Subject: Nate’s journey – chapter three This story is intended for adults who like the idea of gay sex. If this isn’t you then you shouldn’t be here reading it. If it’s illegal for you to access this, or you think it’s offensive, then you shouldn’t be here either. It is fictional, for the most part, and any similarities are just coincidences. I’m very new at this but have wanted to do it for a little bit and I’d love any feedback you have or ideas for things I can include. There’s a twitter for people that want to message me there (www.twitter/storiesbyalex) and you can email me at storiesbyalex@protonmail Please do if you feel like you want to – it would mean a lot. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Despite scrubbing my face clean in the shower, and my own load that had splatter across my legs, I still felt as if I was covered in cum. When I went downstairs to chat to my mum and dad, I felt as if they could tell: they could sense what I’d just done and how much of a slut I’d just been. A guy that I didn’t know, had never met and, fuck, didn’t even know the name of had just come to my house… no… their house… and fed me my first cock. Hell, it was more than that: he’d fucked my throat so much that I gagged and spluttered endlessly. It was so much that my own face was coated in throat slime and saliva. I hadn’t just sucked my first dick, no, I’d let a guy come and use my mouth and my throat as his personal fuck toy. Now, you’d think I’d feel ashamed, wouldn’t you? That, maybe, when horniness of the moment had worn off, I’d be left feeling empty or embarrassed by what I’d done. To an extent, there is some truth to that: a small part of me did feel humiliated by being used like that but it paled in comparison to how absolutely and undeniably sexy I felt knowing that it was me that had made that big chav dick cum. It was me that had made him moan so louder – me that had caused him to shout out at me and call me every filthy fucking name under the sun. Knowing that I had done that – that I could have the ability to make men feel that way – just served to turn me on even more. I’m not going to lie to you: it was difficult to stop myself from getting hard again when talking to my parents downstairs in our kitchen. It was even worse when we were sat in the living room. In the end, after less than 20 minutes of being in the same room where I had just been throat-fucked, I couldn’t take it anymore: “I’m off to the gym,” I announced, surprising my parents. “But it’s your birthday!” my mum declared as if those words meant that I wasn’t allowed to do any more than just sit back and relax, “and you’ve got your party later on.” “I know but that’s not for hours and hours yet. I just want to put in an hour or two, maybe do some swimming.” “For goodness sake, Mary,” my dad began, “Leave the lad alone. If he wants to go and work out then don’t moan at him – you know how hard he’s been working lately.” He was right: I had been. I’d started at the local gym as soon as I turned 17 but it had only really become a regular thing in the last 4 or 5 months. I felt like I’d got into the swing of it all and I was really starting to enjoy exercising. The fact that I could really see the transformation that I was starting to undergo really made a big difference too. For today, I thought that it would help with the level of horniness I was feeling: maybe I could deal with it in a different way. After collecting my gym bag, I headed straight out the door and down to the gym. The journey didn’t take long, it’s less than a 15 minute walk from my house, so I just put in some music as I walked. Before long, I was in the locker room and getting changed. Since starting, I’ve never felt completely comfortable getting changed in the communal space. I know it’s just guys but I guess with my body still improving I’ve just never wanted to be seen by all of the guys here, especially when so many of them are just so unbelievably sexy. There is a communal shower space too: it’s not completely open and there are individual cubicles and showers but none of them have doors on and they all face in towards the same central area. I’ve never used those either. No matter how busy the gym is, I’ve izmit escort always waited for a lockable space to get changed in and to shower in – sometimes I’ve had to wait a good 15 or 20 minutes just because I didn’t want to do it where anyone else could see. This time, however, was different. I don’t know why but, when I got up to the changing room, I just didn’t feel the need to hide. It could have been the fact that it was the middle of the day that there was barely anyone there or it might have been the fact that my body has changed so much that I no longer feel that self-conscious about it. But, if you ask me, I think it was the experience with the hung chav that had just given me that little bit more confidence: I was now someone that guys were attracted to. I mean, I know it had just been the one and I had been pretty much fully dressed when I sucked him but, I don’t know, it just gave me a real boost. Now, I didn’t suddenly get naked in front of everyone – my progress hadn’t been that much. But I did find a quiet area of the changing room and start removing my clothes. There was no-one there when I started but, as I lowered my joggers leaving me in just my boxers, another guy turned up. He was older than me but I don’t know how old – he certainly fell into the daddy category but I’m not sure by how much. I’m not going to lie, I did try to sneak a few glimpses when he started stripping off but I also felt a little exposed and tried to dress quickly so that he wouldn’t see too much of me if he looked over. As I was pulling up my shorts, which I’d turned away from him to do, I was sure that I could feel his eyes on me: I could just tell that he was looking at my body but, when I turned to check, he was busy shoving all of his things into his locker. It was probably just my paranoia and I dismissed it as such before doing the same with my stuff and heading out to the gym floor. I’m not going bore you with the details of my work out, especially because nothing interested happened: I just put my earphones in and went at it. Suffice it to say that, an hour later, I was shattered, sore and it need of relaxation. Dropping off my phone and changing into a pair of dark blue swimshorts at my locker, I headed over to the chill area of the gym: in a room next to the swimming pool, there were several steam rooms and hot tubs that could be used after your work out. They weren’t as popular as the main part of the gym and, when I went in, they were essentially empty. Sliding down into one the tubs, I moaned out softly as my body was submerged in the hot water. Leaning back, I closed my eyes and let myself just enjoy the feeling of the jets on my skin. The shutting of the glass door to the room brought me out of my daydream and I looked over to see the same guy who had changed near me earlier. I took the chance to get a better look at him – after all, it would be normal to look over at where the noise had come from, right? It wasn’t me being pervy in the slightest, yeah? He had a solid build and I could now see all of it seeing as he was wearing a tight pair of black trunks. They didn’t hide anything and the outline of a rather meaty looking dick was very clear to me. He had a couple of tattoos – one just above his waist and the other on one of his pecs. They were simple designs and did serve to heighten his appeal to me. When I realised that I had actually been staring at him for more than would be socially acceptable I did turn away and close my eyes again. Suddenly, the water around me was disturbed. There were several free tubs in the room so I hadn’t expected this guy to slide down into the same one that I was in but he had done. I opened my eyes and looked over but he didn’t make eye contact, instead he just sat down, closed his eyes and leaned his head back so I did the same. We stayed like that for a little while, at least 5 minutes or so, and nothing was said at all. Eventually, I got back up and left, heading for the showers to clean myself off before I headed home. He didn’t even open his eyes or react to me leaving in any way. The showers were completely empty and, given that I’d already changed in the main changing room instead of using a separate hidden space, izmit escort bayan I decided to go for it and use one of the open cubicles to shower myself off. Of course, I didn’t pick the most exposed one, instead opting for the one near the corner so I’d only be visible to someone in a couple of the showers directly opposite me and the place was totally empty when I get in there so I didn’t anticipate anyone seeing me. I hung my towel on the outside and lowered my swimshorts. I was running my hands through my hair, washing in the shampoo when I felt a body behind me. My eyes were closed and my face covered in shampoo suds so I couldn’t open them and I nearly jumped out my skin as two rough hands moved around my chest and began to rub my abs and my pecs. “Mmm,” a deep voice moaned into my ear, “you’ve been teasing me for long enough today, boy.” “What… what are you doing?” I pushed against him but he just pressed his body up against my back. “I’m doing what you’ve been wanting since you perved all over me when I was changing. Daddy knows a cocksucker when he sees one.” His voice was full of gravel and grit and it turned me out. I think I even let out a whimper. I knew now that this was the guy who had been following me for most of this visit; the same guy that had climbed into the tub with me. I could imagine his body pressed against me and I instinctively pushed back against him. “Yeah, I was right. You’re a horny little slut aren’t you?” His hands moved lower so that one was against my abs, pulling me back against him, and the other had taken hold of my dick. This was the first time that someone other than me had touched my cock and I went from being semi-hard to completely rock-hard in about 1.2 seconds flat. With the suds dripping down my body and the water cascading onto me, he started to slowly jack my cock; my foreskin worked back and forth over my cockhead as the whole thing pulsed in his hands. I recovered my senses a little and rubbed the shampoo from my face. Turning my head, my suspicions were confirmed and I could see the rugged sexy face of the daddy I’d been looking at. I didn’t get to see him for long because his lips went straight to my neck where he started kissing and licking as he worked my cock in his big manly hands. I could feel the heat of his cock pressing against my bum and I knew the he was naked and hard. I was going to offer to get on my knees for him but he did something that surprised me. All of a sudden, the pressure behind me vanished and his hands left me. I nearly fell but him placing his hands on my bum steadied me. “Boy, you’ve got a sexy little arse here – all smooth and peachy.” I giggled and managed to mutter out a thanks. “Anyone been in here yet?” he was practically growling at me as he said it. “No, I’m… I’m a virgin,” I moaned out as I felt him pull apart my cheeks, his hot breath hitting my tiny little hole. “Damn…” he paused for a moment, “I wish we had the time to introduce you to this cock of mine then but here isn’t the place for a first fuck. Still, it doesn’t mean we can’t do other things.” At that, I felt his face move against my cheeks, his hot breath closer – so much so that I shivered and moaned out louder than I had intended to. Then came the thing that really made me scream out. Without any warning, his tongue reached out and touched that most sensitive of places – somewhere I hadn’t even experimented with touching – and it felt wonderful. He lapped his tongue against the outside of my hole for a little bit – swirling it around the little rosebud with only a tiny bit of pressure. And then it happened… he pushed, just a little, but it was enough for my hole to open up and I willingly accepted his tongue inside me. It was so intense that I had to brace myself against the wall just to stop my legs from turning to jelly and me collapsing onto the floor. Once he’d pushed inside once, he started to move his tongue in and out of me, almost fucking me with it but each time pushing a little deeper. I was moaning like a cheap slut and definitely pushing back against him to try to get more of him inside me. Once he’d got a good rhythm, he returned one of his hands to my cock and started to jack me off again. izmit bayan escort He timed it perfectly so that the rate at which he was working my foreskin matched exactly with how this sexy daddy was tongue-fucking my tight, teen, virgin hole. I was oozing precum all over his hands and I knew that I wasn’t going to last long with how amazing it felt to have his long, wet tongue forcing itself into me again and again. My balls were already starting to tighten. “I’m gonna…” I moaned out, my eyes rolling back in my head. I couldn’t even get my thoughts straight in my head, nevermind share them with this daddy but it didn’t matter – he understood. He pulled away from me and stood back up, turning me round to face him. With both of us looking down at each other’s rock-hard cocks, he continued to wank me, getting faster and faster. It was too much for me and I had to grip onto his muscles shoulder as I felt my orgasm approach. “Cum for me… cum for daddy…” he moaned out, “Shoot your load all over my dick.” Hearing him say that was just too much and put me right over the edge. I cried out, trying to stop myself from screaming louder than I ever had before and I unloaded all over his cock and balls. Rope after rope of thick, teen jizz spurted forth from me. Considering it was my third load of the day, it was still pretty heavy and I definitely gave his cock a good coat. I stood there for a moment, my hand on his shoulder just resting. My eyes closed as I attempted to steady my breathing again. I had expected him to use my cum to wank his own cock, or for me to do it for him, but that’s not what happened. A sudden pressure was placed upon my shoulders and I found myself being pushed to my knees. “Lick me clean,” was the instruction. Of course, hearing a sexy daddy command me to do this after he’d already made me cum by fucking the hell out of my tiny hole with his tongue, I obeyed immediately. I’d taste my own cum before and knew that I liked it but I’d never imagined licking from another man’s cock. He’d told me to lick him but I decided to do more than that. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and placed the cockhead on my lips. Daddy had a thick cock, about 6 inches in length but girthy as fuck and it felt amazing as I moved forward and forced myself to take it right to the back of my throat. Immediately, he groaned out and I started to suck, tasting all of my spunk and swallowing it straight down to join the parts of the chav’s load that I’d swallowed a few hours earlier. Daddy wasn’t like the chav and didn’t take control of my head. Instead, he let me move myself up and down his cock, fucking my own face and throat on his meaty dick. He just braced himself against the sides of the shower cubicle and trusted me to get him off. I could feel his throbbing in my mouth and knew that he must love looking down and seeing a young little twink like me hungry for his daddy dick and working so hard to earn his thick load. He didn’t say anything, just moaned and groaned as I worked his shaft and occasionally used my tongue to play with and tease the head. He got so loud when I did that but not as loud as he was when I pushed my face all the way down into his pubes. I could feel him stretching the opening to my throat and I had to work so hard to keep myself from gagging. I knew that the inside of my throat was tight around his head and was pulsing there trying to push him out. He was practically roaring above me as, suddenly, he started to thrust himself, no longer content to let me do it. I felt his cock expand, becoming even thicker than I thought possible and then what I had been waiting for started: jets of thick, delicious daddy spunk fired from his cock and straight down my throat. He fed me his load, shooting every part of it straight down into my stomach and, once he was done, he pulled back, his cock now softening as it left my lips. “You’re a good boy, such a good little cocksucker,” he was panting, “but you need to understand something here: if I see you here again, I’m not going to be able to resist putting my load straight into your arse.” As he walked away, I thought about what he’d said: I didn’t know whether the idea terrified or thrilled me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I hope you liked this chapter of the story. Remember, my twitter is www.twitter/storiesbyalex and email ail if you want to contact me with any feedback or ideas (or just for a chat!) Thanks!

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