Subject: Revised Ch 5 Nailed It ***. Standard disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to people or events is purely coincidental. Locations within Florida have been used by the author to create the setting. Don’t read if you shouldn’t because you’re under 18 or live in a area where it would be illegal. I appreciate any and all constructive feedback, so please email me ail. Enjoy the story! **As always PLEASE keep Nifty free by donating to the website! Even small donations go a long way. Please support the Nifty Archive! At the following URL: fty/ ========================================================= Nailed It: Chapter 5 Art class Sean found himself fidgeting with his fingers as he nervously waited for Clay to arrive. He’d text Professor O’Connall that he was having a friend along. He had agreed to it but noted there was another guest coming in later in the session. Clay hopped off the tram near the CAH and headed to the main entrance. Both studs saw each other at the same time. Broad smiles crept across both of their faces as they greeted each other with a hug. “Damn it’s good to see you Sean. I’ve been thinking about you most of the morning.” “To be honest I’ve had a rough morning. But the one thing that kept me going was I knew I’d see you now.” “What happened Dwag?” Clay inquired with true concern. “Later man. I want you to meet Professor O’Connall. You up to posing with me?” “Sean, I’m not sure if I’m ready for being nude in front of a class.” “No pressure man. No pressure.” They walked into the studio. “Professor O’Connall this is my friend Clayton Reed. Clay Professor Shamus O’Connall.” “I’m very pleased to meet you Clayton. You’re one of the Quarterbacks aren’t you?” O’Connall asked while shaking hands with Clay. “Yes Sir. I’ve only been put in three times so far this season. Usually happens when something happens to Larry or Antonio.” “Well I’ve seen at least two of those times. You played beautifully. You have a very powerful and graceful form on the field.” “Are you going to join Sean modeling today? It pays $50 an hour. ” “So $150 bucks for stripping and showing off?” “Yes. More if we deal with sexual arousal, which is the topic today. Sean has been sketched standing, sitting, lounging…. all nude. Today I want to have him lounging nude with an erection. Perhaps two could inspire each other. What do you say?” $300 for a hard on! Hot damn – yes. Tell me what to do.” “Sean, please show Clay back to the changing area. When you’re ready come back onto the stage floor.” “Yes Professor. Come on Clay, we’re going to make easy money today.” Sean grabbed clays arm and lead him to the changing room. As they stripped Clay asked, “How do we do this Sean? I’m nervous as hell. I’ve never had an erection lasting 3 hrs before.” “Not to worry stud. I’m plumping up just thinking about being naked with you. Grab a robe and come with me.” Sean gave Clay a quick peck on his cheek before leading him to the modeling platform. Two chaise lounges had been arranged facing each other. Doric columns were on either side and silk trees and flowers were added here and there to give the impression of a garden. Professor O’Carroll introduced the 27 student artists. “Class today we have Sean, and his friend, Clay. They have both consented to model nude and aroused for you.” Two young women giggled and the professor shot them a cold glance which silenced them. “Sean you are familiar with as he’s been your model for this series. Clay is new to you. I suggest you focus on him first to get as much detail as possible before shifting to Sean. If we run out of time then you can utilize your previous sketches of him to add details. Gentlemen are you ready to disrobe?” “Professor would you give me just a minute to speak with Clay? Then we’ll be right back out.” The professor nodded his assent. Sean took Clay behind the screen. He got up real close and whispered, “I want you to know that tonight, after dinner, I’m going to rim your ass for at least an hour.” Then he stuck his tongue in Clay’s ear. Clays prick sprang to attention. “Just think of my tongue if you start getting soft and I’ll think of your ass.” With that they both came back to the platform, dropped their robes and let the professor gaziantep escort arrange them in the scene. Both models had lecherous grins on their faces as they gazed into each other’s eyes. Both of their cocks were hard as rocks. All that could be heard in the studio were pencils sketching out the scene before them. Professor O’Connall took a picture of the scene for reference. He started sketching himself. All the while thinking how he’d like to be on the receiving end of both those cocks. He wasn’t the only man in the room fantasizing about sex with the two models. The professor called for a break after 45 minutes. Sean stood up and put on his robe and Clay followed suit. They went in the back and shared the snack the professor had put out – some grapes and cheese as well as water. They took turns feeding things to each other. Sean took Clay’s hand and led him into the bathroom where they had to fight their cocks to relax so they could piss before returning to the stage. They let their piss streams mingle as they playfully enjoyed their bladders emptying. After they washed up they returned to the platform. Sean stopped abruptly. “Holy hell! That’s Eduardo Castillo! Clay he’s the best fucking photographer in Central Florida! He does a lot of nude male photography and even publishes a calendar called Bums Rush. You might have seen mine on my wall. Man am I stoked!” Eduardo was taking a seat near the professor’s easel. The professor came back to stage the scene once more. This time it was Clay who whispered to Sean, “My rosebud is waiting for you.” As he dropped his robe and helped Sean from his – both as erect as before. Once again the sketching continued for 45 minutes. As the final break was called Sean and Clay donned their robes and headed back. This time the bathroom was first. As they came out Eduardo was waiting for them. “Mr. Walls and Mr. Reed, I’m Eddie Castillo.” He handed them each a business card. I’m very interested in shooting both of you separately and together. I pay a sitting fee of $500 and if I select you image or images to print I pay $1000 per image. If I publish you image in my calendar or in one of my books you also receive a small residual fee based on the sales. Would either of you be interested?” “Mr. Castillo, I am honored to have garnered your attention. I am interested,” Sean gushed. Clay stated, “I’d be interested in posing again with Sean.” “Excellent! You two have a real chemistry going. Are you partners?” Clay answered, “Yes, we’ve just gotten together.” “Then I look forward to hearing from you in the coming days.” Eduardo turned toward the door, “Hey O’Connal! You were right! Thanks for the tip.” Then he was gone. Sean glared at Clay, “Why you tell him we’re partners? We haven’t had that discussion.” “I told you last night how I felt. I haven’t changed my mind. In fact, I’m introducing you The Who football team today as my boyfriend and lover.” “Holy Shit, Clay! When you do it you do it big. We do need to talk about this when this session is over.” “Are you mad at me Dawg?” Clay asked with sad puppy eyes. “Not exactly mad. Fuck I don’t know what I am. We just need to talk. Now let’s think about what tongue is going to be doing to you tonight and get this last session over.” Sean led the way. Once more Clay helped him disrobe. When he took his robe off a small drop of boy honey adorned the tip of his prepuce. “Hope you guys liked meeting my visitor. ” the professor said as he used the reference photo to repose the two guys. “Sean I’ve been telling him he needs to see you in the flesh. Having Clay here just made it perfect. There you two look brilliant. You should see the sketches after this set. You’ve inspired them! All right class last session. They’re going to view your work afterwards. Sketch!” Forty-five minutes later the professor called time. Sean and Clay donned their robes and stepped down into the classroom to view the artists work. There were many varied perspectives. Those that had a clear view of the tip of Clay’s prepuce had added the drops of precum that had dropped from it the past 45 minutes. Others had noted the shaved pipes. One girl included the hickies and bite marks from his previous day’s lovemaking. Those who had a full suriyeli escort of Sean’s package captured his hefty ball sac showing how his left ball was lower than the right. Both guys were impressed and told the class they had done well. One guy responded, “Let’s hope O’Connal agrees!” Many laughed at that including O’Connall. Sean and Clay walked back to the dressing room. They dressed silently. There was a tension between them. Clay went to speak but Sean growled, “Not now boy. It’s not the place.” Clay knew the tone and backed down sealing his words. All he mumbled was, “Yes Sir.” Sean led the way out of the studio. The professor told them he’d have checks cut for both of them for $300 and ready Thursday. Sean took them outside. “Ok. Where do we need to be at 4?” “We’re practicing at the stadium. I have to be in the Locker room by 3:45. You go in and sit in the bleachers right behind the bench.” “Great. We have 30 minutes to talk before heading over. Let’s sit here under this tree.” They sat Indian style knee to knee. After taking a deep breath Sean began, “Please tell me how we went from being fuck buddies to partners.” Clay began, “Yesterday, you told me I gave you a number of gifts. You also told me you felt that our sexual intercourse was different. You weren’t sure how but you felt it. I did as well. It was not just introducing me to man to man sex though that too was an important event in my life. Thinking of you and how free you are inspired me to live a freer lifestyle as a gay man. I know we’re in different places in the gay life style but you are my guiding light. As I ran this morning I thought long and hard about you. Sean, as corny as it sounds, I love you. That will never change. I may play with others, as I did this morning.” Sean raised an eyebrow. “But I will always come home to you. So when I was asked last night who gave me these,” pointing at his hickies, “I didn’t answer. But after my run when I was asked if I was bringing the person who gave these to me to practice I said yes. I want the whole world to know I’m in love with the handsomest and talented man on this campus. I hope and believe if you search your heart like I’ve searched mine these past 24 hours you’ll see you too love me.” Clay took a deep breath and reached for both of Sean’s hands. Sean thought a few minutes before answering. “I enjoyed our sexual encounter immensely. I do feel that there is a connection between us. I thought about you last night. To be honest, I missed you as soon as I got back to my apartment. I slept holding the pillow your head rested on. That’s new for me. I can say that, for me, you were not just a one night stand. I want to know you more intimately. I’m willing to admit I’m infatuated with you. Who wouldn’t be? You’re handsome and built like a brick shithouse. I’m learning you’re brave and intelligent. I believe you need to get to know me further as well. So let us say that we’re boyfriends. Let us agree to work on becoming partners and eventually spouses.” Sean now breathed hard realizing he was entering into his first serious relationship. The smile on Clay’s face let Sean know he didn’t misspeak. The kiss they shared confirmed it. “Let’s head over so the team can meet you,” Clay said while getting up and helping Sean to his feet. Sean offered his hand and Clay took it. They hopped a campus shuttle and headed to the stadium. As they hopped off the shuttle, Clay gave Sean a kiss and pointed to the entrance he should use. He handed Sean a lanyard with a pass to the family seats. Then he ran off to the locker room. Sean made his way to the gate. He showed his pass to the guard who directed him to the family seats. Sean thought how strange it was, that in his previous two years, he had never been to a game. As he passed into the stadium’s seating area, he saw about 9 women sitting above the team’s bench on the sideline. Screwing up his courage he took a seat near them. He was here to see his boyfriend come out. One of the women turned to look at him. She asked, “Which one is your brother?” “Oh I don’t have a brother on the team. Sean replies. She quickly turned to pass that info on. The women giggled. “I’m Gina Olevera. I’m Joey Davis’ girlfriend. rus escort He’s a tight end. You know these seats are reserved for the players’ family and girlfriends.” “Hi Gina. I’m Sean Walls. Yes, I know about the seats. My boyfriend is on the team” Gina’s eyes opened wide. She shared the info with her friends. Suddenly the women rose as if one body and surrounded him. Sean found himself being peppered with questions. “Ladies! Ladies! You’ll know who soon enough. But thank you for including me in your group.” That settled everyone down as they watched the team scrimmage against each other. Coach called a water break at 5pm. The players ran toward the benches to grab water bottles. Sean watched Clay down a bottle of Gatorade as he glanced at the family seating. Sean nodded and smiled and Clay jogged over. Gina whispered, “Look here comes the flirt.” The women all giggled. Sean thought to himself, “I’ll include that part of a future discussion.” Clay jogged up to them, “Hello ladies! Have you made my boyfriend feel welcome?” He leaned over and kissed Sean passionately. Clay flashed a cheeky grin at the women before turning to run back to the bench. The screams from the 9 women caused the whole team to turn towards them. The 9 boyfriends charged the seats thinking Sean had done something inappropriate. As Joey arrived first, Gina cut him off. Holding up a finger to silence him; she waited for the other 8 players to catch up. Rather matter of factly she announced, “Joey, Stallions, I’d like you to meet Sean Walls, Clayton’s boyfriend.” She giggled at the blank looks on her boyfriend’s face and those of the other players. She watched as the realization set in. To a man they looked at Sean then to Clay and back to Sean. Sean smiled at them and said, “Pleased to meet you.” The girls giggled. As the team walked back to the bench they wondered if there were other gays on the team, including at least one of the coaches. Clay was speaking with the other 3 quarterbacks and Coach Marshal Lee. He interrupted the meeting. “Clay that guy over in family seating says he’s your boyfriend!” Clay had been expecting the question. He turned toward Joey and looking him right in the eye, slapped his own ass with his right hand and shouted, “Yes Siree! He nailed it twice last night!” Then he turned back to his coach. Coach Lee thought a moment. He saw the confused looks on the other 3 quarterbacks’ faces. “OK guys, you can talk this out later with Clay. Focus on what we’re doing now.” Coach then paired up each QB receiver with a wide receiver and a running back. The rest of the team were running drills. At 6pm, Coach Cross called the whole team together at the bench. “Ok Reed spill. Let’s get it out and over.” “Coaches and fellow Stallions, I am a gay man. Sean Walls is my boyfriend. It’s that simple. Thank you.” “Alright! Now Reed is not the only gay man to play football. Hell, there are probably more closet cases in athletics than anywhere else. You all know the University’s policies. Hassle Clay or his boyfriend and you’re history. If you can’t be on a team with an openly gay man turn in your uniform. Questions?” “No Coach!” was shouted in unison. “Hit the showers!” Rita Magleone, another one of the girlfriends looked at Sean. “Bet that was about you and Reed. Coach must have laid the law down. I think it’s wonderful you two are together.” Gina added, “We Fillies all stick together. Oh, that’s not going to work anymore. Come with us, Sean, we’ll show you where they leave the locker room.” A lot of girl talk followed as they waited for members of the team to exit. The girls had surrounded Sean to show their men they had accepted him as part of their family as the Stallions exited the Locker room. Coach Lee was first out. He walked up to Sean and shook his hand. In fact as the team exited the vast majority shook his hand and some clapped his shoulder while others punched it. Sean was feeling pretty stoked when Clay emerged with the other 3 quarterbacks. “Dawg,” he started, these are my friends and roommates, Larry Schultz, Antonio Rios and Steve Eubanks.” He blushed as he said Steve’s name. Sean noted that he needed to ask about Steve when they were alone.” Between shaking hands and glad to meet you it was a bit chaotic. Sean reaches out his hand and grabbed Clay’s. Pulled him in and kissed him in front of the group. The kiss was eagerly returned. “Guys it was awfully nice to meet you, but my man and I have a date.” With that they ran to catch a shuttle back to the apartments.

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