My Wife Calls Her Ex


“Oh god, Baby that was amazing!” my wife moaned as I lifted myself off her, slowly letting my cock slide from her pussy. When I said “my cock,” I really meant the thick eight-inch long black strap-on dildo my wife made me wear tonight.”You made me cum so fucking hard!” she said, still squirming from her last orgasm. I had only imagined making my wife cum like that with my dick, but it isn’t anywhere near the size of this dildo.”How many times was it?” I asked.”Enough for me to lose count,” she replied, with a smile.”I think that was the hardest you have ever cum,” I said.”The hardest in a very long time,” she said quietly. “I really should make you wear that black dildo more often,” she added, almost under her breath.”So, what was going through your mind while I was pounding your pussy with my big black dildo?” I asked.She glanced off into space biting her bottom lip and letting out a soft moan. It was clear she was briefly reliving a moment.”Come on, tell me,” I prodded.”Umm, nothing baby,” she replied, catching herself mid moan.”What is it? You can tell me anything,” I begged, growing more and more curious.”Nothing, don’t worry about it,” she insisted.”Were you thinking of another time?” I asked.”Well, yes,” she replied.”That is pretty hot! I bet I made you cum even harder this time,” I boasted, as I waved the dildo back and forth, feeling proud of my efforts.”Eh, not exactly?” she shrugged evasively.”What? Did I fuck you harder that time?” I asked.”Well, no,” she replied.“Then what is it?””The time I was thinking about wasn’t with you,” she admitted begrudgingly.”What? How could you think about another man while we were having sex?””I couldn’t help it,” she said casually.”Ah! Are you serious?” I scoffed in disbelief.”When I felt that huge black dildo fill every inch of my pussy it reminded me of the last time I had a real dick that size inside me,” güvenilir bahis she admitted.”Who was it?” I asked.”Ty, the guy I dated right before we met.””Didn’t you tell me he was an asshole and treated you like crap?””Yea, but…” she said before I cut her off.”I can’t believe you thought about him while I was the one making you cum!” I exclaimed with disbelief.She rolled her eyes sighing dismissively.”Well?” I barked, waiting for an answer.”Alright, I thought of him because no one has ever made me cum as hard as he has. Ever. What we did tonight doesn’t even compare to when Ty fucked my pussy with his huge black dick.””But…””He used to fuck my pussy so deep it would make me cum over and over again. I would cum so hard, I blacked out on more than on occasion,” she reminisced.“But earlier you said that I made you cum really hard,” I said feeling inadequate.“I came really hard in comparison to any other time we’ve had sex. Especially when it was just your dick without the dildo.”“So what does that mean?”“The best orgasm you’ve ever given me pales in comparison to what I’ve had with Ty.”“Wow, you know that makes me feel pretty insignificant.”“Aww baby! You’re not insignificant at all.”“But was sex with him really that much better?” I asked.“I’m sorry baby but it really was!” she confessed.“If you had a chance to fuck him again, would you?” I asked, curious about how bad my wife really missed Ty’s cock.“Mmm yes! I would be on that dick so fast!” she exclaimed. Realizing what she just said “But I would never cheat on you,” she added.“Somehow, I’m not convinced, but that’s not what I meant,” I replied. My pulse started to race as I considered allowing my wife to invite another man into our bed. Just the thought of watching her being pleasured by another man really drove me wild.”If you want you can invite him to join us. I would let him fuck you güvenilir bahis siteleri if that’s what it would take to satisfy you,” I said hoping it was something she would be interested in.“You’re kidding right? Is this a test?” she asked skeptically.“No, I just want you to be satisfied. Besides after hearing you describe your experiences with him I think it would be hot to watch Ty fuck your brains out,” I reassured her.“Oh my god, that is awesome! I’ll call and see if he can come over!” she screeched with joy, searching for her cell.“I didn’t mean now. We already finished for the night.”“You mean you finished for the night,” she said sarcastically as she scrolled through her contact list.“Come on baby, I want to get to sleep,” I pleaded, as my wife dialed his number before holding the phone to her ear.“Hey Ty! It’s Renee, do you remember me?” she asked, putting the phone on speaker.“Of course, I’d never forget an ass as fine as yours!” Ty replied.“So, I was thinking that if you aren’t seeing anyone you should come over tonight,” she proposed.“I’m not seeing anyone. But wait, aren’t you married? What about your husband?” Ty asked.“My husband will be here. He just told me to call and ask if you wanted to fuck tonight,” she explained.“Damn girl, that’s crazy! He really going to let you fuck another man?” Ty laughed.”Haha, I know right! But yes, he just told me he wanted to watch me get fucked by a black guy!” she explained.”I guess your husband isn’t enough for you. You never could get enough dick!” Ty said.“And nobody can make my pussy cum as hard as you baby! So, are you free tonight or what?” she asked.“I’d drop anything for another chance to get into that tight pussy,” he said.“Then get over here. I’m already dripping wet,” she said, before hanging up the phone.”I can’t believe this is happening! I didn’t mean to call him now. I just iddaa siteleri wanted to talk about the possibility,” I explained, growing nervous at the prospect of another man having sex with my wife.”I don’t know what to tell you,” she replied. “If you give me the option to fuck a big black dick I won’t pass it up,” she said. The doorbell rang about 20 minutes later. My wife ran down the stairs to answer the door bringing Ty up to our bedroom.“Hun, this is Ty. Ty meet my husband,” she introduced us as she walked over to the bed and sat down before gesturing for Ty to come closer. As soon as he was within her reach she grabbed him by the waist of his pants pulling him between her legs. My wife licked her lips looking up at Ty as she unbuckled his belt and pulled down his zipper. The outline of his huge thick cock was clearly visible through his snug fitting boxers.“Oh god, I’ve missed this dick!” my wife exclaimed, as she pulled down his boxers, letting his cock spring free.”Holy shit, that thing is huge!” I exclaimed, my jaw almost hitting the floor. My wife wrapped her hand around Ty’s thick black cock and started stroking him up and down.“You see this dick?” she asked, turning to me, holding his erect cock inches from her face.“Yea,” I replied, never feeling more inadequate.“This is what I think about when we fuck,” she said.”Is that why you make me wear the black dildo?” I asked, already knowing the answer.”Yes, that is the only way you can come close to satisfying my pussy,” she explained. “This is the dick that I need,” my wife said, looking into my eyes as she wrapped her lips around the head of Ty’s dick taking him into her mouth.“Hey! I didn’t say anything about you sucking his dick,” I barked at my wife. She ignored me as she sucked him further into her mouth. My jaw dropped as I watched Ty’s massive cock slide into my wife’s mouth making her gag as it hit the back of her throat.“That’s enough! I said you could fuck him. I never agreed to this” I interjected. My request was completely ignored. I might as well have disappeared from the room the moment Ty’s dick slid into her mouth.

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