My Wife and Her Friends ‘Got Milk’


Tom and Ann seemed to have gotten it all just right. They were so compatible and enjoyed each other’s company so much. They were best friends who were married to each other. And the sex was great.

Tom thought long and hard before he really opened up to Ann about how highly sexed, horny really, he was. He was afraid to tell her that he wanted to have a dynamic sex life with his wife and to explore everything there was that a man and woman could do together. He held his breath after he laid it all out to her.

Ann did not disappoint him. She told him that she felt the same way. She was reluctant to be so open about her sexual desire because she didn’t want to scare Tom away. Maybe he wouldn’t want a sexually aggressive wife who wanted more than missionary for ten minutes twice a month.

Tom and Ann have been living the dream for five years now. They got married and built a home and are more in love today than the day they were married. Over the years, they have experimented with toys, porn, sexy lingerie, watersports, some light bdsm, you name it. They balance their wild private life with a very tame public life.

Tom’s has stayed close to his three suite-mates from college. They work for the same large company and live in the same city. As they each got married, the guys with their wives continued to socialize. They had dinner at each other’s homes, went out to movies and concerts, and the guys golfed every weekend. Wouldn’t you know it, Tom and Ann got pregnant and within the next year, the three wives of Tom’s old friends all got pregnant too.

Ann’s pregnancy was something she and Tom shared. As her body changed over the months, they grew even closer and more intimate, drawn tighter by the life they had created together. Ann had been a pretty athletic young woman and she was careful about her weight, but her body was changing. Of course her belly began to show and her breasts also grew. Her pale pink nipples and aureole became dark crimson. Her aureole would contract tightly and push out from her breasts and her nipples became thicker and longer and ached all the time.

Still their sexlife was as active as before. When penetration became uncomfortable for Ann, she would use her considerable oral skills and blow Tom each morning when he awoke. She let Tom rub her clit and gently touch her swollen, sensitive breasts. She would only come once, but it was titanic, shaking her whole body. It took a day or two to recover.

And then the baby came. It was a wonderful, sleep-deprived time. They worried a lot at first, but soon became confident parents. Eventually, the baby would sleep on a regular schedule allowing Tom and Ann to rediscover the wide range of their sexual interests. And Tom became infatuated with Ann’s big, now milked-filled, breasts. Ann was producing lots of milk, bottling a lot, feeding the baby a lot, and still she would feel that familiar letting down, it seemed, every time she turned around. And whenever they had a full supply of bottled milk, the baby was fed and sleeping, and they had the opportunity Tom would feast on the liquid gold that he would suckle from Ann’s breasts.

He loved the feel of her big breasts against his face, so warm and sometimes sticky with the thin, sweet liquid that could spray in needle-like jets from her engorged nipples. Ann’s breasts had become very sensitive and her natural multi-orgasmic nature meant that she would sometimes become aroused feeding the baby in the middle of the night. She’d return to bed and start rubbing against Tom until he got hard. She would mount him and ride his cock coming in one spasm after another, all the while smothering Tom in her bountiful breast flesh. For his part he would suck and lick and drink as much as he could and then he would explode in Ann’s soaking-wet pussy.

Ann liked it better when the baby would go down early and she and Tom had most of the evening to themselves. They would talk and have dinner and then settle down of the sofa and either watch TV or the fireplace. It was almost an unspoken ritual that Ann would sit on one end of the sofa and Tom would lay with his head in her lap. Her hands would tousle his hair stroke his face and rub his back as they relaxed together. His hands would stroke Ann’s legs working to her inner thighs. Regardless of how they were situated to start, they would always end up with Tom laying half-facing Ann suckling from each of her big, milky breasts. Ann would try to cradle Tom’s head and the breast he was feeding from with one hand and reach down to stroke Tom’s stiff cock inside his sweatpants.

Sometimes she would come from Tom’s suckling and his head rubbing in her lap. Sometimes she would stroke Tom’s cock until it exploded all over her hand. Other times the quiet evening would heat up and they would fuck like animals, trying not to wake the baby. But Ann loved those evenings best of all. Tom would empty her breasts of their heavy load, at least for a while. She got to relieve the sexual ache ankara escort that having her sensitive nipples suckled all day had built up. And she got to please her man and feel his big, strong body and hard cock respond to her body and her touch.

Ann found herself telling her three best girlfriends about these evenings in more detail than she should have. This was after they had all had their babies. They had gone through the sleep deprivation and all, but unlike Ann and Tom, none of the other new mothers were getting much satisfaction. They all told Ann they envied her and laughingly wished they could rent Tom for a night. Ann encouraged them to make the first move and try to seduce their husbands, but all three told her the same thing. Their husbands lost all interest in them as soon as they got pregnant. Not only weren’t they fucking now, they hadn’t been fucking in close to a year!

Later Ann told Tom about what her girlfriends had said. She asked Tom if he could think of why his three best friends all lost interest in their wives to the point of sexual abandonment. Tom thought about his friends. Guys don’t talk too openly about sex that way. He didn’t think the guys were cheating, but they were way into golf. Maybe too into golf. Tom decided to snoop a little.

After a round of golf, Tom started talking to his friends over a few beers. He steered the conversation to life with kids and how it made it hard to find time to be with Ann. He was surprised by the reaction. Each of his three friends told him that they couldn’t think of their wives in a sexual way now that they had been pregnant and delivered babies. Tom thought they were joking, but they couldn’t believe Tom didn’t feel the same. They told Tom that unless they were trying to make another baby, the less sex they had, the better. Tom tried not to look as shocked as he was.

That evening it was Ann’s turn to be shocked. She couldn’t believe her three best friends were all being frozen out by their husbands. She and Tom talked about how sad it was and wondered what could be done. Ann told Tom that all three of her friends were breastfeeding and had complained to her about how much pumping hurt and how none of their husbands took any interest in any of it. They attended to the baby, but not their wife.

Tom thought of Marie, Bob’s wife. She was a short, shapely Italian. To think that her big tits and that sweet round ass of hers was going untouched made him sigh. Cindy was a cutie too, Ted’s wife. She was tall and slender and had legs for days. Tom couldn’t imagine Ted not wanting Cindy’s legs wrapped around him whenever he could. And Lisa, Gene’s wife. She was the sexiest one of the bunch. She couldn’t help showing off her outrageous figure, even back in college. From her short red hair to the pale complexion and those double d’s to that heart-shaped ass poured into those skin-tight jeans. And she hadn’t gotten a tumble in year? Tom smiled and Ann knew what he was thinking.

That night as Tom and Ann made love Ann waited until Tom had his face buried in her tits and was sucking on one hard nipple.

“I wonder if you could taste the difference in my breastmilk from Marie’s.”

Tom lightly bit Ann’s big nipple and thrust his cock into her wet pussy, making her moan.

“I’ll bet your cock would split little Cindy in two if you put it to her like that. Would you like to suck on her firm little titties, Tommy?”

Tom dug his fingers into Ann’s asscheek and held her in place as he pumped those ‘glory strokes’ all up in Ann’s cunt. He was ready to blow his cumwad.

“But you’d really love to pump your load into Lisa, huh, Tommy? Imagine sucking on her big milkjugs, Champ. Do you think she shaves her pussy clean? Those jeans she wears, you can see her pussylips. Feel them on your cock?”

Tom erupted shouting in Ann’s ear a stream of garbled references to fucking her friends and their hungry cunts. He woke the baby. it was worth it, he thought, as he grabbed a bottle out of the fridge and microwaved it for 20 seconds.

It was a week or two before Ann and the girls got together to drink wine and gossip. The wine bar was almost empty and the chat turned to how frustrated the girls were with their lack of a sexlife and how miserable they all were pumping their breastmilk every few hours. They were all committed to breastfeeding as long as possible for the health benefits for the baby, but the pumping only added to their sexual frustration as each girl admitted to enjoying feeling a hungry little mouth suckling away.

Lisa asked Ann, “You’re all done with this business by now, right, Ann?”

Ann paused and told her friends that she was still breastfeeding her child, although they had introduced solid foods. She said that it was a bonding thing for her now.

Cindy asked, “So you’re still pumping as much as ever?”

Ann thought that yes, she was pumping as much as ever, that is, not that much since Tom took care of etlik escort what their child didn’t consume.

“Tom suckles and empties my breasts every night,” Ann said, then couldn’t believe she had.

The girls audibly gasped, then sighed, almost in unison. Ann told them that Tom wasn’t like their husbands at all when it came to sex and childbirth and breastfeeding. Tom was into it all and it was all part of their amazing sexlife.

Her words hung in the air. The girls flooded Ann with questions, intimate questions. She had let the genie out of the bottle. Does Tom get hard when he suckles? Does Ann help him get off? Just how often do they make love? What does Tom do help Ann get off? They all but asked for pictures. Then Marie spoke up.

“Ann, you know it’s not fair that you get so much and none of us get any. We’re all in the same boat. How would you feel if I was the one who was getting laid every night by a hot man who wants to suckle my milk and then fuck me like a pro? And you got nothing. You end up alone in the bathroom using a hairbrush handle to masturbate…” She sobbed quietly.

Cindy and Lisa hugged Marie and whispered quietly to comfort her.

“I’ve used my fingers and watched porn, I’m so lonely. I need it,” Cindy said.

“I have a toy box with a dildo I use. I have to do something,” Lisa whispered.

The three looked at Ann. Her heart melted. She couldn’t bear to see her friends so sad. They were ashamed to be taking care of their own needs while Ann had a loving stud at her beck and call. Ann took a deep breath.

“Everybody, let’s pay up and go to my place right now,” she said.

Tom was finishing up some work on the sofa when he heard Ann’s car in the garage. But then heard voices and in walked Marie, Cindy, Lisa, and Ann. They were all a bit tipsy and, as tipsy people sometimes do, they were trying to be very serious.

Each of them took turns trying to lay out the situation that Tom already understood perfectly well. He had not forgotten his fantasy of fucking all of his wife’s best friends. And enjoying their sweet mother’s milk. But he played coy. He wanted the girls to make it happen.

Finally, Lisa took a seat on the sofa and told Tom to lay with his head in her lap. Tom looked at Ann who was smiling slyly and nodding. Lisa looked down at Tom and caressed his face. She quickly undid the buttons down the front of her blue silk blouse. It brushed Tom’s face as it slipped to the side. Lisa wore a big nursing bra. She undid one side’s flap and removed the cotton pad, which was soaked with her milk that had leaked out when her ‘let down’ had begun as they drove over from the wine bar.

Tom saw Lisa reveal a short but thick nipple and his mouth began to pucker and he moved up to engulf it and began to suck the sweet, thin liquid into his mouth. Lisa’s milk was sweet and warm. Lisa had reached down to rub her pussy through her tight jeans. It wouldn’t take her long to climax. Tom could feel Lisa’s breathing get deep and knew what was happening. He sucked harder on Lisa’s nipple and reached up to squeeze her big breast as he did. Lisa felt his strong hand working the milk in her breast down to her nipple and then she felt Tom bite her nipple just hard enough to set her off. Lisa’s whole body quaked and she stifled a series of grunting screams. It lasted a minute or more and Lisa slumped back cradling Tom’s head in her hands gratefully.

“My turn,” Cindy said, quickly taking a seat at the other end of the sofa and motioning for Tom to rotate toward her. Lisa took the opportunity to get up and make room.

Cindy had already peeled off the jersey she had been wearing and as Tom’s head settled in her lap, she slipped her bra off. Her little b-cup boobies were swollen and firm. Her little upturned nipples were stiff and surrounded by very erect aureole. Tom’s mouth found Cindy’s nipples and his lips adjusted to the smaller diameter, but longer teats. When he sucked hard, a relative gush of milk would jet into his mouth. Cindy moaned as she felt the pressure in her breast lessen, her clit stiffen, and her pussy get even wetter. Cindy had been imagining Tom suckling Ann’s nice tits and Ann getting fucked hard by her handsome husband.

Cindy’s hand reached for her pussy. Her shorts gave her easy access, but other fingers got there first. Tom had reached up and was fingering Cindy’s warm pussy. She felt Tom’s finger rub along her pussylips and then between them. His mouth insistently sucked and suckled at her smaller, but very productive mams. Cindy felt a warmth in her chest. She reached up to pinch the nipple Tom was not sucking and pinched it, twisting it. Her arousal spread down to Tom’s finger rubbing Cindy’s stiff clit and g-spot in turn. And then it overcame her.

Cindy clutched Tom’s head to her chest as her hips convulsed and bucked three or four times in rapid succession. Tom felt her pussy contract on his finger with a squish. He couldn’t believe ankara eve gelen escort how tightly Cindy’s pussy held his finger. Still he twisted and pumped it slowly and Cindy slapped her free hand to her mouth to silence her pleasure-scream. Her whole body had been wracked and she was spent, at least for the moment.

Lisa and Cindy moved to a loveseat to watch. Ann had been standing, hovering to make sure everyone was comfortable, but also to make sure she didn’t miss anything. She was as aroused as she had ever been. She could feel how wet her pussy had become watching her husband suckle from the breasts of two of her best friends in the world. What was next, she wondered.

She didn’t wonder long. Marie stood up in from of Tom.

“You think I’m attractive? I see men look at me in the mall or in the store. My husband, your old friend, he doesn’t care about me anymore. Now that I have had his baby, I’m not worth a fuck to him,” Marie said quietly as she took off her big sweater and skirt.

She was wearing a black lingerie set. The huge bra contained Marie’s big, round breasts. Black garters held up black nylons. And a black thong did little to hide her full bush. Marie straddled Tom as he sat on the sofa. She raised herself up and removed her big bra and her big breasts tumbled out, nearly smothering Tom. He took her huge mams in his hands and feasted on her tits. Her nipples were very dark, almost black, as were her aureole. Her nipples were thick and long. Milked dribbled from each nipple. Tom did what he could to not waste a drop, but once he started suckling, it began to flow on its own. His face was soon wet with the sticky milk.

Positioned as she was, Marie could grind against Tom’s fully erect cock. It was pointing straight up against Tom’s lower stomach under his boxers and sweats. Marie skillfully bucked her hips. Her thong got pushed aside and before long, Marie was grinding her hairy pussy on the underside of Tom’s cock through the fabric. Tom was alternating sucking Marie’s magnificent breasts and drinking her sweet milk as it filled his mouth. Marie had come twice already, but she was quieter when she reached a climax, closing her eyes tightly and tensing up, holding her breath. Tom loved the way Marie looked. He had thought about her big tits and that sweet ass so many times. She was whispering to him how good he felt and that her body was his and she wanted him to use her.

Ann was watching with growing lust as her husband suckled from the third different pair of breasts in just a few minutes. Her own breasts were aching as she felt the milk letting down. Soon it would start leaking out. And the sight of her sexy friends coming from having their milk-filled tits suckled dry had Ann’s pussy throbbing with desire.

Ann looked over at Cindy and Lisa who were fully fixated on their hot Italian friend ravishing Ann’s husband. Both of the girls wanted to fuck Tom, but it looked like Marie had to fuck Tom. Ann saw it too. She saw Tom bucking his hips to rub his big cock against Marie’s offered pussy, albeit through fabric that was soaked with his pre-cum and Marie’s pussyjuice. Ann moved beside them on the sofa. Tom looked over to her. His eyes were glazed with lust. Ann had seen that look so many times. Tom needed to fuck now. Ann reached down and pulled Tom’s sweatpants and boxers down and off.

Marie looked over at Ann who smiled and nodded at her friend. Marie reached behind herself and found Tom’s long, thick cock at full attention, hard as a rock. She rubbed its mushroom head along the crease of her pussylips and they gaped apart. Marie seemed to raise herself up and stretch like a cat before plunging down the full length of Tom’s cock with a muffled groan. It seemed like Marie was in great pain, but she raised up again and repeated her plunge down the thick meat of Tom’s cock. Marie impaled herself again and again. She was lost in the feeling of being full of hard cock and having her body caressed all over, her big breasts worshiped and fondled and her milk sucked hungrily. Marie came again and again. She almost passed out from the feeling.

Tom was at the boiling point. As much control as he had, which was a lot to not blow his wad at the sight of his three best friends’ wives breastfeeding him, Tom needed to come. Ann helped Marie off of her husband’s big cock and stood Tom up. She sat beside him on the sofa and jacked his cock. Lisa and Cindy, who had been discretely fingering themselves as they watched Marie fuck Tom, moved close to Tom, kneeling in front of him. Marie recovered enough to join them. As Ann stroked Tom’s ready-to-explode cock, the three girls exposed and offered their breasts to Tom. Ann had one more idea.

“Girls, why don’t you show Tom how grateful you are for his, uh, service?”

Cindy leaned forward and encircled Tom’s cock with her hand and jacked it up and down slowly. Cindy rubbed the tip of his cock, which was leaking pre-cum in copious amounts, against her lips. Then pushing down further, she opened her lips and slowly took the big cockhead into her mouth and pushed it an inch or so deeper. She pumped her mouth up and down the end of Tom’s cock and then released it and leaned back. Cindy could taste Marie’s pussyjuice on Tom’s cock.

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