Subject: Nakey-Part-2 Please donate to Nifty so this fun can continue for all of us. tagenhard@ ail Naket Part 2 by tagenhard Jerry sat his parents down the next night and told them. Mom wasn’t very happy or supportive but she didn’t yell or go into a your gonna burn in hell lecture either. Dad said that he was loved no matter what and he appreciated being told. Jerry was sitting on his bed in his boxers when there was a knock on the door and his dad asking to come in. “Hi.” Max said coming in the door then closing it and walking over to Jerry. “May I sit with you?” “Of course dad.” Jerry replied and his dad sat on the bed next to him. “I don’t want you to worry about your mom too much, she’ll come around but she just needs time to adjust. But you’re still my son and I will love you no matter what.” “Thanks dad.” Jerry replied and threw his arms around his dad and hugged him and dad hugged him back. After breaking the hug Max spoke up again. “I’m going to guess that considering your age and how good looking you are, that you are sexually active.” “Yes.” Jerry admitted with no shame. “Now I feel I wouldn’t be a proper parent if I didn’t warn you against unprotected sex and about not letting guys take advantage of you. Are any of your partners older than high school?” “Yes.” Jerry again admitted. “Don’t you think you should stick to your own age group?” Max asked. “No not at all, as long as we’re careful, what difference should it make what our ages are?” Jerry stated. “I don’t think anyone is too old or too young to enjoy the pleasures of sex.” Jerry professed his beliefs. “If I want to have sex with an old guy and he wants to have sex with me, then why not?” “Well that’s pretty open minded of you, good for you I guess.” Max chuckled and then looked hard at his son. “Are you having sex with your Uncle Colt?” “No I wish.” Slipped out of Jerry’s mouth with a snort. “Sorry dad.” “No need to apologize, I can see where you find him sexy but he’s your Uncle?” Max pointed out. Now Jerry gave a flustered look, “I suppose you’re hung up on the whole incest thing. Did you know that in New Jersey and Rhode Island incest isn’t even illegal if it’s between two consenting adults? I understand incest being bad between a guy and girl because that can result in messed up babies, but guys can’t get pregnant so why should it matter if two guys are related have sex?” “Okay, ok calm down tiger.” Max laughed. “I guess if you’re liberal about age then I shouldn’t be surprised that you would be liberal about incest.” Max fell silent for a moment then turned serious. “Since you’re so open minded about everything else then maybe you should be open minded about what you label yourself.” “What do you mean dad?” Jerry asked slightly puzzled. “Well, have you had sex with a girl yet?” “No.” “Then maybe your bisexual, you won’t know till you try. If you slap a label on yourself now then there are some opportunities you might miss. I’m going to tell you a secret that none of your siblings know or need to know so I am trusting you to keep this just between us. Okay?” “Yes dad, I won’t tell.” Jerry promised. Max sighed as if he were evaluating the wisdom of saying this. “When I was in high school and college I had a friend or two that I had full blown man sex with.” Jerry looked at his dad for a moment. “I’m glad because that helps you understand. Thanks for sharing that with me.” Jerry stated sincerely and then went in for a hug. Max hugged back and then as he was leaving the room he said. “Just consider what I said about not labeling yourself.” “Okay dad I will and you think about what I said.” Jerry popped back. Max got a puzzled look on his face. “That age and incest shouldn’t matter.” Jerry explained. “Oh.” Was all Max said as he left the room still not sure what that part was about. Friday night came and Travis and I were on the couch in front of the TV having popcorn. “What’s puberty dad? Travis asked. I told him that it is when a boy starts to grow hair on his body but that he didn’t need to worry about that because it would be a few years before that would happen to him. I guess the warmth of the bowl caused me to chub up a little because when we finished, and I set the bowl aside, my cock was laying up against my thigh. I noticed Travis looking at it out of the corner of his eye and thought nothing of it, just simple curiosity of a child. The movie went on and I felt a small hand trying to be discreet slipping across my leg and then small fingers taking a hold of my cock. “What you doing there kiddo?” I asked Travis calmly. He looked up to me and apparently didn’t see the reaction he was hoping for. “Nothing daddy, sorry.” He said as he withdrew his hand back to his lap. I ruffled his hair. “It’s okay, I understand you’re just curious but don’t touch daddy there without asking first.” As soon as I said it I realized I worded that wrong. “Daddy.” Travis stated and I knew where this was going. “Can I touch your thing?” I smiled at Travis and again kept calm. “No not right now, just watch the TV.” Dam I worded that wrong again but it seemed to work for now. Travis turned his attention back to the TV and I thought maybe this naked thing isn’t working like it should. I’m going to talk to Seth about it Monday when I go to work. Friday night at Jerry’s house was fairly routine. After dinner and getting some chores done, Max took a shower and then settled into his bathrobe and sunk into his lazy boy for some TV time himself. A bourbon in one hand and the clicker in the other had become his idea of a good start to the weekend. Jerry got home about 11 after having spent time hanging out with friends and then when the group broke up, his friend Dan and he disappeared into the bushes and exchanged blow jobs. Dad was on his third drink, not drunk but happy, when Jerry came in the door, they greeted each other as usual and Jerry went to his room. It was closing in on midnight when there was a knock on the door and Jerry said come in. Max found his son lying on his bed in his boxers, which was his usual bed attire. “Did you have a good time with your friends tonight?” Max inquired. “Yea nothing special, just hung around and talked.” Jerry responded as his Dad stepped into the room. “Traded a blo job later and then came home. Max blushed slightly at his son’s open revelation. “Well that’s good, don’t stay up too late son, I’m off to bed now, night.” Max said and turned to leave the room. “Dad.” Jerry called. “Yea.” Max replied, stopping where he was with one hand on the open door. “Do you ever miss it?” “Miss what son?” Max asked in return. “The sex, the touch of another males hands on you, you touching another man, the feel of a hard cock tuzla escort that doesn’t belong to you. The touch of hairy arms and legs and balls?” Max closed the door so no one else would hear Jerry talking like this. It was a hollow action because the wife had already gone to bed two hours ago and used sleeping pills so she would be out for the night. The other kids had all grown up and moved out so it was just him and Jerry but still he felt the need to close the door. “Jerry, we shouldn’t discuss this.” “It’s a simple question dad.” Jerry stated cutting his dad off. Max wanted to be open with his son but this was a strange subject to bond with your son over. It’s not what society had taught him. Other than the other guys, no one knew Max had man sex and there was a certain appeal to being able to talk about it with someone who won’t judge him, but still his son? “Yes.” He finally answered. Jerry had gotten up off his bed and stepped over to his dad. “Thanks for being honest with me, I know you want me to be open and honest with you but I think that has to go both ways.” Jerry reached out to hug his dad but instead of putting his arms around his dad he slid his hands inside the robe so his bare arms encircled his dad’s bare torso. Max stiffened a little at the unexpected touch but didn’t reject his son. Max admitted he always liked it when he was able to hug one of his sons but they always had clothes on, never did he get to hug one shirtless. Jerry nuzzled the side of his face against his dad’s chest. “I always admired your hairy chest dad.” “Yes you did, as a kid you would always play with my chest hair.” Max recollected. Jerry lifted his head from his dad’s chest and pulled his hands out from around him and ran his hands through the luxuriant hair. Jerry yanked the top of the robe open further, Max’s hands instinctively went to his belt line to hold the bottom closed. Jerry now ran his hands over the better exposed chest and rubbed across the nipples. “Son, I’m starting to think you’re trying to seduce me.” Max chuckled. “Would that really be so bad?” Jerry took his dad’s nipples between his fingers and twisted them gently. “You have always been my number one beat off fantasy, you’re so sexy and masculine and handsome dad.” “Now you’re just making fun of your old man.” “No dad I’m serious, I think you are the sexiest man ever. Honest and you know I don’t care about age and incest.” Jerry provided. Max found himself getting nervous and felt out of control of the situation. “Son I need to go to bed.” He said firmly and pulled away from his son’s grip then opened the door and stepped out into the hall and closed the door behind him. He leaned up against the wall trying to get his heart to slow down. He looked down and saw his robe was tented, he pulled it open and his hard throbbing cock jumped out into the open air. Can I really be turned on by my own son, but why shouldn’t I be?” He did enjoy the touch of another males flesh even if it was his sons. What the fuck Max thought as a shudder went thru his body. Max opened the door again and stepped into the room, he closed the door and dropped his robe revealing his naked body and hard cock, in two steps he was bedside and grasped Jerry’s boxers and ripped them off of him. He dropped down on top of his son and put his lips to his and kissed him deeply, pushing his tongue in as far as it could go, Jerry melted into his dad’s aggression. Max thrust his hard cock against his son’s erection as they kissed and then kissed his way down the teen body to the hard cock that his son presented. He licked at the head of it. “Oh yea daddy work my cock, I bet you missed having a cock in your mouth.” Jerry breathed out. Max didn’t respond but just worked his mouth along his son’s hard meat and then swallowed it down to the root. Jerry moaned with unbridled lust. Max sucked and bobbed giving an expert blo job till he could tell his son was close. He lifted his head so only the tip of Jerry’s cock head was resting against his tongue. “Who are you having sex with?” Max asked. “Just suck me daddy and then fuck me please.” Jerry begged. “Talk.” Max growled. “Dan, we are having regular sex.” Jerry replied, Dan was Jerry’s best friend in school. “Who else?” Max growled. “Just some guy I don’t know the name of, we only did it once.” Jerry breathed out Max swallowed down onto the teen cock attached to his youngest son and worked him over like no one had ever done before. Jerry couldn’t help it but soon found his load blowing out of his cock and into his dad’s mouth. Jerry moaned out loud as he dumped his load into his daddy’s throat. Max then pushed his son down so his cock was at Jerry’s face. Jerry tried to take the hard daddy cock into his mouth but Max held his head just inches away. “You can suck me when you tell me the truth, who else are you having sex with?” Jerry’s eyes were focused solely on the object of his desire but hesitated to answer. “Answer me or I leave the room.” Max growled at his son. Jerry didn’t answer but was whimpering because he couldn’t have the carrot in front of him. “Okay let’s make this easier for you. The first cock you ever sucked, who did it belong to?” “Grandpa.” Jerry revealed. “It was years ago and I was just 9.” Jerry paused. “He offered me money and I wanted it, both the money and his cock and he taught me how to suck a cock.” Max was stunned and hesitated for a moment. “Which grandpa?” “Mom’s dad.” Jerry revealed. “Please let me suck you daddy.” “Was he also the first one to fuck you?” “Yes.” Jerry answered and then Max drove his cock into his son’s mouth. Of course dad is dead now so he can’t confront him about it but Max admitted to himself as he pushed his hard daddy cock down his son’s throat that it would have been a turn on to see him fucking his own grandson. Jerry was good at this as he took all 7 inches of his dad and Max could feel his balls slapping against Jerry’s chin. But Max didn’t want to blow his load down his son’s throat, he wanted to fuck him. Max pulled out of Jerry’s mouth and flipped his son over, yea Max knew he maybe should be gentler but his son begged for his cock and it was obvious he was already a cock whore. Having sex with men that he didn’t even know their names, what a slut my boy is. I can be lovey dovey with him some other time but right now I need to just fuck a male in the ass. Max had refrained from man sex after the second child was born but that didn’t stop his want of it and now that he had an easy outlet he was going to embrace that side of him. His daddy cock tip was at the entrance of his son’s slutty hole and he was applying slight pressure. Jerry was trying to buck his hips back to get the head to pop into tuzla escort bayan him but his dad held his position. “Are you lying to me about Uncle Colt, you seem to be spending a lot of babysitting time there.” “That’s because I am babysitting.” Jerry moaned out in frustration at feeling the tip of his dad’s cock at his hole but not getting it in. Then a light went on in Max’s head, Jerry had said no one is too old or young. “Are you fucking your cousin? Is that why a good looking 17 year old would rather babysit than be out with his friends?” Jerry didn’t answer. “Answer me or I don’t ever touch you again.” Max growled. “Yes daddy, I’m fucking Travis.” Jerry admitted. “You sick fucking pedo slut.” Max grunted as he drove his cock into his son in one fast thrust. Jerry moaned out in ecstasy, “Fuck yea daddy fuck your son’s teen pussy. I wanted this for so long.” “I missed this so much,” Max moaned out. “A male’s asshole is so fucking great to fuck.” The two moaned and groaned as Max fucked his son. This definitely wasn’t going to be a one time thing Max realized. Max wanted it to last longer but the combination of it being his son and having been so long, he just couldn’t hold out any longer and he exploded deep inside his son’s guts. Max rolled off of Jerry and Jerry moved over and tongue kissed him and then cuddled into his arms. “I love you dad.” “And I love you son.” Max returned with sincerity. They laid there as Max gently stroked Jerry’s back and slowly caught their breath. “Son?” “Yes dad?” “Ah could I maybe come over next time you babysit.” Jerry bit down on one of his dad’s nipples. The weekend went quickly and Travis didn’t try to touch me again but acted moody all weekend. Monday when I went into work I asked Seth if we could talk during lunch. We settled into his office as we ate and I explained about Travis trying to touch me. Seth asked what my reaction was and I explained and he said it was good that I didn’t over react. I questioned about me still going naked and if maybe I should stop, Seth didn’t think that would be a good idea and asked if I wanted him to talk to Travis on just a casual basis. Well Seth was the psychologist and I saw how much his clients liked him so I trusted him and agreed that might be a good idea. Seth assured me it was probably just natural curiosity but it won’t hurt for them to talk. Seth had two open slots on Wednesday afternoon so at lunch time I took Travis out of school and we had lunch at BK his favorite then headed to the office. Seth got back from his lunch just as I sat down behind my desk and Travis settled into a waiting room chair. “Hey Travis, nice to see you.” Seth greeted. “Hi sir.” Travis greeted back with a warm smile. “Hey why don’t you come into my office and keep me company instead of sitting out here.” Seth suggested. Travis jumped down and took Seth’s hand and they disappeared into Seth’s office. The door closed behind them and I heard the lock click but he did that with every client so I settled into my work. Seth had Travis sit on the couch and he settled beside him. “So is your dad still going nakey around the house?” Seth asked. “Yea all the time, it’s great.” Travis enthused. “I heard that you touched him the other night.” Seth said. Travis blushed and looked down at the floor. “Do you wanna tell me about it?” Seth asked. Travis shook his head no. Seth waited a few moments, “How about we get nakey?” Travis looked at him surprised. “Here?” “Sure why not.” Seth responded and he started to unbutton his shirt. Travis suddenly perked up and started to take off his clothes as well. They both ended up naked and settled back onto the couch with Travis uptight against Seth’s side. Seth had his arm around Travis and was gently brushing his fingers against Travis’s arm. “So why don’t you tell me about Friday night?” Travis didn’t respond. “I won’t tell your dad about anything that we talk about or do, honest. This is a safe room and what happens here stays here, which means that everything is a secret and neither one of us can tell anyone about it.” Seth said soft and smoothly. Travis had been looking at Seth’s cock as he talked and then looked up to Seth once he finished. “Are you a member of the big boys club?” Travis asked. Seth of course didn’t know what Travis was talking about but was smart enough to know this was a key to whatever was going through the boys mind. “Of course I am, have been ever since I was a boy like you.” Seth replied. Travis smiled and reached out and put his hand on Seth’s cock and started to fondle it. “Is this what you wanted to do with your dad Friday night?” Seth asked softly as he rubbed Travis’s back. “Yea but he didn’t let me, he said it was because I didn’t ask but then when I asked he said not now.” Travis explained in a simple tone as he now wrapped his fingers around Seth’s growing cock. Seth was getting turned on having his employee’s young son play with his cock while his dad was just on the other side of the closed door. “I don’t think your dad is a member of the big boys club.” Seth suggested “But we can try to get him to join. Let me work on that. So if your dad didn’t get you to join the club who did?” Seth was now at his full 7 inches as Travis worked his hand up and down the man shaft. “My cousin Jerry, he babysits me and offered to let me join.” Have any other members played with you?” Seth enquired. “Not with me, the man who walks his dog fucked Jerry while I watched but he didn’t touch me, but his dog licked me all over.” Travis rattled off as his small hand jacked Seth off. “What club games have you and Jerry played?” “Well he taught me how to suck his cock and eat his cum, he said that’s what the white stuff is called, and he licked my butt and he fucked my butt hole but he calls it a boy pussy. Wanna see how good I am at sucking?” Travis asked but didn’t wait for a reply and lowered his mouth to Seth’s throbbing fuck stick. Seth gasped at the feel of the small mouth and lips wrapping around his shaft. This is so fucking hot and twisted Seth thought. Seth himself was gay and had thought about Colt on more than one occasion when jacking off in his office but he never had considered an underage boy before as a sex partner and if Travis hadn’t made himself so available he probably won’t have gone there. But now that he was, he was going to take full advantage of discovering every pleasure the tender flesh and body of a prepubescent boy could offer. “You’re a good cocksucker Travis.” Seth praised as he lowered his hand down to Travis’s butt and ran a finger thru the ass crack and touched the small boy hole. Seth made a mental assessment of the office and realized there was nothing he could use to facilitate escort tuzla fucking Travis in the ass. He knew from personal experience that spit isn’t enough no matter what anyone says. But he was perfectly happy with blowing a load down the boy’s cocksucking throat. “Oh yeah suck me Travis see how much you can get in your mouth. Suck me while your daddy works in the other room.” Travis slowly worked about 3 inches into his mouth before gagging and pulling back up. “That was very good.” Seth praised. “Here let’s try something else. Lay down on the couch on your back with your head hanging off the edge.” Seth instructed and Travis got into position. “Now open your mouth but just relax and let me do the work.” Travis opened his mouth and Seth slipped the tip of his cock into the young boy mouth and then waited till Travis got adjusted to that. Once he felt Travis was ready, he slid a little more in but he used one of his hands to caress Travis’s throat as he pushed into the mouth. Seth got 3 inches in and Travis started to gag but Seth told him to just relax, breath through his nose and Seth caressed his throat till Travis stopped gagging. Seth then slipped in further till he had all 7 inches of his fuck stick down the boys throat and then he started to mouth fuck him. “You’re doing really well Travis.” Seth praised thru the whole thing and Travis did take it without gagging anymore. It filled his mouth and he had to concentrate on his breathing but found this okay and liked it each time Seth’s ball slapped against his nose because it kinda tickled. Seth watched Travis jerk off his small nail as he face fucked the boy, and when he was ready to cum he just pumped it down the boy’s throat. After he pulled out and sat down Travis complained a little about not getting to taste it but Seth promised him next time he would shoot it right onto his tongue. It made Travis happy to know there would be a next time. “Travis,” Seth said as he was holding the boy on his lap, I have a plan to get your dad to join the club but I think he needs to be coaxed into it. Would you like him to join?” Travis said oh yes and Seth explained what he needed Travis to do. I heard the inner office door unlock and looked over from my desk to see Seth just peeking around the door and asking me to come into his office. I walked into the office and was surprised to see both Seth and Travis naked. “I know it’s not conventional but it got Travis to relax enough to open up to me.” Seth explained to me. “Besides he’s seen me naked before at your house.” “Okay so anything I need to know?” I asked. “I think it is all a simple matter and we can deal with it right now. Strip down and sit next to your son.” Seth instructed me. Well I trusted him and although it felt weird getting naked at work, I did as told and settled in next to Travis, Seth stayed standing in front of us. “Okay Travis was there something you wanted to ask your dad.” Seth spoke. “Daddy can I touch your thing please.” Travis asked politely looking at me. I looked up to Seth and he said to trust him so I said okay. Travis smiled and said thank you and then reached over and wrapped his fingers around my soft cock and felt me up. I don’t know why but I started to get hard. I looked up to Seth again but he said it would be okay and just let it happen. As I stiffened Travis started to rub my cock up and down till I finally was at my full 8 ½ inches. Travis wrapped his fingers around it as best as he could and started to jack me off. “How do you know how to do that Travis?” I asked calmly. “I saw you do it and it seemed to make you happy.” Travis replied with simplicity “When was this?” Seth asked. I shifted my look from my son’s hand on my cock to Seth and saw that he was hard now also but not touching himself. “One night after I went to bed I got up and peeked thru daddy’s door.” I realized Travis could be telling the truth because I did sleep with the door partially open in case Travis called out in the middle of the night. After he stroked me a few more times he then quit and took his hand away. “Thanks daddy.” Travis smiled. He looked over to Seth and giggled. “I touched you daddy but you both got big. Can I touch yours too?” “Sure why not.” Seth replied with a tone that was all casual and if it was no big deal. I was about to object but spoke out to slow and Travis had his fingers wrapped around Seth’s cock and was jacking it slowly. A shudder went thru my body as I watched my son touching another man’s hard on and I realized a pearl of pre cum oozed out of my cock. I quickly wiped it away before Travis saw it and then Seth spoke up. “Okay I think that should be enough, are you satisfied?” Travis let go of his stiffness and said yes and thank you. “So get dressed and go wait outside in the other room while your dad and I talk a moment.” Seth instructed. Travis dressed in a flash and left us two alone. Seth stepped over in front of me. “So see it really was no big deal, he was curious and now that you let him do that, he’s moved on.” Seth’s cock was still hard, my cock was still hard and for some reason I was feeling horny. “Don’t worry about the fact that you threw a hard on from having your son play with your cock, I think it’s a natural reaction.” Seth expressed. “But don’t think I didn’t notice that pre cum you bubbled up when you watched him touch my hard cock.” “Oh, ah, I. “I was at a loss for words and felt embarrassed that he saw that. “Hey don’t sweat it, after all I boned up watching him play with yours. But maybe that’s just because you’re so hot to look at.” Seth just outed himself to me. “You’re not so bad yourself boss.” I bravely responded and then reached out and wrapped my fingers around that hard cock my son had just played with. Seth stepped in closer and I leaned forward and swallowed his cock. I fisted myself as I sucked my bosses cock and we both blew a load quickly, Seth down my throat and I sprayed mine on the carpet. We dressed quickly and went out to the waiting room where Travis was being a good boy and waiting patiently and talking to Seth’s next appointment. He must have walked in while we were all in Seth’s office. “If it’s okay with you I would like to stop by the house Saturday and just have a follow up talk with Travis to see if he’s okay with everything.” Seth stated. “Oh I’m not going to be home, a friend set up a get together at his place with some other friends I hadn’t seen in a long time. Travis’s cousin Jerry will be babysitting.” I informed. “Well that shouldn’t be a problem, I’ll just take a few minutes and then be on my way.” Seth turned to Travis, “Let your cousin know I’m gonna stop by Saturday, ok.” “Sure will.” Travis smiled and then we left. The client in the waiting room was the last one for Seth for the day so he had said I could leave when he was done with Travis’s appointment. We decided to go to the park and Travis played on the swing sets as I watched.

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