My Wife and our 72yr old Neighbour Terry


My Wife and our 72yr old Neighbour TerryHello to every one, this tale is actually taking place right this minute, we have a kind but sex mad neighbor, his name is Terry, my wife is not very keen on him , he is not attractive in the least ,he is 72 fat almost bald, he is in fact a ugly but kindpervert. Now I should tell you at this stage that Terry is retired, and a expert electrician you need to know this as it is the main reason I am writing this storyLast week we had a major electrical fault in our home which almost caused a fire,to cut a long story short and get to the interesting bit,we must go back a few monthsto Christmas day 2012, so here we go, I unfortunately have Parkinsons Disease which believe me is not a nice thing to happen, It completely rules out alcohol and as a great fan of rare single malt whiskies, of which I have a Impressive collection this of course is a big disappointment , however Lorraine my wife suggested I try a glass of her red wine , which I accepted,this was before dinner and on a empty stomach, you can imagine the result, Danny was completely pissed in milliseconds, and I became just the sort of guy you don’t want at your Christmas güvenilir bahis party , I was fondling Lorraines tits while she attempted to prepare the feast and she quickly became Mrs Incredible Hulk, which she does if I CONTINUALLY ANNOY HER , and that’s what I was doing, anyway I was told in no uncertain terms if I wanted to see her in her sexy underwear I had bought her , and to partake in our xmas night bondage sex ,a regularoccasion which believe me is great fun , involving duc tape rope and a chosen stranger from the local Vivastreet ads its brilliant fun as I love watching Lorraine having sex with strangers, I will join in usually to shoot my load directly into her mouth, but sorry I am off track, as I was saying I was misbehaving due to the red wine, when in comes Terry whom we had invited for his dinner to reward him forhis help which is, freely given upon request, the guy has done all sorts of work forus since he moved nextdoor in 89, he had brought a bottle and insisted I tried some,this of course had a even more potent effect which annoyed my beloved even more, so she told me off AGAIN and me and Fat Ugly Baldy but brilliant electrician, retired canlı bahis to the lounge for a chat,now this is where the story shapes up, Terry just happened to notice some photos ,taken at my best pals villa in Spain, Lorraine loves sunbathingand is almost continuously in her Bikini ,with or without top,she has a nice firm 36ddpair which are greatly admired by men wherever we goI love it it turns me on so much I have to wank off or fuck her both of which are impractical on beach in Spain, sorry I am wandering again now I told you T is a bit of a letch and when I asked if he would like to see the pics he almost took my hand off,some of them wee a bit softpornish with my mate massaging sun tan lotion all over her body but paying the most attention to ( yes you’ve guessed it) her tits, fucking hell shes fucking fantastic isn’t she, I was a bit shocked by Ts reaction and even though I was thoroughly shitfaced ,I asked if he would like to see one of our home made porn videosthis is always difficult for me as I said earlier I love watching my wife fuck or suckSo I inserted” I love that word” the disc into the machine,,and after a few niceties were observed, there on bahis siteleri the screen was my lovely wife sucking off two Japanese guys while another fucked her from behind, just in case you are wondering about the Japs we placed a ad on vivastreet, we had many many replies she fucked 15 on the day I placed the ad, I could see Terry was becoming aroused the bulge in the old mans trousers was very big considering his age , so I asked him if he would like to fuck her, and more to te point fuck her on a regular basis,he reacted almost as if he had been given an electric shock which I suppose he had really,” Yes I would whenwhen how about this afternoon” as it happens it worked out perfectly for Terry at least,as I suggested to Lorraine that it would be a perfect way to repay him for his kindness, she was very reluctant and angry naturally that I had given Terry permission to fuck her, but my wife also has a perverse side to her nature and when I suggested a role play whereby I tie her up and Terry comes in and does whatever he wants he loves to fuck her then wank over her tits and face, for a guy in his 70s he can cum huge volumes and surprisingly she submits to this treatment especially if I VIDEO the action, and so we CUM a full circle ,Lorraine is nextdoor being shagged senseless by the whale and pumped full of terrycum and I am going to take a few pics ,,,TO BE CONTINUED DANNY

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