My Wife’s Present to Me Pt. 03


After we had dinner and cleaned up the kitchen, my wife went to the living room sitting on the couch calling us in to sit with her. We watched tv my wife on the couch to my right and Brian to my left, I was surrounded by the two people I love most.

Around 7:30 Alison stood up and held her hands out, one to myself and the other to Brian, saying, “it’s time lets do this.”

Leading us by the hall to the guest bedroom, I expected we would turn towards there, but she continued until we reached our master bedroom. Walking in she led Brian & I to the bed and let our hands go, then she walked into the bathroom saying, “I’m gonna take a shower you two get started I’ll be in to watch soon.”

As she closed the bathroom door Brian put his arms on my shoulders and pulled me towards him his lips brushing mine with a kiss as they met. Releasing our kiss he whispered, “I want your cock right now, I need a taste.”

Not wasting even a second I ripped off my clothes standing totally naked in front of my sexy stud. My cock hard as a was rock pointing up towards the ceiling I reached for his head pushing it down until his lips met my cock telling him, “yes Brian please suck my cock.”

Brian’s mouth opened taking my cock inside him, his warm mouth now surrounding my cock. His head was bobbing on my shaft so slowly, each time his mouth went down I could feel a shiver run down my spine causing my back to arch slightly. I don’t know how much time passed, when I looked in the corner my wife was sitting in her, I could see her totally naked her legs spread as she played with her pussy. It took a second but as I stared I noticed she had totally shaved herself and I was staring at a bald pussy, this got me even harder with my cock still in Brian’s mouth.

My wife noticing me staring at her pussy asked softly, “do you like it?”

“Yes very much,” I said as I saw Brian’s eyes look up to see what I was seeing.

I don’t think he was turned on, him being totally gay, but maybe a little jealous as he started sucking my cock even harder his teeth scraping my cock ever so lightly with each upward and downward motion. Watching my wife rub her bald pussy and having Brian sucking my cock was too much, I couldn’t hold back my cock shot hot streams of cum in Brian’s mouth. Once my load was finished Brian licked anything he didn’t catch in his mouth then stood up kissing me again.

“Well that was very hot, what are you boys gonna do next?” Alison asked still playing with herself in her chair.

Brian lay on the bed his ass on the edge and his legs spread with his rock hard cock seeming to stare at me. Knowing what he wanted I dropped to my knees my face inches from his cock. Taking my tongue I started at the tip and slowly licked down his shaft then down his ball sack, opening my mouth I put his entire sack in inside my tongue flicking from one ball to the other.

“Oh my you do like that don’t you honey?” Alison asked.

I held up my right hand thumb raised beylikdüzü escort to let her know I did, I looked over seeing an opened small suitcase by her side one hand reaching into it. My mind wandered as I thought, “what does she have in there?”

I didn’t have time to wonder long, as Brian grabbed my hair pulling my head up and then shoving it back down hard on his dick. I thought maybe he was upset that my mind seemed it was going elsewhere or something, but I got the point and started fucking his cock with my mouth even faster. A few minutes later I could feel his cock tighten, then his cum shot in my mouth shot after shot of hot salty sweetness filling it. Looking over to Alison I could see her pull her hand slowly from her pussy as she looked back at me put her fingers to her mouth sucking her own pussy juices off them.

“That looked like you two had fun, hmm what shall I have you do next?” Alison said.

“Well we said you were the boss tonight, so what do you want to watch us do next?” I asked.

“Brian bend over the bed show us your ass.” Alison said.

Following her request Brian stood up and turned around, then laid his chest on the bed sticking his ass in the air. Spreading his legs, his ass lowered to a fuckable height and his cheeks spread exposing his ass hole.

“Do you like that baby?” she asked.

“Yes babe you know I do.” I answered.

“Would you like to put your dick in him?” Alison asked.

“Yes very much so.” I answered.

I could see Brian appearing to be getting anxious as he let out a breath as if to say hurry up get to this.

“Put your dick next to his ass, don’t put it in yet.” she said sounding more of an order than a request.

As if in a hypnotic state I did as she wished the head of my cock waiting millimeters from his hot asshole, waiting for her order to stick it inside him. I could hear Brian whisper, “tell him to fuck me already.”

“Aright I can see you two seem very anxious, go ahead push it in him.” she finally said.

Pushing my head inside him I held it there for a few seconds then I pushed the full length inside him. Brian’s head dropped to the bed, his ass pushing hard against my cock as if begging me to pound him harder. I took his silent suggestion and started pounding my cock in him my balls slapping his ass hard with each downward thrust.

My mind was really into what I was doing when I suddenly felt a hand on my ass another on my head pushing it forward. I turned to see my wife standing there wearing only a strap-on with a black thin 7″ dildo attached.

Putting lube on my ass and her dildo Alison whispered, “I bought these for you on the way home, do you like?” as she held out a 2nd dildo that was maybe 10″ and much thicker. “Maybe if you like this, I’ll use the other later.” she said.

Putting the fake cock to my ass she pushed the entire shaft inside me, in what seemed like a couple of minutes beyoğlu escort we got in rhythm. She was pushing it in me as I was pushing my cock in Brian and pulling out as I was pulling out.

Brian, gay Brian, seemed to be enjoying this to my surprise as he said, “Yea Alison fuck him hard.”

I heard a click and suddenly Alison’s dildo started vibrating inside my ass as she asked, “you like that?”

“Oh my yes yes yes,” I said as i felt the vibration thru my ass into my balls the feeling was wonderful.

What felt like so many minutes going by, I could feel my cock getting so ready to explode and started pumping Brian’s ass even faster. Missing a few beats Alison was quickly able to match my rhythm again, turning the vibrator speed to an even faster rhythmic vibration. A few seconds I felt my cock explode releasing hot cum inside Brian, I pushed my cock hard holding it against his ass as my cock shot each stream, Alison holding her vibrating cock pressed against my ass almost making the three of us into one.

When I was done I pulled out of Brian, Alison still holding her fake cock in my ass as if not wanting to let it go. Brian now sitting up on the bed reached for my balls massaging them with one hand, then put his other on my shaft starting to stroke my now soft cock. Alison then started pumping my ass again with that vibrating cock pushing it slowly in then slowly out. They kept doing this for several minutes my cock was now getting semi-hard as I could feel the blood returning to it.

I thought to myself as Brian had my cock in his hand and my wife had her fake cock in my ass, “she didn’t walk out of the room when I fucked Brian this time, maybe she is warming up to this arrangement.”

Pulling her cock out of my ass Alison told Brian, “Brian get off the bed.”

Brian stood up and Alison laid down spreading her legs exposing her smooth bald pussy then said, “I shaved for you, do you like it?”

Staring at it I could see her pink lips so wet and answered, “yes you look like a little girl waiting for her 1st fuck.”

“Ok now put it inside me.” she ordered.

Once my cock was inside her she said, “Brian do you want to put your cock in his ass?”

Brian almost stood to attention saying, “yes mother may I?”

We all laughed as Brian said those words making us think back to our childhood days.

“Well put it in him already!” she said almost sternly.

Brian obeying her order reached for some lube, after lubing my ass he pushed his cock inside me. My ass was still a bit sore from the earlier fucking his big cock gave me and the pounding my wife’s smaller vibrator just gave it, but I wanted it bad I soldiered thru it.

“Now you two get going.” Alison said.

I raised me ass pulling my cock slightly from her ass, Brian did the same to mine. Nodding my head to him we both started the rhythmically push in and out at the same time.

A few minutes bizimkent escort into our double fuck I turned and mouthed to Brian, “faster, faster.”

Brian followed my lead, him pounding my ass as I pounder her pussy, going faster and then even faster. I could feel his cock in my ass knowing he was ready to explode, this caused my cock to beg me to fuck faster so it too could explode. I listened to my cock and started pumping my cock in her even faster, Brian picking up his pace fucking me even faster. Turning around I looked at Brian nodding to tell him I was ready, Brian’s cock shot the first stream in me while not even a second later my first load shot in my wife’s pussy.

Afterward we all collapsed on the bed, looking up I could see it was now almost midnight we had been at this for hours.

Brian got up saying, “I’ll go to the guest room and leave you two alone.”

Alison grabbed Brian’s hand and said, “no you stay here with us, your his lover & I’m his wife and lover, your family now.”

As we were all getting ready to lay down and go to bed I turned to her and asked, “does this mean you gonna let me continue my relationship with Brian?”

“Yes, I’ve thought about it, Brian would you consider moving here with us?” she answered.

“Well, mom is now in a nursing home and I was considering selling or renting out her house since it’s too big for me, if your sure I would really like that. I guess the guest room would now be called Brian’s bedroom?” he said.

“Well here is my proposition, weekdays you stay there and weekends we all stay in here. I have only a few rules, the first, during the week he can decide where he sleeps, with you in the guest room or me in here. The second, we three are allowed to only be with each other nobody else is allowed, no sex with anyone else. The third, on any holiday we all stay together and sleep in here. Are you two agreeable to that?” she said.

“I’m good with that, Brian how about you?” I answered very quickly.

“I agree this sounds like a great arrangement, we all get what we want. I only have a couple of things to add. I want to pay my way I want to pay something, does $1000.00 a month sound good? Secondly I love to cook, so at least half the time I want to cook us all dinner.” He said.

“I didn’t expect you to pay, but yes I agree to it.” Alison said.

“Then I guess it’s a plan, Brian we can move your stuff in next week if you want.” I said.

“Next week I was wondering if I could move some stuff tomorrow and we can start this arrangement tomorrow.” Brian said.

We all lay in bed, the three of us spent & naked spooning together me face to face with my wife my cock pressed to her pussy and Brian behind me his cock firmly pressed against my ass crack.

As we lay there I said, “goodnight I love you both.”

Alison kissed me, a quick kiss and said, “goodnight love you two too.”

Brian sounding as if choking back a tear said, “night I love you guys, thanks for accepting me Alison.”

Alison sitting up reached for Brian and kissed his cheek answering back, “I can’t deny you to him and can’t leave him so I guess you’ll kind of be my sister wife.”

“I’ll be anything you want if you don’t take him away.” Brian said as Alison & he returned to our big spoon and we all fell asleep.

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