Natalie Is Kidnapped


Attending the wedding of your college roommate you’re all dressed up in a nice dress, white hose and high heels. I’ve been working for the caterers and I spend all evening keeping my eye on you as I find you extremely attractive. I watch you as you stand around visiting with other guests. As the night wears on, you sit down and cross your legs. You shoe dangles and pretty soon, I see you as you let it drop off of your foot onto the floor. You reach down and rub your foot, as they are obviously tired from all the standing around. I start trying to scheme a way to kidnap you.

Later I’m by myself in the back room loading up the utensils and other catering items. I see you walk by (also by yourself). You’re obviously getting ready to leave as you have your purse in one hand and your keys in the other. I ask you if you wouldn’t mind helping me with something. You agree and walk into the back room. I hand you a load of items and ask you to set them in the back of my van. I follow with a load of things in my arms too.

You get to the back of the van (cargo doors wide open) and set the items down on the floorboard. I ask you to get inside and place them to the very front. As you climb inside, I look around and make sure nobody is around. Seeing that nobody is, I jump in behind you and close the doors. You look at me surprised and not quite sure what’s going on yet. I grab you and wrestle you to the floor. I quickly subdue you and place a gag in your mouth. I roll you over onto your stomach and bind your hands behind your back. Next I tie your ankles together, Finally, I bend your knees to complete a “hogtie”. I jump into the drivers seat, start the van and drive off.

I start the van and speed off. You’re on your stomach, hogtied on the floorboard of the van. Due the darkness, you can’t see a thing and have no clue where I’m taking you. As I drive, I hear an occasional “mmmpppphhhhhhh” coming from you in the back. After what seems like an hour of driving, you feel the brakes applied, the van stop and the motor turned off. You see the cab light come on as I open the door. You hear my footsteps as I walk to the back of the van and open the cargo doors. I reach inside and grab your waist and pull you toward me. I pick you up and carry you toward a small shack. You try to survey your surroundings but you’re clearly disoriented from your ordeal. All you can tell is that it is a secluded wooded area. Little do you know that I’ve taken you to my hunting cabin 70 miles out of town.

I carry you into the cabin and lay you down on a bed that is raised up on blocks. It is about waist high off the floor. I untie your gag because there’s no danger of anyone hearing you if you scream.

“What are you doing?” you ask as I walk around gathering things.

“Well…. I couldn’t help but notice your cute little feet in those hose and high heels and I couldn’t help but wonder what they looked like” I answer teasingly.

“You could have just asked me to show you my feet and I would have gladly let you see them,” you say in scared voice.

I chuckle, “I somehow doubt that. You would have thought it was perverted and blown me off…besides, I doubt you’d let me do what I else I have in store for you”! I walk over to you and begin slowly pulling off your high heels. “MMmmmmmmmmmm” I say clearly attracted to the sight on your nylon-clad soles. I begin fondling your feet. Rubbing your soles with my hands from your heels to your toes.

“Such pretty feet…I’ll bet you didn’t know that I have a raging foot fetish did you. You say nothing desperately hoping I don’t try to tickle them, as you’re insanely ticklish. “Well, I hope you’re comfy because we’re going to be here a while”. With that comment, I walk around resuming my assembling of items. You’re lying there wondering what I’m doing. You beg me to let you go and offer beşevler escort to pay me a lot of money if I do so. “Ohhhhhh…. I don’t want your money,” I say coyly.

I walk back to the bed. I take a knife and cut the rope tying your hands to your feet. I grab your ankles and force them to the mattress. I quickly secure a rope that I previously had tied to the bed frame to your ankles. You try but cannot bend your knees. Your feet are held in place to the mattress. I take a series of nylon straps and throw them over your body. One at your shoulders, One at your lower back, one at your thighs and one at your calves. They’re tighted into place and secured at each end to the bed frame. You try to struggle but you can no longer rock from side to side.

There’s still one more thing I must do to keep you totally immobilized. I take the toes of your right foot in my hand and use my thumbnail to create a small rip in the nylon between your big toe and second toe. I do the same to the left one. I take a small piece of rope and weave it into the hole and back through the other one. Once the other end is fed back into the area between the toes on the other foot, I bring the ends together and pull tightly; I tie the ends so that your feet cannot flop. Your big toes are tied together. Now the fun begins!

I set a tray of items on the mattress next to your feet. You can’t see them but they are a feather, some q-tips, a metal fork, a toothbrush some pipe cleaners and lastly…. the piece de resistance…an electric toothbrush!

“Before we get started, let me ask you…are your feet ticklish at all?”

Your eyes bulge out of your head as you now know what my intentions are you briskly shake your head and say “No….they’re not. Not in the least” Unfortunately, your quick and overreacted response has given you away.

“Well then…you won’t mind if I try anyway, will you?” With that, I pick up the feather and begin briskly brushing the end across your soles. At first, I hear nothing as you’re clearly working hard not to laugh. I only see some slight reflexes and your toes scrunch as I continue the game. I turn the feather over and use the quill to rake across your left sole. You quickly flinch and squeal as this tickles immensely. Seeing this reaction, I zero in on my targets…Your beautiful bound, white nylon clad soles!! I begin rapidly using the feather quill raking at your soles. You begin to howl with laughter as I have my way tickling your feet. This goes on for 10 minutes or so (seems like an hour to you) before I stop to give you a short break.

“We don’t want you getting too exhausted just yet. We’ve only just begun and we have a long night ahead of you Natalie (I’ve gone through your purse and found your driver’s license to learn your name).

After a few minutes to let you catch your breath, I intentionally let you see me do certain things in order to let you know the exact seriousness of your situation. For instance, I pull up a chair and sit at your feet. A sign that I want to be comfortable so as to torment you and your feet for hours on end. After getting good results with the feather, it’s time to try some of my other “tools”. I pick up a q-tip and draw slow, light circles on your soles. Again, you clinch and curl your toes in an obvious sign that it is effective. I look at you and notice you biting your lip trying not to laugh. The soft cotton slowly and deliberately brushes against your nylon sole. I keep it going in the same motion until you burst out with uncontrollable laughter. I hold your heels with my free hand as I dance the cotton q-tip over every part of both feet.

Next I pick up the metal fork. I gently rake at your left sole in a teasing fashion. At first, short, gentle strokes. Your feet twitch and flex trying to deflect the tickling. Next I get more büyükesat escort aggressive with harder, longer strokes. You start to squeal, as the tickling is unbearable. Finally, I take giant strokes from your feel down to the tips of your cute little toes. I alternate strokes from foot to foot. You’re trying to get away by thrashing and laughing hysterically at the same time. Next I try the toothbrush in similar fashion. Slowly brushing your sensitive nylon covered soles. Each toe is brushed individually as well as your arches and heels. You’re starting to get exhausted from the tickling your being subjected to.

I stop to give you a short break. I sit there staring at your pretty feet. “Natalie…do me a favor.” I state. “Point your toes for me”. Scared that if you don’t, I’ll tickle you mercilessly, you do it.

“Ahhhhhh perfect…Your feet look so cute when your soles are wrinkled up like that”. Clearly turned on by your feet wrinkled up, I begin fondling them. When I touch them, you relax them again.

“No, no, no Natalie…. keep them wrinkled for me”. You again, do as I request. I explore your wrinkled soles with my hands and fingers. You seem to exhale as if to be relieved I’m not tickling. Not to mention, it seems as you are actually enjoying my strong hands rubbing your feet. The nylons you’re wearing are so soft and sheer, they accentuate all the pretty features your feet and soles have to offer. I continue playing with your feet for some time. Clearly getting turned on I decide I want to place my face on them. I get on my knees (face level with your feet due to the blocks under the bed) and place my face in both your soles. I rub my face all over them and inhale the scent of your feet. I could almost swear you perfumed them!!! You cup your feet to cradle my face, as I don’t even come up for air for 20 minutes straight.

I gently start nibbling on each of your ten toes one at a time. Only using my front teeth, it seems as though you’re really starting to enjoy the feeling. I do this for a while wanting you to enjoy your predicament. I spend the next couple of hours smelling and kissing your soles. You can hear the sounds as I make out with your feet. You know that I’m really enjoying myself and this excites you too. I get more and more aggressive until I’m licking your nylon soles and sucking your toes through the nylon material. Soon, I’m lapping your soles like a German Sheppard licking a bone. I’m getting more and more tuned on by your pretty little feet. Soon though, I’ll have to see how your bare feet taste.

A little barefoot tickling may also be on the agenda for later on in the evening as well! Who knows, I might even want to put your feet through a sexual workout of sorts too!

I sit up in my chair just looking at you…. all tied up with no place to go! . I look at your feet. Your hose are tattered with many runners from all the intense tickling. I’m winding down with the tickling portion of your ordeal and beginning the new phase. I’m getting extremely turned on spending this time with your feet on such and intimate basis. I reach down and begin tearing away the nylon material exposing your bare feet. I want to taste your bare feet and toes. I pick up your feet and bring your toes to my mouth. I suck on each one for several minutes each. I even stick my tongue in between them and swirl it around the sensitive skin hidden away by your little toes. I hold your feet firmly in my hands and caress them with my fingers as I slurp on your ten little shrimp.

Next I turn my focus to your soles. I place my mouth on both of them at the same time and lick and suck on them over the next 30 minutes until they’re completely saturated with my saliva. You lay there not know what to do or say but the sensations you feel are somewhere between tickling and bliss. Although çankaya escort you’re my prisoner and completely at my disposal, you do not seem to mind what is happening to you.

Suddenly you feel me stop orally servicing your soles. I place your feet back on the bed before getting up and walking away. I come back a few minutes later with a jar of Vaseline. I set the jar on the bed next to your feet.

“Natalie…. it’s time for your feet to meet my cock.” I say.

You hear my jeans unzip and I drop them to the floor. I stand at your feet and look down. My stiff cock sticking out directly over your feet. I take it in my hand and gently place it on your soles. I rub the swollen purple head all over your soles. I again command you to point your toes and you quickly do as I say. The wrinkles on your soles feel so good on my cock. I simply must make love to your feet!!!

I untie the rope tying your big toes together. This will allow me to get my cock in between your soles. I pick up your feet and place them on either side of my raging cock. Your toes are positioned against my abdomen and the pressure from my leaning forward causes them to scrunch and your soles to naturally wrinkle. I’m now in Heaven!!! I slowly rock back and forth allowing my cock to go in and out from between your arches. Precum starts to come out of the head and a smacking sound fills the quiet room as the tip of my cock opens and closes with each thrust.

Soon, I realize it’s time to lube up my cock and or your feet. I get some Vaseline on my index finger and place a small amount on each of you arches. I hold your feet together allowing my cock to now glide easily between them. I start slowly and increase my rhythm. You hear me groaning in total ecstasy. I begin thrusting my hips and my cock pokes in and out of your soles. “Apply pressure,” I command and you squeeze your soles together. They expertly hold and cradle my cock as it continues its assault on your pretty pink soles! I fuck your feet over the next hours. My balls starting to ache as I clearly need to cum. Rather than cumming while doing your feet, I have other ideas but make no mistake…. your feet will be flooded with hot jizz soon!!!

I prop a pillow underneath your ankles so that your feet are elevated. I put a glob of Vaseline onto my hand and place it on my cock. I begin jerking myself with the head of my cock a mere couple of inches from your feet. I position myself to where my balls are resting on the undersides of your toes. I tell you to wiggle your toes against the bottoms side of my sack. You do as I say and it feels soooooooo wonderful. I stroke myself in this position with your toes massaging my balls for a good 10 minutes or so. Next, I back up to my original position. I use my right hand to briskly masturbate myself. With my left hand, I hold your left foot caressing the sole with my thumb. I again, command you to point your toes so that I can see and feel the soft wrinkles on your soles. Seeing and feeling this sends me over the top. I stroke myself faster and faster until I can feel my hot load boiling up from deep with in balls.

Suddenly, I feel tingles as the surge of cum races up my cock. You hear me grunting in ecstasy until I yell out that I’m cumming. You feel the hot splash of cum land squarely on both soles. I continue stroking as subsequent surges of cum oozes out onto your soles. I tell you to keep them wrinkled up like a cup to hold every drop of my load. I stare at your soles as I continue stroking. I pump myself until the last drop lands on your feet. I watch your feet still wrinkled up. My cum pools up in all the little wrinkles and crevasses.

Once I’m completely finished, I take several digital photographs of your cum covered feet. I’ll use them to share with all my foot fetish brethren on one of those foot fetish web sites!!! Afterward, I clean your feet up before untying you.

“Natalie, I’ll take you home now but not a word of this to anyone. Just remember, I got your address off your drivers license and I can come and take you for more tickling anytime I want!” We get into my van and I drive you home.

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