My wife is doing the bitch on a truck parking


My wife is doing the bitch on a truck parkingI talk every day, a lot with men from all over the world who would like to meet my wife, young, old, from all countries and all races.I had never imagined such success, Martine is still more young, and yet.Sometimes we are tempted by a meeting.That’s what happened in early June.We had been in contact since the winter with a driver from the south-west who wanted to get Martine down to work as a whore on the areas he knew well.It has awaken in us a fantasy and a big excitement.We had to wait for the beautiful days because in winter access is difficult.In early June after two days at home where she shared her bed while I slept in a sofa bed where I could hear their moans, Jordi, as he was called, a rough man in his forties, told me we will prepare the bitch .Martine went illegal bahis out naked from his room he put her black stockings very tight black high heels a string and transparent support too small for her, her breasts overflowing, we saw the halo of her nipples.The whole covered by a light coat runs just above the knees, to avoid trouble with the cops en route.In his truck we took the direction of his parking, Martine stuck between us, taking the opportunity to grope her thighs under my eyes.Arrived on site about twenty trucks were stopped.Jordi sided.Following the instructions of Jordi, Martine she went to the first driver who refused, my heart was pounding.On the one hand I wanted this idea not to work but on another …The second opened his door, and I saw him make a blowjob standing, it took a few minutes, she illegal bahis siteleri rubbed her mouth, came back to us with 50 euros.-You swallowed?-Yes.Returning to Jordi, we followed her this time.The third saw the scene and took him into a woods, followed by us and four other colleagues.They all spoke a foreign language, Romanian I think, but two words came back often, bitch and whore.I stayed a few meters helpless, and Jordi was going to negotiate with the five men.He came back with 600 euros and a big smile.You’re going to have fun, and she especially, he left in a great burst of laughter.The 5 men surrounded my wife they were rather fat and not very fresh, the first came out his tail already stiff, I saw Martine take it in the mouth, during that time another degrades his support, and the breasts of canlı bahis siteleri my wife finally released by this hold they dropped heavy and pointed nipples.They placed it on a wooden table and without even removing her panties the five men kissed her, she moaned when she could, because often she had a cock in her mouth, the following masturbate by kneading her breasts.I watched the scene of my wife the mother of our c***dren being fucked by five males dirty and dirty.Their big cocks came and went and dropped their semen in a vagina that were in principle only for me.Jordi joined the scene and while the fifth was banging her ass with a huge cock, she screamed in pain, Jordi enjoys on his face, the driver in her ass, and me in the grass.The men left without saying thank you, the latter even spit on him.She dressed, finally very little, shining eyes she returned with us in the truck.Not being able to wash on the spot she was full of cum and smelled the smell of 7 menWe did not say a word during the return trip, and the next night Jordif ucked her again

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