Naive Girl DPed by 2 Teenagers

Big Tits

A little bit background about me before I start the story. I’m Manisha, a 23 year old, originally very conservative until I left my house to pursue my passion for Architecture in another city. This shift meant that I was totally exposed to a new world, finally out of the clutches of my conservative family. This not just gave me freedom to make my choices but also rendered me helpless, which made my persona overall polite, extremely apologetic and susceptible to manipulation.

The story starts a couple of months before lockdown, as I was supposed to travel from Delhi to Mumbai to meet my boyfriend after a being separated due to work for a while. Since there were no flights available, I took the train, but a first class ticket to ensure safety and hygiene standards. As I boarded the train, I realised that is as sharing the cabin with two boys, Ismail and Rehan, who were also travelling to Mumbai. They helped me with my luggage, showing their chivalrous attitude, which I really admired. I did notice them stealing glances but being a couple of 18-19 year old boys, I thought that much was justified. My outfit wasn’t helping it either, as I chose to wear a blue lowcut crop top and a black mid thigh length skirt which showed quite a bit of my shaved legs.

As the train started, we broke the ice over where we were going and why we were travelling to our destinations. Their initial shyness towards me if at all existed, didn’t exist anymore as the conversation went ahead.

“So your boyfriend Suraj, as you were saying, never came to Delhi before?” asked Ismail, who appeared a bit mature for his age.

“No, we met on an app and got pretty close. We met a couple of times but never in Delhi. Why?” I replied. “No, just because given how beautiful you are, it seemed strange that you are making the struggle to meet him out of the way and not vice versa,” Ismail chuckled while Rehan just stared at me.

I blushed at the compliment, not used to guys who’d openly flirt with me.

As the train jerked violently while it passed a bridge, my luggage fell down from the upper rack, which spilled open with an expensive watch and a couple of my undergarments on show in front of us.

I quickly took out the watch to see it was broken, and fell grim as it was the gift I was planning to give to my kurtköy escort dear boyfriend. Disappointed, I quickly put it inside and zipped up my luggage with Rehan eyeing my thong panties which fell out from my luggage. I was really embarrassed with what was happening.

Ismail was the first one to break the silence and asked, “What happened, Manisha? It looked like a men’s watch.. Why are you sad?” So I confided in him and told him.

“No worries, Rehan and I know of a way to give your boyfriend the perfect gift. Do you like tattoos, Manisha?”

“Um, I’ve never had anything inked on my body, why?” asked the dumb me, obviously not getting the hint of what he was pitching.

“Well, boys generally really like to see artwork on their partner’s body. Its a different kick you know, and also a symbolic gesture, that you ARE art.” reasoned Ismail.

I pondered for a bit and seriously fell for it. “But I have never had any…. Um, I don’t know whether I can..” I said.

“Nonsense, we can do it on your legs, or maybe back or even shoulder blades. Rehan and I help our father run the tattoo parlour in Delhi. We can do it free of cost, you know,” Ismail proposed, as Rehan just nodded and stared at my legs.

“I don’t know… I don’t want him to feel bad you know, what if he doesn’t like it?” I asked.

“Don’t worry Manisha, there are many other places where he will absolutely lose his shit looking at the tattoo.. Many women like to tattoo their breasts, or their lower back, etc. Its considered sexy and appealing nowadays,” Ismail said as Rehan got up and removed their tattooing equipment/tools from their luggage. “Could you stand up and turn around for us, Manisha? We just need to see if we can do your legs.”

I was taken aback but also felt safe with these 2 boys as they were trying to make good the loss of the watch so as to help me appease my boyfriend, so I stood up and nervously just turned around.

Out of nowhere, I felt a tight, full palm slap on my left ass cheek, over my black skirt and shrieked out in surprise. “What the hell?” I looked over my shoulder.

Rehan was smirking as he retrieved his hand from my ass. Ismail hurried to justify, “Oh Manisha, don’t worry he was just trying to feel your skin, whether the skin over there is good for the tattoo malatya escort to stay or not. Its nothing inappropriate. Also, that looks like a great area for a sun tattoo you know? Like a giant sun, with rays.”

I somehow bought the justification as I was new to the world of tattooing and I had to believe if it came from the experts in the field. “Umm, I don’t know, isn’t that too private an area?” I asked.

For the first time Rehan spoke. “Manisha, the tattoo is a special gift for your boyfriend. If any common person could also see it, then how is it a special one for your partner? It has to be exclusive, hence your ass is perfect for a tattoo,” he said quickly, and I found it hard to argue with his logic.

Without asking Rehna flipped my skirt onto my hips and slapped my right ass cheek.”Bend over Manisha, we need to also take down your thong, it’s in the way,” said Rehan, standing behind me and rubbing his hands all over my ass as if he owned it. I complied and bent over to hold the seat on the opposite end, and didn’t object to his demand (wow did I say demand? Yes it did feel like one) about taking my thong off.

Ismail took out the tattoo gun and prepared the equipment, as I was undressed by Rehan by pulling down my thong just upto my knees.

As I was about to ask why they didn’t say anything about my skirt coming in the way, but only my thong, Rehan said loudly with a smack on my left cheek, “Honey, we will leave the skirt on. Its too short and it looks good on you. It won’t affect us, if we keep it bunch around your hips. Sorry for the smack, it’s just to prepare your ass for us.”

Prepare my ass for them? If only I’d knew he meant for fucking and not, for their fake purpose of a tattoo.

“Ohh, um… Okay just take it easy okay… I’m scared of needles and it’s my first time,” I tried to plead.

Ismail started to tattoo the rays coming out of my asshole as he said the hole serves as the Sun. While he was completing his task, Rehan pushed a fat finger inside my asshole unannounced as I whelped in pain.

“Oh my God, what the hell are yoh doing? Take it outtt!” I screamed as this was the first penetration of literally anything I’ve ever had in my ass.

“Come on Manisha, we are just testing out how the Sun will look if the asshole becomes bigger, kayseri escort and that could only be tested this way,” said Ismail in a very matter of factly way.

“Um… Now that you know, could you please remove your finger… This is… Not ethical or moral or even correct,” I was struggling to argue with a finger up my hole.

Ismail finished the tattoo and pulled my hair from the back making me arch myself and bring my face upwards towards him. “Ahhhh, omg thats it. Thats it, you’ve gone too far now!!” I screamed, only to be calmed down by Ismail, “Baby, I couldn’t see your face from back there, so I thought this was the easiest way. We are doing your a favour and you are just doubting us so much. We will leave it otherwise and won’t even tell you how to remove it or anything, if you become so difficult. Jeez,” said Ismail, cool as a cucumber as he manipulated me into believing all that, knowing that a naive person who allowed a finger up her ass can be sold any explanation.

“We are done with the tattoo, but the finger seemed very tiny to test the effectiveness of the sun. We have to try some other method,” said Rehan as Ismail took the cue and dropped his pants, and Penetrated my asshole in one go, until he was balls deep inside my ass. I probably would’ve woken up the entire train compartment at night with my scream, as my virgin hole was decimated by an 8 inch thick cock right up to its balls.

“Hmm looks good, we did a good job, your boyfriend will be proud of the gift,” said Rehan from the side as he saw the hole become bigger with the insertion, like an animated sun.

Ismail slowly fucked my ass a bit to see how the animated sun looked and my screams turned into moans by now. Unable to resist, the cabin was filled with sex noises and moans.

Rehan took the hint that I was hot and wouldn’t say no to anything and moved himself underneath me. I was not sure what he was planning to do, until he inserted his cock in my pussy.

A 23 year old, inexperienced girl from a conservative family, being double teamed by a pair of strangers on her knees, bent over.

After 10-15 minutes of dropping all pretense and just fucking my defenseless body, Ismail came all over my back, coating my black skirt and maroon top in his thick cum, while Rehan came inside my pussy as he couldn’t control himself.

What did I learn at the end of my experience? Not to trust anyone? No. That was too hard for me as I always relied on people to educate and teach me. This time it was about the tattoos.

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