said that i deserve this punishment daily for what i have done. I came twice inside her vagina. Her vagina was flowing with juices. My grandma came on top of me and started inserting. This made me harder again. Then with my full force i cummed inside her vagina again. After this i said, i should apply saliva on the places where thorns have poked. I started licking her boobs and almost entire body. After this we went to the backyard and took bath. She asked me to get her dress from the house. I started walking towards my house. Since it was dark i did bother walking nude, but still i ensured that no one was watching me. While coming two girls of age 12 and 10 were coming towards me. They were shocked to see me nude. Looking at them i tried to hide behind a tree. They continued to advance towards me. I peeped my head out to check whether they are gone. No one was there. So i came out. To my surprise both of them were standing very close behind me. They started making fun of me looking at my penis. Soon i reached my home through the back door. My aunt asked what happened to my dress. I told her that some one took it when i was bathing in the river. I didn’t tell anything about grandma. She enquired about my grandma; i told her that she is in the field house. My aunt asked me to wait in the backyard since our cousin girl was in the house. Her name was kamala. She looks very fair and sexy. She was only 18 but looks are like22. Her bra size was 34. My aunt came out and gave me dress. Now i went inside the house. Kamala greeted me and we all had dinner. I was waiting for every one to leave because my grandma was waiting in the farm hut nude. After dinner kamala and my aunt went to sleep. Soon i took one saree of my grandma from the trunk box and rushed towards the farm. My grandma was sitting outside boldly without a single piece of dress and was fingering her vagina. I went near her gave her the dress and asked what she was doing. She said to that some thing is itching inside. I went near her and asked her to spread her legs. She said lets go inside and do it or else someone might watch us. So i followed her into the hut. She sat on the bed and spread her legs very wide. I started inserting my fingers into her vagina. She said the pain is deep inside. I started rolling my finger into her vagina. Her vaginal juices started flowing along her thighs. Her black vaginal and thighs started shining in the dim candle light. I inserted three fingers fully inside. It was very difficult for me to move my hands. She was holding my hand very strongly inside her vagina. It was the first time i felt the muscle power holding my fingers very hard. She ejaculated vigorously over me. Suddenly she took my penis in her hand and started stroking it. She asked me to insert my penis inside her vagina. I was hesitating a bit. The she slapped me hard and started to hit me with a cane. So i obeyed her and inserted my penis in her vagina. She asked me to press her breast. Her shaggy breast started to grow in size. It became harder and harder. I was moaning in pain. I was not able move my penis in and out. She started beating me with the cane again and forced me to do it harder. Soon i cummed inside her vagina with load of sperm which was overflowing from her vagina. Then i lied over her. She hugged me very tightly. I just slept one her like that. Next morning we both got up very early and took bath together and went to our house. My aunt prepared breakfast for us. All four of us including kamala had our breakfast together. After an hour kamala’s mom shilpa came to our house. Since she came from her town after a long travel my aunt asked her to take a bath and refresh herself. She took her dress from the suitcase and headed to the backyard. Kamala was fetching water for washing her cloths. Soon i went and told her i will fetch the waterfor her. Kamala went inside the house. Shilpa started removing her white jacket. She removed in and dropped it one the floor. Her white bra was clearly visible through her transparent saree. Soon she started unhooking her bra. Now her boobs were feasting my eyes. She was a fat lady and size was 42. She turned the other side and dropped her saree pallu. Now entire back was exposed to me. I only had fair glimpse of the side of her boobs. She removed her saree fully and was just standing in her petticoat. She untied her petticoat knots and lifted it up to her chest and tied it covering her boobs. Her erect big nipples impression was visible on her petticoat. She poured water on her body. This made her petticoat stick to her body. This made to expose her vital parts more to me. Soon she finished her bath. She wiped her body with her towel. Suddenly i noticed that kamala was coming from the house. I turned my self and continued to fetch water. Soon shilpa aunty dressed herself and went inside the house. After finishing the water job i entered the house. Shilpa aunty and my grandma was talking something about me. I overheard their conversation which gave me mixed emotions. Shilpa aunty asked my grandma to send me with her kamala is going to join the college next week she wanted me with her to help. After a long discussion my grandma decided to send me with them. Has reading this story made you horny? Want to sex chat with real life hot women?

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