Naked mile


Naked mileThis story happened to me a few years ago when I was in my first year of university. I immediately tried to tie for admission as many useful contacts, but the most useful was the fellow student Serge named Prince – he was the nephew of a provincial tobacco king, but it is not irrelevant. Proved useful contacts in the sense that I was just a couple of times each month have to save him from the charges (did him some tasks and fussed in the rector’s office), as a student, he was not the most diligent, but parents say that It’s all right. His benefit that I had – and it’s not the uninterrupted supply of cigarettes, and that Serge was a regular and welcome student hostel, that is the female part, and each time he took me with him. Of course, parents rented him a very good apartment in the city center, but he was a lover of romance of campus. Over time, these adventures have become an integral part of my student life, and then when one of them was an amusing case.One day in May we with Sergey sat in the park adjacent to the hostel, drinking beer, his car burst surroundings bass. He sat hugged sophomore Christine’s waist and said something to her. Christina was high brown-haired woman with breasts the size of the second round and a short denim booty shorts. Serge met her yesterday and asked to take some of his girlfriend. Girlfriend was Marianne – high sexual Armenian with big eyes. Her breasts were small – size can be 1.5, maybe even less, but the priest was still smarter than Christina. She was in tight breeches and a T-shirt on the straps, under which shone a black bra. She was leaning against the hood of the car booty, sometimes starting to dance when played her favorite music, and chatted with me.The day came to an end, we went to the hostel. Serge retired with Christine in her room, we Marianna less fortunate – to her neighbor came just two guy, and we pushed into the corridor.- Well done, come in the car – I suggested.The keys were in Seregi (he is the master canlı bahis after all), but the door to the room was Christina is already closed.- Well, what to do?- Is there one place – said Marianne and took me somewhere under the stairs, in some back room, where there was a table, some mops and buckets.- Well, what happened, and worse – she sneered. – Do not be afraid, so pure, it is constantly rubbed the girl – she said, and pulled her T-shirt and threw it on the table. I followed her example. She looked at me over his shoulder. I undid her bra, pulled it out and put the same direction. She turned and put her arms around my neck. Two small dark nipples sticking out invitingly. She kissed me with tongue then stuck to his neck, began rhythmically to cuddle up to me and hard to breathe. I, too, has stuck to her neck.- Eey you’re careful – she giggled, slapping me on the back with his hand.I kissed her hard nipple and bit him, then took in her mouth and began to suck and play with him the language. Marianne moaned languidly, lightly scratching my back nails. I bit her other nipple, she undid my jeans and ran a hand in the pants. While continuing to torture her nipples tongue, I ran his hands under her breeches and began to knead her magnificent elastic ass. She was in a thong. I started to pull off her breeches, Marianne helped me get rid of the jeans with shorts, she pulled off her thong and flirty movement threw them on the table, then I sat down on his haunches, took my penis in his hand and licked the head. I put my hand on her head, she began with obvious pleasure to swallow a member, his fingers caressing the testicles. She sucked for a long time, it seemed to me more than fifteen minutes, but I did not finish. Marianne stood, turned and bent cancer and rested his hands on the wall, arching her back and thrusting ass lightly shook her. I backhand slapped her, then she bent down and bit.- Aay, what are you doing? – She laughed.- This is a sin not to bite the ass – I said bahis siteleri and bit for another muffin.Marianne languidly moaned:Come on quickly, I already leaked …I put to her, she let out a muffled groan. I started to fuck her, gradually accelerating. Marianne quietly mumbling, apparently biting her lip. I still could not finish – probably made itself felt drunk beer. Suddenly he heard heavy footsteps stairs.- Stoooop – Marianne moaned.But I have already sold and did not want to stop. Someone tried to open the door, then again and again pulled the handle. I froze. Old rusty bolt broke down and flew off, the door swung open with the sound of hitting the wall. We have looked immense size old worker.- Oh, – said Marianne.After half a second, when I returned to the ability to think, I took a member of her, she ran with a wild screech somewhere deep into the back room, as it was – naked. I barely having time to grab a shirt and crumpled it, to cover interest, he jerked her. She jumped out the other door, which led to the replacement ladder and ran upstairs, I’m for it. At the next flight it sk**ded, she nearly fell from his feet flew thong, she somehow got up and with a good mate ran down the corridor, the benefit that no it was not. I picked up the slipper and ran after her, trying to keep up. Reaching the end of the corridor, Marianne ran down the stairs on the other, there were two of some guys who instantly jaws dropped. Marianne ran to a door, yanked it over and hopped into the room, I barely had time for her. The room sat on the bed and painted nails some cute blonde sitting on the other bed with the phone pimply bison.Th-th – she managed to say, revealing light teeth braces.-Uff, Natasha, help me out – breath, said Marianne. – Give what some belongings.- Yeah, I would be a good idea – I waved a hand from behind her.We had to evacuate the dormitory urgently. Marianne I do unfortunately have not seen and could not reach her, and our activity with Prince obschazhnyh güvenilir bahis adventures had to restrain a time, moreover, in the future, he always left me the car keys.So it took three years. At the end of the fourth year, I met on the Internet with a girl 27 years old by the name of Larissa – high very thin with brown hair shoulder-length hair and prominent cheekbones, very long legs and small breasts. We quickly moved the conversation to overt subject, I told her the story and she really liked it. Larissa was a regular at nude beaches, and in general suffered a little exhibitionism. She kicked off her photo in my shorts and shoes with heels in a couple of days of communication, we met at her house, and then we had sex in her car and even primernochnoy clothing store, but she wanted more – she hit on the idea of ??sex in the dorm, even not how much sex there, namely jogging in the nude. She developed and added to the idea – in this race were not participate we had, and she and the other girl will Serge. I liked the idea, we only sell on earrings, and he was persuading some girl. Ironically, the problem with that have arisen, and just two weeks later I gave Larissa at the very back room. We sat down at the table and began to kiss, waiting for Serge come with his girlfriend. They are a little late. Serge brought low swarthy brunette with large breasts and booty, who introduced Katya. We all began to undress, I sat down at the table, Larisa squatted and took my penis in her mouth. Serge section Katya leaned it against the wall and began to caress her fingers, then picked up by the hips, lifted and began to fuck. Larissa sat on top of me.Then the girls began to cancer to the wall, we started to fuck their race, I finished somewhere minute earlier Serega. And then the piece de resistance – the girls ran naked down the corridor, then up the stairs, in another passage, and so through the whole hostel, we were running behind with their clothes and even tried to shoot it on the phone. In the end, we ran through the fire to go out and jumped in the car earrings, went to his rented apartment. As we drove, I managed to fuck Larissa. Out of all this orgy …Sorry for the mashine translate 🙂

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