My wife and the black hospital janitor

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My wife and the black hospital janitorWife Does The Black Hospital JanitorI Was married to Kathy for many years and never found out about her ‘dark side?. To me, she was just another prudish wife, doing all the normal things. Church, helping people, just a nice wife. Our sex life wasn’t always the best. Now I know why. Been divorced a few years now and I found out about her black lovers one day when I went over to her place to help her out with some needed fixes at her house. Happened to run into one of her black overs as he was leaving. He thought it was funny that I never knew about her and black men. Once I asked her, she told me how it happened and some stories of her exploits over our married life. Here is just part of what happened.When I married her, she was a naive 18 year old. Tall, slim, nice boobs, 34c, long blondish hair, blue eyes. All the things most black men want in a white wife. First few years, she was in nursing school, I was working and we only saw each other during nites after I got off work. Weekends were family and friends.Well at age 21 she started working in a hospital. I know doctors started hitting on her right off the bat. She even told me that one asked her to go to the beach for a long weekend, but she didn’t.About a year after she started working there, her job required her to carry a beeper for emergencies. This would later prove to be a good excuse for her. Seems she worked close with an older black hospital janitor. Part of her job was to inventory and clean a stock room every day. So he noticed this one afternoon and offered to help her. She didn’t refuse since it would just make it go by quicker. She said that he told her how nice she looked, how lucky her husband was,, that she smelled nice and such.After a few weeks of this, she was talking to him more and more, sometimes even sitting with him at lunch time. One afternoon in the storeroom, he asked canlı bahis her if she had ever been with anyone other than me. Of course she said no.. So he asked her if she would like to.. Again she said no. But he said well just for a min, can show you something? Not knowing what, she said sure. Then he unzipped his pants and pulled out a 10 inch thick black cock. She told me that she knows her mouth flew open as she stared. He told her its ok if you touch it. She looked at it, then at him and did just that.It swelled up standing straight out and she wrapped a hand around it. He laughed and said, good girl, I been wanting you to touch this thing for a while now. By the way, he was mid 40’s. He told her, go ahead you can kiss it as well. She said she knew it was wrong, but she leaned over and did just that. When she did, he grabbed her head and pushed her down on it some. She said that just sent her over the edge, he was strong, and that cock was so big she couldn’t resist. He then pulled her up and looked in her face and said. Now if you want more, be at my house after work tomorrow. She first thought, I can’t do this, he is black, it’s so wrong. But she also knew she just had to find out what that thing was like even closer. So, the next day after work, she went to his house.As soon as she knocked on the door and he let her in, he said, you have seen me, now let me see you. He gave her a big kiss and stepped back. She took her clothes off and stood before him. As he walked around her he reached his big hands and took each tit in his hands, whispering in her ear. So glad you came over today, its the start of something new and wild for you. Then he told her to get on her knees and suck him off. She said she just could not stop herself now, she knew he was in control of her. She proceeded to suck his cock and said she was like a hungry baby after milk. He let her suck for a bit then bahis siteleri said now, time to stretch that white cunt to fit me. He proceeded to take her to his bed and had her lay on her back and lift Her legs as high as possible. Taking his big cock he placed it right at her cunt and said now, you stick it in there girl, show me you really want it. Taking her hand, she slid it just inside her and gasped. He laughed and slid it in almost halfway, then asked her, tell me you want it all in there. She said yes, yes, please all the way in me, I have to have all of your big cock. With that he shoved every inch inside of her. She gasped again, but wrapped her legs around her as he forced his shaft into her over and over.That afternoon, he fucked her in many different ways. When he was done, he asked her, now are you my personal fuck toy? She said yes I am, as often as I can, you can have me.Over the next few weeks, many days after work she was over at his place. I didn’t know because my job didn’t end till till around 9:00 each nite. She could be home and cleaned up before I ever got home. Plus no cell phones then so I didn’t ever call her to see where she was.One afternoon when she went over to his place, another black man was there. She was surprised but her lover said, this is my good friend, sometimes now he will be with us. She said please no, just you, I don’t know if I can do you and him. He told her fine, then leave and don’t come back!! She looked at him and said, you know I can’t do that. So he said good, then its me and him sometimes, with you. She nodded yes and that afternoon, was introduced to handling two black men. Sucking one while the other was fucking her.Also by now her lover had introduced her ass to black cock. She was surprised then when one was in her cunt and the other started fucking her in the ass. But she knew that day, that she was a slut for her lover. She bahis şirketleri needed what he did to her and knew she couldn’t stop.By this time too, he had her beeper number. Many times she may be at home and she would rush out when he called, saying she had to go in for an emergency. I had no idea of course that it was him that was really calling her. Sometimes she would call me and say it would be too late when she finished, so she would spend the night at the hospital. But she was at his house getting fucked by him and sometimes his friend as well.The friend even got her all alone on his birthday, as a present. Her lover even called sometimes when we were out eating. I would take her by the hospital, then he would come by and get her to use her. I would then go back later when she called and pick her up, thinking she had been working all this time.One year we planned a Super Bowl Party with a few friends. Just before game time, she got a call on her beeper. Yeah, it was her black lover wanting her service at his party instead. Turns out that day that he had a few more friends over and they all had turns with her during the party. By this time, she didn’t care as long as it was black cock.You may wonder if I noticed anything. Yes I did, but when I asked, she said it was just me thinking she wasn’t as tight as she used to be. Hahahaha!! Now of course I know why.Well over the years, she went to parties with her black lover, even a couple times to the beach with him and a couple of buddies. She told me she was gone to training seminars and the like. I believed her and trusted her. He even took her once to Las Vegas for a week and made a little money from black men fucking her and using her. There they tied her up, whipped her ass and tits and even let some teenage black boys get their first taste of white married pussy.Now she has a different black lover, but he shares her with some of his friends as well. All I can say is that I am not upset. I never knew, so nothing was wrong as far as I knew. And now, she knows I like to hear the stories and listen to her tell me things that she has done with black men.

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