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Chapter 4–Leaving it all behind Dad and I drove Aunt Margaret Jane and BobbyMac to the airport and then we went to Noshville Deli for a late lunch. He had told me to bring a toothbrush but he also told me that I would be staying for two nights with him. So, I packed a bag with more than just a toothbrush. He also told me to dress in long pants with a nice shirt and shoes. We had to meet a couple of men at Nashville Prep, where I would be going to school next month. Closing on the farm had been the day before on Monday and the closing on the house in Nashville was to be on Thursday. Today we were meeting at the school. Dad said that we would be talking to the headmaster because he wanted to meet me as he does all incoming students. The other man to meet was the head rugby coach, my future coach. We finished lunch and I made a note to myself to remember this place. That was the best sandwich I had ever eaten and the sides filled me up completely, which does not happen often. I was starting to feel down thinking about moving from Spring Hill, the only place I had ever known and leaving all my friends. I was also feeling down and maybe a little pissed off at Dad. OK a lot pissed off at Dad. It bothered me that I had to learn from someone else that my Dad is gay. And even worse was that he has a lover. They had been together for three years and Dad had never once even mentioned his name to me. When I had first met Gene, I liked him. But now that I had thought about their secret life, I believed I was nothing to my dad. His love was for Gene, not me. I had begun to feel sick at my stomach because I now did not want to move to Nashville. But the farm was sold and I was trapped with no way out but to come to Nashville. I felt completely defeated. I had no interest in the new high school. No interest in anything really. Well, maybe the food at that deli. “Garth, are you sulking?” “No” “Sure seems like it to me. What’s stuck in your craw?” “Nothing. I’m fine.” “You were fine this weekend. But right now, you are definitely not fine. What is it?” “Will you get off my back? What time is our appointment at the school?” Dad looked at his watch. “In 15 minutes. Let’s go. We’ll deal with this after we get through at the school.” Nashville Preparatory School was less than a half a mile away. It took longer to park than the drive.We walked into the Headmaster’s outer office at 2:25. His secretary said that Dr. Garrison would be with us in just a minute. At exactly 2:30, he walked out of his office and strode over to us with his right hand extended. “Paul Garrison” “James McIntyre. This is my son, Garth.” We shook hands with Dr. Garrison “Come on back to my office so that we can talk.” Dr. Garrison with his black and gray-streaked slicked-back hair had very kind eyes. That was the first thing I noticed about him and then his height about 5’6″. He had a very trim body almost too thin. He was just a little guy. I stood over him by six inches and dad by a foot. If I had not been in such a foul mood, I might have laughed. He motioned for us to sit on the sofa and he sat in a chair that seemed smaller than the other chairs around the sofa. There was a coffee table between us. “So, Garth, I understand from your Dad that you are excited about coming to Nashville Prep.” “Yes, Sir.” “I didn’t detect any excitement in that. Did you James? It sounded rather flat. Like you really don’t want to be here. Is that a good guess on my part, Garth?” I shrugged my shoulders not looking at him. “Garth” My dad was pissed. I was being rude. I knew it. Dr. Garrison held up his hand to dad to stop him from talking. “James, I would like to talk to Garth by myself. Would you mind stepping out into reception for a few minutes?” Dad got up and left closing the door behind him. “Where do I start? In my 23 years as headmaster here, I have never run into a situation like this. Students that apply here work their tails off to get the credentials to be accepted here. They work hard for years hoping to be enrolled. By the time they get to the point where you are now, they are so excited they are about to explode. But you aren’t excited, you’re not even bored about it. What I read in you is that you do not even want to be here. Am I wrong? “No sir, it’s not that. I don’t want to be in Nashville. My grandfather sold our farm to that Saturn company and I have no choice but to come to Nashville with my family. My grandparents raised me down in Spring Hill and everything was fine, until everything started to change. I had thought that my dad wanted me to come to Nashville so we could be a family again. But now I know he doesn’t. I am just going to be in his way. I want to stay in Spring Hill but there will be nothing there and no where for me to stay. It’s not about Nashville Prep. Until this weekend I was stoked about coming here and playing rugby. Now I don’t know what I want.” “How old are you, Garth?” “I’ll be 16 in February.” “So you are 15? “Yes, Sir.” “Believe it or not, Garth, very few, precious few actually, 15 year-old young men know what they want. More often than not, if they think they do, once they get what they think they want, they don’t want it anymore. I was going to say until you just told me what is going on with you, that you should relinquish your spot at NPS so that a student who might not have your credentials but does have enthusiasm, can take your place. Because if you don’t have enthusiasm to be here you will never succeed here. This is a tough school and if you make it here you will be well on your way to a good place in your life. You will make friends and contacts that will serve you well for the rest of your life. Do you understand what I am saying, Garth?” “Yes, Sir.” “We want you here only if you want to be here. I will give you until noon Monday to make your decision to tell me that you want to come to NPS or not. So, whatever is going on in your family, get it resolved or your place here will go to someone else. We are too close to school starting to wait a day longer. Is that fair to you?” “Yes, Sir.” “Now will you go out to the reception area to wait while I talk to your dad. Ask him to come in, please.” Dr. Garrison got up from his chair and extended his hand. I shook his hand and walked to the door to the reception area. When I opened the door my dad was standing in the middle of the room. He turned as I opened the door. I had never seen the intensity of the anger in his eyes that I saw at that moment. Dr Garrison had followed me to the door and caught it before I could close it. “Mr. McIntyre, may I speak to you for a minute?” Dad looked daggers at me as he walked past me and went in to Dr. Garrison’s office and closed the door. When the door opened again, Dad walked out. He looked totally different. He didn’t look at me but rather at the floor. He even was slumped over a little, not standing up straight like he always does. He looked like Dr Garrison had beaten the shit out of him but left no marks. I felt sorry for him. He faked a smile, put his arm over my shoulder and said, “Come on, Son. We’re going to see the coach. He wants to meet you.” We walked to the field house in silence. The place was deserted but we found the coach’s office at the end of a long hallway. Dad opened the door right into his office. Dad said, “Sorry, I didn’t realize this was actually your office. I should have knocked.” “No. No problem. Come on in. James, it’s good to see you again.” Dad pushed open the door and walked in. I followed. “Garth, this is Coach Johnson.” “Garth, it’s good to meet you.” We shook hands. I want you to meet Steve Michaels. He’s a senior. I’ve asked him to be your big brother this year. He will teach you about rugby under my supervision, he will help you learn quickly about NPS, he will introduce you around to other students and faculty and most importantly, he will have your back.” At that, Coach looked at Steve with the look of an unspoken question in his eyes. Steve nodded that he understood We shook hands. “Welcome to NPS, Garth. You are going to love it here, like I do, and NPS will love you, if you give her your very best, everyday. Coach, I really do need to get moving. My dad and I have a plane to catch in a little bit to go check out Harvard. I’m going to meet the rugby coach tomorrow, just like you are meeting your’s today. I will be playing for Harvard next year.” “You haven’t nailed it down, yet, Steve. You still have a year to keep your grades up and you need an outstanding year on the pitch.” “Now, Coach, I’ve got a four point going into my senior year. And I am stronger on the pitch than anyone. Short of an injury, I am going to rule the school.” “Don’t get too cocky. Now, get going. Your dad’s waiting.” I watched him walk across to the door. I watched especially his ass. A perfect bubble butt. I knew immediately that I was in love. I had zoned out and came back as Coach was talking about equipment “……and this is what you need to buy before the first day of practice, which will be Wednesday after Labor Day after your last period of the day. Steve will be guiding you around so just do what he says.” He handed me a sheet of paper with instructions and a list of equipment. He also handed me three video cassettes with hand written numbers 1, 2 and 3. “I want you to study these in order of the numbers. Don’t just watch them. Watch them seriously. Since you have never played rugby before, these will help you feel better about what you are doing on the first day of practice. Your team mates have been following a strict exercise routine all summer so that they would be in top shape on the first day back at school. Start your running routine with three miles a day. ” “Now, the tapes.The first one is an introduction to rugby and the rules of the game and a good description of the head game you play. Tape two goes into positions that are played and how they should be played as well as fair play and penalties. The third one covers game strategies. You study these, and I mean really study these, and you will not look like a total dork out there on the pitch. Got it? ” “Yes, Coach.” “From what your coaches at Spring Hill have told me, I think you are going to be an amazing rugger. If you will let me, I will make you into an elite player and you will be able to go to any college in the country that offers rugby as a competitive sport. You might even be joining Steve at Harvard in three years. The head coach at Harvard played for me here at NPS ten years ago. Do you have any questions?” “Yes. When does the season start?” “Oh yeah. I keep forgetting what you know and don’t know. Our season, because because American football was here first, is a Spring sport. There are many high school football players that like to play rugby as well, so we get the springtime to accommodate them at other schools. We don’t have football but we do have soccer that is played in the fall. We will run light practice, which includes endurance training, weight training and for you learning fundamentals.” “Will I be able to play my first year?” “Probably not. We play 15 men on the pitch, and are allowed only 27 men on the team. We are a small school known for academics so we only have 23 students on the team. You will make it 24. I doubt that you will get up to speed soon enough to play your first year. Steve is the only player that played his first year, but that was because he had played before when his family lived in England for the first 15 years of his life. Will you be ok with that?” “Yes, Sir. But I may surprise you.” “I like that attitude, Garth. I hope that you do. How much do you weigh? 180? How tall? 6 even?” “Yes Sir 6 even, 185.” “When I put you on the pitch the first time, I’d like to see you at 200 but muscle not fat.” “Yes, Coach. I understand. I’ll get there. I want that, too.” “James, I hope that you can afford the food bill that is going to take.” “He can have my share. I don’t need to eat like that any more.” “Well if you don’t have any more questions, that is all I have. Garth, I’ll see you on Wednesday after Labor Day.” Coach stood up and walked us to the door, “Garth, I think for the next three years, you are going to be a tremendous asset to our program.” Dad and I said our good-byes and headed for his truck. We got in the truck in the parking garage but Dad didn’t start the engine. “Dr Garrison said that you and I needed to get some family issues resolved and that you need to get back to him by Monday as to whether you want to go to NPS or not. From the way you talked to Coach Johnson, it seems like you are excited again about NPS.” “Yes, I am.” “Dr Garrison said that your issue is with me.” “I don’t know what he is talking about. Did he say?” “No, he just said that you and I need to work it out.” “It’s worked out as far as I am concerned. Where are we going now?” “We’ve got some time, do you want to go get the things on Coach Johnson’s list?” “Yes, and if I am going to be running five miles a day, I need some new runners. My old ones are coming apart.” “He said, three miles a day.” “Well, I say five miles a day.” “Ok Green Hills Mall it is.” When we got back to his apartment, we unloaded all my new stuff. I put on my running shorts and my new running shoes.” As I was going out the door, Dad asked, “Are you going running?” “Ah yes, duh.” “Wait up. I’ll run with you.” “No, I want to run by myself. You’ll just slow me down.” and I pulled the door shut behind me. I knew I was pushing buttons, but I didn’t give a shit. I ran out of the parking lot and turned east on West End Avenue toward downtown. I ran all the way to the river at the end of Broadway. I turned around and headed back west. I was having a great time. I was running shirtless and commando. My junk was flopping left and right with every stride. I had never gotten so many stares, whistles and catcalls in my life. I loved it. I just kept running like Forest Gump. At stop escort kocaeli lights, I kept jogging in place. At one corner, where I got caught by a red light, the cop directing the tourists from walking into traffic, looked at me and smiled, grabbed his crotch and squeezed it like he was just adjusting himself. He had at least 18″ arms straining his blue cop shirt. I squeezed mine in return. Then the light changed and I was running again. God, I would love to meet him in another circumstance. Maybe I will since I am moving here. As I got closer to midtown, I decided to make a loop through Centennial Park and get a run around the Parthenon. That was impressive. I was not in a hurry so I ran across the street to Wendy’s to get something to drink. Then I decided to eat dinner as well. Coach said I needed to eat a lot. I got a triple with cheese, two large orders of fries, 10 chicken nuggets and a large Dr Pepper. After all that food, I decided I needed to cool it to let at least some of it to digest or I would see that meal again. I refilled my Dr Pepper and started walking toward the Vanderbilt football stadium. Couldn’t see much so I walked through the campus all the way to 21st and turned south. I walked a few blocks and damn, there was my new school. Oh, now I know where I am. But I didn’t. I took my phone out of my fanny pack to use my gps. I had four text messages from Dad wanting to know where I was. I text him back that I am at NPS headed back to his apartment. Then, he text me again. Did I want him to come get me. I text back, no. He text back that he and Gene were waiting on me to go eat. The last thing I wanted to do was go eat with the lovers. I text back that I had already eaten and for them to go on. He text back ok that he would see me when he got home and that he would leave an extra key for me at the fire station to get it there. For me to ask for Frank. I think he sounded relieved that he and Gene could have dinner by themselves. I crossed the street to walk around the school since I didn’t really check it out when I was there a few hours ago. Dr Garrison was coming out the front door, I assumed he was going home. He saw me and yelled out a hello. I ran up to him. “Dr Garrison, I don’t need to wait until Monday. I want to apologize to you for the way that I acted. I was rude to you and I have felt guilty about that ever since. I am truly sorry. The other is that I am so stoked about coming to NPS and starting my new life here at your school that I am counting the days to Labor Day. I have never been this excited about school starting in the fall. Ever.” “Our school. Garth, it’s not my school. It’s our school. I am very pleased that you got everything worked out. Not only for you deciding to come on to NPS but that you have gotten everything worked out with your dad. He was very upset in my office because he had no idea what had come over you. He could not think of anything that had happened this weekend but he felt that you were blaming him for something. I am glad that has been resolved.” “Everything is fine.” I didn’t tell him that I just didn’t care anymore about him or Gene. They can have their life and I will have mine. It will be peace-at- any-price. I will never let anything that he says or does bother me again. “Oh Garth, one other thing. Do you always run the streets like that?” “Like what?” “With no jock strap.” “Ahh, yes Sir?” “I have one simple request. Don’t run with any shirt or shorts or sweats or anything with the NPS name or logo on it, please. I don’t want to get any irate phone calls. Even better get some Vandy gear to run the streets in, please.” He winked at me and smiled. I couldn’t say anything but, “Yes Sir.” He shook my hand and said “Welcome aboard. Good night, Garth.” Dr Garrison turned to go to his car. I took my phone out to check the time. 7:03. I love daylight savings time. It was still broad daylight. I started to jog around the school again and turned at the end of the building. I was thinking that this must be the back of the field house since the track and soccer field was to my right. There was a fence ahead of me so I turned around to go back the way I had come. “McIntyre, what the fuck are you doing? “Coach you scared the shit out of me. I’ve been running my five miles and got lost and here I am at school. I still don’t know where I am. I’ll have to use my gps on my phone to get home.” “I’ll drive you home.” “No, Coach, I am trying to get my miles in. You want me ready for rugby like the other guys, right?” I pulled my phone out and plotted my route first to the fire station on West End and I knew the rest of the way home. It took me about 30 minutes to get to the fire station. I had to look at the last text messages from Dad to remember the name of the man to see about my key. Yeah, it was Frank. I walked in all sweaty and asked the first fire fighter I ran in to where Frank was. He yelled out to Frank that he had a visitor. An older guy, kind of overweight but just your average Joe came out from somewhere in the back. “Are you James’ kid?” “Yes, Sir” “I’ve got your key right here. Reaching in his pocket, he pulled out a gold master key.” “Want me to show you around the station?” “No I need to get on home to shower.” “You can shower here.” “I don’t have any clean clothes.” “We have some clean clothes that will fit you.” “Naah thanks but I need to get on home.” I was now close enough to dad’s apartment that I could walk it. Two long blocks. I crossed West End.” The front window was dark so I was glad of that. I wouldn’t walk in on him and Gene. I showered and then looked around to see if he had any snacks or drinks. Good find. Pizza bites and Cokes. I popped the whole box on a plate and put them in the microwave. While they heated, I cracked a Coke and found the remote to the TV. I surfed and found an English rugby match that I settle on to watch. It was over at 9:30 and I started surfing for something else when I heard voices at the door. I hit the power button and ran to the bedroom and hopped in bed and pulled the covers up. I heard the key in the door and it pushed open. Dad in a whispered voice, “I thought I saw the TV on. Garth are you awake?” He walked to the bedroom door and asked again, “Are you awake?” I didn’t move or make a sound. “He’s asleep, James. Let’s go back to my place.” “No, I need to stay here.” “Are you going to wake him up to talk?” “No.” “Are you going to just sit here and watch him sleep?” I was thinking, Dad, please just leave. “Come on, James. You know he is home safe. Let’s go. You’ve got uniforms at my place and you can shower and shave and run by here to check on him in the morning before work.” I heard the door close and then silence. I had never felt so alone in all my life. I buried my head in my pillow and wanted to cry but I couldn’t. I didn’t even want to jack off to get to sleep as I always do. The next morning the sun was streaming in the front window when I heard the key in the door. I heard it pushed open. “Garth, are you awake?” I played ‘possum again. Dad moved around in the apartment and then he left again pulling the door shut behind him. I got up and found a note that he had stuck to the front of the refrigerator with a magnet. He also left some cash on the counter. The note said: Garth, I wanted to talk to you. I don’t know what’s going on and it’s killing me that you have turned against me. Dr Garrison said that it was something I have done, but I don’t know what it is. Please let’s fix this. I am leaving you some WAM. A man always needs some Walking Around Money. Never go out without cash on you. I love you, Dad I was glad I didn’t talk to him because I didn’t know what I would tell him. And I don’t know how to fix it. I am not even sure that I want it fixed. I am already not liking the new normal. I found some breakfast bars and oj. Then I found the remote. There was nothing on worth watching. I decided to go for a run. I put the money and a bottle of water in my fanny pack and hit the street. I headed back toward town because there was more to see and do in that direction. I stayed out all day just exploring around Vandy and all the way into downtown. I got back around 6 and jumped in the shower. Dad and Gene were back from work when I open the bathroom door. I had not bothered with a towel around my waist because I didn’t know anyone would be there. “Garth, we need to talk.” “Do you mind if I put some clothes on first?” I picked up my backpack and pulled out a pair of gym shorts and a tank top. I disappeared back into the bathroom to get dressed. I was pissed off just seeing Gene there. “What do you mean by ‘we’ need to talk? Do you two have something to tell me?” “I need to know what I’ve done to make you so angry.” “I’m not angry. I just don’t give a shit anymore.” “Why not, Garth?” “Because I don’t matter anymore.” Gene butted in, “Garth that’s not true.” That set me over the edge, “Gene don’t you have somewhere you need to be, or do you live here now.” “Garth, we are going to dinner and don’t be a rude smart ass.” “Well, go to dinner.” “I meant the three of us.” “Not interested. I wouldn’t want to intrude.” “James, I am going to go on home. Call me after the closing tomorrow. OK?” Dad didn’t know what to say. He was having to choose between Gene and me and was having a hard time doing it. “Son, have you eaten?” “No.” “I haven’t either and I am hungry. We’ll go get some Mexican or a steak. Whatever you are hungry for. What are you hungry for?” “Coach wants me to bulk up, so, steak and baked potato.” “Ok we’ll find a good steak.” We got in Dad’s truck and he drove back toward midtown without either one of us saying a word. He turned in at a place called Stony River and valet parked. We had to wait a few minutes since the place was pretty busy until the hostess took us to our table. We took our menus and studied them, still without talking. Once we had decided we waited for our server to come take our order. I just looked around like I was interested in what was going on in the restaurant. “Son, are you not going to talk to me?” “Sure, I’ll talk to you. What do you want to talk about?” Our server showed up to take our drink order. After he took our order and walked away, Dad started up again. “I want to know what is going on.” “Nothing’s going on. We are moving to Nashville and I am starting a new life at NPS. I am excited about going to a new school. You are starting a new life with Gene. But I guess it’s not a new life for you, since you have been up here for three years living a secret life. But it’s all good.” That is when I raised my eyes to look defiantly into his. “So you don’t like Gene.” “No, Dad, that’s not it at all. What bothers me is that I don’t even know you when I thought I did. When I thought that I was number one in your life. Now I find out that I don’t count at all in your life. That I have to find out from a stranger that you are gay. Were you ever going to tell me or was I just suppose to figure it out?” “Garth, you are number one in my life. You always have been. The only reason I left Gene here in Nashville every off shift to go to Spring Hill was to be with you, because I wanted to be with you. Sure, Gene means a lot to me, but you are the best thing in my life, always have been, always will be. Gene knows that and he is cool with it. Gene is on your side. He has been telling me for over a year that I should tell you about myself and about us. But I couldn’t do it. I should have listened to him. I wouldn’t be in this mess, if I had.” “Why couldn’t you tell me? We’ve never held back from each other?” “I was afraid you wouldn’t look at me the way you always have. I just could not stand the thought that you would look at me the way you have been looking at me these last two days. I was afraid that you would look at me with disgust rather than awe, the way you have always looked at me, like I am a god or something.” “Dad, knowing that you are gay, makes you even more awesome. Keeping it from me, crushes me.” “Garth, I am so sorry. Gene was right. He said that I was making a huge mistake not coming out to you. He said that by not telling you that I was basically lying to you. I never intended to do that and I swear that I will never do that to you again. Do you think that we can ever be good again?” I sat there with my hands in my lap, thinking about my years with my Dad. He had always shown me how much he loved me. He in some ways was more like a big brother and Pop-Pop was more like a father to both of us. Dad did not go back to high school after he found out that he was going to be a dad. He had married Catherine and after I was born moved into a duplex apartment down on Water Street near the railroad tracks. I vaguely remembered growing up with Dad going to work at the lumber yard and getting his GED. I remembered hearing about the party Mingy and Pop-Pop had thrown for him when he finally got through with it. I had seen the photo of him holding me as a four-year old and showing me his diploma. Mingy said that when he showed me his diploma he had said, “This is for us, Big Guy.” Then there were the seven years of working and driving back and forth to MTSU to get his degree. There was another picture of us together, him wearing a cap and gown holding his diploma in his left hand and eleven-year old me in the crook of his right arm. Then he moved to Nashville to get on with the Nashville Fire. I continued to live with Mingy and Pop-Pop and he came home every off shift he had. Those were my best years. It was during those years that I fell in love with my Dad. My most favorite fantasies were of him, sucking him, him sucking me and him fucking me. It was then that I decided that if anyone was to take my cherry, it would be my Dad. God I loved my Dad’s body. Just the sheer size of him took my breath away. His black hair and blue eyes were totally captivating. His being 6-6 held me in awe. He was no bean pole. He had a had a habit of ducking when he went through a doorway. He wore a size 52 long jacket. I remembered because I was with Mingy when she went to buy him a sports coat for his birthday. But what really grabbed and held my attention was his cock. He and I had never been shy around each other and we had our own space with our two bedrooms up stairs. When I was little we showered together. That’s when I was right at eye level with his cock. I asked him one time if my pee-pee would ever be as big as his. He had asked me if I wanted mine to be as big as his and nodded my head so hard I lost my balance and fell right into his crotch. I remember that to this day. “Garth, you haven’t looked at the menu. You want a big steak right?” “Yeah, Dad, steak, medium and loaded baked potato and a salad with ranch.” Dad had already ordered kocaeli anal yapan escort but I was too lost in my thoughts and didn’t pay any attention. “Garth, you didn’t answer my question.” I didn’t remember the question and I guess the look on my face showed it. “Are we good?” “Yeah, Dad. We’re always good. Sorry I have been such a prick. I really was afraid that you had replaced me with Gene and I was being left with no one.” “You’re not. You will always be my first love.” Our salads came and we smiled at each other as we dug in. After his last forkful of salad in his mouth, Dad asked, “So when were you going to tell me that you are into butt fucking, too?” I was drinking some tea and nearly choked on it. “What do you mean?” “You know what I mean. Was Tommy your first? I’ve suspected for quite a while that you two were up to something but I wasn’t around enough to know exactly. Then Todd at the Holiday Inn told me that you and he had hooked up. And then I saw you and BobbyMac going at it last weekend. Do you want to fill in some blank spaces?” “No, Tommy was not my first. It was the custodian at the elementary school when I was in the sixth grade. I don’t even remember his name.” Dad’s jaw dropped. “When?” “One day after school in the boiler room in the basement. Then Tommy was next for several years. Until, well last week when he came over to help get the hay bales down for Pop-pop.” “Then there have been a few others, that I have sworn never to snitch on because they would go to prison. I like them too much to ever rat them out, so don’t even ask me who they are.” “What do you like, Garth? Top or bottom” “Dad, I am a total top. You are the only man who will ever take my cherry.” Dad blinked shocked. He composed himself. “Well, Garth, that is never going to happen.” “Why not?” I nearly whined. “Have you ever seen my cock hard?” I shook my head no. “If you had, you would know why not. I would hurt you so badly that you would bleed and need stitches. It took over a month of us trying, for me to finally fuck Gene. When I start hurting someone that I care about, I can’t stay hard. Every time with Gene, I would go limp. So at first until we got all that worked out, I was bottom to Gene’s top. Now two years later, everything works fine. That’s probably, what do you call it?, TMI. Besides you are 15 years old. We should not even be having this conversation. So let’s change the subject.” “To what?” “Huh?” “What else do you want to talk about? I can’t think of anything more interesting. Who else have you fucked besides Todd at the Holiday Inn?” “No one else. I’ve had plenty of offers but never acted on them.” “Why? I never turn down and upturned ass. What’s the point of saying no. They want it or they wouldn’t offer it. And I sure as hell want it. What about Gene?” “What do you mean, what about Gene?” “Well I’m guessing he wasn’t cherry when you met.” “Oh no. He’s been in body building competitions since he was 19. There is nothing more homoerotic than body building other than wrassling and now this MMA. Shirtless men in tight shorts. No Gene lost his cherry when he first started weight training when he was 15 to his trainer. He’s been a size queen ever since. He only likes big cocks. And the bigger the better.” “So are you two monogamous?” “Interesting that you should ask.” The first year we were together we were, because we worked the same hours and we kept each other more than satisfied. Then the second year, our schedules changed and we didn’t have the same days off anymore, just sometime, so we had to work around that. Then last year we started talking about needing some help. There are some guys down at the station that are into a little man to man fun, so we started with that.” “There are guys at the station that can take your cock?” “No only Gene is able do that. But I like taking it as much as I like giving it. So it all works out. No, I take that back. There is one EMT that can take all of me, but he is into getting fisted, so he has no problem taking me. But he is not assigned to our station and in the last year I have only fucked him a few times. But it was good.” “So you are mostly a bottom?” “Yes, out of necessity. I like both equally but I just don’t get the chance very often to top. These are regular guys who are definitely not size queens. When Gene and I go out to the clubs and we find a size queen for me, there is always something that turns me off like missing teeth, cigarette smokers, druggies. I always end up taking Gene home and fucking him senseless.” “Does it bother you when he hooks up with someone?” “No, he has good taste in men, obviously, so when he tells me, I have always approved of his choice. We do three-ways a lot, too. “You do know that he has offered to train me with the weights. How do you feel about that?” “Hmm. Actually, I have thought about that and how I would feel about that. There are two things to consider here. One is your age and the other is that he is my partner. Age, as far as the law is concerned, you are too young to have consensual sex with an adult. As a practicality, you have been having consensual sex within your age group and with men who are adults. Actually, more sex with more partners than I have. I really have no opinion on who you have sex with because my opinion doesn’t matter. You are going to do what you are going to do with or without my knowledge or consent.” “Secondly, the same goes for Gene. He and I have already made that decision. We have agreed to have an open relationship.” “Now the question is about you and Gene, specifically. I’m not sure he would be comfortable with you fucking him since you are my son. If you weren’t my son, he would do it in a heart beat. He’s already told me how hot he thinks you are. And he has already seen your cock when he followed you into the men’s room at St. Anejo. He has seen what you are packing and he says you were hard. He was very impressed. Would the size queer jump at the chance to be with you? I don’t know.” “Now you on the other hand, have already told me that you want sex with me, so it’s not a far out idea for you to want to fuck Gene.” “I would never tell either one of you who you could or could not be with. My only concern is that you do not get hurt. This could turn ugly very quickly, if you let your emotions overrule your good sense.” “What do you mean?” “I mean that Gene is a very lovable man. He is incredibly handsome and has a body to die for. If you fall in love with Gene, he may not fall in love with you. You could be devastated and end up with a broken heart. Just be careful, Garth. It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt.” “I know this has been a heavy conversation for you, but I promised myself and you, more importantly, that I would never hedge the truth from you again. I think you are man enough to take it and deal with it. I hope I’m not wrong. “I don’t think that you are.” By this time we had finished eating. Dad got a to-go box for the rest of my steak that I couldn’t finish. He paid the check and we went home. We didn’t talk much. I was thinking about all that had happen in the last two hours. Closing on the house was at 10 o’clock. We had a new house in Nashville. We were to move in Labor Day weekend. I rode back to Spring Hill with Pop-Pop and Mingy. We got unloaded and I asked Pop-pop to help me figure out a 2.5 mile route for me to run. We drove out the cattle gate on to the road that ran in front of our farm. He turned left and drove 2.5 miles into the middle of nowhere. I got out and stacked some rocks off the shoulder of the road. We turned around and drove back to the cattle gate. He then drove 2.5 miles in the other direction but he got to the Nashville Highway at 2.3 miles. “Turn left, Pop-pop.” At 2.5 miles we were right in front of Sam’s Diner. “Ok. I can remember that. Good, now I have a scenic route and an interesting route to choose from.” We drove back to the farm. I got my dirty clothes out for Mingy to wash and I changed to a clean pair of my running shorts. As I headed out the door, I called out to Mingy that I would be gone for over an hour. At the end of our drive at the road, I turned right toward the Nashville Highway. The day had turned out to be the hottest day of the summer and I thought immediately that I probably should have waited until the heat broke. I realized then that I had come out without my water bottle or my fanny pack or my cell phone. Oh well, I can get some water at one of the places up on the Highway. At the Highway, I turned left toward Nashville and finished the first leg of the run at Sam’s Diner. I looked over at the Nashville Bank time and temperature sign that showed 101. No wonder I was sweating so much. As I opened the door to the diner, a blast of cool air hit me. That felt real good. The place was empty except for a big breasted, bottle red head waitress sitting at a table painting her red nails. The part in her hair showed her brown roots. A cigarette was burning itself down in the ashtray on her table “Come on in, Hon. Have you been running in this heat? Are you crazy? Sit down over here and I’ll turn this fan on you. Baby, you are red as a beet. I’ll get you some water. I’ll get you a whole pitcher of water.” A man’s voice from the back of the kitchen yelled out, “Who is it, Barbara?” “A man’s been running in this heat needs a drink of water.” “Well, run his ass off if he ain’t gonna buy something.” She yelled back, “Shut your pie hole, you asshole.” “She looked at me and whispered, “That rhymed, didn’t it?” She looked proud of herself. She put her hand on my head to feel my temperature, “Oh, Honey, I’m going to get you a wet rag to cool you down.” She came back with a wet wash cloth for my head and a cool wet towel to put over my shoulders. “Oh thank you, Mam. That feels great. Is that bank sign across the road right? It says 101 degrees.” “No, that sign ain’t been right in the fifteen years I been working here. TV said a little bit ago that it’s 104. Low tonight won’t go below 90. I’ll be glad when this summer is over. So why are you out running in this kinda heat? You got a death wish or something?” “No, mam. Just trying to get in condition for school to start.” “Where do you go to school? MTSU? “No mam I’m in high school. Tenth grade.” “Really? You look full grown. Do you live around here?” “Yes’um. My grandpa just sold our farm down the road. The McIntyre farm.” “Oh my god. I can’t believe it. Oh my god, you must be Garth McIntyre. Oh my god, I used to change your diapers. Oh my god, I can’t believe it. Your mama and me used to be best friends or at least we wuz until she moved out west. Oh my god I just can’t believe this.” “You knew Catherine?” “Knew her? We wuz thick as thieves and twice as mean.” She laughed like a braying donkey. She slapped her leg and took a napkin out of the holder on the table to wipe her upper lip. She had worked herself into a sweat. “Yeah Catherine and me and our tag-along friends ruled the school. No body crossed us. And if we didn’t like someone, we ruined her. We made one girl. What wuz her name? Yeah, Carol Sharp. We made her whole family move to Murfreesboro. I don’t even remember what lies we told about her, but she quit coming to school and then we heard they had moved out of town. Yeah, those wuz the good ole days.” “Can you tell me some more about Catherine. I’ve never even seen a picture of her.” “Oh, Garthie, she wuz beautiful. I see a lot of her in you. Yeah you got her good looks and your daddy’s incredible body. What other body parts did you get from him?” “Huh?” I blushed. I knew what she was asking. “Your cock. Are you hung like he wuz?” “I don’t know.” “From the looks of the front those shorts you came in here wearing, I’d say you are.” “Do you want to see a picture of your mother?” “You have a picture of her? Yeah, I really would.” “It’s her yearbook picture. It’s out in my trailer. “Sam, watch the front,” she yelled. “Where are you going?” he yelled back. “To my trailer, if you must know.” “Have you done your side work?” She ignored him. “Come on, Hon.” She opened the door and the heat blasted me in the face. She walked past me to lead the way. As we turned at he corner of the building, I saw her trailer across the back parking lot. It was in complete shade from large oak trees but surrounded by weeds. The little trailer house looked faded and weather beaten and rusted in several places. There was a little garden near the door full of sun-faded artificial flowers that looked like they had been stolen from a cemetery. She unlocked the door and went in. I followed. It was amazingly cool inside. The air conditioner was on full blast. I heard another one roaring away in the bedroom. “I think it’s in the closet back here. I haven’t looked at it in years.” She pulled the thin red book down from the shelf. She sat on the foot of the bed and started turning pages. I sat down next to her, looking as she turned pages. “Here she is,” pointing to a truly beautiful young girl. Black hair formed into a kind of helmet. She had light colored eyes, I couldn’t tell what color from the black and white photo. “Blue eyes?” “Yeah.” Then she turned to me to look at my eyes. “Exactly like yours.” That gave me a shudder. Here I was looking at this young girl who was to become my mother and I had her eyes. “Do you mind turning down the air conditioner?” “Cold? I guess so. Nothing on but a pair of shorts. Looks like you are not even wearing underwear.” I blushed big time. “Is that better?” With the air off I quit shivering. “Do you know anything about her parents, my grandparents?” “Yeah, real hard asses they wuz. He was a Baptist preacher. Hell fire and brimstone all the time. When she got knocked up, they kicked her out. That’s when Mr and Miz McIntyre took her in. She hated it there. She never really cared about JimBill. He was just a challenge to her.” “He wuz the only one on the football team she hadn’t fucked. She had fucked all the decent ones, the coach and the assistant coach, too, but not JimBill. That’s why she tricked him into taking her to her prom. He wuz just tenth grade but she knew this wuz her last chance to fuck the one who always shied away. JimBill told me after she left town that he never wanted to have anything to do with her because he knew how mean she wuz. “Not long after you wuz born, JimBill and Catherine moved in next to me in the duplex on Water Street because she wanted to get away from your grandparents. During the day, after I woke up, I worked nights, she would bring you over for me to take care of you. Then off she would go. Someone would come by, honk and out she would go. She would get back about the time JimBill got home. He would usually cook supper. I don’t izmit yabancı escort think she ever learned to cook. “Said she didn’t intend to learn, cause then she would have to.” “Lots of times she made me late to work because she wouldn’t get back in time. As soon as JimBill got home he would come over and get you.” “Before she left town, I asked where she had been going. She said that she wuz going to work and that she wuz saving all her money to get out of Tennessee. I asked her what kind of work. All she said was work that women were good at and work that men paid good money for.” She told me, the day before my day off that week, that she wuz leaving for Hollywood the next day and would I help by keeping the baby. I never heard her call you by name, even though she named you. She always called you “the baby”. She said she would leave JimBill a note and that he would come for you when he got home. Which he did.” “She had not bought any groceries to save that amount and had taken the rent money out of the cookie jar that was due to be paid the next day and took off. When JimBill got home and found the note, no food in the house and the rent money gone, he bundled you, loaded his truck and went to his parents. I never saw you again until today. Catherine never got to Hollywood. She stopped at Las Vegas. She got a job in a chorus line because she was so beautiful and tall. Like six foot. “Not a very pretty picture of you mother, but you need to realize what a good person she really is and loyal to her friends.” “Garth, so, tell me about you. You are how old now?” “I’ll be sixteen in February.” “Are all the girls at school chasing you like they did your daddy?” “No.” “Why not? You are a handsome and sexy man.” “Things haven’t changed much since you were in high school. I’m pretty much ruined with the girls.” “Ah yeah. Too much cock for the girls to handle?” “That’s pretty much it.” “Well a big one can be pretty painful. Catherine told me that she and JimBill had sex only one time, in the parking lot at the prom. It hurt her too much to ever do it again, even as many cocks as she had ridden. She said when she wuz putting the condom on JimBill, it broke. You are one lucky man to be here.” I had to laugh at that but I suppose there are a lot of us that are here today because of a broken condom. “So you are still a virgin, you’ve never had sex with a girl.” “Yeah. Still a virgin, I am embarrassed to say. The girls think I am a monster or that it is.” “Have you even felt up a titty?” “Just through a shirt and bra.” “Not like this? She pulled her shirt over her head. There they were the biggest set I had ever seen. “Go ahead. You can touch ’em.” Tentatively, I reached for them not knowing what to expect. They looked doughy but were actually very firm and soft and warm. Then I realized that I was hard. Barbara did too as she reached up the leg of my shorts. I was commando and she gripped my hard cock and started to slowly massage me. My pre started and I could feel it. She smeared it around the top of my cock and on my shaft with the palm of her hand. “Oh my god, you are a real man, aintcha? Every man I know would kill to have a monster cock like you got.” I flinched. “Sorry. I didn’t mean monster in a bad way. Now feel my clit.” I knew it was between her legs but not exactly where. So I reached between her legs and she was wet. So I followed the wet trail to what I assumed was her pussy. I stuck my middle finger into the wet warmth and she moaned. I felt a little nub kind of thing and I rubbed it real easy. She arched her back. “Yeah, that’s it. Now easy, roll it between your thumb and forefinger. Easy. Light touch. Oh yeah, that’s good. You’re going to make me cum.” She arched her back and shook all over and squirted something out of her pussy. I guessed that was an orgasm but I didn’t know what the squirt was. “Hold on a second. I need to go to the bathroom.” “Ah, Barbara, I can’t do this. I don’t have a condom.” “Look in that shoe box on the dresser. Find what you like.” She took off for the bathroom down the hall on the other side of the living room and kitchen. I looked through the shoe box and found a couple of Maximums. I put both on and waited. She was gone about 10 minutes and finally came back. “What took you so long? I was beginning to think you had gone out the back door.” “Naw, Honey, I got a phone call. Sorry. Where were we? Oh yeah, you had your finger in my pussy.” She climbed up on the bed beside me. She had taken off all her clothes. She started rubbing my chest and stomach and then reached down to grip my cock as best she could. She started a slow jacking to get my pre flowing again, inside the condom.” “Garth Honey, how much did you say your grandpa got for his farm?” I wasn’t thinking about our conversation at all, only her hand on my wrapped up cock. “Huh?” “How much did you say your grandpa got for his farm?” “I don’t know. I never heard.” “They bound to have talked about it.” “Yeah but I don’t listen to them. It’s boring, When do you want me to fuck you? Where is your lube?” “Honey, we don’t need no lube. I got all the lube we gonna need.” I rolled over on top of her. I’m even harder at the thought of actually fucking a woman. “Ok, Honey, put your cock right where you found my clit. Yeah, that’s it. Now go for it. Ungh. Go slow with that thing. It’s been awhile since I had one as big as yours.” I pushed in, but her pussy wasn’t tight. It was warm and wet, but an ass is much better. I started a slow fuck but I wasn’t getting turned on. I was actually feeling like I was going soft. Oh no. My first pussy fuck and I can’t stay hard. I’ve never gone soft during sex. I started thinking about Dad’s cock, his massive hairy chest, the black hair that covered him from his collar bone to his feet. Then I though about Todd and Dad fucking him and me fucking Todd after Dad. Me shooting into Dad’s cum in Todd’s guts. That got me hard again. I was pumping her pussy for all I was worth aiming for her clit. She had her second orgasm and nearly threw me off of her with all her bucking into me. I just kept on fucking her. I wasn’t getting anywhere close to cumming myself. Thinking about men I wanted to fuck or enjoyed fucking was the only thing keeping me hard. “Honey, ain’t you close, yet?” “Yeah, I’m just waiting for you.” “Honey, I done cum three times. Go for it and get your nut.” I started pounding as hard as I have ever fucked anyone. She started screaming and fucking back at me.” “Oh my god. Harder, Honey. Yeah harder. Oh my god, yes. Oh Oh Oh” I faked an orgasm. Acting like I was cumming. Then we both stopped. She was soaking wet from sweat. I rolled off of her and got up to go to the bathroom. I dropped both condoms down the toilet and flushed, twice. I checked to see if they were gone. They were. I walked back into the bedroom. She was still laying on the bed, her breathing was returning to normal. “I ain’t never been fucked like that. You done spoilt me for any other man. So you ain’t a virgin no more, either. How do you feel about it?” “Ok I guess. Never expected it to happen today. I guess I need to be going. My folks are going to be looking for me.” I headed back to the diner. I needed to call home because I knew I was running late. A few people were seated at tables and Sam’s was acting as server. “May I use your phone. I need to call home.” “Yeah.” He pointed to it behind the counter. “Where’s Barbara?” I shrugged. “Don’t know.” Pop-pop answered the phone. “Hey Pop-pop, sorry I am late getting home. I got too hot running and I stopped at the diner for water and they have been taking care of me. I’ll start back right now.” He said for me to stay at the diner, that he would come to get me. It was still over 100. About 10 or 15 minutes later Pop-pop drove up in his truck. Before I could get up, Barbara walked in. Sam was pissed, “Where the hell have you been? Goddam you look like you been rode hard and put up wet.” “Kiss my ass.” Sam looked over the top of his glasses at me. I looked at him and just shrugged trying to look innocent. Pop-pop honked at me and I thanked Barbara for everything and opened the door and walked out to the truck. I got in the truck, “Thanks, Pop-pop. I came out without my phone and my water. I was nearly in bad shape when I got to the diner. Barbara got wet cloths for my head and shoulders and a whole pitcher of water. She was real nice to me.” “Is that the Barbara that was your mother’s friend in high school?” “I don’t call Catherine my mother. And yes they were friends in high school. Barbara showed me Catherine’s yearbook picture. I had never seen a picture before. Barbara said that I look like her. Do I really?” “Yeah, I can see a resemblance. Interesting thing that we are talking about Catherine and I got a phone call from her not an hour ago. In fifteen years, never heard a peep from her and the day you meet Barbara, Catherine calls asking about you.” “What did she say?” “We talked about several things. She wants to come back to see you. She said that it was time for her to be more of a mother to you. She might want to see about joint custody of you. She suggested that I probably got a pretty penny for the farm. Let’s see, what else did she have on her mind? Oh yeah she said she had heard that we were letting you date older women, old enough to be your mother. Did you fuck Barbara?” My heart stopped. I didn’t say anything. I couldn’t think what to say. We turned in the gate and drove up to the barn, not saying a word. “Garth, let’s go in the barn. We need to talk.” The barn was practically cleaned out but there were two wooden nail kegs that once held shoeing nails still in breezeway next to the stalls. Pop-pop sat on one and I on the other. We didn’t say anything at first we just sat there with me looking at the ground. Finally, Pop-pop broke the uncomfortable silence. “Did you just fuck Barbara?” I was speechless. “Huh?” “You heard me. Did you just now, fuck Barbara?” I couldn’t lie to Pop-pop. “Yes, sir.” I mumbled quietly. “I hope you used protection.” “Yes, sir. I used two.” “You fucked her twice?” “No, sir. Both at the same time.” Pop-pop broke into uncontrolled laughter. I didn’t see what was so funny. I just looked at him not believing he was laughing at me. “That was probably the smartest thing you did all day. No telling what kind of diseases lurk in that pussy.” “I wasn’t thinking about diseases. I didn’t want her to get pregnant. But it didn’t matter.” “Why do you say that?” “I couldn’t finish. I kept trying but I just couldn’t get an orgasm. I have never had sex with a girl and I wanted to be sure that I could, but I couldn’t. I don’t want to be gay. At least bi would be better. Yeah, Pop-pop, I like guys not women. It makes me sick.” “Why does it make you sick?” “Because it’s wrong.” “Who says it’s wrong?” “Everyone.” “I don’t say it’s wrong. Your Dad doesn’t say it’s wrong. Do you think being left handed is wrong?” “No, of course not.” “There was a time in ancient Rome when being left handed was considered wrong even evil. That’s where our word for sinister comes from. Even in my lifetime, parents and teachers made children who were left handed use their right hand. Children in school had their left hands tied behind their backs so they would learn to make their right hand the dominant hand.” “Really? That was stupid.” “Yeah, it was stupid. Just like thinking being attracted to the same sex is evil. Have you ever wondered why someone is left handed?” “No, not really.” “It’s just the way their brains are wired while their brains are being formed. Same way with same sex attraction. It’s just the way your brain is wired. And being different does not mean that one way is better than the other. It’s just different. So stop thinking of yourself as evil or bad. Garth, you have a good heart, just like your dad. And that is all that matters.” “So you know about Dad? About him being gay?” “I’ve known since you and he moved back in with us here on the farm. We talked about it once and we’ve never had a reason to again.” Pop-pop and I sat in silence while I let what he said soak in. Tears formed in my eyes and started down my cheeks. It was the most beautiful moment of my life. All of my anxiety just melted out of me. Pop-pop took out his handkerchief out of his pocket and handed it to me. I wiped my face and eyes. “Thanks Pop-pop. This is a lot to think about.” “There is something else I want you to think about.” I looked back to his face. He had stopped smiling. “When I sold the farm, the McIntyre’s became very wealthy people, at least by my standards and that puts us at risk. You see, when people know that you have money, the first thing they want to know is, how much. They want to know that because they are going to come after you to take it away. When it becomes known that your family has money, you will have friends that you would have never had before.” “Garth, the first clue to know who these people are is when they ask you how much money you have. These are the really stupid people who give away their game plan to get your money.” “Barbara asked me a couple of times this afternoon, how much you got for the farm. I told her I didn’t know. She couldn’t believe that I didn’t know.” “That’s why we never discussed the amount in your hearing. I wanted you to be able to say that you didn’t know. And I am still not going to tell you, just so that you won’t have to deal with that kind of idiot. Catherine even asked me twice on the phone how much I got for the farm. She still doesn’t know. But she is going to come for it anyway.” “She says she will be able to get custody of you. Of course, she won’t. John Pumphrey was the attorney that we used to get full custody of you for your dad so he knows her and her complete story. He is the county chancellor judge now who would make the ruling on whether Catherine could take you or not. Nothing to worry about there. I grew up with John’s dad and we have been close ever since.” “All she wants is to cause problems for us and hopes we will pay her to just go away like she did fifteen years ago. That would be the worst case scenario. That’s why she doesn’t need to know how much money we have. Understand?” “Yes, sir. But aren’t there public records. You found out how much the folks paid for our house in Nashville.” “Yes, but I divided up the farm between your dad, Margaret Jane and your grandmother and me. But your dad and Margaret Jane’s names are not on the deeds. They are in partnership trusts that a good lawyer could scope out to see whose they are. I doubt Catherine will figure that out so she will think the parcel that Saturn bought came from three different people or groups. Country records will show I sold the farm for only one-third of what it actually sold for. I don’t think she is smart enough to figure all that out. Let’s just hope she can’t afford a good lawyer.” “Ok, Garth, that’s all I’ve got. Any questions?” “Yes, sir. Just one. When do you think Mingy will have dinner ready? I’m starving. to be continued. The Move to Nashville

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