Naked Woman in the Forest Ch. 3


Chapter 3: Freak Camp

Their passion spent, both Judy and the dwarf named Oscar lay together in the muddy ground surrounded by tall spindly grass. He seemed to have collapsed on top of her, with his ample organ still buried in her. Since he was a small person and didn’t weigh a lot, she didn’t mind. In fact, she enjoyed the warmth of his body, and found herself actually dozing briefly as the morning sun flashed through the trees overhead.

After a while, she felt his cock starting to grow stiff again and realized that he was going to fuck her a second time. Exhausted and still hung over and suffering from withdrawal from the drugs used the night before, Judy was in no mood for more sex, but she understood her position. She was lost in the forest and probably at this little man’s mercy. He was her ticket back to civilization so she needed to make him happy. She opened her legs and let him have his way with her.

It didn’t take him long. She felt his cock grow hot and stiff, and soon he was sliding it back in and out of her sore vulva. He was so big that he was actually hurting her. Even so, she felt her own sensual satisfaction swelling. The pain excited her. “What a whore I am,” she thought to herself. She could not resist sexual gratification, no matter how or when she got it.

He fucked her hard and fast, like an animal. She responded in kind, thrusting her hips upward and at him as he drove his rock hard organ deep. This time the orgasm was even more powerful. kadıköy escort It struck her just as his cock made its final thrust and began pumping more hot bursts of mutant seed. Her body went stiff, she broke out in a sweat, and she moaned as the spasms of orgasmic pleasure ripped through her. He was also frozen from climax, his pumping pulsating cock thrust as deep into her swollen pussy as it could go.

When it was over, she bent down and kissed the ugly little creature on the lips. “Thank you,” she whispered. “It was wonderful.”

“Ain’t never had a real woman,” the dwarf said, as he finally pulled away from her and got to his feet. “You stay with me and we fuck,” he said.

“We will see,” she smiled, also getting up. She knew she could not stay with him, but she also knew she needed to humor the dwarf for now because she was totally dependant on him to guide her out of the forest. That he survived here meant that she, too, had a chance to stay alive. For that, she was willing to give him what he wanted. And besides, sex with a cock like his was pretty good, she thought to herself. The arrangement would be just fine, for now.

He led her back into the trees where they soon picked up another trail. They walked quickly along this trail for what seemed like hours. She followed him closely, even though her bare feet were getting sore and she was very tired. By the time they came into the camp, Judy ached all over. She did not think she could üsküdar escort take another step.

The camp was a small community in the forest. Judy was suddenly very conscious of her nakedness as people gathered to greet them. She realized that they were all freaks, like Oscar. It was a community of people who apparently gathered here among people of their own kind, rather than suffer in the world outside. There was a hairy beast-like man who might have passed for Big Foot, a two-headed and three-legged man who was a Siamese twin, a man with scales like a reptile instead of skin, and a wide variety of other strange deformities. Odd, she thought, they were all men. She didn’t see a single woman in the group.

The men all looked at Judy’s nakedness and she realized they also lusted after her. The thought of fucking these freaks at first revolted her. But after she thought about it for a few minutes, she realized that the idea was really a sensual turn-on. Maybe she could make a home here after all.

Oscar led her to a hut that he called home. There he prepared them a simple meal of flour and nuts that he made into a paste and threw over an open grill over a flame. The stuff fried into a wonderful tasting kind of bread that tasted very good. Judy realized that she hadn’t eaten in over 24 hours and she was very hungry.

After they finished their meal, he took her hand and led her to a pile of leaves and blankets in the corner of the tuzla escort room. This was obviously his bed. He was inviting her to share it with him. Within minutes he was undressed, his great cock erect and ready for her again. She gripped it firmly with her right hand, and bent over to kiss him gently. “You are so sweet,” she told him. “I want to please you.”

“Oh yes,” the dwarf responded.

Judy gently pushed him back into the bed, and then bent over, taking his great cock in her mouth. She sucked the tip of it, taking as much of the monster organ in her mouth as possible, while gripping it hard and masturbating him. She was so sore from all of the sexual activity and the long walk that she found herself not really wanting him to fuck her now, which was a new experience for her. She found that she really enjoyed masturbating him, and watching his cock get hard and red. Thick blood vessels stood out all over the cock and the head of it, fully extended from its uncircumcised sack, became almost purple and extremely shiny after swelling to its full size.

She watched it with great interest, her face up close, as the dwarf suddenly grew stiff, she heard him grunt, and he began ejaculating. The muscular contractions spewed hot globs of his sperm several feet into the air. It struck her face, got in her hair, fell all over Oscar and all over the bed. She had never seen so much come out of one man, let alone a dwarf. This guy must be one potent stud, she thought.

She licked some of the sperm, and some of it she rubbed all over herself. “I want to smell you when I wake up,” she explained.

Oscar smiled at that. “You might not like that smell in the morning,” he said. “But never mind, I will give you fresh.”

“I have no doubt,” she grinned.

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