My Wife Enjoys Her Submission

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My Wife Enjoys Her SubmissionMy wife has progressed a lot further over the last two years. She has embraced her submissive tendencies and eagerly awaits a command to perform whatever sexual act I wish. When asked what she would like to do, she just replies “I don’t know”. However if commanded to do something, she does it immediately.I have lost count of how often she has swallowed my spunk. At one time, oral sex was a big no. She got past her hang up about oral and started to suck me daily, getting better each time. The day she went as far as swallowing my spunk was a real eye opener for her. She suddenly realised she loved the taste.She is a submissive but not a masochist. It doesn’t stop her from enjoying a whipping on her tits or ass. She likes to rub her cunt and her swollen clit while being whipped with a riding crop. For a woman who is often reluctant to submit that way, she has found she gets incredibly bursa escort aroused being whipped.After a couple dozen lashes on her ass and at least half a dozen on her breasts (they have grown now from a 34E – that’s a 34 DDD in the US, to a 34F or 34G depending on the style of bra), her cunt is sopping wet.Before I even get a chance to fuck her cunt or ass, she has taken my prick into her mouth and forces herself to take me as deep as possible, positioning her body so I can fist her dilated cunt. She won’t stop sucking me until I have shot my load in her slutty mouth, swallowing the lot. While she is sucking me, my hand is forcing itself deeper and deeper into her cunt, twisting her insides. She moans with a mixture of pleasure and pain and redoubles her efforts to suck out all my spunk into her waiting mouth.I am writing this brief article just after a really amazing session. My wife was feeling incredibly horny bursa escort bayan and I had just come to bed after a long work day. On the bed was the riding crop. She took one look towards me and said “please darling, I need this”. I picked up the riding crop and she raised her arms above her head. Taking aim at her swollen breast, I whipped her hard, leaving bright red marks over her breasts. Wincing from the pain, she rolled over and presented me her ass, taking the time to place a hand between her legs, so she could start rubbing herself.I then started to whip her ass, giving her a total of two dozen hard lashes with the riding crop, leaving her covered with welts. All the time as she was whipped, she rubbed her clit furiously. Just before her last stroke was due (about 3 or so before), she shuddered to a climax.After I finished administering her whipping, she rolled around again, devouring my cock and escort bursa taking my hand, she placed it over her swollen cunt. She was so dilated and wet there and then, that I did not even have to take my time stretching her cunt, she just took my entire hand. Taking my cock deep into her mouth and flicking my most sensitive areas with her tongue in wide brush strokes, her cunt swallowed all four fingers and my thumb. She was too sensitive to have me flick her clit, wincing in pain when I tried, so instead, I forced my hand deeper into her until it became uncomfortable.This only compelled her to suck even harder and by the time I was ready to come, she was taking my hand inside her like a piston into a cylinder. Forcing my hand as deep as I could and twisting it inside her demolished and ruined cunt, I exploded into her mouth. Clamping her cunt tightly to my hand, she squeezed for all she could and shuddered to a further climax. Swallowing my spunk like the cat who has suddenly got the cream, she finished her late night snack.Then in typical wifely fashion, she thrust her empty mug to me and said “your turn to make the tea”.

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