My Wife Anna With My Best Friend


My Wife Anna With My Best FriendI woke up and rolled over to look at the clock. It was two fifteen am and then I noticed that Anna was not in bed. At first I thought she must have got up to go to the restroom and I fell back to sleep.I woke up again and looked at the clock and it was now two forty am. Anna was still not in bed.I got up and walked into the master bathroom to see if she was sick or if something was wrong. She was not in there.I opened the door and walked down the hall and I heard voices.Seth my best friend from school was in town for a visit and when he came, he always stayed with us.I passed by the room where he stayed and I heard Anna’s voice, “Stop worrying, he sleeps like a log and does not wake all night long.What the hell?I leaned against the door and heard Seth moaning.I turned the doorknob very slowly and cracked the door open so I could see the bed. The light from the full moon was streaming in through the window and I could see my wife bent over my friend’s crotch as she was bobbing up and down on his hard cock. He was continuing to moan softly as she was nearly swallowing his cock with each stroke.She then stopped, pulled her nightgown over her head and threw a leg over his body. She rose up and guided his cock to her pussy.”Anna we shouldn’t be doing this” Seth whispered.”Shut up and fuck me Seth.” She whispered back to him.She then began riding up and down on his cock and her full, firm tits were bounding up and down with each stroke of her pussy on his cock.”Oh gawd Seth I have never had a cock so deep in my pussy before.” Anna quietly moaned.Seth then got into it and began lunging back at Anna as she rode his cock.They were trying to be quiet but could not stop the bed from squeaking from their lunging at each other.Seth reached up, wrapped his hands around my wife’s tits, and squeezed them as they fucked.”Ohhh gawd yes pinch them harder,” Anna groaned.I heard Seth groan and Anna quickly jumped off his cock and spun around. She bent back over his cock and swallowed it down her throat as he moaned. His whole body was convulsing as he apparently was shooting his load down Anna’s throat.Anna kept sucking as she threw her leg over his body again. This time she had her pussy in his face. She moaned on his cock as he apparently was licking her pussy.All I could hear was the slurping and sucking sounds as each of them licked and sucked on each other’s genitals.Anna pulled off Seth’s cock and began moaning softly as she grabbed at the sheets. She began making a****listic grunting sounds as she pressed back against his face.”OOOHHHHH FUCK! Seth I’m CUUUMMMMMMMING!”I could then see her body relax as she was coming down from her orgasm.When she was done, she pulled her leg back over him, crawled off the bed, and grabbed her robe.”I better get back to bed.” She whispered.She leaned over to give Seth a kiss and then said, “See you in the morning.”I turned and quickly headed back to bed. I jumped in and acted as if I was asleep.Anna very shortly came into the room and quietly slipped into bed.I acted as if she woke me when she got in bed.”Is everything ok? I asked.”Yes, was just using the restroom.” She replied.I rolled back over and she snuggled in behind me.Suddenly she reached across my body and wrapped her hand around my cock.I thought to myself, “What Seth wasn’t enough for you?”She began stroking it slowly at first to see if I was still awake. Reactively my cock began to stiffen.I stirred and she began stroking it faster and harder. I was now fully erect but stayed rolled onto my side.She then decided to pull me over onto my back and slipped under the covers. I felt her hot breath against my cock and then the warmth of her mouth as her lips wrapped around my hard shaft. She stroked it and sucked it and I just laid there with the thoughts racing through my mind that she had just been in with Seth doing the same thing.She stopped sucking, threw back the covers, and straddled my body. She grabbed my cock and guided it to her pussy. I easily slid in because she was so wet. She began riding up and down as I laid there and looked at the silhouette of her body against the light coming through the window.As she fucked me, I still had the images of her riding Seth’s cock and saying that she had never had a cock so deep inside her.Regardless of my thoughts and my confused feelings at the time, the friction and the warmth of her pussy had me ready to unload.I moaned as Anna sat fully onto my cock and let her pussy milk the cum from my balls.After I had finished coming she leaned over me and kissed me. She then climbed off my cock and went to the restroom to clean up.I rolled back over and laid there very confused with my feelings. On one hand, watching her fuck Seth had in some strange way turned me on and on the other, I was pissed off at both of them.Anna then crawled back into bed and rolled the other direction and soon I heard her breathing heavily as she slept.+++++++++++++++++++++++The next morning I was awake early because I had to go to work. I was in the kitchen nearly ready to leave finishing my cup of coffee when Seth walked in.”Good Morning Buddy.” He exclaimed.”Morning.” I responded.Seth poured a cup of coffee and sat down at the table.”Did you sleep well last night?” I asked him.”Yes, I did, and you?” he responded.”Yes, I slept all night like a baby.” I responded.”What are your plans today?” I asked him.”Oh, I don’t know. I might run into town and see how the place has changed. Or, I might just stay here and lay around the pool.” He responded.”Well, I better go to work.” I said as I stood up.”See you later.” Seth responded.I went out the door wondering if he was making a beeline to my bedroom where Anna was still in bed. I got in my car, pulled onto the street, and headed down the road. I almost felt as if Seth was peering out a window watching to be sure that I left.I went on to work and could not concentrate at all. All I could see was visions of Seth fucking my wife.Lunchtime finally came and I feigned sickness and told türbanlı yalova escort my secretary “I’m going home for the day.”I got in the car and headed to the house. I never came home for lunch because of the commute so I knew nobody would be expecting me. It took me about thirty minutes to get home and I parked a few houses down and walked to the house.I slowly turned the lock on the door and stepped inside. I was hoping that I would find Anna doing housework and Seth had done as he said and had gone out for the day.I stopped inside the doorway to listen. Nothing but silence.I walked down the hall to our bedroom. The bed was still not made and looked as if someone had been fucking in it because it was a mess.I looked through the French doors from our bedroom to the pool area and there I found Anna. She was lying in the sun. She was stretched out on one of the chaise loungers and she was naked. Anna sunbathing naked was nothing new. She had a beautiful all over golden tan.I looked around and did not see Seth.Just as I was ready to open the door and step outside, I saw Seth. He came from the backdoor area of the house.Seth was also naked.His big cock was swaying in front of him as he walked toward my wife. He handed her a drink and she thanked him by grabbing his cock.She then said, “Aren’t you about ready to go again?””Damn girl you have nearly drained me of my bodily fluids this morning. At least let me get some liquids in me.” He responded.Anna laughed and replied, “I just want to get as much of your cock as I can before Dave comes home.””Slut!” I mumbled under my breath.They sat there in the sun for about ten minutes drinking their drink and talking when Anna got out of her lounger. She stood up, stretched her long lithe body, and headed for the pool.Seth was watching her every move.She dove into the water and came up on the other side of the pool.”Come on in the water is great,” She told Seth.Seth stood up and headed for the pool and then he dove in coming up on the other side right in front of Anna. He must have grabbed her tits or pussy on his way up because she squealed as he did.She immediately wrapped her arms around his neck as they kissed a long and deep kiss.I could not believe I was watching this but again in a strange way, the voyeur in me was getting excited and my cock was hard. It was as if I was not really watching my wife and best friend together but strangers. Like I was watching a porn movie.As they were kissing, I heard the side gate open and wondered who was coming into the backyard.Then from around the corner of the house appeared Greg, Warren and Brian.”What the hell are they doing here?” I mumbled to myself.Seth looked up and said, “Hey guys! How are you?”In unison they said, “Great.”Greg then added, “But not as well as you it seems.”Anna looked at Seth and asked, “What are they doing here?””Baby you are wearing me out so I called in for reinforcements.” He replied.Greg, Warren and Brian were all classmates of Seth and mine in school.Seth came to the edge of the pool and shook their hands. Anna was somewhat covering up under the water.Brian then said, “Hey Anna how are you?””Not sure.” She replied.”Come on in guys the water feels great.” Seth prompted them.They all began taking off their clothes and jumped into the pool.Seth moved back over to Anna and held her around the shoulder.The guys all went over to where they were standing. Seth then took his other hand, grabbed her tit, and held it up.”Anna has a great set of tits guys. You have got to feel these babies.” He said to them.They all worked a little closer and partially blocked my view but from the look on Anna’s face, they were feeling her tits.Greg then said, “I always knew they looked fantastic and wondered if they were real. Now I know they are and that makes them even better.”Seth then spun Anna around and said, “Now you have got to feel this ass.”They again were apparently taking turns groping her ass under the water.”Wow that is a nice ass.” Warren stated as he moved out of the way and let Brian feel her.Seth then grabbed her by the waist and hoisted her to the side of the pool.”Look at that shaved little pussy.” He said as he spread her legs apart.They all looked on as I could see Anna blushing from where I was.Seth then put his face on her pussy and was licking and sucking her clit. Anna rolled her head back and I knew then that the embarrassment from being the show was quickly fading.”She tastes sweet too. Here you have got to taste her.” Seth said as he moved out of the way.Greg was next to taste Anna’s sweet pussy. He stayed for a minute licking and sucking her when Brian said, “Come on Buddy give someone else a turn.”Greg stepped back and Brian stepped between her legs and tasted of her.It was then I realized that I had my cock out and was stroking it as I peered between the blinds.Brian then stepped back and said, “Damn Warren you have got to try that pussy.”Warren stepped in and Anna laid back on the pool deck and let them suck and lick her pussy.As Warren was licking her pussy Seth got out of the water and went to Anna’s head and laid his cock on her mouth. She opened her eyes and sucked him between her lips.Seth then nodded to Greg in a come here motion of his head.Greg got out of the pool with his hard cock bounding in front of him. Seth pulled his cock from her mouth, Greg pushed his hard on to her lips, and without hesitation she sucked him into her mouth.Seth then went to the lounge chairs, removed the cushions and laid them on the pool deck. I knew what this was for.He then walked back over to where Anna was and bent down to pick her up. He cradled her in his arms and carried her to the cushions. He then gently laid her down on them.Greg did not hesitate and crawled between her legs with his hard cock and guided it toward her pussy. As he leaned forward Anna wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him to her. He began pumping in and out of my wife’s pussy as Brian stuck his cock on her türbanlı yalova escort bayan lips. She grabbed it and sucked it into her mouth.Seth and Warren were on each side of her playing with her nipples.I could hear her moaning on Brian’s cock with each of Greg’s thrusts, “Mmm…mmm…mmm…mmm…mmm.”She was using her heels like spurring a horse and dug them into Greg’s ass.Greg then grabbed her ankles and pushed them to her chest nearly bending her in two. He then pumped even harder and now I could see his wet cock sliding in and out of Anna’s pussy.My own cock was now lubricating my stroking with pre cum as I watched my wife being gang fucked by my friends.Greg’s body tightened and he moaned, “OOHHHH FUCK!” He pulled his cock out of her and stroked it until he shot his load onto her stomach.When he was done he got up and Warren then got between her legs. He grabbed her legs and spun her over so she was on her stomach. Anna got up on all fours as I watched Warren grab his hard cock and slid it into my wife.She immediately began lunging back at his cock like she was starved for cock.Brian positioned himself at her head again and held his cock at her mouth. Anna opened her mouth and let Brian’s cock fuck her mouth as Warren fucked her pussy.Seth crawled beneath her and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth while using his fingers to pinch and roll the other one.Anna pulled off Brian’s cock long enough to exclaim, “OHHHH GAWD!”Then went back to sucking.I suddenly felt my knees buckle as I shot my load onto the blinds.Warren suddenly slapped Anna’s ass with a resounding smack.That seemed to push Anna into overdrive as she bucked hard against Warren’s cock. So, Warren smacked her ass again and her body began convulsing as she lowered her head to the cushions and screamed, “OHHHHH FUCK!”I knew she was coming with an intense orgasm.Warren moaned, “OOOHHHH!”He pulled out of her pussy and shot his load onto her back.When he finished he nodded to Brian, “Your turn.”Brian got behind her and slid easily into her wet pussy. He grabbed her round smooth hips and began lunging at her.Seth now hard again crawled from under her chest and moved to where his cock was pointing straight up at Anna’s face.Anna bent over as he held his cock up for her to suck. She was taking as much as possible down her throat as Brian continued to pound into her mercilessly.Brian then moaned, “OHHHH FUCK!”He pulled out and shot his load with so much force that it actually hit Anna in the back of the head then trailed down her back.Brian stood up with his cock at half-mast and grinned at Warren and Greg.I then heard Anna gag slightly and watched as Seth was shooting his load into her mouth. Some of it was escaping and running back down the shaft of his cock.When he finished his cock quickly deflated and Anna rolled onto her back breathing heavily.Greg and Warren had been on the sidelines watching and stroking their cocks to get them hard again.Anna sat up and asked, “What time is it?”Seth looked at his watch and answered, “ten after four.””Guys you have got to go. Dave will be home in just over an hour.” She said.Warren stood up with his cock in his hand and said, “Plenty of time for each of us to fuck your sweet pussy again.”He got on his knees between Anna’s legs and spread them open again. She laid back as he leaned into her. She moaned, “Oh Gawd.”Warren grabbed her ankles and pushed them back until she was nearly bent double. Her ass was forced off the cushions and Warren fucked her hard and deep with each stroke.After a couple of minutes of intense fucking and Anna groaning from the assault Warren stiffened and this time stayed in her and shot his load inside her pussy.When he had finished he stood up with cum dripping from his cock and asked, “Who wants sloppy seconds?”Greg said, “I’m not proud when it comes to pussy.”Greg grabbed his cock and guided it to her pussy. Anna wrapped her legs around him and he fucked her for a few minutes then also came inside her.He crawled from between her legs and Anna laid there with her legs spread open. I could see the wet cum oozing from her pussy.Brian had worked up another hard on and got between her legs. He also grabbed her ankles and placed them on his shoulders saying, “Baby I’m going to fuck you deep and hard!”He leaned forward and slid his cock into Anna.Again, my knees buckled and I shot my load onto the blinds.Brian fucked her pussy for what seemed an eternity and Anna nearly screamed, “OHHHH GAWD I’m CUMMMMMING!”Her body jerked and convulsed under Brian. Apparently her convulsing pussy was all it took to set him off. His body tightened and he buried his cock deep inside Anna and shot his load.He let her legs off his shoulders and Anna laid there spread legs folded up so her feet were flat on the cushions catching her breath.Anna again sat up and asked, “What time is it now?”Seth answered, “Quarter after five.””OH FUCK! You guys have to go. Dave will be home in fifteen to thirty minutes.”The guys stood and gathered their clothes. After they had dressed they each kissed Anna and thanked her for a wonderful afternoon. They shook Seth’s hand and thanked him for the invitation.They then all went back out the gate.Anna stood up with shaky legs and Seth helped her.”How was your first gang bang?” He asked.She leaned toward him and kissed him then said, “Fantastic, thank-you.””Now get your clothes on while I clean up.” She added.I hurried down the hall and out the front door before she got inside.I walked back to my car and sat there for about ten minutes then started it and drove the block to the house.When I walked in Anna was in the kitchen, turned as always, said, “Hey Honey!”, and walked over to give me my welcome home kiss.I then asked her, “Where is Seth?”He went into town today and said he would be back about the time you got home.”What did you do today?” I then asked.”Not a whole lot. Laid in the sun for awhile and then swam for awhile.” She responded not looking at türbanlı escort yalova me as she said it.”How was your day?” She askedI stood there briefly and thought to myself, “Do I want to say I stood in the bedroom stroking my cock watching my wife fuck and suck four guys?”Not just yet I decided. I mean Seth was there for the rest of the week and I was in turmoil over whether I should get mad or was a pervert and enjoyed watching my wife behave like a slut with other men.She turned to look at me as if “well?””Not a lot today.” I just briefly answered.Then the front door opened and in walked Seth, “Hey Buddy how are you doing today?” He asked me.I tried not to be cold and answered, “Good how was your day?””Great! I just did some catching up with some of the guys.” He answered.”Oh yah, who did you catch up with?” I asked as if I did not already know.”Greg, Brian and Warren.” He answered.I thought well at least he did not lie to me about who he was catching up with albeit he did not mention that they had all caught up with my wife.”How are they doing? I have not seen them in awhile.” I asked him.”Seem to be doing great.” He answered shortly.”Dinner is ready.” Anna said from the kitchen.Seth and I went in to sit down with Anna and eat some dinner.After dinner, we all went outside to enjoy the sunset. I sat on one of the loungers that not too many hours ago my wife had been on being gangbanged.Towards the end of the lounger, there was a wet gooey spot so I leaned forward and asked, “What is all over the cushion?”Anna and Seth nearly choked and began squirming when Anna answered, “I must have gotten a little carried away with the suntan oil today.””Damn, I missed seeing your body covered with slick shiny oil today?” I asked.”Yep! I was covered from head to toe in slick gooey stuff.” She said smiling and inadvertently looking over at Seth.”Damn, maybe I should stay here tomorrow if that is what is going on.” Seth piped in with a grin and inadvertently looking at Anna.I had made both of them feel uncomfortable which was my intention.Anna then said, “Why don’t we go in and watch a movie?””Sounds good to me.” I responded.We sat and watched the movie with Anna snuggled at my side and Seth sitting on the loveseat.After the movie, I stood up and said, “Well I think I will go to bed. It was a long day and will be a big day tomorrow!”Anna said, “I think I will stay up for a bit. How about you Seth?””I think I will stay up too. How about another movie?” He responded to her.As Anna got up to get another movie I said, “Well, goodnight.”Anna walked over to me, kissed me and said, “Goodnight Honey. I’ll be in there shortly.””Goodnight Buddy.” Seth added.I walked down the hall and got undressed. I crawled into bed really not very tired but I knew here shortly Anna would be in to see if I was asleep.Right on cue after about thirty minutes I heard the doorknob to the bedroom turning so I closed my eyes and faked a snore. She peeked in and then shut the door again. At this point, I knew shortly that Seth would be having sex with my wife, again.I waited about fifteen minutes and then quietly opened the door and crept down the hall to the family room. I heard moaning and knew they were already fucking. I peeked around the corner very slowly and saw Anna’s back.She was facing Seth. She was riding up and down on his cock. I could see his cock as it slid in and out of her pussy. He had his face buried between her ample tits as they bounded up and down on his face. She had her legs spread so wide across his thighs that her tight puckered asshole was visible. She was softly moaning as she had her hands wrapped around his head entangled in his hair pulling his head to her tits.I could see Anna’s juices as they pooled at the base of Seth’s hard cock. His cock was shining from the dim light because of her wetness.Anna then suddenly got off his cock and I quickly jumped back around the corner so that they would not see me.I then heard the moaning start again.I again slowly looked around the corner because I did not know which direction they were facing.Anna had moved and was leaning over the arm of the couch with Seth standing behind her. Neither of them could see me.Seth’s cock was sliding its full length in and out of my wife’s pussy as she leaned over the arm of the couch. Anna was biting her lip in and attempt to quiet her moaning as Seth thrust into her.It was then I noticed that u*********sly I had pulled my hard cock through the fly in my shorts and was stroking it.Seth moaned and Anna quickly spun around at which point I had to be careful so she did not see me. She grabbed his cock and began stroking him as she held her mouth open. His first shot hit her square on the lips. She then shoved his cock into her mouth and finished letting his cum shoot down her throat. When he had finished coming she used her tongue and finger to wipe his cum off her face then licked it off her finger.Anna stood up and I ducked back around the corner.I heard her say, “I better get to bed. See you in the morning.”I quietly but quickly went back down the hall and closed the door. I jumped into bed and faked sleeping and snoring as she turned the knob and came into our room.My cock was still raging hard as she slipped into our bathroom. I heard the water running and then she came in and crawled into bed.She had rolled away from me and I acted as if she had disturbed me slightly and rolled over. When I did, my hard cock was poking her in the small of her back.I felt her reach behind her and touch it.She wrapped her hand around it and began stroking it.I let her because after seeing the fuck session in the family room I had to have some relief.She then let go and rolled over to face me. Once again, she reached for my cock and began stroking it.I acted as if I had just awakened and opened my eyes.She was staring right at me and asked, “Was my baby having an erotic dream?”I kind of grumbled out, “Why?””Because your cock is hard as a rock.” She replied.She slid down under the covers, both of us still on our sides and sucked my cock.I quickly felt my balls tighten and the cum was rising from inside me up my shaft and then exploded into her mouth.She sucked me until I went limp and then came up from under the sheets.”Is that better? Can you go to sleep now?” She asked.”Yes, I think I can now.” I mumbled.I soon fell asleep wondering what tomorrow would bring.

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