My wife and the Neighbor

Big Dick

My wife and the NeighborAbout a year or so ago, we were living in a apartment building. The neighbors were nice, the one across from us had c***dren. Linda my wife, she sometimes just have a shirt and pant or shorts on with no bra or panties on. She would only wear them when we go out, but around the apartment she didn’t. Linda had 36 C breast, so she had some nice tits. Linda put on her shorts and a shirt that button up, and of course had no bra nor panties on. She went to the mail box that was across the parking lot. Linda didn’t notice that her top 3 shirt buttons came undone, so that was showing some cleavage. The guy across from the way the one with the k**s, his name is Rick, he also came out to get his mail. Linda was walking back when Rick was going to the mail box. Rick stopped her and started to talk. He told Linda it was hard living in that apartment with 2 k**s. They have a one bedroom apartment and had twins. There still looking for a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment but so far they haven’t found one. The twins are about 8 months old and Rick haven’t had sex in 10 months.10 min later, Rick knocked on our door, I was at work, Linda was watching T.V. she got up saw her shirt was undone and fixed the buttons. She answer the door and Rick just wanted to stop by and chat some more. He wanted a break from the k**s. Rick told Linda he haven’t had sex in 10 months and that is driving him crazy. He said she won’t put out until they get a bigger place, and he isn’t sure when that will be. Linda asked how she can help, he said joking have sex with him. kocasinan escort Linda said, nope anything else. Rick said he hasn’t masturbated in a while and he can’t over at his place. Linda said ok, he could masturbate here.Rick was somewhat happy but never really masturbated in front of another person, his wife never saw him do it. Linda asked if she can help, he asked how, so Linda unbutton her shirt and showed her tits off to him. That made Rick hard, Linda said that I would be home in about an hour so he had to hurry up. Rick told Linda he never masturbated in front of another person. She told him to go to our room and do it in there. Rick went into our room and felt confirmable and took his pants off and started to masturbate. Linda waited and walked in, Rick jumped and stop, Linda told him to keep going. She wanted him to get confirmable with his wife or another woman watching. He said ok and started up again. Linda was getting little bit wet watching him masturbate. Rick’s cock was thicker than mine. As Rick was focusing on my wife’s tits, Linda decided to help him out. She got on the bed and started to suck his thick cock. Rick was enjoying that a lot and grabbed her hair and bob her head up and down. Linda undid her shorts and took them off and started to rub her pussy. She choked little bit on his cock, she pulled off his cock and laid down and spread her legs open and told him to fuck her. Her pussy was dripping wet and wanted that cock badly. Rick got on top and slid that thick cock in her hungry pussy. His cock stretch her pussy open which made her have a loud orgasm.Linda wanted Rick to fuck her harder, so he started to pound the hell out of her, she was very loud with her orgasms. The bed frame was hitting the wall and she was just enjoying every second of it. Rick grabbed her arms and put them above her head and fucked her slow and deep. They started to kiss and Rick got carried away and came inside of pussy. He pulled out and kissed all over her tits and sucked on her nipples. Linda was wore out but pleased, but saw cum dripping from Ricks cock. She freaked out, if she got pregnant then I would know she had sex with another man. She told Rick that and Rick just told her to fuck him too, but that wasn’t the case. I can’t have k**s and suddenly she was pregnant I would know it wasn’t mine. Linda told Rick that and he wasn’t thinking and if his wife knew the cheated then he would be kicked out of the apartment.Linda looked at the time and saw I would be home in 5 minutes and told Rick to get dressed and out of the apartment. Linda grabbed a robe and put that on and sat on the couch like she was just there watching T.V. all day. I got home from work, so I decided to jump in the shower, after the shower I was horny, (like most men in this world) and wanted to fuck. Linda said no but she knew I would start asking questions. Linda is usually a very horny woman and also want to fuck too. So she said hold on and went to the bathroom. I was lying in bed when she came into the bed room. She took her robe off and started to suck me off, after 5 minutes of sucking my dick, she got on top and started to ride me. I knew there was something different about her, her pussy felt like a gaping hole. I told her to lye down so I can get on top and fuck her. She laid down and spread her legs open and sure enough her pussy had a gaping hole. I know she fucked another man, but I didn’t say anything. I got on top and started to fuck her, she started to moan. I thought to myself, I wanted a tight hole and there is one that is still tight. I told Linda to roll over and stick her butt up in the air. She asked why and I told her I wanted that ass. We only had anal sex one time and she liked it but wouldn’t do it again. She told me know and I told her that her pussy felt loose and didn’t know why and wanted a nice tight hole to fuck. So she flipped over and put her butt up. I got the vaseline and put it on her ass so I can slide it in. I slid it in and she let out a big ouch sound. I started very slowly, she kept saying ouch it hurts and wanted me to take it out, I wouldn’t. I grabbed her hands and put them straight up and held them there. Then I started to move little bit faster and she kept fighting me a little bit, so I went deeper in her ass and stop for a second. My cock was all the way in now, I started to move back and forth again. She was crying a little bit from the pain and then she started to enjoy it so I let her arms go. I fucked her ass hard that night, I came in her ass too. I waited 30 minutes and fucked her in the ass again. I wore her ass out like what that guy did to her pussy. I fucked her ass 5 times that night and came in her ass maybe 8 times. She couldn’t sit nor walk after that fucking.

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