My Young sister-in-Law

My Young sister-in-LawThis happens a few years back.My wife came from a traditional family. She is the middle c***d with one elder and one younger sister. I was 33 when I married my wife, she was 26. Her elder s*s is 28 while her younger s*s is only 19. The younger one was still schooling when I married my wife.A sad case was that her elder s*s was not very “well developed” in the brain section (a not so nice word as slight retard). Not to a serious extend but does hamper her going out to work. She is very quite and don’t interact with people. On the other hand, her younger s*s is very bright. She is the only one in the family to get into University (my wife is a poly grad). So actually in intellectual wise, I felt easier speaking to the younger s*s (sometimes I feel my wife can’t really catch what I talk about).My wife is sweet looking but a big short and on the plump side (not overweight, not a bit “bah bah”). Both her sister are teller. The younger one being the prettiest. Sometimes I was thinking why couldn’t my wife look most like her younger sister.Anyway, this happens during the second year of my marriage. Being from a conservative family, when my younger s*s-in-law (let’s call her May fro simplicity) was in University, the family do not allow her to stay in the university hostel. She has to spend a couple of hours travelling to and from school everyday (her family stay in the east while our universities are in the west, I shouldn’t day which one nor her course of study as it will give away which U). It was during one of the “episodes” when the elder one was throwing tantrum. She goes into tantrum mode once in a while, which can last, from a few days to a few weeks. It was quite disruptive to the younger s*s for her to travel and things happening at home. This is when my wife suggests that she came over to stay with us until the “tantrum” period is over. Although having another lady in the house is a bit inconvenient, I did not object as I can still get along quite well with May.She moved into one of my guest room and things were quiet for the initial few days. I would drive her and my wife to the MRT station every morning before driving off to work. Things got to a start during one of her “off-days” where she has no class. I was felling quite tired after my recent project and also decide to take a break as well. SO after sending my wife off to work, I came back home.May was reading the papers when I came back. Seeing her engross look, I asked what she was reading. She showed me the article on health and sex. Can’t remember the exact name but something about sex is the best form of exercise and help prolong life etc. There is also an accompanying comment that Singaporean don’t have enough sex. I was really surprise that she would be interested in these things, as I know girls that come from traditional family normally don’t talk about the “taboo” subject at home. But I guess she being from U would be more open-minded. What really surprise me was her follow up question. “Jie-Fu (brother in law in Chinese), you mind if I ask you a personal question?”. I was thinking what could she be asking. Before I answer she shoot her question. “The study says healthy sex for a couple should be about 3 to 4 times a week. But I have been here a couple of days, never see you and s*s do it leh.” I was like do it also won’t let you see what. I answered, “How you know we didn’t. We do also in room mah, where got let you see want.” She was cheekily replied “I listen mah, did not hear any sound at night from your room mah”. I was think wah lao, what you trying to do, eaves drop on me and your s*s doing is it. But then she was right, wife and me did not make love for quite sometimes liao. My wife has a low sex drive, she is not into it and a lot of time we only do it once every few weeks. The rest of the time, I rely on my “good friend” to help me realise (masturbate).But a bit pai seh to tell her that, so I say, “no lah, you around, not convenient mah”. She say, “u can tahan so long meh, one of my friends told me she boyfriend do it with her everyday.” She continued “anyway, s*s told me before that she don’t like sex, she find it dirty and only do it as a duty as a wife, but she don’t really enjoy it.” I was thinking kns, conservative family also talk about such things one meh, and tell others don’t enjoy sex with me. Anyway, after initial surprise, I was thinking maybe my wife try to make sex “negative” so this young s*s won’t get tempted to anyhow go and try since most girls tend to lost their virginity in U.As I was thinking to myself, May continued “so how you release heh, I know guy cannot tahan so long one, you masturbate is it?”. her straight forward question really caught me off guard. Lan ee, my mind start wondering off, since sometimes when I masturbate, I do think of her as a partner (that’s the wonder of using our “best friend”, you can imagine whoever you do it with, even the most popular stars and the sexy secretary in office). I could only nod my head and then tell her “little girl don’t ask so much ok”.I guess my little girl remarks trip some wire in her head. She was like, “I not little already ok, 20 liao, not teens anymore.” And then her next remarks surprise me even more “all my friends all no longer virgin and sometimes when they talk about it, I feel so out of place, not even having seen a guy’s naked body”. I guess she was not thinking straight, this is not the normal type of conversation you would have with a s*s-in-law. But then something “naughty” inside me awakens.I was like “ok, ok.. sorry you not small anymore and have a right to know.. too bad I deleted all the sex clips form the com when I marry your s*s, if you I can show you loh”. She then suddenly say “Jie-Fu, have your masturbate recently? Maybe you can show me while you masturbate loh. One bird kill 2 stone, you can release and I can satisfy my curiosity”. I was like swee, but then I pretend a bit. “but you my s*s-in-law leh, your s*s will kill me if she knows. Thinking about that I won’t be able to stand liao.””Don’t worry, I won’t tell s*s one, show me lah, please. what you need to help you stand?” I was waiting for that question only. “you help me get arouse loh, once di di arouse, the small head will take over the big head liao and I should be able to do it.””How?” she asked.”you help me loh””but I don’t know how leh?””I teach you”Actually the thought of her touching my di di is enough to make it stand liao. But I want to take it one step further.”First, you have to get me arouse, a naked girl in front of a guy would normally do it for any girl.” She lowers her head and did not answer. Not knowing what she is thinking and afraid she backs out. I quickly take her hand and guide her to the master bedroom. “To show I not bluffing, I will strip first.” I quickly strip to my birthday suit. She was now staring at me and says “you di di seems standing leh, and you still want to me strip.” I quickly say “actually it’s the thought of seeing you naked that turn it on. If you don’t strip, it might be too disappointed and go back down.”She turns to her back and start taking off her shirt. I was thinking wtf, I finally going to see my younger s*s-in-law naked and she is going to help me masturbate. AT that time, how I wish I could just lay her on the bed and have sex with her, but I know I have to take it slowly. She slowly, her t-shirt, then pants, then unbutton her bra stripes and finally she lower her panties.She slowly turn over, I nearly cannot take it. My di di now rock hard. She don’t really have a model body, but her boob is definitely at least C cup and she has a bushy pussy (I prefer women with hair down there than the clean shaven one.).I walk towards her and slowly cup her C cup in my hand (can’t cover it). I guided her hand towards my di di and ask her to stroke türkçe bahis it. She strokes it slowly. She really don’t know how to but I don’t really care, concentrating on rubbing motion on the “C cup” and moving the other hand down south. I was feel her nipple hardening and once I touch “south pole” it has “melted”, wet liao. I nearly cannot take it and want to push her onto the bed but I stopped myself (one step at a time I think.. don’t want to frighten her too much). I was thinking, let’s make her “hungry” first and then it will be easier to catch. Can see she was getting a bit high from my fingering and touching, then I decide to stop my action on her and start guiding her to the toilet where I plan to release (of course cannot realise in bed room, hard to clean up later). I start teaching her where to stroke my di di and the appropriate amount of action and “force” to use. Slowly I move toward ecstasy and I exploded, shooting out a whole load (this is the best masturbate I ever had, even better than those Tui Na lady).I quickly clean myself up and ask her to clean up as well. Can see that her curiosity was not fully satisfied, she probably long for more. I told her “that’s all for today.” “Thanks for showing me Jie Fu, I promise next time I can do better.” “ho say liao, she say next time” I was thinking. That’s what I was hoping for.After what happen, I wasn’t really afraid that my s*s-in-law will tell my wife cause she won’t forgive her either. And I know she wants more.Another opportunity finally came. It was one week later. Her “off-day” again. This time round I did not told my wife that I intend to take “off”, as it might create unnecessary question on why I always take off during May’s off day.So I put on my working clothes and send my wife off to the MRT. Then I when back to office and take urgent leave. I hurried home.May was at home studying and is a bit surprise to see me back home (thought I can see some anticipation from her eyes). I told her straight that I came back to talk to her about the “incident” as it was not convenient when her s*s (my wife) is around.This time I plan to get her “sympathy” to lure her further into my plan. I started to talk to her about my sex life with her s*s. Told her that I have an unsatisfying sex life with her s*s. Like my wife admitted to her, she don’t like sex, we only do it once every few weeks and even those sessions are not that satisfying. I felt feed up. I admit to May that I go and seek alternative release other then masturbating. Like going to Tui Na to have the OL masturbate for me etc. But I have never engaged in Sex with anyone else cause it may be unclean and I would have betrayed my wife (this part is not true of course, once in while, a man need actually release than masturbating, so spa and GL fling is not beyond me).Told her I always feel guilty after each session after OL masturbate me but can’t help it cause a man need to release. And I told her I hope to stop all these but was afraid I cannot tahan.Throughout my “confession”, May listen intently and she suddenly pull me close and hug me. “Jie-Fu, you so poor thing. I know a man’s need from what my friends have told me. Don’t worry, don’t go to outside sources anymore as they may be unclean and you may suddenly lost control, then it would be disaster. Although we are not able to have sex but I can always help you if you need to release. You have already taught me and I believe with enough practice, I can be as good as any “professional” outside.”Damn, I was hoping to penetrate her this time round. But then her re-assurance is better than nothing.”Thanks May, you are the best s*s-in-law anyone can ask for. Of course I have never think of having sex with you (lying of course), but the last masturbate session with you have let me feel warm and satisfaction that it’s like having sex (this is true).”her head lower and can see she was blushing a bit.”May, although we cannot have sex, I can let you feel satisfaction as well so that I will not be one-sided. This will be healthier for both party.”I slowly guide her to the bedroom again. This time round, I start striping her first. I pull her pants down and take out her top. I start kissing her neck, caressing her ear while using one hand to unbuckle her bat stripes. She took the initiative and took off my top as well. I push her down to the bed and she was a bit surprise. I reassure her that I am not going to have sex with her. Just making the masturbating session more satisfying for both parties.She seems to believe me but I can feel her apprehension as I can feel her trembling body. I go slowing. I start nibbling her ear, then kiss her neck and move down to the twin peaks. By then I have fully removed her bra. While nibbling on her one of her nibble, one hand was caressing the other and one hand move south. I pull her panties down until her bushes appear in front of me again. Then I pull my pants down and my erected di di stand in front of her.I use one hand to finger her pussy, and another to caressing her nibble, while my mouth is busy sucking on the others. She starts moaning and at that moment, I was of half a mind to just put my cock into that wet pussy. But I stop myself cause I remember my promise (I know that I will win her voluntary over slowly and not rush into things). I was thinking of asking her to do blow job for me as well but I remember being form a conservative family, her would probably think it’s too much of a dirty thing to do.Her breath is coming in short grasp and I know she is coming. She jerks and pulls my hand away from her pussy and she sat up panting.”Jie Fu stop, I cannot take it.. ” I took it slow and let her rest for a while.”this is an orgasm that you just experience. Ready for another one?” She nods her head and I started over again. This time round, she took my cock in her hand and started on me while I work on her as well.The excitement quickly got to my head (both big and small one). I quickly guide her to the bathroom before we both release. (at least I can keep a clear enough head to avoid leaving hard to clean evidence in the bedroom. lol).We then when back to the bedroom and lay down on the bed and she soon felt asleep while I cuddle her naked body. Looking at her satisfying look, I know I will have her soon enough. Nothing happens for the next few days as May has to go to school (she only has one off day per week) and I simply can’t do anything with wife around. I was looking forward to the next week and intend to take leave again.. but alas, think does not always happen as planned.My wife fell sick and decide to take MC on May’s off day. Kns, no action liao. I kuai kuai went to work but could not concentrate enough. In the end I have to take leave and go to a Tui Na to get myself released. All the while imagining that it was May while OL releasing me. I know my “poison runs very deep” liao and I simply must have her.That night, my wife turned in early as she was still recovering. I know I can’t have any action with wife around as May would not have allowed it. I also don’t want to chance it. I took the opportunity to surf some porn site and downloaded some porn (I have deleted all my old one when I married my wife since she shared my computer and I don’t want her to discover them). After downloading, I put them into a thumb drive, and password locked it. Then I clean up my browser cache and browsing history (can’t have my wife discovering what I was doing).May was still awake studying (I knew from the light coming from her room). I knock on her door and give her the thumb drive. Told her the password and tell her to enjoy. Then I went off to bed.The next day, from May’s sleepy eyes I knew she must have finished those porn clips. My wife thought that she stay up late to study and asked her not to work so hard.. lol.My wife poker oyna was still on MC and since I still have no mood to work, I decide to stay home too (told her I stay home to take care of her, she is so touched.. lol). However, she insists that I still send May to the MRT station.On the short journey, May was quite quiet. Just before reaching the station, she suddenly says “Jie Fu, thanks for the clips. Now I know at least what sexual inter-course is like. The people in the clip seems to enjoy so much, dunno why family think it’s such a dirty thing.””Yah, even Confucius say “shi she xin ye” (sex and eating is 2nd nature to human). So having sex is “tian jin di yi” (totally justifiable). Maybe we Asian are naturally more shy about such things. If only we are more like Ang Moh.””Jie Fu, sorry this week I can’t release for you. You endure a bit lah. I have asked s*s whether I can stay longer at your place. I told her exam coming and I find your place more conducive for studying. She say need to discuss with you first. So you ok with me staying?”” Of course, you are welcome to stay as long as you want. I let your s*s know I have no objection. “On the way back from the station, I was in ecstasy. Long-term stay with us means more chance liao.. haha. Thinking about it, my di di start standing.Once I reach home, I couldn’t stand it anymore, thinking whole while on the opportunity and trying to hatch different plans on how to “up” May.Wife was having a morning nap on the bed. Since my di di is up, I decide to try my luck with my wife. No fish prawn also good. I slowly touch my wife, caressing her body. she woke to my light touching.”Back already huh?””yah, send her to MRT liao””May asked to stay longer””yah, she told me in the journey as well.””How, I know must be hard on you cause her staying here means we don’t have “er ren shi jia” (own private couple life)”I was thinking, knn, not as if we “do it” a lot what. What er ren shi jia are you talking about.”Yah, but she is your s*s, and her study is important. Let her stay loh.” I act as if a bit reluctant but do it for wife’s sake (sure score point like that).”thanks dear, you’re the best “”dear dear, since we won’t have much chance to be along, I want it now.””ok lah, you little horny devil.”With her consent, mai tu liao (don’t wait). I started with my usual foreplay and caressing, ear lope kissing, nipple sucking, fingering etc. I felt her wetness and my b*o is ready to go. Aiming for her black forest, my Di Di attacked and … kns “hit obstacle”. Try as I might, I could not penetrate. I read somewhere that girls sometimes have ED (eractile dysfunctional), like a guy sometimes cannot stand, a girl’s virginal will sometimes refuse to “open up” big enough for penetration.Can see that my wife was feeling pain from my trying. I continue to try and started to stress myself. Maybe cause I try too hard and Di Di started to go soft. I finally gave up. This was not the first time it happens liao. I feel utterly demoralise.”Dear, don’t worry, don’t stress yourself. I release for you as usual bah.’ She said. I was thinking, kns like my fault like that.Anyway, wife’s masturbating skill was good (I train her well),and my di di start standing again. I closed my eyes and imaging that it was May doing it for me and soon I release my load.This just further strengthens my resolve to get May. I know that for a girl that comes from a conservative family, I cannot be over zealous. Yu shu er zhe bu da (too fast sometimes cannot achieve objective). I have to take it one step at a time.The porn clips will wet her appetite. Now I need to get her to loosen up. What better way then a good relaxation massage.I arranged to meet May the following week outside during her off day. Told her that I want to help her relax from her stressful studies by treating her to a good spa. She was a bit reluctant at first but not having step into one before, she was curious (I like to play on her curiosity, such a useful tools against young girls. Boys are the same of course but I definitely have no interest in boys, my back is straight and not broken).I brought her to an upmarket spa and asked for a couple package. Did not set me back a lot cause got couple discount and credit card discount. Of course, did not let her know that lah, must let her think I willing to spend on her behalf. I asked for a couple room that came with it’s own Jacuzzi and attached bathroom.The ther****t bought us to the room and asked us to change. We opt to have the jacuzzi first cause we are not suppose to bath after the massage. The lady was given a sarong style cloth while man was given paper underwear. I know of some spa that use shorts instead of paper underwear. That’s why I prefer this particular spa, never quite enjoy wearing shorts during massage, prefer to not wear anything but paper underwear is a good compromise (since most up market spa won’t allow you to strip naked during massage).May seems shy changing in front of me, she actually put on the sarong first before removing her under garments (I was like kns, we masturbate and pat each other liao, you still shy meh). I have no such prohibition and strip naked before jumping in the jacuzzi pool. May came into the pool with her sarong.I edge closer to her and put my arms around her shoulder. She did not object. Somehow her wet body and glistering wet hair makes my di di stand. She noticed it and slowly moves her hand to stroke it. I start caressing her and pull down her sarong to review her blossom. It stimulates me even further seeing them in the splashing water. I start kissing her neck and caressing her nipple. I slowly move my lips to her ear loop and nibble them. Then move to her face and forehead and kiss it lightly. Then I plant my lips onto hers and she did not reject. My tongue attacked and she responded. This is a good sign that she is receptive. I slowly pull away her sarong and expose her full naked body and my di di nearly cannot take it. I have to control myself and slow down. The tongue fighting lasted for quite a while and then suddenly we heard a knock with the ther****t reminding us from outside that massage will start in 10 mins, advising us to clean up.Did not know so much time have passed being caught up in the tongue fight. We quickly take a quick shower, with me touching her nipple and virginal teasingly. Can feel that she is wet but I would have to wait.We dry ourselves and we both put on out paper underwear and lay down on the massage bed to wait for the ther****t. All the while I was having a hard on.Another thing I like about this spa is that their ther****t does their job well, not going giving good relaxation massage but they do not avoid the sensitive area, unlike a lot of other places. During the massage, I can hardly keep my di di down as a paper underwear can hardly conceal it’s full greatness. She massage went on with her job as if she did not notice and a few times she brushed against my di di through the underwear. This makes it stand even harder. While massage the tight, her hands will move up further into the groin area and contact is almost unavoidable (this is not like those Tui Na lady that do it on purpose, the accidental one are always more trilling). My Di Di was throbbing with the hard on and the flagpole moves up and down with the massage rhythm. I know the ther****t here don’t give special services (I have asked before), bit it’s still shiok when the rub the sensitive thigh area near the groin and touch the di di. I know there was a few times I have to release myself after a massage (if only the spa provide total relaxation package for both body and mind.. haha, then it will be perfect).60 minutes was up and we finished our massage. After the ther****t left the room, I can see May staring at my greatness.”Shoik huh, woman touch you shiok shiok bets10 right.””Aiya, can’t be help one mah, men are horny creatures. Anyway, it’s you who gave me the hard on.. not them.”She blush and say “come, I help you release. Don’t want you to fall sick from controlling. :P)She then proceeded to help me release my load into the bathroom. This was a close one and I know I am getting closer. After the last spa session, the action went downhill.Works in office picks up and it becomes increasingly difficult to take leave. I was “starved”. May is also busy preparing for her exams and things really cool to a new low. But “Tian Wu Jue Ren Zi Lu”, a big opportunity came along. My wife was to go for her company’s retreat overseas (how I wish my company do that also) the coming week and she will be gone for 4 days, Friday to Monday, including the whole weekend. I guess most companies are cheapo a bit and always squeeze retreat into the weekend. Anyway, this is an opportunity of a lifetime. My interest re-kindled.I arranged for my work to be taken care off during the 2 working days (Friday and Monday) as I intend to make full use of this opportunity as I don’t know when it would ever come again. The day finally came. It’s a night flight (cheaper air ticket I guess) so I have to send her to the airport in the middle of the night. May was sleeping by then. I send my wife to the airport and go through the usual talk cock sing song with her colleague, ask them to take good care of her.. the usual small talk before boarding.I ensure that I see her check in (I’m playing safe man, have to ensure she goes in first). After seeing her go into the gate and waving goodbye, I rush home. It’s about 2am when I reach home.May must still be sleeping. But my aching heart cannot wait (actually it’s my di di cannot wait). I gently open her room door and there she was sleeping soundly. She was lying by her side. I sat down beside her and gently stroke her hair and back. Move my hands down to her pants and pull my hands in to massage the round bottom. She must be dead tired cause she does not wake. I gently push her to lie on her back and bent down and kiss her gently on the lips. Move my hands into her t-shirt and start fiddling with her blossom through the bra.This must have aroused her as she wakes. She was shock for a while but after seeing it’s me, calm down. “s*s flew off liao huh?””Yah, sorry to wake you, but I long for your touch, I almost can’t take it, been so long since we last touch each other.””Never mind one lah, I was waiting for you to come back anyway but end up fell asleep instead.”Smart girl, she must have guess I will take the opportunity to come to her the moment my wife flew off.I just hug her close and start kissing her neck and nibble her ear (usual pattern no need to chance, works everytimes). I pull off her t-shirt and unbuckle her bar. Took it off and start playing with her nipple. Once I find the nipple hardening, I took off my shirts.. she pulls down my pants and grap my little b*o and start stroking it. I told her to wait and say want to try something different. A plan already hatches. My pull down her pants and undies to expose her beauty bush.Told her that instead of using my finger to get her high, I am going to enlist some help. I start using my di di to tickle her virginal. She was a bit apprehensive at first, probably afraid I penetrate, but I don’t care liao. Continue to tickle her there until her cunt juice start flowing.I plant my lips onto hers and start Frenching her. Her breathing start getting heavy. I continue to rub my di di against the exterior of her virginal and start testing the hole. Can slowing feel the hole dilating. She must be ready. I slow push my di di closer to the hole but not too deep to alarm her and continue to wriggle it (a bit like vibrator like that). She started moaning, I goes in deeper and deeper slowly. And I feel that I’m finally touching the hole liao. With a sudden trust, I go through her last line of defences, and I’m in. She gives a slight grasp and I feel her body tighten. She held on tight to me. I don’t dare to move afraid that she will push me off (most girls do that at this stage). It seems awkward holding that position. She lips parted and she said ” Jie Fu, please make me a women”.Consent. Action and the pumping starts. Then it suddenly dawns on me. I am finally fucking my s*s-in-law. I have taken away the most precious things to a sweet young girl. I have “de-flowered” an innocent girl and took away her virginity. Somehow, I felt guilty, but at the same time, I felt ecstasy like I never felt before. This coupled with the excitement and I could not hold, the “gun” unloads faster than I intended. I don’t think May has reached her climax yet.I have look forward to this moment and my performance is so disappointing. I lay down on my back with May in my arm. I dunno what to think. May seems to read my thoughts. She just run over and starts kissing me. She did the same that I did to her, starting with my neck and then fiddle with my ear loop and she start kissing my nipple as well.Well well, “lu zi ke jiao ye” (good student can be taught well). She started moving her hands to my groin area and start sensually massage my tight and groin. She strokes my little limp brother back to life again. I can feel myself standing again. Never before have I recover so fast from shooting. with my gun “reloaded” I am again “yi tiao long” (a dragon).I let her take the initiative and gentle rub her back and her nipple. She starts mounting me (must have learn that from the porn clips.. I know passing her those clips would prove useful). She guided my di di to her mei mei and start riding me cow girl style. I move my body along with her riding. This was the best sex I ever had (sex with my wife is dismay and sex with OL is quite fake). I could feel May’s genuine enjoyment during this love making session. This time round, May climax before me. I Push her down to the bed and start doing missionary again. She climax for 2 more times before I finally shoot my second load.Exhausted, we both lay down to sleep. After not sure how long, I awoke to some ticklish feeling. She was again kissing my nipple and playing with my di di Wow.. this is one horny little girl that I just created, not that I complain.We continue to make love throughout the day. And only stopped to shower and go out for dinner and then we are back at the game again. I lost count of how many times we did it but must be at least 4 to 5 times. Never before have I done it so much and my did di start feeling a bit painful from over usage. She probably felt sore after the whole episode as well. But we thoroughly enjoy ourselves. This is what lovemaking should be about.After satisfying our sex drive and we cool down came the cold hard reality.”Jie Fu, you have broken you promise not to have sex with me, but I do not blame you cause I want it myself. I enjoy the love making session and I want to thank you for making me a woman. But I can’t help feeling that I have betrayed s*s.”I dunno what to say and wanted to cook up some excuses but she put her hands on my lips. “Please just listen. I have no regret and if things were to start all over again, I will choose the same path. What done cannot be undone. But I cannot bring myself to continue to come between you and s*s. I know you love s*s very much and came to me only because you have “man’s need”. I am glad I was able to satisfy you for the moment but this cannot carry on. My exams will be over soon and I will go back home.””After I’m home, we won’t have much chance to get together anymore and it will be to risky to carry on this unhealthy relationship.””However, let me help my s*s fulfils her duty for these few days and I wish you and s*s will overcome the “physical barrier” soon.”Tears fill both our eyes and we hug and enjoy the comfort of each other’s naked body. Somehow knowing that this will be the last chance, we make love during that weekend like there’s no tomorrow (in fact there won’t be for the relationship).

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